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1st Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 4, 201
She's Not Dead?

At Casa DiMera, RoboRafe drags Fay up the twisting stairs in the foyer and then dumps her down to the bottom. She hits the floor and starts twitching. He swipes her necklace and then hears Nicole and Taylor trying to open the door. He ducks away as they enter and flip out when they spot their mom. As they feel for a pulse, they call an ambulance. Nicole starts blaming herself. She rushes upstairs to find her mom's pills. RoboRafe ducks into Fay's room and hides as Nicole rushes in. Her sister calls her back downstairs and they have to revive their mom. Her brains ooze out of her head as the ambulance arrives.

Daniel shows up at Jenn's she tells him there's something wrong with Carly. She explains that Carly has been unreachable. They starts analyzing her and then he goes into the kitchen to make a call. Jenn tries fixing a picture on the wall. When he returns, she falls into his arms. He puts her down and adjust his pants. "I hope you didn't pull a muscle," she says. They awkwardly discuss feeling like idiots and then he leaves for work. She sits alone and fondles a pillow then remembers everything that just happened.

Sami sits in the pub ruminating over her latest battle with RoboRafe. Johnny runs over, eager to get more fighting lessons. His mom reminds her that there won't be any fighting. Johnny doesn't like that answer. EJ walks in and his son tells him he's going to beat up his bully. Johnny goes up to change and Sami tries to downplay what just happened but EJ doesn't think it's cool. He browbeats her about the moral implications. She groans and starts badmouthing his wife. Elvis worries that her husband is a bad influence on his son. He points out how much he's changed and she says he just has hypoglycemia. She insists that she can handle things but he keeps worrying and threatens to get involved. He threatens to change their custody arrangement. He goes home and Mary tells him that Fay has been rushed to the hospital.

Carly is at Java Cafe thinking about shooting herself up. She tells herself that can't happen again. Justin and Adrienne make out in the corner. This makes Carly spill her coffee. The happy couple ask her to join them but she rushes off to work. She remembers the kid who died on her shift. Maxine shows up and asks her to take some anti-anxiety meds to a patient. Carly runs off with them. She stops herself from taking them and hands them off to a nurse. Back at Java, Adrienne worries to Justin about Carly and wonders why she even got involved with Bo. Justin's sure she'll be fine. They talk about how obnoxiously happy they are and he suggests they elope to Vegas tonight. She gets nervous but agrees. He already booked the tickets. They smooch and run off.

Fay is rushed to the hospital. Nicole blames herself for what happened. Elvis arrives and hugs his wife. Carly comes out and says that Fay has been stabilized. Nicole goes in to see her mom and EJ offers to comfort Taylor since they're family. She pants and walks away. In Fay's room, Carly explains her condition. Fay flashes back and groans. Left alone with her mom, Nicole begs her to come back strong. EJ enters and offers to stay with her mom while she looks after Taylor. Nicole meets her sister and tells her there's a chance their mom could go into a coma. Carly and Daniel show up with tests and tell them that their mom was not sedated at all when she fell down the stairs. Back in Fay's room, she wakes up as EJ looms over her. She starts to gasp and her machines buzz.

RoboRafe goes back to the loft, drinks a bottle of water and remembers everything that just happened. He's sure Fay's dead. Sami suddenly comes out and startles him. He nearly jumps out of his skin. He wants to see the kids. Taylor calls Sami and asks her to look after the kids because her mom took a fall. Sami tells Rafe the news. "She's not dead?" he asks. She's shocked he just asked her that. He claims it's just because she has a bad heart. Sami thinks he sounds like he wants Fay dead.

April 5, 201
Flatlining Fay.

When Mel strolls into the Java Cafe, Dario gets in her face and starts mocking her about her date with Brady. She spots the wad of cash in his pocket so he tells her Brady gave him the money to get out of town. Amy interrupts and Mel walks off. He shows her his cash and asks what it will get him. After she takes his money and leaves, he returns to teasing Mel about hanging around to eavesdrop. He explains that Amy was a PI he hired to find his sister's killer. Mel gasps and runs out.

