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4th Week of April Daily Summaries

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April 26, 2010

I Made A Huge Mistake.

At the hospital, Chloe cries that she's ruined everything. Daniel wakes up and asks her what she means. Chloe thinks about licking Philip's ribs. Daniel asks her again what she did. She stares at Carly. The doctors explain the surgery. "What have I done?" Chloe repeats. They go around in circles without explaining anything and he concludes that 'all things are good'. Chloe cries and hugs him. Carly plays with her lips and stares until she finally interrupts their hug so she can examine Daniel. Chloe walks out and calls Philip. As she leaves a voice mail, Carly comes over and says she knows why she's calling him. She assumes that Chloe is calling to notify Mel about her father's surgery. Chloe starts beating herself up about ruining everything. Carly's flummoxed.

At Maggie's, Mel begs Philip to hear her out and wipes her tears on his jacket. He stutters as she tries to explain. She thinks she's too late and has blown it with him. Mel talks about how she was unfaithful to him in her heart and rambles about it until he forces her to stop. "I made a huge mistake," he says. His phone begins ringing. He looks around the room like he's never heard a phone ring. He says that talking about their relationship is more important than a phone call. That freaks her out. He admits that he saw her kiss Nathan and then tries to come clean. Before he can get far, she interrupts and begins blaming herself for his drunk driving. Carly calls Mel and tells her about Daniel's surgery. Mel runs off and he chases after her.

At the mansion, Gus is getting snippy with Viv about her new plan to use Chloe to ruin Carly. Gus makes some calls and then updates his boss about Chloe's activities. She decides to run over to the hospital to watch the fracas. When she arrives, she fantasizes about Chloe stabbing Carly. She hides around the corner as Mel and Philip run in and Carly comes out of Daniel's room. Viv cringes. Mel goes in to see her dad. Philip and Chloe stare at each other. Daniel notices his daughter has been crying and asks what's up. When Mel begins to explain her fight with Philip, Chloe explodes. "I'm so sorry okay!" she whines. Philip stares at her in disbelief. Everyone else is baffled. At the nurse's station, Maxine asks Carly if things are okay. Viv saunters over and begins taunting Carly for wrecking another home.

Will and Sami are at the townhouse looking after Johnny, who demands to see his father. They calm Johnny down and Sami tells Will that her other son is just going through a phase. Will thinks the back and forth must be hard on the kids. She wonders if Syd would finally call her 'mama' if she spent more time with her. Sami decides that EJ must be right and she should move in with EJ. Will doesn't like that idea since he moved over there to get away from her. They argue. She strides out and leaves him to babysit.

On the pier, Hope knocks Elvis in the noggin with the butt of her gun. Baker tells her that EJ recognized him. She levels the gun at EJ's face. Dick stops her. She offers him her gun so he can finish the DiMera off. Elvis starts to wake up so Hope kicks him in the head. Baker looks Elvis over and wonders if he has brain damage. Hope takes his wallet and they leave the body behind. They run off and the doctor irritates her when he calls her a 'lunatic bitch'. She points her gun at him and explains that she doesn't need him if he won't do what she tells him to. He closes his eyes. When she pulls the trigger, there's no bullet. "Gotcha," she says with a smile and a wink. She has him sit down and explains that she just wants to knock people out and steal their money but she will pick the targets -- only men. Hope gives him EJ's cash and platinum card but keeps the wallet. Meanwhile, Sami stumbles onto Elvis' limp body. He wakes up in a puddle of blood and begins babbling and vowing revenge. She searches for her phone and then looks for his phone. Neither of them have a phone so she needs to run off and find help. He begs her not to go and then pulls her into a kiss.

April 27, 2010
I've Nailed It.

In Daniel's hospital room, Chloe begins begging Mel and her dad for forgiveness. This confuses everyone, except for Philip who stares daggers at her for it. When Daniel asks her to lay the truth on him, she babbles and tries to explain herself, which only confuses everyone even more. Daniel gets the wrong idea and tells Philip he's glad he could 'be there' for Chloe. Philip suggests that the father and daughter have some time alone and escorts Chloe out. When they're gone, Mel tells her father about Philip catching her kissing Nate. She's sure that she and Philip's marriage is stronger since she's come clean.

