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4th Week of September Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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September 20, 2010

The Best News Ever.

In EJ's hospital room, under the eyes of Lexi and Stefano, Sami orders EJ's life support turned off. The breathing tube is taken out of his mouth. Lexi and Stefano sob. He says goodbye to his son. All of a sudden, Elvis gasps and begins breathing on his own. Lexi kicks everyone out. In the corridor, Sami keeps thinking about shooting EJ. Will asks her if she's okay. Rafe watches them closely. Stefano strolls over to taunt Sami. Lexi comes out and has no decisive answer about what's going on. She takes Sami away to talk. Rafe tells Will that they need to have a talk too. The Fed leads Will out to the beach and asks him where he was when EJ was shot. Will insists that he was at the pub. "If you think I did it, bring it on! Charge me!" Will challenges.

At home, Daniel startles Chloe as she thinks about Viv. She tells him that she doesn't want to attend the memorial. When he offers to talk to Viv for her, she decides to go instead. They go over to the pub. Ian runs into Steph outside and she moans about the paternity test. They watch Chloe and Daniel walk out. She starts to wonder if Daniel changed the results. She calls around and discovers that Daniel could have easily done it. This still doesn't make sense to Ian. Steph tries to rationalize it and then thanks Mr. Ponytail for his help. Adrienne wanders over and asks what's up. Ian runs. Adrienne notices her niece is nervous. Steph acts paranoid and stomps off.

Viv is still in the sarcophagus, hoping that Victor will come and find her. Meanwhile, in the mansion, Victor shows Brady the fake email from Viv saying she left town. Victor refuses to believe it and trudges off with Brady trailing after him. They go up to Viv's room. The video feed snaps on in the sarcophagus and Viv watches as Victor finds that all of her clothes are still there. Soon, he discovers that all of her jewels are gone as well as her passport and urn. "Hallelujah!" Victor declares. He's thrilled and practically starts dancing. When Justin comes in, Victor laughs and tells him Viv has left him. This breaks Viv's heart. Victor tells Justin to prepare the divorce papers but the lawyer thinks this is too strange. Viv switches channels and sees Victor come into the mausoleum. She calls to him but can't be heard. Philip, Mel, Maggie, Chloe and Daniel come in and Victor happily tells them that Vivian has left him. Viv has a fit as everyone celebrates. "This is the best news ever," Daniel says. They get somber and remember Isabella and how perfect she made their lives. Viv screeches that this is all disgusting. As Victor is about to toast to the memory of his daughter, Brady stops him and begins rambling about the stories he used to hear about his mom. He adds that he is at peace, at least partially, thanks to Vivian and what she did for his mom. As the toast to Viv, she screams.

Kate brings Sami to Casa DiMera so they can talk about Will. They discuss the call Kate made and Sami assures her Will will say nothing. Stefano walks in and asks them if they are talking about Will. He explains that he has info the cops don't have. He shows Sami the empty gun box and explains that the only person who knew where it was and had no alibi was Will. Sami says it's impossible and Stefano wonders how she can be so sure. Meanwhile, EJ opens his mouth and mumbles 'Samantha'.

September 21, 2010
You're Going Down, Bitch!

The warden strolls into Hope's cell to check in on her. She suggests that she tell Bo about her problems in jail. Hope begs her to keep it quiet so Bo can move on with his life. The warden leaves and Tina is returned to the cell. She flops on her cot. Heldi and her bookmobile come by. She gives Hope a book and then headlocks her. "You're going down, bitch!" Tina announces. She lectures Hope and pummels her.

In the mausoleum, Victor continues to be gleeful about Viv moving away but his family is less convinced that she's really gone. He asks Maggie into the house for a drink. Viv watches from the sarcophagus and her heart breaks. Victor leads Justin and Maggie away, leaving Brady to taunt Viv through the CCTV. She tells him that he will crack if he lets her die in there and claims the authorities will find out if he leaves her in there. "Ciao," Brady says, walking out. In the mansion, Victor toasts to his wonderful day. Justin tells his uncle that filing for divorce might be too soon. Victor gets Maggie upstairs to show her everything Viv took with her. Viv watches through the monitor and gets more distraught.