Daniel and Carly go to the pub to meet their daughter. She's late so Carly starts panicking. Daniel is more worried about Carly. They bicker about this until Mel shows up. She tells them that Philip put a load of money in her account so she would be set for life. She thinks the money could do a lot of good so she put up a reward for info on the hit and run driver. Her parents are impressed that she's become so altruistic. They all hold hands. Mel putters off and Daniel returns to questioning Carly. She admits she's having a hard time and she's made a big decision about her life. Meanwhile, Mel shows up at the Cheatin' Heart and runs into Dario. She tells him about the reward she put up but he's not impressed. They flip their hair around.

When Chloe returns to the mansion, she hides and eavesdrops as Philip talks to a social worker about Parker's future. After the woman leaves, Chloe storms over and accuses him of playing her to take the child away. The diva starts interrogating him and accuses him of betraying her. He explains that he only met with the social worker to tell her how well she was doing. He was hoping they could have joint custody but he's starting to think it's not such a good idea. "Maybe I don't want joint custody," she says. She's sorry for what she said before and she trusts him with her whole life. "I just hope some day you'll feel the same about me," she says.

At the loft, Sami can't understand why RoboRafe seems so confident that Fay should be dead. They bicker about his attitude. He claims he just feels bad because Fay 'went ass over tea kettle'. Sami's just sorry for her for being Nicole's mother. Then they talk about how tragic his accident was. She says that he's been slipping away from her ever since it happened. The baby cries so she goes off to deal with her. When she returns, he's headed for the door. She explains that Nicole called to say Fay is going to make it. He tells her he has to go to work. "Remember what that is?" he snipes. There's more bickering and she assumes he doesn't love her. He apologizes for snapping and leaves. Caroline shows up and Sami opens up to her about how much she hates being called 'babe' and all of her husband's nasty comments. Her grandma tells her she's got to think about moving on. Sami stutters and wanders off.

Fay wakes up at the hospital and starts to freak out when she sees EJ standing over her. Her machines beep and she gasps until she flatlines. Down the hall, Carly and Daniel tell Fay's daughters that she wasn't on sedatives. They wonder how she fell down the stairs. They hear Fay coding and run to her room. The doctors shove EJ out. He joins the sisters as they watch Fay struggle. The doctors stabilize her and then let the family in. EJ stands around. His sister questions him about Fay's freak out. He's baffled. Lexie thinks his mother-in-law must have figured out he's hot for Taylor. Elvis fobs that off. Back in the room, Fay comes to and sees her daughters hug. She passes out again. Nicole heads home and Lexie corners Taylor, who explains that she didn't have a chance to come clean with her sister yet. EJ sticks his head in and asks to speak to Taylor alone. He says that her mom may have heard them. When Fay is left alone, RoboRafe sneaks into her room. He pulls out a syringe and gets ready to shoot her up with an air bubble. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at Casa DiMera and rants at the nurse for Fay not getting any sedatives. As she looks through her mom's bed, she finds the pills in the pillows.

April 6,
It Doesn't Look Good.

Nicole is at Casa DiMera trying to piece together what happened to her mom. She finds a cell phone and starts wondering who it could belong to. Over at the hospital, EJ tells Taylor her mom might know about them. Taylor starts blaming herself for everything. "Loving you is not going to ruin me," he says. Panting and awkwardness follows until Nicole calls to tell her everything she has found. Taylor is quiet so her sister starts to worry she's keeping something from her. EJ rubs her back and she tries to keep her mouth shut. Taylor worries to him.

Down the hall, RoboRafe sneaks into Fay's room to finish her off. As he injects her with an air bubble, Sami shows up. She doesn't notice. Fay starts beeping so Lexie comes in and kicks them out. "It doesn't look good," he says. The couple return to bickering about his attitude. She's disturbed that he's been hovering around Fay and doesn't understand anything he does anymore. Taylor and EJ wander by. Lexie comes out and RoboRafe blankly asks if Fay is dead. EJ bites his tongue so hard he nearly swallows his nose. Lexie says she's actually better. As the women bustle off, EJ starts questioning RoboRafe. When Sami returns, RoboRafe departs. Elvis tells her how much he admires her for standing by her husband and then admires her parenting skills. Meanwhile, RoboRafe tells himself that he has to finish 'the old bat' off. Sami hunts him down and drags him out to the park where they got married. He remembers the chains they were tied in. She gets sentimental but he's eager to go. This infuriates her. When she pushes him, he tells her she'll be sorry if she does it again. Back at the hospital, Lexie lets Taylor in to see her mom. Nicole worries about what's going on. Taylor sobs to her mom about how much she loves EJ.

