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3rd Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 19, 2010
I'm Sorry Puppy.

In the hospital locker room, Mel tells Nate that he needs to learn to deal with losing patients. Meanwhile, Maxine informs Lexi and Steph that they just lost a patient under Nate's watch. They rush into the locker room and find Mel and the intern staring into each other's eyes. Lexi tells them that there will be an inquiry into what happened. Nate stands up for Mel. The dead woman's daughter arrives and the intern leaves to speak to her. Mel tells Lexi that Nathan didn't do anything wrong. In the other room, Steph tells Nate what a good doctor he is until Mel interrupts. She begins sucking her thumb. Nathan gets the results on what went wrong and talks to Lexi about them. He joins up with Mel and worries that he did something wrong. He admits that he was more concerned about her than his patient. Steph interrupts so Mel runs off to her husband.

Hope is at the station babbling when Abe arrives. He tells her that the DA has backed out of his accusation of Rafe. Hope throws a fit and spills her coffee. She rambles and rants. Abe starts to wonder what is wrong with her. Adrienne wanders in. Abe decides to leave and advises them to play nice. The women begin arguing about Hope's attitude. Adrienne assumes she wants her out of town. They sit down and Adrienne goes over her statement about Justin's mugging. They wonder if these muggings were targeting lawyers... unfortunately, everyone hates lawyers. Justin arrives. Hope hopes his head feels better and runs off. Adrienne asks him to talk. They go to the Cheatin' Heart. She's already got a buyer for the bar, she says, before changing the subject to her return. Although she was angry about being tricked into coming back, being there has helped her realize something. Seeing him with his head bashed in made her realize that he was her rock. They're both sorry for what happened and want to move forward.

At the mansion, Hope is popping pills when Ciara comes in. Hope swears so her daughter berates her. "I'm sorry puppy," Hope says, ushering her daughter upstairs to read a story. Later, Hope goes out for awhile. When she gets home, she finds Ciara sitting up. She tells her mom that she misses her dad and Uncle Justin. "Maybe some day, Uncle Justin can be your new daddy," Hope says.

Rafe and EJ are down at the pier reviewing Elvis' relationship with his father. They bicker and taunt. Rafe vows to discover what his father has on him and then put him away for good. EJ suggests that his constant hounding of the family is bad for Sami. Rafe guffaws. Elvis tells him to get used to being wrong about everything. Rafe vows to protect Sami. Sitting on the bench, Elvis tells Rafe what a loser he is. The Fed says there was someone else helping Anna. A call suddenly comes in that Anna has been caught in Morocco. EJ goes pale at the news.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano thanks Sami for letting him see his grandchildren. He wants all of the fighting to stop between the families and offers her his hand. Her jaw hangs open. She's nauseous at the thought and tells him that she will always loathe him. He tells her she's arrogant, stupid and has just sealed her own fate. Stefano doesn't know how Marlena could give birth to 'something' like her. Frustrated, he growls and nearly lets it slip that his son is smitten with her. She cuts off visitation. He apologizes and asks her if they be civil. They bicker and she doesn't understand what's going on or care about being civil with him. He reminds her that Will lives with him now. After she loads the children in a car, she frantically searches for a penguin. Kate arrives to say the penguin got into the diapers. Sami runs out. "I loathe that woman," Kate says, offering to bake some special brownies for Sami. He tells her about EJ's feelings for Sami. "I don't understand it. She must be like one of those whistles only dogs can hear," she says. He cringes and assumes his son has some kind of post traumatic stress. Elvis arrives and kicks  Kate out. EJ informs him that Anna is in custody. He mopes. Stefano explains that the woman who was caught was just a decoy.

Sami runs into Rafe at the station. He tells her that they have Anna in custody. She's impressed that he never stopped looking. Another call comes in. This one tells him that it wasn't really Anna. "they're not going to stop me" he shouts, running off. Meanwhile, Lexi walks down to the pier and finds Abe knocked unconscious.

April 20, 2010
Look What Mommy Has!

At the hospital, Daniel rubs his eyes and Carly tells him everything will be okay. He doesn't want to talk about this but she tells him that she's called in an old friend who is a specialist in his eye problem. She even set up a surgery for today. He thanks her. They hug. "I'm more than a good friend, we both know that," she announces before explains she just means she's the mother of his child.

