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2nd Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 12, 2010

I Couldn't Have Done It Better.

Hope is sitting at the mansion when she gets a headache. She remembers catching Bo tying tongues with Carly. On cue, she hears the other woman's voice and finds her giving something to Henderson for Ciara. Hope leaps in and sends the butler away. She confronts Carly about not being told about Kimberly. Carly says that Bo did call and they bicker about it until Carly accuses her of throwing her marriage away. Hope says that's not what happened and says she should be grateful that she finished with Bo and left him available. Carly agrees. Hope explains that Bo runs to the past when he can't cope with the present. "I've gone through some really bad times alone," Hope says. Carly brings up Patrick. Hope is sure that Bo will end up alone. Carly declares that she will be with him forever and then walks out. Hope still has a headache.

Sami thumps into Casa DiMera. Stefano announces that his son has something to tell her. Sami spouts off until he offers her popcorn and a movie. When he pops the DVD is, she declares that she won't believe anything he shows her. EJ shows her out. Sami grunts and worries about Stefano getting between her and Will. After she leaves, Elvis returns to his father. "You are so lucky that Samantha is a stubborn bitch," Stefano says. He wants his son to take responsibility for what he did. They argue and Elvis asks his father to show him some love and keep his secret. Stefano lists his son's crimes and then smirks. "I couldn't have done it better," he concludes. He hands his son a copy of the DVD and gives him a hug. For there to be peace between them, Stefano adds, there is a final condition...

Brady and Ari take a break from having sex in his bed so he can tell Woody Allen jokes. She reminds him that he needs to go and see Sami. He doesn't feel like it. She frets about hurrying into the marriage so he decides to offer Nicole more money to leave them alone. Jokingly, he even writes a check. When he leaves, she grabs it.

Chloe rushes into the Java Cafe to meet Nicole and whine about Carly. She explains that Carly is moving in with her and Daniel. "Sounds like something I would do," Nicole says. Chloe mopes. Her friend tells her to get a plan. They talk about why Nicole came back and Chloe is sure it was for Brady and his baloney. The blond admits it and claims that she can still stop his wedding. As she talks about how wrong for Brady Ari is, Arianna strolls in. Chloe makes herself scarce so Ari offers Nicole the check to leave town. Nicole takes it and they bicker about how Brady can't abandon someone who is needy. Ari warns her not to mess with her since she's been in prison too. She tells her to leave unless she wants to watch her living happily ever after with Brady. "Happily ever after is for fairy tales honey. This is real life," Nicole grumbles. Meanwhile, when Chloe gets home, she finds Carly there.

Sami goes to the pub to meet with Brady and complain about Will. She tells him that she's relying on EJ to fix things. Brady's shocked. Sami tells him that Elvis has changed... for real this time. Brady doubts that. They discuss her problems with Rafe and he reminds her that she has four kids and shouldn't be relying on EJ. He thinks Elvis is just trying to make a play for her. Sami continues defending EJ.

Justin walks into the Cheatin' Heart and runs into Adrienne at the bar. She tells him that Hope thinks she's stupid. He assures her that he doesn't and hands her a letter from her real estate agent. They discuss selling the bar and he suggests that she stick around and run it. She challenges him to a game of pool. He tells her that he always lost against her on purpose. "You threw the game so you could nail me later?" she asks, commenting that he has lied about everything and suggesting he came back to town just to play house with Hope. Adrienne declares that she is selling the bar and moving on. He insists that nothing happened with Hope. She knows but is sure it's what he wanted. He leaves. She cries. Moments later, she hears something smash outside. When she runs out, she finds Justin on the ground.

April 13, 2010
Playing Dumb.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano is proud that his son has finally become a man. They hug and agree to put the feud behind them, but Stefano has a condition and it will have to be taken care of tonight. After telling his son that he's good at playing dumb, he orders him to bring the children home. EJ makes excuses but has no choice and trudges off.

When Chloe arrives at home, she finds Carly there. She stifles her nausea. Daniel rears his head and they begin making room for her. When he finds some old baby clothes, Carly declares that she can't do this and leaves for the hospital. Daniel shows Chloe the clothes. She explains that she bought them when she thought she was pregnant. He gets sensitive and thoughtful. "There are things you aren't being honest with me about. You say you're fine that Carly is living here, but I don't think you are. Am I right?" he asks. She tells him he's right and admits that she hates that Carly could give him a baby and she can't. He makes it clear to Chloe that she's all he's ever wanted. She worries that Carly will get between them and he promises that won't happen. They go to bed and cuddle. His double vision returns.

