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5th Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 27, 2010

Sparkles the Orangutan.

At the hospital, EJ wakes up with his eyes rolling around and his tongue wagging. He calls for Samantha. Ari runs off and gets Lexi. EJ demands to see his wife. Meanwhile, down at the pier, Sami tells a confused Rafe that Will is finally safe. She hugs him. He's baffled so she explains that Stefano thinks Will is innocent. He doesn't think that's good news if he actually did it. Rafe thinks that Will will become a prime suspect in the investigation unless someone can take his place. He points out that Will is hardly acting innocent. His sister calls and informs him that EJ is waking up. They run off. Lexi has calmed her brother slightly but he starts to freak out when he realizes he's in the hospital. Again, he demands to know where his wife is. Sami and Rafe arrive. After his sister tells him that EJ thinks he's married, Rafe strides over to EJ and demands to know what kind of game he's playing. Elvis asks him to explain what has happened. Lexi drags Rafe out before he can say anything. Ari and Lexi join together to convince Sami to go and talk to EJ like he's been demanding.

Ian is at Steph's explaining that he's sure that Daniel didn't switch the results. Kayla walks in as they chat and gives them a nasty look. Steph stutters and introduces the two of them. Ian runs. Kayla begins interrogating her and demanding answers. She even uses her full name to order her around. Steph pouts and wishes she didn't know what she knows. Sitting down, she explains what she knows and what she did. She just doesn't know who switched the results... Kayla says that these lies need to end now and the truth has to come out. Steph moans about how it will ruin her life. Her mother wonders why she is so desperate and insecure. "I'm not desperate! I'm in love," Steph yelps before heading out the door.

Carly paces in the alley by the pub and calls Chloe to make sure that everything is under control. Nate wanders by so she gets off the phone. They begin talking about Daniel and the man himself pops up as the intern blurts out that Chloe isn't good enough for Dr. Dan. Carly decides to run off and Daniel asks Nate about his hostility to Chloe. "It's just what she did," Nate says. This doesn't quite sink in with the doc and they bicker until Nate apologizes. Daniel doesn't think he's sorry and walks off. He goes to meet Kayla.

At Chloe's, Nicole kicks herself for destroying her only real friendship. She sobs and begs her ex-friend to forgive and forget. They discuss Brady and the diva tells her that she's not good enough for him. Chloe has a hard time breaking up their friendship but she doesn't feel like she can ever trust her again. Nicole apologizes some more. "Maybe this is why you're alone now. It's nobody's fault but your own," Chloe observes. Nicole pouts even more and refuses to accept that no one loves her. Crying, Nicole declares that there's someone who will always love her and runs off to be with them. She goes to the pet cemetery to visit Pookie's grave. Pookie died of a broken heart while she was in prison. Keith, the funeral director, startles her. He tries talking to her but she'd rather be alone. She moans about how she's lost everything and plods off.

Carly goes to see Chloe at her place and worries about Nicole. Chloe assures her that things will be okay. The doctor starts babbling about how glad she is to be her friend and how she is meant to be with Daniel. Carly tells her about about Nathan's outburst.

Brady goes to the mausoleum and wakes Viv up so he can taunt her. She claims that she is invincible and will turn the tables. She moans about the gruel he's been feeding her and asks him what he's going to do. He begins talking about his mom and gets angry when she tells him Isabella is just some 'musty bones' now. After he threatens her, he decides to leave so he can get his mother back. He heads to the pet cemetery and tells Keith that he wants his orangutan, Sparkles, dug up and moved somewhere else. Keith tries arguing against this but Brady demands instant reburial. Nicole listens through a bush and wonders what's going on.

September 28, 2010
It's Like A Nightmare.

At the hospital, Sami reluctantly goes into EJ's room. He stares. She remembers braining him with a bullet. "I'm so happy to see you," he sighs. She cocks her head when he begins referring to her as his wife and talking about their honeymoon. Sami asks him what he remembers. When he tries to do that, he begins freaking out and demanding to know who put him in there. Outside, Lexi sobs and tells Rafe that Elvis seems to be miraculously healing. He worries about what that could mean for Sami. Lexi goes to see her distraught brother and gives him a sedative. He demands to speak to Sami some more. Lexi, Rafe and Sami speak in the corridor. She warns them that they have no idea what her brother knows or doesn't and they need to act like Sami is married to him. The truth would kill EJ. Sami returns to EJ's room. He grumbles about being shot and then notices she's not wearing her wedding ring. She claims she just took it off when she was washing Syd. He asks her to bring the kids in. She goes out to Lexi and tells her about the request. Lexi begs her to just go along with everything. "It's like a nightmare," Sami sobs into Rafe's pecs. He says that they can handle this. She fetches the children and slips on the rings. The kids run into their father's room. Syd goes to sleep and EJ shows Johnny his 'boo-boo'. Johnny tells his dad that he doesn't live in the mansion anymore; he lives with Rafe. EJ's eyes narrow.