Brady is pacing the mansion making business calls. Victor strolls in and begins lecturing him about forced charity. Brady claims he's just trying to honor his mother. They argue. Victor offers to open his heart to him if he'll make Titan the family business again. "My conscience is clear. Can you say the same thing?" Brady says.

Mel and Dario bicker at the Cheatin' Heart. She pours beer on his head. The bickering continues. She says he's disgusting. Maggie shows up and Dario heads out. Dario goes to the pub and sits down with Stephanie. He explains who he is and then asks if Mel is as bad as she says. She doesn't want to talk about her and leaves. Back at the Cheatin' Heart, the redhead starts questioning Mel about Dario. This leads to stuttering and changing the subject. Maggie worries about Brady and Victor. The latter suddenly calls and orders Maggie over to the house. Once she bustles off, Melanie calls Brady over. When he arrives, she asks him about things with his grandfather. He gets defensive but admits that he's been looking for Victor's approval. Mel thinks he's trying to wear clothes that don't fit and she doesn't like to see him sad. He stares. Violins play and he says he needs more of her. They kiss. Dario looks in and spots them before stomping off. Mel gets awkward and leaves.

Maggie jogs to the mansion. She's surprised to see Victor seems to be in a good mood. He's had it with everything so he's hopping on his jet for Paris. He asks her to go with him. She's shocked but she can't just fly off and never look back. "I wasn't asking you to run away with me. I was just asking you to dinner," he clarifies. She doesn't need him to dazzle her and offers to whip up some moules frites for him. He chuckles.

April 7, 2011
Dork Ass Husband.

Out in the park, Sami lectures RoboRafe about how frightening and horrible their marriage is. He shouts that he will make her go down like Fay if she doesn't shut up. She goes into denial. He tells her everything including how he is impersonating her 'dork ass husband'. When she's about to run, he begins choking her. He snaps out of it. Sami's still ranting at him. He starts apologizing and says he sometimes loses control. She continues badgering him. "It's like talkin' to a fricken wall!" he explodes. She's outraged by his use of the 'F' word. They keep bickering. He offers to make love to her on a picnic tomorrow but he needs to go on a twelve hour stakeout right now. When he gets to the station, he says that he's staking out a drug dealer. Detective McCarthy says she's going with him. Grudgingly, he agrees, but then backs out of it and sends her off on another case. He heads over to the hospital and finds some surgical clothes.

Sami returns home and Caroline asks her if everything is okay. Her granddaughter moans about how her husband is getting worse. Sami says that RoboRafe looked at her like he wanted to kill her. She's sure she's overreacting but... Sami's afraid to admit it but she thinks that EJ is actually right that her husband could corrupt the children. She may have promised to be with him in sickness and health but her guts tell her there's something more going on. She's determined to find out what's really happening so she can decide on their future.

Chad bumps into Abby at Java. He informs her that he's moving in with his dad tonight. She thinks he should think about it some more. He doesn't see why he should care what she thinks. She snaps at him so explains that he's just insecure about his choice. He assures her that he was skeptical about his family but he's gotten to know them and they've made him feel like he has a purpose. Abigail offers to help him move in. He'd like her to meet his father and see him the way he does.

Stefano and Kate meet up at the pier. He's anxious to get back to Casa DiMera to welcome Chad home. She explains that she's been doing so redecorating for him but she wonders if he'll stick around. Stefano is confident that his son won't have any problems with the family business. Kate agrees to do her best to love him. He goes home and meets Chad and Abby outside. As he shows them in, they find Mary cleaning Fay's blood off the floor. Kate pops up to take them on the grand tour. Chad thanks her for making him part of the family. Stefano listens in and then applauds. He's happy to see everyone being so loving and calls for a group hug and a toast. Stefano welcomes his son and they drink.

