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1st Week of April Daily Summaries

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April 5, 2010

Put A Sock In It Stefano!

Anna gets a shock when Stefano takes over her massage and threatens her. She leaps away and he tells her she can always run but she can never hide. Anna bellows for help. Some of his goons come in. He interrogates her. Anna stutters and Stefano spews. "Put a sock in it Stefano!" she objects, accusing him of bringing his misery on himself. He slaps her across the face. She tells him he's finally learned what the things he does to other people feel like. Anna slips up and makes it obvious she wasn't working alone. He's outraged. She tries to cover and says she did this just to put him through hell. He tells her she's going to die. Stefano has his goon drag her out. Before she can get out the door, she promises to give him more information. "You give me my life and I will give you Sydney," she offers. Anna confesses that she was working for EJ.

Chloe is startled when Nicole and her bruised face stroll into the Java Cafe. Chloe can't understand why she has come back to town. Nicole thinks she has a bright future there. They sit down and talk about the pardon. "I have this weird feeling no one's ever going to see Anna again," Nicole says. Chloe guesses that her friend has come back for a man but Nicole won't say anything. The diva chats about Daniel and begins complaining about how he's being sucked into Carly's life. Nicole advises her to get Carly out of Daniel's life for good.

Mel's at home yammering on the phone when Brady shows up. She begins yelling congratulations until she notices he's not on his honeymoon or wearing a wedding ring. He tells her that he is still planning to get married and will invite her. She burbles about her dad and the bump on his head. She's even starting to think that Carly isn't so bad... They swill Red Bull and she worries that Nicole will get in the way of his nuptials. He insists that he can deal with her. When he gets to the mansion, he finds Nicole waiting for him. Brady doesn't want to talk to her. She explains that she's looking for a job... and a reason to wake up in the morning. "You're not going to find that here," he says, reminding her that he is marrying Ari. Nicole doesn't see the point of rushing and tells him he still has feelings for her and has to make a choice. "I can't stop you from inventing your own reality but you aren't going to invent mine," he says, kicking her out. After she hears Ari call she decides to stay and welcomes her rival in.

Carly walks in on Daniel getting dressed in his hospital room. He says he's fine and then nearly collapses. She guesses his double vision hasn't gone away. He wants to get back to work but she thinks his vision will be impaired if he doesn't get surgery. Carly complains and then wonders why he doesn't hate her. Chloe watches from the doorway as Daniel tells Carly that he could never hate her. Chloe interrupts. Daniel says that he will go and see a specialist. When he wanders off to get his chart, Carly tells Chloe that doctors make lousy patients and this injury could alter his career. The doctor rambles about how this could have a silver lining because it brought them closer together as a family. Chloe wanders off and runs into Mel. She tells her that Carly said Daniel's accident was 'a silver lining'. Carly walks in and Mel barks at her. Mel orders her to back off and then flounces away. Carly chases after her and Chloe meets Daniel, promising him that she and Mel will take care of him.

Rafe goes into the pub to see Ari. He tells her that things are over between him and Sami once again and then encourages her not to give up on Brady. The topic of Nicole comes up. He turns it back to Anna and the Sydnapping. Rafe heads back to the office where Abe informs him that Bennie's lawyer picked him up and now he's vanished. Rafe flips out and lunges at the DA when he comes in. Abe breaks them up. Rafe vows to get justice for Syd.

Elvis shows up at Sami's townhouse to tease her about pounding on Nicole. She informs him that everything is ruined between her and Rafe. Elvis can't believe any man would let her go. She cries into his hankie and complains about how Rafe can never get past the stupid things he says. EJ is sure Rafe will realize he's an idiot and come back. Sami's impressed that he's being so compassionate. He's sure Rafe can forgive her just like he has. She and EJ concede that they are alike and that makes her too different from Rafe. He announces that he wants to live in the present and include her in his life. She seems creeped out. Before she can run across the room, he acknowledges that their time as a couple is gone but he wants what's best for them and the children.

April 6, 2010
You'll Never Change.

Nicole welcomes Ari into the mansion. They begin sniping at each other. Nicole pours another martini and Ari accuses her of trying to ruin things with Brady. Nicole is nonchalant. Ari rants until Brady returns. He tries ushering Nicole out. She announces that she is taking him up on his offer and heads for the door. Ari stops her and demands more information. Nicole explains that she is borrowing some money. Brady ends their bickering and the blonde leaves. Ari wishes he had talked to her about this first. She's so angry she can barely talk. He assures her this was a one time thing. She brings up the wedding. "I'm seriously thinking we shouldn't do this," she says. Meanwhile, Nicole goes into the pub, Kenzie snaps a picture of her for her collage. Nicole looks at a picture of Brady and Ari. "That won't last," she mumbles.