Philip is wandering the alleyways when he discovers Adrienne cradling Justin's body. She yells at Justin to live. They rush him to the hospital. Roman arrives to take their statements. They explain that he was robbed. Carly drifts by to offer her sympathy. Adrienne apologizes for being cold before. They make up. Carly ends up calling Daniel and telling him that she's going to stay with Adrienne instead. Adrienne goes to Justin's bedside. He wakes up and she tells him what's happened and offers to stay there with him. He doesn't want that.

Stephanie runs into Mel at the hospital. Mel informs her that she is returning to nursing school. Steph cringes and tells her it's a bad plan."You seem to have me mixed up with someone who cares about what you think," Mel sneers. They bicker. After leaving the hospital, they arrive art Maggie's and continue to bicker. Steph worries that it will be too hard on Nate if he has to see her every day. "So I should deny myself a career so he can get over things?" Mel asks, getting livid. They hurl insults until Mel realizes that Steph is back with Nate and insanely insecure. Steph finally admits that she actually read the letter. As they argue about this, Philip listens from outside.

At the hospital, Madeline sends her son off to see his dad and thinks back to her run in with Kate. When Chad returns, he tells her that Justin was attacked just like his dad. She realizes this could be important and tips Roman off.

Sami dawdles into the Java Cafe and straight into Kate, who instantly admires her bruises. Sami bursts into a rant about how Kate is taking her son from her and how EJ will have her out on her ass soon. Kate bursts into a gale of laughter. "You and EJ have underestimated Stefano DiMera," she warns. Sami heads back to the townhouse and EJ arrives. He interrupts her rambling to explain that he hasn't kicked his father to the curb after all. Elvis attempts to make a case for forgiving his father and letting him back into the children's lives. Sami hopes he's joking. He's not. She refuses to let the kids out of her sight. She thought EJ had changed. He insists that he has so she suspects something else if going on and he can't deny it. Back at Casa DiMera, Kate and Stefano toast to the return of the children. He's thrilled, but something is clearly bothering her. "I saw someone today. We didn't speak but acknowledged each other's presence. It was Madeline," she says. He tells her not to worry, but she does anyway.

April 14, 2010
Dead End.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano worries to his wife that his son has not arrived with the children. She wonders what he has on Elvis. Stefano's not explaining. He simply says that he will destroy his son if he isn't there within the hour. Stefano recalls all of the times his son has threatened him and disowned him. If EJ doesn't come through for him this time, he will be dead to him. She sits and he paces, complaining about how 'whipped' his son is.

At the town house, EJ tells Sami that it's time she knew the truth. She claims she's already figured it all out: She's been a gullible idiot. He explains that he has a difficult relationship with his father. She spouts off and demands the truth instead of his usual crap. Sami tries being sarcastic but it seems to confuse her. He stops her and gabs about the kids and how they need two parents. Then he claims that his father is very sick and he can't deny his requests. She doesn't have any sympathy for the mentally ill. He tells her diabetes isn't a mental illness. His father calls and tells him his time is up. Stefano offers him a few more minutes if he'll bring them over immediately. Elvis turns to Sami and tells her that he doesn't need her permission to take his kids. She's shocked and declares that she is going with him.

Sami and EJ arrive at Casa DiMera after she's dropped Allie off at a neighbor's. Johnny runs to Stefano. Sami says that he doesn't look sick. "What makes you think I'm sick?" Stefano asks. EJ gulps and then his father helps him cover. Sami and Johnny go off to look at toys and EJ whines that Sami will find out he's been lying. Meanwhile, Sami and Kate bicker about Will. Sami bursts in on Stefano and declares that she is taking her children home. He informs her that the kids are staying overnight. EJ tries to stop her from exploding and offers to stay with the children. "Damnit," she growls before saying goodbye to Syd. Kate shows her out and shuts the door in Sami's face before she can spew another rant.