At the hospital, Nicole and EJ wait for news about her mom. They cuddle a bit and she admits she's been needier than usual. "Do you love me? Even a little bit?" she asks. She starts apologizing and he says this isn't the place to discuss their feelings. Nicole remembers why she wanted a family with him more than anything. What they have now is a dream come true for her. She's never loved him more and kisses him. Meanwhile, Taylor sits by her mom's bedside. Fay opens her eyes and her daughter starts questioning her. This makes Fay hysterical. "Help Nikki!" she gasps. When Taylor goes out, she finds her sister kissing EJ. EJ peers over at her and sucks his wife's tongue. Taylor pants. Her sister turns around and Taylor tells her what their mom said. Nicole rushes off and Taylor storms away. As Nicole holds her mom's hand, she sobs and says that being able to take care of her has been great. When she tells her that she's fallen in love with Elvis all over again, her mother gasps, "EJ! Secret!" Meanwhile, EJ follows Taylor around. She tells him she's leaving town. He begs her not to. She refuses to listen.

April 8, 2011

That Witch Is Talking To My Son!

Kim and Louise meet Bo, Hope and Ciara at the pub. Kim says Ciara is a liar and she didn't dare her to do anything. The children start arguing until Bo sends Kim and Louise away. Hope apologizes to Ciara since all the kids are teasing her about being the daughter of a jailbird. They send her off to draw a picture for Julie and the parents debate what to do. They head home. Later, Hope finds him reading in bed and admires his glasses. He asks her if she wants to keep sleeping in the guest room. He pulls her into bed and they cuddle up. She was afraid they would never be so close again. Bo wonders if she wants to talk but she wants something else. She takes off her zebra print gown and he takes off his muscle shirt. The sex and music montage follows. Afterwards, they cuddle and say they have a new beginning. Across town at Julie's, Ciara and Tommy Bear look at a map to plan her escape. She's sure everything will be better when she goes away.

Viv and Carly are exchanging insults at the Java Cafe. Viv calls her grand nephew to wish him a happy birthday. Carly gasps, "That witch is talking to my son!" She shakes her head as Viv yaks it up with Nicholas about how much they love each other. When she gets off the phone, Carly accuses her of working Nicholas. She vows to win her son back. As soon as Viv leaves, Carly calls her son but he's not eager to speak to her. She tries defending herself but he doesn't think they can get past her killing his father. "You're as dead to me as my father is," he says before hanging up. Meanwhile, Viv meets with Gus on the pier and she giddily tells him about how much Carly's life sucks. Gus has some good news for her too.

In Fay's hospital room, she gasps and cries to Nicole that EJ has a secret. Nicole's flummoxed. Her mom cries and then her machines beep. Nicole yells for Lexie, who runs in and throws Nicole out. Down the hall, Taylor meets with Abe and tells him that something isn't adding up with what happened to her mom. He tells her to stop blaming herself because people are always falling down the stairs. They can hear her mom gasping and look around. Nicole runs over to say their mom is freaking out. Lexie comes out to tell them their mother needs some rest. Nicole doesn't want to go anywhere until her mom tells her what she wanted to. Lexie says it can wait and advises her to go home. Abe assures her that her mom will be okay. "I promised that I would be the one to take care of her," she says before crying to him about how she can't stand to lose her now. They discuss Brandon and he explains that they talk once a week. Carly arrives and eavesdrops as Abe gives family advice. She sneaks some pills out of the medicine cabinet. When she goes into the dressing room, she tries to resist taking them by calling Mel and then dropping them in the trash.

Taylor and Nicole return to Casa DiMera. They worry about their mother and Nicole tells her sister how glad she is to have her around. She apologizes for the way she's treated her all of her life. They hug and then Nicole says they should go back to the hospital to see if their mom is sleeping.

Back at the hospital, RoboRafe steals some doctor's duds and tells himself that he can't let Fay mess things up for him. As he slips on glasses and a face mask, Maxine walks in and demands to know who he is. She thinks he's just a resident and he snipes at her before plodding off. He makes his way into Fay's room once all the doctors are gone. As he sits down beside her, she opens her eyes. Meanwhile, the real Rafe reads in the mental ward. An orderly comes in and acts like a jerk before taking out his food tray. Rafe goes back to reading and then does some push-ups. Then he reads some more and holds his key.

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