On the pier, Nate is calling Steph and leaving a message. She suddenly appears and starts bawling about how she screwed up everything. He needs an explanation. She pants and sobs and rubs her eyes before explaining that she had a fight with her mom. He assumes it was about him but she insists it wasn't. She worries that she can't be who her mom wants her to be.

At Steph's, Kayla talks to Daniel about Chloe. He doesn't know why because he thinks that Chloe's the best. The topic turns to Carly, who Kayla really does not like. They debate Carly's choices and he talks about how much he loves being a dad. When he mentions that Chloe is pregnant, she aggressively bites her lip. He guesses something must be wrong and tells her how terrific his life is. He gets a call, invites her to the wedding and heads out. Steph returns and her mom explains that they need to make sure the test results were actually changed. She says that it could have just been a clerical error. Kayla suggests they just keep it quiet. This makes Steph excited. Kayla says they have to make sure it was a mistake first.

At her place, Carly asks Chloe if the man she boned was Nathan. Chloe's flummoxed. They sit down and the doctor explains that she realizes that the man she slept with is important. The diva says she doesn't want to look back and needs to move forward. Carly agrees to drop everything.

Philip and Melanie go home. She's disappointed because they didn't find their dream house. They make out and gab about how perfect they are. They head upstairs and have sex. Then he gets a text from the realtor and shows her the picture. They cuddle and then she goes off to see her mom. She runs into Nate in the pub. They chat awkwardly and Carly comes in. Nate runs and Mel tells her mom that a sleeping Nate told her that he loves her. Her mom wonders how that makes her feel. "It's silly. I'm Mrs. Kiriakis," Mel declares. Carly doubts she's so sure about her feelings. Mel stutters and insists she's moved on. Carly thinks Nate has issues.

Chloe runs into Philip by the pier. He's on the phone telling the realtor he'll buy the house next to Maggie's. He gets off the phone and checks with the diva that Carly is still on their side and the secret is under wraps. She explains that she got Carly to back off.

September 29, 2010
I Remember Everything.

In the pet cemetery, Keith, the undertaker, offers to get Brady Sparkle's remains as soon as possible. He grudgingly goes off to dig them up for transfer. Brady bumbles about how sorry he is to have to do this for his mom. Nicole eavesdrops in the shrubs. Brady swears about Viv and starts drinking out of his flask. The undertaker returns with the paperwork and Brady signs off on it. After he grouchily walks off, Nicole rushes over to chat with Keith and flashes him a big smile. She tells him how much she admires his warmth and compassion and asks about the man and his orangutan. He tells her about the elephant they have buried there and he recognizes her as a TV reporter. She claims that's not the case and then sneaks off.

Victor is in the mausoleum talking to the sarcophagus about how much he misses his daughter. Viv listens and squeals. He leaves. Brady arrives soon after and they argue about Victor. She's sure that he will rescue her but Brady's sure that his grandfather is thrilled to think she's long gone. They accuse each other of being delusional and he says that Victor would dump her in the pet cemetery if he found out where she was. In the mansion, Nicole slips into the main room to grab a drink when Victor catches her. He barks and she begins asking if Viv had a pet orangutan. "Yes, we've got several orangutans. A couple of wombats too," he says before walking off. Nicole feels like she's in a nightmare. Henderson comes in and suggests she look for Brady in the mausoleum. She rushes outside and eavesdrops at the door as Brady lectures Viv. Nicole wonders who he is talking to. Brady returns to the mansion and Victor thanks God that Nicole 'the Duchess of train wrecks' is gone. Back in the mausoleum, Nicole looks around and wonders if Brady is losing it.

At the hospital, Lexi calls her father to tell him that EJ is conscious. She warns him that there is more he needs to know but she'll tell him in person. He gets off the phone and breaks the news to Kate. She tries to be supportive. He kisses her and runs off. Kate sighs and worries that her husband could still find out that she drove Sami to shoot EJ. She paces and talks to herself, wondering if this is the right time to tell Stefano about the son he doesn't know he has.