At the nurses' station, Viv taunts Carly about destroying Chloe's life. Carly's bewildered. Chloe comes out and chats with Carly, apologizing for blowing up at her earlier. Viv gags as Chloe tells Carly she's terrific. Vivian runs home to the mansion to complain to Gus. She panics that Chloe will figure out what's been done and her goose will be cooked. Suddenly, she gets inspired. "I've nailed it," she says.

Nathan and Stephanie are eating fries at the Cheatin' Heart. "Melanie isn't part of the new us," he tells her. She can live with that. He explains about the letter and how he is totally over Mel for real this time. Adrienne comes over so Nathan wanders off to get more beer. The women chat about Nate's recent romantic drama. Nathan returns and is then paged and walks off. Steph tells her aunt that he's 'the one'. The intern returns and announces that he has to rush back to work. They kiss and he departs.

Chloe and Philip go to the Java Cafe and kick themselves for cheating on their spouses. She guesses that someone was feeding her lies. They agree that no one can ever know they slept together. As they beat themselves up about it, Carly wanders over. Philip stutters and runs away. Carly can see Chloe is upset so she asks her to get over her argument and be there to look after Daniel. Meanwhile, Philip returns to Daniel's room. The doctor admires how well he treats Mel, but he warns him that he will break his neck if he hurts her. When Philip leaves, Chloe calls and thanks him for keeping his mouth shut. He tells her they need to keep things 'zipped'. "Daniel can never find out we slept together," she says as Nathan stands beside her. She turns around and gags when she spots him.

Rafe arrives at Casa DiMera after Stefano calls him. Stefano's worried that Sami might be moving in. The Fed finds all of this strange and he wonders why EJ suddenly wants to live with his father again. Stefano says it's all for the sake of the children because Sami is an unfit mother. Rafe wonders what Stefano has on his son.

On the pier Sami struggles with EJ and his head injury. She yelps for help. Sami tries reviving him and even gives him the breath of life. He begins gagging on her air and coughs himself conscious. She gets so excited she nearly hyperventilates. EJ pulls her into a kiss. Sirens go off. The EMT rushes over and loads him up. He's taken to the hospital. He gasps for Sami as his sister checks him over. Lexi calls and tells her father that Elvis was attacked. He and Rafe run over while Sami sits by EJ's side. He can't remember being attacked but thanks her for her help. Rafe peers into the room while Stefano rants to his daughter about police incompetence and vows revenge against whoever attacked his son. Across town, Dr. Baker calls one of his old friends to hack into EJ's bank acco

April 28, 2010
Do I Know You?

At the police station, Hope joins Roman to question the cop who found Elvis. Roman's eager to get a break in the case. He probes Hope about Bo and then drifts off. She spills her pills and Julie walks in as she picks them up. Hope makes excuses, claiming they are just sleeping pills and the non-addictive kind at that. Julie's skeptical and gives her a public service announcement about medication abuse. The topic turns to Ciara and Hope tells her about her daughter's recent problems. Julie thinks that Hope's to blame and begins doling out parenting advice. She suggests she take some time off and digs for the dirt on her relationship with Justin. Hope isn't forthcoming. She goes to see her doctor and asks for some fresh pills but the doctor refuses. She talks him into it, but she has to pay out of pocket. Hope insists that she isn't a pill addict and they discuss her dreams. The doctor thinks she sounds frustrated.

Baker is cozy in bed and dreaming of mugging EJ when he wakes up and hears Nicole's voice taunting him. That's a dream too. It's just his TV. Actually, Nicole is on his TV. To escape this, he goes to the Cheatin' Heart for a drink when someone shows up looking for the money he owes him. Baker stutters through excuses but the man only offers him threats. The doctor leaves and wanders downs to the pier where he finds Hope stumbling around. When he begins talking to her, she's confused. "I'm sorry. Do I know you?" Hope asks him.