At the mansion, Ciara is packing a wedding magazine to take to school. Hope is confused so the little girl reminds her that she said Justin was going to be her new daddy. Hope claims she never said that and insists it must have been a dream. Ciara gets angry and runs off. A calls comes in to tell the cop that Abe was mugged. Hope rushes over to the hospital to see Abe and Lexi. After the doctor tells Hope she better get the mugger, she leaves. Abe explains that he thinks this was the same person who attacked Justin and Woods. He worries that she might not be able to handle this alone. She rambles. He suggests she take personal leave but she's determined to keep working. Theo rushes in and Hope's head throbs. She and Lexi leave the room to talk about the mayor's injuries. Hope will have to talk about them with Carly. She groans and walks over to her to gather information. Hope gets a call and runs off.

In the waiting room, Theo's annoyed that his father is stuck in the hospital. Lexi promises him that Abe will tuck him into bed tonight. He worries about his dad so she tells him a story about how his dad was injured. Meanwhile, Hope returns to the mansion with Ciara. Her teacher told her that she stole some stickers from her desk. Hope tells her daughter she will always be there for her but she shouldn't take things. When she sends her to her room, Ciara says, "I want my daddy!"

Nicole and Chloe wander around the pier. Chloe complains about Carly and her sticky buns. Vivian listens in as they plod off to plan Carly's downfall. The two friends go to the pub and Nicole explains her new job, wondering if Brady was behind her getting it. They talk about what an idiot Lucas is and then Nicole asks her if Daniel is worth it either. She warns her that most women don't have a chance against the doctor. Meanwhile, Viv lurks outside. Gus tracks her down and she tells him that she may have found someone to drive a stake through Carly's 'non-existent heart'. Gus is unconvinced that she can turn Chloe into a killer. "We girls know these things about other girls," she says. Viv goes inside and eavesdrops on Nicole's warnings about Carly. She fantasizes about Chloe throwing Carly into the harbor and smiles. Back in 'reality', Nicole continues badgering Chloe until the diva blurts out, "I wish Carly manning would drop off the face of the earth!" Daniel just happens to arrives as she says this. Nicole promptly leaves and starts setting up a crew to investigate Abe's attack. Back in the pub, Daniel lectures Chloe for listening to a 'train wreck' like Nicole. She gets annoyed and tells him that Carly is the real problem here. They bicker and she claims that no one can say anything against Carly while he's around. "She's a whore who gets through life sleeping with other women's men," Chloe says. Viv smiles. Her language shocks him. She asks him if something is going on with Carly. He has a fit and storms out. Viv walks over and places her hand on Chloe's shoulder.

Victor greets Ari at the mansion's door and invites her to breakfast. He points out that she works for him now. She says she'll work hard but won't answer to him. He admires her feistiness and says it will come in handy when she fights Nicole. Ari claims she doesn't have to fight for Brady. Victor doubts that. She claims that she is the one calling the shots, not Nicole. Ari leaves for work. Hope wanders in and chats with Victor. She tells him about Ciara's stealing. "That's my girl," Victor says with a laugh. As they begin discussing Abe's mugging, Ciara is upstairs putting on her mom's shoes. She looks under her bed and finds a box. "Look Tommy Bear! Look what mommy has!" Ciara tells her bear.

Nicole arrives at the station. She's on the phone leaving messages to be sent to her PA. She bursts into the office to see Abe and explains that she is now a reporter. He says she can go to his press conference. She walks out to wait for her crew. Nicole's shocked when Ari shows up. They soon realize that Ari is working for her.

April 21, 2010
You're A Damn Fool.

Ari bustles into the police station only to realize that she is now working for Nicole, who immediately fires her. Ari says she doesn't have the power to do that. They argue. Abe comes out and offers the reporter an exclusive. Ari thinks he's out of his mind. He's doing it anyway. Ari reveals that she is the camera woman too and they immediately begins recording. When Nicole starts interrogating him, Ari screeches and stops them. They bicker until Abe requests they this over with. The interview resumes until he's had enough and walks off. When they're done, Ari calls Gabi and gossips about her new gig. When she gets off the phone, she returns to arguing with Nicole and calls her a bitch.

Daniel gets frustrated when Chloe insults Carly. He storms out of the pub. Viv swans over to her and tells her she can't let Carly win. Chloe doesn't like people butting into her business. Father Matt pops up and ends the confrontation. Viv walks away and the priest sits down to chat. Chloe tells him that she's afraid she's driving Daniel into Carly's arms. She feels like Carly is moving into every part of her life. Across the room, Gus arrives and Viv tells him that she will make Chloe into a 'weapon of Manning's destruction'.