In EJ's hospital room, he asks his son to explain why he's living with Rafe. Sami decides to rush the kids out. EJ begins demanding answers but Lexi comes in and orders her brother to get some test. Sami goes out to see Rafe and dumps Johnny on Maxine. She explains what just happened. "What?" Lexi bellows as she walks out. She orders Sami to go back in and convince EJ that she's still married to him. Rafe thinks that this is all idiotic. The doctor advises them not to cause any brain hemorrhages and plods away. Sami sobs and then returns to Elvis. He instantly demands to know why she is living with Rafe again and begins ordering her around. She claims that her son is just confused and they're living at the pub. He becomes irate and his machines beep wildly. She promises that all will be okay when he is better. "You are what I live for," he tells her. Rafe comes in and EJ gets paranoid.

Chad arrives at the nurses' station with a big coffee order and checks in with Lexi about Elvis. He can't imagine how he would feel if he had a brother or sister who had been shot. Stefano bustles in and gets snippy with Chad when he expresses concern about EJ. After he leaves, Stefano demands to see his son. His daughter warns him about everything and then he goes in to see EJ as Sami and Rafe leave. Rafe turns to Sami and whispers that the stress could kill EJ and suggests she take a shot at it. "Accidents happen," he says. She cries and tears off the rings, telling Rafe he's all she's ever wanted. They kiss. In EJ's room, he goes on and on about what an angel Samanther is. Stefano can't take it anymore. EJ gets him to calm down and explains that he won't lose Sami as long as she keeps thinking that he believes they are still married. "I remember everything," he says.

Chad drops by Casa DiMera following a phone call from Kate. She offers him a job but he doubts that Stefano would want him working for his company. When she tells him that she'd like to see more of him, he stutters and tells her that he's flattered but uncomfortable. She laughs and makes it clear that she's not making a pass at him. He accepts her offer and leaves. Kate chants that she will make this work.


September 29, 2010

No No Nannette.

At the mansion, Brady wonders what Nicole was asking Victor about. Victor says that everything is under control. Brady notices that he lost his bluetooth and starts to panic. Victor furrows his brow. Brady runs off to buy a new earpiece. His grandfather guesses something is up.

Nicole is in the mausoleum. She finds Brady's bluetooth and slips it on, hearing Viv begging for mercy on the other end. Nicole tries talking to her and realizes it's Viv. "Oh no Nannette it's you. Have I told you how wonderful you look?" Viv says. Nicole refuses to believe this is for real and assumes she's just been drinking too much and there's no way Viv could be in Isabella's tomb. Viv begs her for help. Nicole shrugs and tries opening the sarcophagus. As she pulls on the lever, Brady enters. "Oh no no Nannette!" Viv groans. Nicole tells Brady that Viv is in the sarcophagus and not dead. From the look on his face, she guesses he put her there. He tries to cover but she assumes that Victor made him do this. Brady says that Victor didn't do anything. If he's changed into some kind of nightmare, it's because of her. "Victor is a sick son of a bitch," she says. "Well Nicole, I suppose that makes you my mother," Victor quips as he intrudes. He confronts Brady for acting weird and tells Nicole to get lost before he kicks out her teeth. She guesses that he has no idea what's going on. Brady covers by claiming that he and Nicole are just in there because they are involved again. "You're having a romantic assignation in a mausoleum with a woman who gets loaded and talks about monkeys?" Victor summarizes. He's sick of them and bids goodbye to Isabella, saying that she's lucky not to have to see what an idiot her son is.

At Casa DiMera, Kate informs Will that EJ regained consciousness. "That bastard is going to make it?" Will asks. She advises him not to talk like that. He vows to go after them if he goes after his mom. Kate tells him to relax and he rushes off.

Rafe, Sami, Johnny and Allie head over to the new apartment he got for them. Sami smiles and sobs. She's amazed. Rafe takes the kids to show them their bunk beds. Sami loves everything but she's worried about what EJ will say and what it will do to his 'brain thing'. Rafe is tired of another man kissing on her. She talks about how much she wanted to watch EJ have a stroke but Rafe doesn't think she could do that. They go over what a court case against the DiMeras will be like and he gives her another pep talk. Will shows up and she informs him that this is their new home. Will isn't in the mood to get enthusiastic. Whispering to him, she says that EJ has retrograde amnesia and he won't remember anything she did. Rafe sticks his nose in and asks her what she did. Will covers. Sami and Rafe relax, drink beer and discuss his taste in interior design. "It's awesome," she says. The place reminds him of the safe house. When Will takes the kids out for ice cream, Sami announces that she has something big to tell Rafe. She starts talking about how they are living in sin and it's messing up Johnny's life. He thinks they should get married as soon as possible to fix things.