Philip approaches Maggie's. He stops in the doorway when he hears Steph confronting Mel about her threat to leave Philip for Nathan. When he walks in, he pretends he didn't hear anything. Steph abruptly leaves. Mel babbles nervously. He suspects there is something she's not telling him. She babbles about how great he is and how she doesn't deserve him. Philip tells her that he loves her and they hug. He wonders what she was fighting with Steph about. She says that Steph is just insecure in her relationships and uses her as a scapegoat. Mel promises that she hasn't gone back on her commitment to him. He's not convinced. She admits that she had feelings for Nathan but insist they're gone. Getting shot made her realize that she only loves Philip. They go up to bed. After sex, he drinks and thinks.

At the station, Roman tells Rafe that he's in the clear because there was an identical attack. Roman worries that Sami is screwing up her whole life and asks Rafe to do something about getting EJ out of her life. Ari arrives and Roman makes himself scarce. The siblings head over to the Cheatin' Heart. She guesses he still wants to help Sami. "I think I've hit a dead end," he admits. They talk about her relationship with Brady and she explains that they are shelving their engagement for now and then she turns the topic to Sami and says she knows how to fix things. Ari thinks closure to the Sydnapping will get him back with Sami. He thinks she's wrong and rolls his eyes.

Nate calls Steph to tell her that he thinks about her, and only her, lots and loads. Steph perkily waters her grandmother's plants at the pub and then chats with Roman about Bo's bone marrow and her love life. Nathan arrives and starts his date with her. He missing their skiing trip. She accepts that he's not totally over Mel but she's going to work hard to make him forget her.

April 15, 2010
Thanks But No Thanks.

Brady and Ari are at the Java Cafe. He's distracted by thoughts of Nicole... or at least the check he wrote for her. Ari admits she gave it to her to prove that they are a team. He wonders why she gave it to her behind his back then. She complains about how much Nicole annoys her. Brady insists that he will not let the other woman come between them, and if she thinks he would allow her to, then they have a hell of a problem.

At Maggie's, Mel tries to run off to the hospital when her husband stops her so they can discuss Nathan. She insists that her feelings for Nate are gone. Philip is not sure that she's sure if she's sure. She kisses him to prove how sure she is and then leaves. The smirk drops off his face. Across town, when Daniel gets home, he informs Chloe that Carly is moving out. She assumes this is because of her but he says that's not the case. They suck face and then he leaves for work. She wanders off and runs into Philip by the pier. He's in a bad mood and explains his problem with Mel. Chloe gives him a little pep talk and he worries that Mel married him for the wrong reasons. Chloe finds this depressing and tells him not think about this stuff.

Nicole is at the pub calling around for job interviews. Someone hangs up when she admits she was a DiMera. She keeps calling around without luck until Brady arrives. Nicole complains about how hard it is to get a job and how he's the only person who knows she wants to turn her life around. He offers her a solution - some cash to leave town. She hands him back the check. "Thanks but no thanks," she says, pointing out that his girlfriend is awfully insecure... for good reason. Nicole reminds him of their serious connection. He gets uncomfortable and offers to book her a flight. "Have a good life," he says, walking out. Arianna arrives and begins chatting with CC Chavez until Nicole interrupts. "I heard you quit your job here to live off of Brady," Nicole snipes. Chavez calls her videographer over and they leap in to interview her. Nicole's miffed and assumes she's been set up. "Wait until I tell Brady what you did to me," she warns Ari. Brady arrives and orders the reporter out. Nicole throws an accusation at his girlfriend. Ari grits her teeth.

Nathan and Steph roll around in bed and then discuss whether or not he's a jerk. She's optimistic about their future. Meanwhile, Mel arrives at the hospital and looks around for Nathan until she bumps into Daniel. He asks her why she cares about Nate. She babbles and then tells her father about her argument with Philip and how she's lied to him. "I still have feelings for Nathan," she admits. He has faith she'll sort things out.

Carly walks into the Cheatin' Heart to see Adrienne and pick up a key. Carly wonders if she misses Justin. Adrienne plays with the billiard balls and admits she misses being married... but it's all over now. Carly thinks she's conflicted. Adrienne insists that she just worries for her children. Carly goes back to Daniel's to pack her stuff. He arrives and she tries to talk to him about his double vision. As they do a vision exercise, Chloe comes in and watches.