Dr. Yang and Carly are pacing around the hospital waiting for Daniel so they can operate. Victor overhears them and starts barking at her. She explains the situation. He's sure she's going to ruin Daniel's life. Daniel walks in and says he trusts her with his life. "You're a damn fool," Victor groans. The three of them argue and Daniel won't back down. Victor slouches off and Daniel tells Dr. Manning about Chloe's insecurities. She feels bad and advises him to tell Chloe he's having surgery. He calls and leaves a message before going into the operating room. Meanwhile, Victor calls Viv to tell her that Carly is operating on Daniel and he didn't bother telling Chloe. Viv wonders how she can use this information. She eavesdrops as Chloe listens to a message from Daniel saying he'll be out late for surgery. Father Matt encourages her to go and see him. She's not optimistic but he urges her to fix things.

Justin runs into Brady on the pier. They talk about the mugging and then Brady's postponed wedding. Brady worries that Ari's feelings might have changed since Nicole came back. Justin advises him not to lose his chance at happiness. Brady wanders by the pub and runs into Gabi as she's getting off the phone with her sister. He guesses they were talking about Nicole and asks her what's up. "Arianna is working for Nicole," Gabi explains. He's aghast and rushes over to the station. Nicole begins complaining about Ari and Brady offers to find his girlfriend a new job. Nicole is all for that but Ari refuses to quit.

Ciara and Tommy Bear discover  a stash of secret stuff under Hope's bed. Hope comes in and they both wonder what's going on. Hope repeats that she never said Justin would be her new daddy and then sends her downstairs. Justin arrives and Hope tells him how worried she is about her daughter. He tries to reassure her that Ciara is a normal kid. They put Ciara to bed and then Hope tells him about the 'new daddy' talk. After they discuss Bo not being around, she brings up the mugging before announcing that she is tired and needs to go to sleep. After she heads back upstairs, Victor arrives and Justin hands him some contracts. They begin arguing about what's best for Bo and Hope. Justin is getting tired of Victor treating him like dirt when he's the one who keeps him out of jail while he treats Bo like God's gift when all he does is threaten to arrest him. Meanwhile, Hope was woken up and gets dressed up. "Tonight is going to be the night," she tells herself.

Gus and Viv head over to the hospital. They've found someone who hates their job enough that he'll work for them. Viv walks over to him and does her magic while Daniel is prepped to go under the laser. Chloe arrives and checks with the orderly Vivian bribed. He explains that Daniel is not actually having surgery. He saw the doctor leave with Carly.


April 22, 2010
We're Done.

In her room, Hope does her make up and then loads her gun with a smile. Justin comes knocking but she sends him away. She slips out and heads over to some secret gambling den. After she cleans up at poker, Dr. Baker suddenly shows up and announces that she owes him a drink.

Nathan shows up at Maggie's to see Mel. He thinks she's been avoiding him. She's flustered and babbles. He takes her hand and asks if they can be honest about their feelings. "Humph-ha, harumph-ha," she stutters. The doctor interprets this as meaning that she cares about him but he needs some clarification. She tells him what the letter she wrote to him really said. He kisses her. She kisses him back. Philip just happens to be standing at the window to witness this. He gags and runs. Mel tells Nathan that it was a goodbye kiss. "We're done," she says. Since she's moving on, he decides he will too.

Elvis mopes around Casa DiMera and talks to the pictures of his children. He beats himself up about putting everyone through hell and wonders how he will convince Sami to move in. "Maybe if I told her I fell in love with her?" he wonders. Meanwhile, at the townhouse, Sami tells Johnny to stop whining. He wants to see his dad. She argues with him so he shoves her around and yells for his father. They keep fighting until someone comes to the door. It's EJ. He puts his son to bed. She's impressed by his ability to put children to sleep. He jokes about taking the children to Disneyland yesterday and then admits that they just watched the "Wizard of Oz" and danced. Sami explains that Lucas called and invited Allie to Hong Kong for a few weeks. She will miss her daughter. He wonders if she's missing Rafe. Sami insists that ship has sailed and wonders why Elvis can forgive her when Rafe can't. He says that what happens between them doesn't matter because they have children and that trumps the rest. She wishes she had never lied to him about being pregnant. He doesn't want to rehash the past anymore, he just wants to talk about their future. "Why don't you and the kids come to live with me?" he asks. She's dumbfounded.

After Daniel is doped up in the operating room, Dr. Yang leaves to prep the laser. Daniel and Carly talk about him leaving a message with Chloe and he vows to make everything right with her. After the operation, she gets him to count the finger she holds up. When he only counts to one, she's impressed. He's eager to call Chloe and tell her the good news.