At the hospital, Elvis tells his father that he's faking his memory loss and remembers everything. Right now, he has to keep his eyes open and work out what to do. He recounts what he knows about the wedding and soon starts ranting uncontrollably. When he nearly has a stroke, Stefano runs off to call a doctor. Nate dopes EJ up and tells Stefano not to upset his son anymore. Kate rushes in and he explains that his son remembers everything. Meanwhile, Nate questions EJ, which annoys him. He screams at him and kicks him out. The intern informs Stefano that his son is feeling better. He sends Kate home and then rushes to his son. Elvis explains that he lost all power over his life when he told Sami the truth. That will be the last time he ever gives up control. He's going to keep Sami in the dark while he works out a way to get the kids back. When Stefano asks him if he knows who shot him, EJ claims he does.

October 1, 2010

Mounting The Pink Sarcophagus.

In the mausoleum, Nicole tells Brady they need to talk about the fact that he shoved someone in a coffin. Viv watches on her sarcophascreen and worries. Brady laughs when Nicole tries to lecture him about morality. She realizes that she has the upper hand for once. He begins telling her about what a great crypt Viv has and claims that Viv asked him to put her in there to atone for her sins. She doesn't buy it so he tells her about Maggie. Nicole decides that Viv deserves this but worries about what this is doing to Brady on the inside. He says it's too late to go back and his insides aren't as fragile as they used to be. They debate what to do and he offers her a deal, reminding her that they had a good thing, even if only for a night. He kisses her. She slaps him. Brady says there is always fire between them and then they start making out. Viv groans.

At their new place, Sami tells Rafe how exhausting it is to be her and how it must traumatize her kids that they are living in sin. Rafe wants to marry her as soon as possible and shows her his plan to get married at the Green Mountain Lodge. He tells her it can be their second chance. She thinks about putting a cap in EJ. He senses something is up but she won't explain. She spouts off so he backs off and admits that he's 'agent all up in her secrets' too much. They suck face until Roman shows up. He informs them that he's on his way to question EJ. "He doesn't know anything," Sami snaps. They debate what he could know and Roman vows to find out what 'the worm' knows. After Roman leaves, Rafe asks Sami to tell him what she knows. "I know who shot EJ," she starts.

At the hospital, Stefano talks to Elvis about what happened and asks him if he knows who did it. EJ's machines start to beep. "I shot myself," he tells his father. Stefano doesn't believe it. His son keeps repeating that he did it but Stefano can prove he's wrong. He explains that the forensics don't back that up and the gun wasn't in the room. EJ swallows this and says he thinks he knows who did it. He thinks it's obvious that it was Nicole since killing her is on his to-do list. Stefano explains that she was surrounded by FBI agents at the time and points out that there are two more obvious culprits. He tells him that the forensics say Will couldn't do it so only Sami is left... and she tried to shut off his life support. Elvis is flabbergasted. Stefano has an idea of how he can pay her back. Roman shows up for EJ's statement.

At Maggie's, Mel uses the interwebs to show Maggie pictures of the house she is going to get. They take pictures of themselves smiling until Philip comes in and says that someone trounced on their offer. Mel runs out the door and he trails after her. Maggie wonders what's going on. Philip and Mel go to the pub and she says it feels like someone is trying to stop them from getting a house. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Victor barks at his agent to close on the house. He feels bad for doing this. He heads over to Maggie's under the pretense that he is there to see his son. He's not there so Victor decides to hang out. She's realized that he would do anything to get what he wants. Philip and Mel arrive and Victor putters off. "This is all your fault," Philip tells Maggie, explaining that his father has been buying all of the houses they've wanted. He calls around to confirm his suspicions. Maggie realizes that Victor is stalking her in a really expensive way. Maggie leaves them alone and Mel suggests they move in with his dad. They call 'Papa Vic' in and tell him the news. "Don't ever call me that again," he says. Mel holds his hand and asks him if they can play mahjong. He runs away and Mel vows to be disgustingly cheerful to him. They tell Maggie that this will keep Victor away. She's not so sure that's what she wants.


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