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3rd Week of September Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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September 13, 2010

You Can't Buy Me Off With A High Colonic!

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells Kate that he thinks Sami shot EJ, but he can't understand why she would bother when she had the incriminating disc of doom. Kate says Sami had no reason to do it. He accuses her of taking the blond's side and then sobs that his son could die. He worries that Sami might have sent Will after EJ. Kate is infuriated and orders him never to suggest anything like that ever again. If he casts any suspicion at her grandson then that will mean war for them. They throw threats around and then he suggests they rewind and relax. He thinks they should be careful about what they do and say.

At the hospital, Will asks Rafe to let him talk to his mom alone. Once Rafe's gone, Will demands that his mom come clean with him or he will tell on her. She confesses to shooting EJ and says she's sorry he saw her. Sami sits and cries. He doesn't know how she could do this to Johnny and Syd. She insists that's who she was trying to protect. Between sobs, she tells him the story of her horrible night and how Kate tipped her off that Elvis was going to run off with the kids. That wasn't something she could let happen. "That didn't mean you had to kill him," he points out. She recounts the shooting and all of the mental torture that EJ put her through. They discuss whether Kate would rat her out and she assures him that won't happen. She's sorry that she is putting him in this position.

Down the hall, Ari sits at EJ's bedside and tells him that he's a lot like her brother. When she wanders out, she runs into her brother and they start bickering. He accuses her of falling for the bad boy again. There is much arguing. She returns to Elvis and vows to find out who did this to him. Meanwhile, Rafe returns to Sami and finds her still sobbing as Will walks away from her.

At home, Maggie is frustrated as Mel keeps harassing her about Victor and accuses her of running away from her feelings. Brady shows up. Mel makes herself scarce and Brady tells Maggie about the memorial Viv is planning. He wants her help getting him through it. She would like to be there for him but she can't: she's leaving town. This makes him worry but she's determined to go. He leaves to go boozing at the pub. Mel finds him and they chat about Maggie. He's sick of everything that's going on and rants about how sick he is of Viv's games. Back at home, Maggie calls Melissa to tell her that she is going away to think through her feelings for Victor.

In the mausoleum, Carly is lambasting Viv. They start throwing around insults. Viv claims she just has an unconventional relationship with Victor. Carly moans about Chloe, threatens to kill her and then storms off. Viv tells Gus that she's going to find out why Chloe and Carly are thick as thieves all of a sudden. They head back into the mansion and she continues wondering what the women must be up to. She imagines them throwing bodies in the river or giving birth to Satan's spawn. Gus informs her that he can't be part of her plan anymore. She tells him to stop having a hissy fit but he has one anyway. She promises him a spa trip for his help. "You can't buy me off with a high colonic!" he says, storming off. Viv vows to do it all by herself. She returns to the mausoleum and makes some calls to set things up. As she rubs her hands together, Brady walks in and demands to know what she is doing. She asks him to go. He gets snarky and finds the monitor in the sarcophagus.

September 14, 2010
One Of Us Is Outta Here.

Hope is led into her jail cell. The warden tells her about her new cellmate and cautions her that she won't be getting any special treatment. The warden leaves as Hope's cellmate, Tina, is brought in. Tina warns Hope not to mess with her stuff. They sit on their bunks and look at pictures of their kids. Hope tapes up a photo of Ciara and Tina thinks that Hope looks familiar. The guard delivers their mail. When Tina hears Hope's last name, she realizes who she is. She yells for a guard to get her out of the cell with the psycho cop. The guard isn't helpful and leaves. Hope explains why she did the things she did and claims she's no threat. Tina doesn't believe it. "One way or another, one of us is outta here," Tina announces before pounding on her. Hope fights her off and the guard and warden drag Tina out. Hope tells the warden that she just 'neutralized' Tina. The inmate is soon returned from the infirmary and the warden leaves them alone. Tina tells Hope that everyone knows she used to be a cop now and warns her that she better wish for luck because she'll need it.

At Maggie's, Ciara is chatting it up with Beauregard until Maggie brings her a costume. Maggie informs her that she has to leave town for awhile. That makes the little girl upset. She starts to worry why her mom hasn't written back to her yet. "I hate everything," she complains. Bo hugs her. Maggie heads out and he fixes the toaster. Ciara wants her mom back and talks about praying for her.