Bo arrives at the hospital to show his new outfit to Carly and ask her away with him. He hands her a change of clothes. She gets excited and runs off to change. When she comes back, they suck face and then go out to a restaurant. She says that they don't need to do fancy things like this tells him that he makes her feel beautiful. They wonder what it would have been like if they had been able to stay together. He promises they won't screw up their second chance. After they eat, they dance. His mom calls with news. "Kimberly?" he gasps.

In the townhouse, EJ tells Sami that he wants what's best for them and their children. As she gives him a hug, Will walks in and nearly gags when he sees them. Elvis takes the hint and leaves. Sami rants at him for embarrassing her. He explodes at her for having EJ there all the time and pushing Rafe out. "EJ is using you!" he tells her. Will tells her about seeing Nicole and how much better she seemed without Elvis. Sami flips out when he mentions the other woman and how bad he felt for her. She screams at him when he tells her that Syd called Nicole 'mama'. Will yells back that none of this mess could have happened if it wasn't for her lies and EJ's power games. He's sure she's back with Elvis and will blow it with him like she does with every other man. Poor Syd will have to grow up without a real dad as well. "You gotta screw it up. You'll never change," he says. She tells him he can't talk to her like that in her house. He reminds her that it is Marlena's house and she's so busy with her own drama that she couldn't afford a cardboard box on her own. Will storms out.

Lexi and Theo go to Casa DiMera. Kate greets them and then informs them that Stefano isn't around. She hands Lexi a note that Stefano left behind. Kate offers to fill in for her husband and asks Theo to help her make lemonade. Lexi grudgingly allows it. They send Theo off to play with the food processor and then discuss EJ's plan to evict Stefano. Kate encourages Lexi to speak to her brother. He drifts in. Kate makes herself scarce and EJ asks what his ex-girlfriend/mother-in-law was saying to her. Lexi advises him to focus on building a life rather than exacting revenge. He admires her sanity. She suggests that he walk away from his father. Kate returns and says that a war with Stefano is one he can never win. Theo gets Uncle EJ some lemonade. Elvis sucks it down and tells Kate that he will win the war. She advises him to make peace. He refuses to believe his father loves him in any way that counts and walks away. Will shows up, complaining about Sami and announcing that he has left his mother for good. He says he'll move in with Maggie, but Kate suggests he move in with her. Meanwhile, Elvis returns to the townhouse. Sami is weeping. She blubbers about Will walking out and cries on his arm.

In the tropics, Anna explains to Stefano that she was working for someone else. When she tells him it was EJ, he goes into denial. He yells until she offers him proof. Taking out her phone, she plays a message EJ left about picking up nappies and bon bons. Stefano squints and growls. He declares that Elvis has crossed the line and will pay for it. He agrees to let her live, but he has a task for her. After she does it, he warns her that he can always find her no matter where she hides. He tries calling his son but he hangs up. Stefano decides that he's going to have to make sure he sees the error of his ways.

April 7, 2010
You Took Sydney!

Carly tries to calm Bo's fears about Kimberley. He worries about leaving her there while Viv is on the loose. She's not that worried. Bo thinks about her constantly. They smooch and then he goes over to Victor's to see Ciara to tell her he'll miss her while he's away. She asks him how much he loves her mother. He tells her he loves her loads. Victor overhears this and hopes his son will get some fresh perspective. Bo says his perspective never changes. He issues a threat about Vivian and walks off. He runs into Carly and Daniel on the pier. He tells Daniel that he has to go and donate bone marrow. Daniel worries that no one will be around to protect Carly. Bo says that Victor will control Viv. Daniel is doubtful and offers to move her into his place. Carly protests. Daniel walks off. Bo asks her not to argue about this. They kiss.

Hope shows up at the hospital and Lexi invites her over for dinner. DA Woods is brought in on a stretcher. Hope asks who did this to him. "I know exactly who did it," he says, identifying Rafe as his assailant. After he's checked out, she asks how he could have recognized Rafe if he was attacked from behind. He recognized Rafe's voice. Back in the waiting room, Abe arrives and chats with Lexi about being mayor. Hope walks over and asks about the altercation between the DA and Rafe yesterday.

Gabi confronts her brother at Java for bailing on their date. When she asks him what he was doing, he sighs and doesn't explain. She assumes Sami is ruining his life again. Hope calls and ask him to meet her at the station. Will strolls in. Gabi gets him a latte and he tells Rafe about leaving his mom. After Rafe departs, Chad comes in and Will informs him that his father was put in the hospital. Chad runs off.