Hope jogs into Justin's hospital room. He's happy to see her and anxious to get out. Holding her hand, he says he's glad she's the first person he saw. They go to the Java Cafe and she interviews him about his mugging. When he's about to leave for the office, she asks him to stay. She asks him if he'll be leaving town any time soon and digs about Adrienne. He insists it's over. Hope admits that something has changed between them because of his bond with Ciara. Things are awkward. He leaves. She stares until Adrienne arrives. Hope apologizes for dragging her town.

April 16, 2010
This Is Idiotic.

At the pub, Nicole accuses Ari of setting her up on the air. Brady barges in and orders the reporter away. He demands some answers. Accusations fly. Brady tries to get Ari to back down, but he does take her side. He warns Nicole never to drag them into her drama again. "I'm done with you," he says. Nicole says that's not true and it will never happen. Brady runs away. Ari bleats at Nicole to get a clue. Nicole sits down to pout. CC, the reporter, rushes over and offers to put her on the air so she can tell her side of her story. Nicole agrees and goes on the air. As soon as they're off the air, the reporter gets a call and then announces that her show is moving to New York.

Philip watches from around the corner as Mel and Nathan awkwardly interact at the hospital. She can't pretend that everything is okay. "You suck at pretending everything is okay," he agrees. She admits that she had feelings for him but she doesn't anymore. She's less selfish now and her husband is the bee's knees. Nate says that's cool because he's with Steph now anyway. Philip's heard enough and leaves. Maxine asks the intern and nurse to check on a patient. When they check on her, Nate chats with her until she suddenly dies. Maxine comes in and stops him as he continues trying to revive the patient. He and Mel sit in the waiting room and he sadly goes over the case. He goes into the locker room and knocks his head into the locker. Mel mopes.

Philip meets with Brady at the Cheatin' Heart. They discuss Mel and Philip asks if he knew about the Nathan situation. Philip explains what he just heard and has decided that he wants to trust his wife. Brady goes back to the mansion and Ari finds him there. She apologizes for what happened earlier. He wishes she would trust him and not sink to Nicole's level. They make out until her phone rings. She's offered a job as the production assistant to CC. Meanwhile, Philip gets a call about CC leaving and puts on her show so he can see Nicole's interview. He's impressed and calls her over. "By tonight, you'll probably be viral," he says, enthusiastically. Nicole makes faces until he offers her CC's job. She's amazed.

Rafe wanders the streets talking on the phone to a contact who may have found Anna. Meanwhile, in the Java Cafe, Sami babbles to her daughter. Allie tries to eat her ice cream in peace. Rafe walks in and distracts Sami. He wonders where Syd is so she explains she's at the DiMera's. She gives him her rationale. "Stefano is a son of a bitch but it's not like he eats children," she says. They bicker about her choice and whether or not EJ has changed. She begins accusing Rafe of being behind all of her problems and bellows about how determined she is and how she never waffles. He laughs. They nearly kiss as she tells him how much she misses him. He pulls away. She tries licking his face but he'll have none of it. He can't be around her while she's around EJ. "I feel like an outsider," he explains before walking out.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis wanders downstairs and finds his father telling Syd that she will be living with them and her brothers. EJ doesn't know how that will happen. Stefano wonders what kind of game he's playing. He reminds his son of their deal. Elvis is afraid that Sami will kill him... and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings either. Stefano laughs that his son is scared of Sami. EJ claims he just doesn't want the children to get upset because their mother is upset. His father reminds him that he's the one who just put her through hell. Stefano starts to suspect that his son's heart and loins still belong to Samanther. EJ explains how he'd planned to destroy her life but ended up falling in love with her again. Stefano doesn't want to lose another son. EJ promises him that he won't lose him. They hug and repeat the terms of their deal. Elvis demands that his father allow Sami back into his life. He gets a call about a problem with one of their shipments. Before he can leave, he repeats his deal to his father once more. "This is idiotic," Stefano growls as they go over it all again. But he agrees to keep his secret again. Elvis wanders down to the pier and bumps into Rafe. They chat about Stefano's illness and Rafe assumes something big must be going on. Meanwhile, Sami shows up at Stefano's to get her kids. He says that he has something important to tell her.

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