At the nurse's station, the orderly tells a panicking Chloe that Daniel and Carly left together. He adds that he's heard gossip about the two doctors going to the seedy Mercer Motel. Chloe stutters and runs off. Viv comes out of hiding and claps. She thanks the orderly and hands him a bundle of cash. He doesn't get the point of this. She explains it's all about revenge and tells him to go hop on a plane. Meanwhile, Chloe heads over to the Mercer and asks the dude at the desk if Carly or Daniel have checked in. She gives him a bribe so he looks for the names but there's no match so she shows him a picture of Daniel. He stares and says that he could be there with some chick and they probably aren't playing checkers. Chloe gasps and runs off. The clerk calls Viv to tell her what happened. She giggles as she relates it all to Gus. He worries her plan could backfire.

Philip goes to the mansion and has a drink. "Shouldn't you be home with your wife?" Justin asks him. Philip tells him that he's been an idiot. His hair turns into a messy heap as he explains that his whole marriage has been a lie. Justin encourages him to talk to his wife. Philip leaves and wanders the streets with his flask. He stumbles over to Chloe's place, where she has been moping about Daniel's supposed affair.


April 23, 2010
Like Father, Like Daughter.

Rafe wakes up in bed after dreaming of Sami. He rolls out. Meanwhile, at the townhouse, Sami goes into shock when Elvis invites her to live at the mansion. She can't understand how he can even imagine this is a good idea. He continues trying to make the case but she refuses to listen. Elvis probes to see if she is still all alone. "Yeah, alone," she says. When he steps into the other room, Rafe shows up and begins stuttering until EJ returns. He leaves, telling her to think about his offer. Rafe wonders what the offer was so she explains. He giggles. She stares and shrugs. He tells her that he will always love her, but EJ is full of crap and he's manipulating her. They argue and she starts to wonder if Sydney would actually call her 'mama' if they lived in the mansion together. Rafe is still sure that Stefano is up to something and that she must know he's right.

At the hospital, Daniel is eager to talk to Chloe but his head isn't exactly functional. Carly dopes him up some more but he's still agitated. Within moments, he's so wasted he can't use a phone so Carly sends Chloe a text.

A drunken Philip stumbles over to Chloe's to whine about how Mel has made a fool out of him. Chloe pours the wine and then tells him that she thinks Daniel's heart has been stolen by another woman. She pouts as she tells him that Daniel and Carly are probably having sex as they speak. That doesn't make any sense to him so she explains all of the gossip she heard. "Like father like daughter," he groans. She says that Mel doesn't deserve him. He sucks on her lips and they leap onto the couch. A fire erupts in the fireplace as they tear their clothes off. Their phones vibrate on a table as they gyrate on the couch. After sex, he begs her not to talk. Her phone keeps vibrating so she checks her messages. He hobbles over and checks his. Philip tells Chloe that he's not sorry for what happened between them. When he leaves, she swears and Daniel's photo and then smashes it against the wall.

Melanie and Maggie are at home. Mel tells her about how she ended everything with Nate and is now completely committed to Philip. Maggie points out that commitment and love aren't the same thing. Mel says that when Nate kissed her, she felt closure and now it's all over. Maggie's impressed. Mel decides she has to tell her husband everything immediately and starts calling him. She waves her hands in the air until he answers and then she demands to see him. He runs home. She runs into his arms in tears. She says that she's chosen him and only him to be in her heart. Mel tells him about the letter and everything it said. He wishes he'd known what she felt before. "Before what?" she asks. Across town, Chloe rushes into the hospital and lashes out at Carly. The doctor explains that Daniel had surgery but Chloe accuses her of lying. Maxine back Dr. Manning up.

At Casa DiMera, Will tells Stefano that his stay there has been better than okay. Stefano smiles and tells him to get used to having his little brother and sister around. Will is confused. Stefano tells him life is complicated and changes fast. Moments later, Elvis arrives. Stefano offers to talk strategy with him but EJ's not in the mood. He explains that they could have a snag Rafe. Stefano calls Rafe with information about Sami. Meanwhile, Will goes over to the townhouse to see his mom. He asks if his siblings are going to be at the mansion all the time. When he mentions Stefano, she decides that Rafe was right, "Dammit EJ!" she blurts out. She storms out.

Hope and Dr. Baker meet in some basement to chat. He makes a pass at her but she's not interested in what he has to offer. She talks about cash and winks. Hope likes to rescue people. He explains that people think he's dead. She whips out her gun. They get cryptic and talk business. The doctor goes off on his own and runs into Elvis on the pier. "You! You're dead!" EJ blurts out in shock. Hope clobbers him. Baker panics because EJ recognized him. Hope says that maybe they shouldn't let him wake up.

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