At the hospital, Nate finishes his fourth shift and stumbles into the locker room. Mel begins gossiping to him but he falls asleep standing up. After she gets him to sit down, she spills some pacifiers and begins talking about the fancy shower she's planning for. He advises her not to get too close to Chloe. His elbow hurts. Before she can go to get him some ice, Maggie arrives and Nate passes out. He dreams about making out with Mel and mumbles that he loves her. Mel stares down at him. Meanwhile, Maggie walks down the hall and Gus calls her. He informs her that he's resigned from Viv's service because she went too far and urges her to watch out.

At the hospital, Carly calls Chloe to assure her not to worry about Viv. Daniel walks up and asks why Chloe would be worrying about Viv at all. Carly covers with vague explanations. He worries but she claims that Viv has moved on from bothering her and Chloe. She avoids saying more by going over to Maggie's to see Bo and Ciara. Ciara tries really, really hard to be nice to her dad's girlfriend and explains that Victor told her to. She bustles off and Carly tells Bo he's the best daddy in the world. "I couldn't have made it through this craziness without you," he says. They eat toast and he hopes Ciara's letter will give Hope a boost.

Back at Casa Chloe, she opens up the gift Steph brought her and then they chat about the shower. Steph thinks about how she can get onto Chloe's computer and then they talk about the wonderful advice of Father Matt. As Steph goes on and on about how happy she is with Nathan, Chloe wonders if she really believes that after all. The diva thinks that something is worrying Steph. She claims that she's worried about work and asks to use her computer to check on something. She sends Ian an email from Chloe's account and then goes to meet him at the pub. Daniel returns home and asks his fiancee if she's worried about Vivian. She assures him that there is nothing that woman can do to hurt her. He tells her that he would do anything for her and they suck face. Meanwhile, at the pub, Ian hack away and discovers that it couldn't have been Chloe who changed the results either.

In the mausoleum, Brady gets angry with Viv and demands to know why there is a monitor inside his mother's sarcophagus. He begins yelling and ranting at her, telling her that she has gone way too far. After he chucks her phone, he demands that she tell him what she is up to. She tries to make excuses but he can't stop sarcastically examining how pimped out the sacrophagus is. "It looks like that coffin is actually for someone who is still alive," he points out. He interrogates her and threatens to go to Victor, telling her she's crossed a line. She tries to run off but he grabs her and knocks the purse from her hands. As it spills, he picks up the letters she forged and guesses she was going to bury Maggie. He vows to make sure she doesn't do that. Brady gets in her face and accuses her of being jealous of Maggie. As he mocks her, she becomes distraught. He says that she's been very stupid to use Isabella. She picks up Isabella's urn and bangs him on the head with it. "Wherever she is, you're about to join her," she says.

eptember 15, 2010
Getting Freaky With The Olson Twins.

In the mausoleum, Viv clobbers Brady with an urn. She tells him that his mom's body would have overcrowded Maggie's. She's sick of his pious moralizing. Viv stops short of splitting open his head because it would be too hard to clean his brain off the floor. Fretting, she wishes Gus were there and decides to call him but her phone is busted. Before she can storm off, Brady grabs her leg. He gets up and returns to trashing and threatening her. He barks at her to tell him what she did with his mother's remains. When he threatens to take her to the cops, they begin fighting over her paper. It's a receipt from a pet cemetery. He guesses that she buried his mom there. He's furious. She runs and he chases after her. After he drags her back in, he grabs her face and asks her to take a guess at what he's going to do to her.

At the hospital, Nate sleeps and dreams of Mel. As he says that he loves her, Mel happens to be standing beside him and stumbles at the words. He shoots up from the couch and wonders why she is looking at him so strangely. He guesses that he must have said something disgusting in his sleep about getting freaky with the Olson twins. "You said 'I love you'," she says. They tell each other that he must have been talking about Steph and she runs off.