Chad arrives at the hospital to see his father. His mom, Madeline, is also there. Woods tells his wife that Rafe is the guy who attacked him. Chad can't believe it. Woods vows revenge. Madeline leads her son out and he complains about what a jerk his father is. They talk about his screwup with Mia and she worries he's on drugs again. He tells her he's clean. Meanwhile, Rafe arrives at the police station. Hope questions him about his whereabouts and tells him about the DA's accusation. Rafe doesn't have an alibi and says that if he had attacked Woods, he'd be dead now. Hope warns him to take this seriously.

Sami wakes up and is surprised to see that Elvis has breakfast prepared for her. She's been tossing and turning all night, worrying about losing her soccer mom image. EJ's father calls him and asks him home for an important talk. When he offers to move out afterwards, EJ decides to go. "I won? I finally won!" Elvis says with a laugh. Sami doubts it can be that simple. She lets him know she likes the new him though... She's proud of him for defeating his father and rubs his elbow.

At Casa DiMera, Kate rants at Stefano about where they are going to live if EJ kicks them out. He assures her that there is nothing to worry about. She wonders what he has planned for his son. "Exactly what he deserves," Stefano says. Kate leaves. She and Will go over to the townhouse to pick up his stuff. Kate leaves them alone to talk. Will's not in the mood. She gets a call and runs off. He sees the breakfast plates and walks out. Sami returns as Abe informs her over the phone that Rafe has been brought in.

When EJ gets to the mansion, his father cryptically tells him that the games end now. Elvis ignores his father as he accuses him of lying with a vengeance. They play chess and Stefano begins talking about Anna and how they underestimated her. He talks about how awful thinking Syd was dead was and wonders what kind of monster would do such a thing. EJ refuses to talk. They finish the chess game. Stefano wins. EJ cringes and throws a fit. Stefano tells him that he has lost more than a game. "I know! You took Sydney!" Stefano bellows.


April 8, 2010

I Have So Much To Learn.

An annoyed Carly calls Daniel that she doesn't want to be part of a sleepover at his place so that he can look out for her. Daniel has to get off the phone as Philip and Mel arrive at his place. They announce that Chloe invited them over for brunch so they can try acting like normal people. He's impressed. They sit down to eat and Chloe explains how hard it was to microwave the meal. "I have so much to learn," Mel says. They joke around. The newlyweds take the dishes to the dishwasher. Daniel kisses Chloe and thanks her. He gets a call about one of his patients going into surgery. He decides that he should go to assist. Mel offers to drive him so she can sit in on the surgery. When they leave, Philip complains about work and offers to put Chloe back on the air so she'll have something to do. She says being Daniel's wife will be a full time job. Chloe notices that Daniel forgot his pills so she rushes off to deliver them.

Maggie arrives at the hospital. She begins quizzing Carly about Kimberly. Later, Daniel and Mel arrive as Carly preps for surgery. The three of them cut some guy open. She digs for his intestines and Daniel dries her brow. After they're done, they talk about what a great team they are. He has to admits that it's hard to watch someone else do his job for him.

Chad shows up at the pub to argue with Gabi about whether Rafe beat up his dad. He heads over to the hospital to see his father. His parents are sniping at each other. Abe calls and argues with the DA, threatening to kick him out of his job. Woods is amazed. Chad asks him if he's sure it was Rafe. Woods is furious and tells his son to think for his brain for once. Madeline drags her son out of the room. He complains about his father. She thinks he should cut him some slack. Gabi wanders over. Chad introduces the women.

At the station, Rafe angrily spouts off about not attacking the 'corrupt slimeball', DA Woods. Hope asks him for an alibi. He doesn't have one. He went for a walk in the woods to think. Hope assumes he's hiding something. He continues running down the DA. Meanwhile, Abe tries to get Sami to dial down her ranting when she arrives at the station. He advises her to calm down before she makes things worse for Rafe. Sami goes on and on, making things worse. Her pediatrician calls so she runs off. When she returns, she finds the file on Woods' attack. Abe catches her reading it. She claims she can prove that the statements in it are a lie. Sami goes to see Hope and tells her that Rafe was with her all last night. Abe and Hope don't buy it. Rafe doesn't back her up either. "We're on a break," he says, asking for a moment with Sami. "I think you two need more than a moment," Hope snipes, walking out. Rafe and Sami bicker. He doesn't see how they can get past their differences. Love isn't enough.