Ari meets Nicole at the Java Café and they instantly begin taunting each other. Simultaneously, they get a text saying EJ was attacked. Nicole is eager to interview him but Ari thinks that's a bad idea. Nicole decides to send Ari to see him to talk him into giving an interview. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lexi pays her brother a visit and he vows vengeance on whoever knocked his noggin. She tells him to let the cops handle this. Ari and Nicole show up. Ari goes straight into EJ's room. He's touched that someone came to visit. She doesn't think he'll be as happy when she tells him that Nicole sent her in and why. He probes into his ex-wife's new career and ponders. He agrees to the interview, much to Ari's surprise. Nicole swans in. "Looks like someone got what's coming to him," she says. Ari listens to them bicker for a moment and then breaks it up, threatening to take her camera away if they can't play nicely. Nicole backs down and the interview starts. EJ says that more than one person assailed him and vows revenge. He tells her that the mugger was an old friend of hers.

Over at Casa DiMera, Will tells Kate that some of his friends are coming over to study. She flips her wig when he tells her that Chad is on his way. "I don't have a problem with Chad Woods, but I do have a problem with his parents," Kate spouts off, reminding him that Chad's dad tried to chuck her in the clinker and telling him they need to stick together.

Chad meets with Madeline at the pier and she hands him the keys to her car. He's happy but doubts his dad will be. Mia calls to say that the study party at Kenzie's is canceled. "Her mom is having a Botox party, so the group will be at the DiMera mansion. I have to work and won't be there, so maybe I'll see you later," she says. He's gruff and hangs up. His mother forbids him to go to Casa DiMera. He wonders if she has a personal problem with Kate. She admits that she does, but it extends to the whole family. He calls Will and they arrange to meet at the Java Cafe instead. When he plods off, she says, "I know you're angry but you'll get over it.
The DiMeras could ruin everything. Even after all these years..."

Chad arrives at the Java Cafe and Will comes in a moment later. T and Kenzie are nowhere to be seen so they're stuck with Mia. Will tries calling his other friends. Chad avoids Mia until she mopes away. When Will returns, Chad informs him that he and Mia are over and then goes over the gory details. Mia stares at them and tells herself that Chad still wants her.  Meanwhile, Madeline pops up at Casa DiMera."I am putting you on notice!" she barks at Kate when she opens the door. She orders Kate and her family to stay away from Chad.


April 29, 2010
Are You Totally Out Of Your Mind?

At the hospital, Sami tells EJ they should have an honest conversation. Moving in with Stefano makes her want to running screaming, she explains, but that's not exactly a 'no' to his invitation. She wonders why they can't have their own place instead of living with Stefano. He claims it's because his father is ill. When she leaves to think it over, Stefano watches her and groans. He wanders into his son's room. Elvis tells him this would be easier if he and Kate hadn't ruined Sami's life. EJ says that Nicole tried to bash his head in and it's sore. Stefano is amazed that a blow to the head didn't knock some sense into him. Elvis begs his father to back up his story that he's dying, but even he thinks Sami would be crazy to move in with him.

Sami meets with Caroline at the pub. Sami unloads about her problems and how...

Find the rest of this recap here.


April 30, 2010
I Should Have Stayed Dead.

At the Java Cafe, Mia tries apologizing to Will again. He's not interested. She tells him not to trust Chad and plods off. Madeline sits with her son and watches. She doesn't think he should be working with Mia and offers to up his allowance. He wanders off and Mia walks up to Madeline with some lilacs. She invites her to go to Grace's grave with her. Madeline turns her down, which unleashes an argument. They go outside to talk privately. Chad and Will watch through the window. Mia argues that Chad owes her another chance and storms off when Madeline isn't willing to help. Back inside, Will and Chad try to do their homework but it's not going well. Will refuses to ask Mia for help. Mia returns. She walks by and begins flirting with the new guy who works there. After she gets him to kiss her, she slaps him. Chad and Will assume she did it for their benefit. “I did it for Chad's. I don't care what you think about anything,” she tells Will.

Baker rushes up to Hope on the pier and begins...

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