Carly walks into the pub to see Bo. He tells her that Viv has left town for good. She's skeptical and this confuses him. They go over what he knows and she insists that Viv would never run off like this. She convinces him that his father is so relieved he can't think straight. Bo decides to call Victor but gets Brady, who becomes anxious when he hears that the disappearance will be investigated. Brady offers to talk to his grandfather about it. When the call ends, Ciara comes in and tells her dad that she's glad Viv left town. She gives Carly a drawing. Carly winks. After the little girl leaves, Bo worries about Hope and clenches up in angst. He gets a call from the warden, telling him that Hope's been put in the hospital. Meanwhile, Brady heads back to the mausoleum and checks for loose ends. Viv taunts him about leaving her to die. When he shouts at her, Maggie walks in and asks who he is talking to. He claims he was just grieving loudly and leaves. As Maggie looks around, she finds one of Viv earrings on the floor.

Down by the water, Will challenges Rafe to prove he shot EJ or back off. Rafe warns him that Stefano could come after him. Will acts nonchalant and worries about his mom. Rafe tells him that he promises to protect Sami and he family. "That sounds great, but what does it really mean?" Will asks. Rafe says he'll do what he has to do and promises not to be a rigid dolt. He asks Will to fill him in so he can help him out.

At the hospital, EJ's monitors beep as he shakes and mumbles Sami's name. Lexi comes in and then leaves a doctor to rouse EJ while she runs off. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Stefano demands that Sami prove young William didn't shoot his son or face the consequences. She offers to tell him the truth. Kate interrupts to say Will wold never be capable of shooting someone. Sami tells Stefano how much her son cares about him. He knows that but thinks that Will could have been angry enough to do it. He gets a call from his daughter. Lexi tells him to get over to the hospital. They all run off. When they get to the hospital, Lexi explains that EJ's brain activity has increased. Stefano gets excited when EJ starts to stutter. Lexi explains that her brother's brain activity is dropping again and kicks everyone out. In the corridor, Stefano gets optimistic. Rafe and Will arrive. Stefano curses in Italian and strides off. Kate worries to Rafe. Stefano returns and asks Rafe if he would bend the rules if he knew who was responsible. Meanwhile, Sami orders Will to live with Roman. She tells her son that she won't let him go down for this so he suggests they tell her boyfriend everything, Sami thinks that's bonkers and she won't let Rafe be an accomplice. Rafe wanders over to them and takes her home. They get in bed and she assures him that she will fix things. Across town, Stefano assures Kate that he doesn't want to blame Will so she urges him to wait until they know more. Back at the hospital, EJ continues shivering and muttering Sami's name.

September 22, 2010
Bum Magnet.

Carly goes into the mausoleum and remembers Isabella. She's sorry that Viv dug her up and reburied her. Viv watches from inside the sarcophagus and swears. Meanwhile, Brady slips into Viv's room and tunes in to check on her. She tells him that Carly is in there.

Bo is meeting with the warden at the pub. He says that Hope being pummeling wasn't part of her sentence and requests that she place his wife in solitary. She says her prison isn't a summer camp. Bo makes faces and slips off to the mausoleum where Carly repeats that she's sure Viv is still out there and ready to strike. Watching this, Brady sends Carly a text message from 'Vivian'. Bo and the doctor read it and he decides that Viv has admitted defeat and run. They decide to get out of there.

In the mansion Maggie tells Victor about her plans to decorate with gnomes, cement geckos, goats and plastic toads. She's joking, of course, and admits that she's going to miss teasing Viv. He shows her the note Vivian supposedly left for him. He points out that even his wife can see that there is something between them. He asks her if the offer she once made to run off with him is still on the table. She repeats that they should just stay friends but he wants more and lists all of the things he likes about her. Maggie thinks he's just a player and would be bored if she gave in. She makes him shake hands and agree to be friends but leaves wondering if she did the right thing.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano sends one of his men off to dig into who shot EJ. Kate gets her nose in and asks him if he sent his goon to dig into what Will has been up to. Across town, Philip calls his mom and asks to meet so they can discuss Viv. When they get together, he tells her Viv is gone. She's too distracted to care and unpacks her worries about her husband and how cold and enraged he's become. He wanders upstairs and finds Brady mumbling in Viv's room. Brady claims he is just making sure that Viv is gone. Philip wonders if they are being set up and then wanders off. Viv tells Brady he's going to burn in Hell and he will crack soon. He shuts off the monitor and declares that this is one good deed that will go unpunished.