Nate runs into Philip at the Cheatin' Heart. They play pool and talk about Melanie and Philip says that her life is perfect now so he is going to keep it that way. Meanwhile, Mel goes home and Maggie offers to make her some tea. She's writing her a 'to do' list of things to take care of while she's away. The redhead wonders what's going on with Mel. "Nathan said 'I love you... Stephanie,'" Mel lies. Maggie is confused and tells her that she doesn't get to choose who Nate is with and wonders why she is acting so jealous. Mel tells her that she's good at giving advice but bad at taking it. She lectures her for running away from her feelings for Victor. Maggie doesn't want to be a homewrecker but Mel tells her to be a 'vixen'. This exhausts Maggie. She thanks her for caring and then goes up to bed.

Sami finds Will at the pier. He's been avoiding her so he could think. She wonders what he's decided to do. He thinks she's just worried that he'll send her to prison. Will won't let EJ tear their family apart and he doesn't want her to go to prison so he won't say anything. His mom hugs him, apologizes and weeps.

At the pub, Rafe and Caroline chat about how Sami is holding up. She worries about Johnny and Will. Johnny comes down and Will and Sami show up. Rafe and the young man go over to the bar and discuss the situation. Will tells Rafe that EJ got what he deserved. Over at a table, Johnny keeps asking his mom if she loves his daddy. She tells him that she loves Rafe. Caroline takes the confused little boy away as Rafe sits down. Sami grumbles, "If he only knew..." Rafe wonders what she means by that. They talk about Will and everything he's been through before going up to bed.

Kate goes to see Elvis in his hospital room. She stabs him with a pin to see if he's faking his unconsciousness. He's not. She ponders her situation with Stefano. When she wanders out and runs into Chad. They chat about his college plans. He walks off and she wonders what to do with the knowledge that Chad isn't Stefano's only living son. Meanwhile, Will goes into EJ's room. He tells him that he did this to himself... but he doesn't want him to die because of what that could cost his mom. Kate peers in and interrupts. He becomes uncomfortable and leaves. She prays that Will be more like the Hortons than her. Will heads over to the pub and runs into Chad. They talk about his mom and then Chad sulks away. Will remains determined to protect his own mother.

September 16, 2010
Your Secret Is Safe With Me.

Daniel's surprised when he walks into EJ's hospital room and finds Nicole telling him that she's not happy to see him like this. She tells the doctor that she never wanted EJ to die, no matter how horrible he was to her. When the doctor walks out, Nicole punches Elvis and tells him to do his fan club a favor and die. Ari storms in and barks at her to get away from him. They go down to the pier and fight. Nicole can't understand why she is so protective of EJ all of a sudden. They begin sniping at each other and Nicole accuses her of having the hots for EJ. Insults are thrown around and then Nicole details how much Elvis changed when she was married to him. She warns Ari that she could be his next victim.

Sami climbs out of bed with Rafe. He dreams about Will shooting EJ and wakes up. Meanwhile, Will is at the pub staring at his fork when Sami arrives. He thought his life was a mess before but... She gives him her spiel about trying to help the children. He wishes he could have helped her. Sami says he has nothing to feel guilty about. "Your secret is safe with me," he says. Rafe comes in and joins them. Sami putters off to the hospital. Rafe sits down with Will, who defends his mother's attitude. Rafe wonders why he's being so defensive. Will avoids answering and heads off. He returns later when Kate calls him over. She promises to keep whatever he tells her strictly between them. Will tries feigning stupidity but she doesn't buy it. When she realizes that he knows about her call to his mom, he begs her to stop talking.

Sami arrives in EJ's hospital room. She tells him that he did terrible things to her and she needs to know if they will ever end.  Flashing back over the Sydnapping, she wonders how he could have claimed to have loved her. Lexi walks in and confirms that he did. "I loved him too... but now that love is gone forever," Sami sobs as Rafe looks in. Lexi wanders out. Sami wanders out after her and tells Rafe how hard it is to pull the plug. "I can't do it," she says. As they talk, Daniel goes into EJ's room where he finds Lexi sobbing about her brother's diminishing brain function. She walks out to Sami to tell her that EJ has taken a turn for the worse. The blonde demands that she tell her what to do.