Hope stops by Maggie's. The redhead blurts out the news about Kimberly. Hope frets and wonders why Bo didn't try harder to tell her himself.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano flatly accuses EJ of having Syd all along. He's amazed that his son is so cold and flippant about everything. EJ gets sarcastic and demands to know how many people he has told. Elvis guesses he hasn't told anyone. Stefano threatens to tell Sami and Rafe. Elvis laughs and says that he'll never tell anyone because it would make him look like an idiot. His father assumes he's threatening to keep the children away from him. "I can make you pay for what you have done and then I'll face the consequences," Stefano says, pointing out how deliberately cruel he has been. EJ threatens to have him put in a psych ward and says no one will ever believe him. "Even if I have proof?" Stefano asks. He plays a video confession Anna made detailing the entire Sydnapping. Elvis furrows his brow and stutters. His father explains that Anna has evidence to back up everything she said. He threatens to call Rafe and Sami again. EJ's eyes nearly pop out. He realizes he's screwed so he asks what he has to do. "Tell the truth," his father says. EJ confesses. Stefano vows to make him regret what he's done.

April 9, 2010
The Diva, The Dude And The Bitch.

Chloe and Philip show up the hospital. She hands her fiance the pills he left behind while Mel gushes about Carly sewing together some intestines. Carly pops up. Chloe is cold to her and drags Daniel off, leaving Carly alone. Vivian saunters in and the taunting begins. When Viv offers threats, Daniel returns and threatens to send her off for a psychiatric evaluation. Carly gets him to dial it down. Chloe returns and drags Daniel away again. Viv gets sarcastic so Carly barks at her. She warns Viv that she is getting on her last nerve and threatens to shoot an air bubble in her vein. Meanwhile, Philip and Mel go into the coffee room. She worries that Chloe doesn't know how to lighten up. Mel thinks that her future mother-in-law feels insecure because of Carly. They return to the waiting room and watch Carly shouting at Viv. Philip gets between them and orders Viv to go home. Mel's impressed that her mom was so mean. She compliments her on her surgical work and asks if she can get back into the nursing program. Carly is thrilled and squeezes her into a hug. Philip takes his wife home and offers her a job as a roving reporter. She likes the idea of a job she has no qualifications for, but she wants to go back to nursing and work with her parents.

Daniel and Chloe go to the pub. He talks about moving Carly in with them, or him moving into Bo's with Carly. "Whatever works best for you," he says. Chloe can hardly believe what's falling out of his mouth. She agrees to let Carly move in. He assures her that Carly is no threat to her. She's not crazy about this whole idea. His beeper goes off and he leaves as Father Matt arrives. The priest joins Chloe and reminds her that she and the doctor haven't finished their sessions. She stares. He guesses something is wrong. She tells him about her predicament with Daniel. "You've got some clueless dude there, Chloe," the priest says. She doesn't think Daniel realizes that Carly is a 'manipulative bitch'. He advises her to have an honest talk with Daniel. After he leaves, she grumbles about how much she hates Carly. "Join the club," Viv says as she overhears her.

Nathan finds Steph at the Cheatin' Heart. She tries to avoid him and informs him that she has a date. Her date, Aaron, arrives with tickets to a concert. Nate informs her that Steph has plans that day. Aaron runs away. Nathan explains that Aaron is a drug fiend and she already has enough jerks in her life. He asks her out. They kiss.

Kate and Will are at Java. He worries that his mom will keep Syd away from him when she finds out he's moving in with her. Kate's sure that everything will work out. He just finds all of this weird and wonders what EJ is up to. Meanwhile, Gabi is at the pier chatting with Madeline and Chad. Madeline warns her about her husband and Chad backs up Gabi's insistence that Rafe wouldn't have attacked the DA. They walk into the Java Cafe and meet up with Will. He can't believe Rafe is still in custody. When the teens wander away, Kate and Madeline lock eyes. After Kate leaves, Chad notices his mom was staring at her. She tells him to keep his distance from the DiMeras.

Roman notices his daughter crying at the station. She moans to him about how unbearable she is and how her life is a mess. When she tells him EJ is living with her, he thinks she's an idiot. When she tells him she lied to the cops for Rafe, he's amazed. Roman claims that EJ is at the root of all her problems. She insists that Elvis has changed. Roman doesn't believe that DiMeras change. Sami says he's the only person who can accept her for who she is. He warns her not to forget who EJ is. She goes home and finds Will with his bags. Sami apologizes for overreacting. He informs her that he is moving in with his grandmother. She nearly jumps out of her skin and forbids it. Will doesn't waste time arguing and leaves.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis shouts at his father. He confesses that he kidnapped Syd but says he'll never be made to regret it. His father doubts that. He's sure Sami will take his children away from him. EJ spouts death threats. He drinks and rants about how arrogant his father is. Stefano doesn't think that a man who did the things EJ did should be a father. "You are no longer my father," EJ declares. He remembers when he was a child and had no idea Stefano existed. When his father tells him he has to do the right thing for the children, Elvis pulls out a letter opener. Marco the bodyguard interrupts but Stefano sends him out. EJ continues to threaten his father. He throws the letter opener away and collapses, crying on his father's jacket. Sami storms in. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she demands.

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