Rafe approaches Will outside of the pub and asks him if he's okay. He's not and he doesn't want to talk about it. Will hates what's going on. They mull over what will happen to whoever shot EJ. Ari sticks her nose in and says she'd rather go to prison than have Stefano after her. Rafe tries to ditch his sister but Will takes the opportunity to run. The siblings bicker about EJ and he insists that Elvis was just conning her. She refuses to listen to the 'Saint Sami' spiel. Ari admits that she's usually a 'bum magnet' but EJ's always been on her side and she doesn't want to let him down.

In the hospital, Lexi wonders why her brother was calling out Sami's name. Abe arrives and they chat. She's frustrated because she doesn't know what's going on. Abe's sure that if EJ called Sami's name, he must still have focus. Stefano walks in and asks what's happened. She explains that his son's brain activity has slightly increased. He asks for time alone with EJ. "I think I'm close to finding out who did this to you and when I do, there will be hell to pay," he says. He tells his son about his suspicions of Will and how sad they make him. When he walks out, one of his goons is waiting. Lexi and Abe stare at them and worry. The goon hands his boss an envelope. He heads home. When Kate arrives, he tells her that he has news about Will. She thinks they should have a drink first.

September 23, 2010

A Little Drunk Out.

Brady slips into the mausoleum to say, "How you doin'," to Viv. Mel comes in and starts probing him about his break-up with Ari. Carly arrives and they all chat nostalgically about Isabella. Viv has to watch all of this and wants to puke. Carly tells them about the text she got from Viv and Brady assures her she is long gone. Viv yelps. After they leave, Viv plans how she can get rid of them.

Ari is visiting EJ in his hospital room and giving him a massage. Will peers in. When Ari leaves, EJ mutters Sami's name. Will wonders where this could lead. He's seen his mom go through hell and doesn't want her to pay for protecting her children. "You're done. Stop fighting. It would be best for everyone if you died," Will says.

At home, Chloe has rapidly expanded in size and places a fountain of M&Ms on her table for the shower. Daniel wishes he didn't have to go to work. She worries that there will be a big scene at her shindig if Nicole shows up. He makes out with her to comfort her. Nicole walks in and averts her eyes. When they notice her, she informs them that she's going to move back to her place. After Daniel departs, Nicole tells her friend how afraid and alone she feels. They sit down and talk about how great Daniel is. Chloe goes off for a nap. Mel shows up. She and Nicole launch into sniping as Mel wheels in her giant cake. Nicole leaves. Maggie, Maxine, Ari and Carly show up. Mel wants to start the baby picture guessing game but Chloe says they need to wait for Nicole. Ari decides that she should leave and tells Chloe that she's the only person who can even stand Nicole. Chloe asks them to be welcoming to her friend anyway. Maxine begins telling anecdotes about labor that make everyone cringe.

Nicole is at the Cheatin' Heart arguing with a jeweler for screwing up her shower gift. She spots Brady. When he sees her, he's ready to run but she wants to talk. She knows that she blew things with him but she was desperate. He's not in the mood for this. After chuckling bitterly, he tells her that he's done crazy things. She wants to prove she's good enough for him. Brady can't trust her or her promises. He leaves without even having a drink. Nicole downs a martini. She sits at the bar and gets pissed. "It's a little drunk out. I'm gonna call me a cab and go to a baby shower," she decides. She rushes over to Chloe's and walks in on the party games. Bickering erupts and Nicole lashes out. Chloe wants her to leave. Nicole blurts out that what Daniel doesn't know won't kill him. Mel's ears perk up. Meanwhile, Brady returns to the mausoleum to taunt Viv some more. He tells her that he went to a bar and didn't even drink. Locking her up may have been the best therapy he's ever had.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano has news about Will. Kate suggests they have a drink. He toasts and says that Will could not have shot Elvis. She doesn't look terribly relieved. He thinks they should talk about what's going on between them. She admits that she would have done anything to protect her grandson. They discuss how alike they are and they admit that they've become true partners. He doesn't want that to end. They have another drink and she asks him about the proof he dug up. Stefano explains that his DNA guy tested the drawer and there was no proof Will ever touched it. However, Sami did...