Brady sits on the sarcophagus in the mausoleum. Inside the coffin, Viv screams and bangs but can't be heard. He begins talking to her through the closed circuit TV. She tells him he's won and begs him to let her out. It won't be that easy though. He lectures her and then shuts off the feed before walking out. One of her earrings sits on the floor. Viv hopes that Gus will come to his senses and come back to help her.

Maggie goes to the mansion. Brady strolls in and finds her. She explains that she will be delaying her trip. He and his beard are happy. The redhead asks about Gus and what to make of the warning he gave her. Victor walks in and asks about what's going on. She explains Gus' call. Victor thinks it was nothing and suggests she call Viv to find out. Brady abruptly says she can't do that. He covers and leaves. Maggie tells the mustache that she's postponing her trip. He's delighted. She informs him that he's the main reason she's not going. She makes it clear, however, that there are boundaries and asks him to explain why he married Viv. He won't explain so she tells him that she misses Mickey more all the time... She doesn't think she'll ever be ready to move on. Maggie needs Victor's friendship, but there can't be anything more.

Upstairs, Brady goes into Viv's room and starts drinking. He puts on the monitor and starts teasing Viv as he goes through her stuff. He discovers all of the cameras and realizes she was going to make Maggie watch her in bed with Victor. Brady says that no man could ever love her and Victor will want her to burn in Hell when he finds out what she's been up to. He tells her that Maggie and Victor are downstairs and could be doing more than talking. Brady continues drinking and taunting her. She tries making excuses for burying his mom in a pet cemetery but that only enrages him.

September 17, 2010

Who the Hell Are You?

Over the CCTV, Brady continues to lecture Viv and talk about how much he wants to see her suffer. She tells him that she's thought of all her misdeeds and wants to become a better person. She encourages him to be a better person than she is and warns him that her assistant will come for her. He tells her Gus has run from town. Viv refuses to believe it so he tells her that Gus even warned Maggie. "That useless eunuch," she groans. She explains that there is a drug in the sarcophagus that will turn her into a vegetable. As she begs for mercy, he shuts off the feed. Downstairs, Maggie tells Victor that they can only be friends. He refuses to accept that, but he'll honor her request. She gives him some platitudes and walks out, telling herself that this is the right thing to do. Brady comes in and Victor notices how grumpy he is before he storms off. He goes back up to Viv's room and turns the feed on again. Brady wants her to send Victor an email and begins typing it and reading it to her. She cringes through the whole ordeal. He sends it and she gasps. She curses him as he goes through her stuff and grabs Lawrence's ashes, explaining he will dump them in the pet cemetery. He goes back downstairs to head to the memorial with Victor. They joke about how Viv finally did something decent for once. He urges him to check his email. When Victor discovers an email from Viv, he's shocked by what it says.

At the hospital, Lexi doesn't know what to tell Sami about what to do with EJ. His living will says he doesn't want to be kept alive by machines and his chances aren't good. Lexi recommends taking him off of life support. Sami stares into EJ's room. As she wonders if she should let him die, Stefano barges in. "Who the hell are you? God?" he asks. Lexi runs in and gets between them as Stefano rants. Lexi tells her father that there is nothing they can do. He refuses to let go. Stefano sits by his son and wishes he had been with him when he was a child. He's relished all of their time together and doesn't know how to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Abe arrives to comfort his wife.

In the hall, Rafe drags Sami away and tries to keep her calm. He asks her to consider that if she pulls the plug, she will be laying a murder charge on someone. "Oh my God! You know," she gasps. He assumes she meant he suspects Will. She flips out and asks if he is going to turn her son into the police. Rafe explains that he has no evidence and would always protect him anyway.

At the pub, Will begs Kate not to ask him questions he can't answer. She needs to know what he's hiding. Lexi calls and tells her to get over to the hospital right away. They head over to the hospital and Lexi informs them that EJ has deteriorated. As Sami and Rafe join them, EJ's machines start to beep. The doctors stabilize him and then repeat that the chances of recovery aren't there. Stefano takes this as a sign. Everyone gathers around Sami and she asks for a minute with EJ before she decides what to do. As she stands by his side, she talks of how she loved and hated him, but never thought it would end like this. The family comes back in and Sami nods for the plug to be pulled.

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