Nate and Steph make out on their couch and he teases her about Ian. As they get naked, Kayla shows up with pizza. Kayla explains that Adrienne called her and said Steph needed her mommy. Nate is paged and runs for the door. Steph calms down and her mom starts asking her about Ian. Steph feels spied on and then tells her mom how much she's missed her and asks her to move in. Kayla is reluctant and asks about Mel and Nate. Steph babbles.

When Daniel gets to the hospital, he finds Ian there waiting for a surgeon to stitch him up because he was injured in a motorcycle accident. Ian recognizes Daniel's name and admits that he heard about him from Steph. Ian talks about how great Steph is and how he will always be in her life, even if she has a boyfriend. The doctor stitches him up and then goes looking for his note pad. Ian spots his PDA and starts looking through it. Nate walks in and muses about how he always seems to be around. Daniel returns and hands Ian his prescription. After Nate ducks out, Daniel suggests that Ian leave the intern and his girlfriend alone.

September 24, 2010

BFFs No More.

Sami wanders down to the pier and thinks about shooting EJ until Will interrupts her memories. He tells her that Elvis said her name but he's still in a coma. They hope this is meaningless but might not be. As they bicker about it, Rafe walks over. Sami covers up and Will hustles off after a call. Rafe thinks she must be scared of what EJ will say if he wakes up. Over and over again, she demands that he tell her that he believes her son is innocent. He promises that he will look after her son even if he shot EJ and asks her to level with him. As they discuss the shooting, she points out the obvious: that she could have done it. He ignores that. She tries to confess again. He gets a call from the office and runs off. Sami fears that she is doomed to keep confessing in order to protect her son. Meanwhile, Will rushes back to Casa DiMera and Kate tells him that Stefano knows he's innocent. "Does he know who did it?" he asks.

At the hospital, Daniel finishes fixing up Ian and putters off. Ian calls Steph to tell her what he just learned. She runs off to meet him, leaving her mom in the pub to worry. They meet up at her place and he shows her that he went through Daniel's calls and discovered that he has no clue about the test results.

At Chloe's shower, Mel tries to pull Nicole into the kitchen to sober up but Nicole begins mocking the guests and accusing them of being snots. Carly tries pushing her out the door and Nicole blows up, sarcastically offering to pass over what she did to Daniel. Mel's ears perk up. Chloe's face almost melts. Nicole starts blubbering apologies and tries to leave but Mel wants an explanation about what Chloe did. Almost everyone decides to leave, but Mel keeps demanding answers. Nicole claims she's just drunk and jealous. That seems to satisfy Mel. Carly gives Nicole some aspirin and thanks her for digging Chloe out of a hole. Nicole feels like dirt. Carly warns her to be careful. Actually, she threatens her to be careful. Across the room, Mel and Ari diss Nicole and wonder what's up. Chloe begins going through her pile of gifts as everyone comes back in. Maxine says that most doctors are a pain in the butt, but Daniel's a good guy. They begin playing games again. As they look at baby clothes, Nicole becomes distraught and runs to the bathroom. The guests leave and Carly assures Chloe that they got through it safely again. Mel eyes them suspiciously. Carly takes her daughter away. Nicole comes out of the bathroom and they analyze how much she has screwed up again. The diva accuses her of threatening her baby's security and says that they can't be BFFs anymore. Nicole warns her not to trust Carly but Chloe says she's a better friend than she ever was.

In EJ's room, Stefano tries giving his son a pep talk and vows to find out who shot him. He thinks that they should 'nail' Sami so they can raise the children together. EJ's beeping gets stronger. Daniel comes in and checks him over before explaining there has been no change. The doctor won't give him false hope but says that he's not giving up hope that his son will survive. Stefano goes home just as Will is leaving. He tells Kate that the hospital is depressing and then says that he's starting to doubt Sami did the shooting. When he leaves, she calls Sami to tip her off. Stefano returns and grumbles. Kate repeats to her husband that Sami must have been the one to shoot EJ in cold blood. He says that she will pay for this.

Ari goes to the hospital to see EJ and gabs to him about the baby shower. She can't believe he married Nicole and holds his hand. When she starts massaging him, he beeps and grips her hand. "Samanther... where's Samanther?" he mumbles.

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