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2nd Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 11, 2011
Dealing With Disaster.

On the pier, Viv tells Gus how delightful is was to stick it to Carly. They start plotting to break into Casa DiMera. He tells her Kate will be out for a facial. "Isn't that like sweeping the beach?" Viv snipes. Later, Philip and Chloe wander down to the pier and she tells him how nice he is. Viv returns looking for her scarf and starts sniping at Chloe. "Dealing with her is like dealing with disaster," she snipes. He threatens to throw her into the water. Viv continues trashing Chloe. He starts strangling her with her scarf and then stops and pats her on the back. "When you come to the waterfront, you run into the scum of the earth," he says as he leads Chloe away. They go to the pub and she worries about Parker. Philip's more worried about her and encourages her to go back to singing. A random guitar player walks in and asks her to sing. She doesn't think she can do it. After some goading, she goes up and butchers a classic negro spiritual.

At the hospital, Carly thinks of her fight with her son and resists taking some pills. She dumps them and walks to the nurses' station where she runs into Lexie, who asks her to work in the OR. Carly thinks that's a bad idea and talks her way out of it.

RoboRafe goes into Fay's room and tells her she has to die. She wakes up and starts begging for mercy. He unplugs her machines and tells her that he's not happy about how things have turned out but there's nothing he can do. He suffocates her with a pillow and then sneaks out.

Nicole and her sister return to Casa DiMera. Nicole continues to wonder what her mom was trying to tell her. Inside, Elvis complains to his father about Chad's bad taste in music. When he wanders into the foyer, Nicole is there. She makes a joke about her car problems but he thinks it's lame. They start bickering about who should be with Fay right now. The sisters head back to the hospital. Carly assures them that their mom is sleeping peacefully. They hear Fay's machine start beeping. The doctors rush in while RoboRafe sneaks out. EJ arrives and tries to keep the sisters calm. Carly comes out and tells them their mom is dead. They all go in to see her. Nicole is outraged and starts blaming Lexie. She demands an autopsy but her sister says she looks peaceful. EJ holds his wife as she breaks down. Carly explains that Fay must have suffered an instant, massive stroke. That's not enough for Nicole. She returns to her mom's side to weep. EJ joins her and assures her that nothing could have been done. Taylor offers to call Brandon and leaves. Nicole asks for a moment alone and asks him to be nice to Taylor. When he wanders out, he tries to comfort Taylor but she doesn't appreciate it and jumps away. She weeps about losing her mom. He hugs her. Meanwhile, Nicole promises her mom that she will discover EJ's secret.

RoboRafe goes to the station and Roman lectures him for going out without his partner. He tells him he's being dumb. RoboRafe tells him not to get his panties in a wad. Roman has to leave to take a call from Lexie. When he gets back, he informs RoboRafe that Fay died of natural causes.

Gus and Viv sneak into Casa DiMera. She sends him upstairs and is shocked to discover Chad on the couch. "You're one of Stefano's past indiscretions, I'm one of his past wives," she says, claiming she's just there for a visit. He tells her to leave and ring the bell next time. Stefano returns and he shudders to see her. He sends his son upstairs and she begins making excuses. He scowls and threatens her until he gets a call. Once he gives her the boot, he mumbles to himself, "Dead?" Later, Viv meets up with Gus and asks him if he found anything he liked in Kate's closet. She lectures him for screwing up their scheme. He explains that the DiMeras have a jail cell in their basement. "Who doesn't?" she asks. He explains that it's been used recently

April 12, 2011
A Dumb Rebound Thing.

Outside of Casa DiMera, RoboRafe thinks about killing Fay when Dario calls and says he wants to help pay the rent. Inside, EJ checks in on Taylor when he runs into her in the living room. She doesn't want to talk to him. RoboRafe comes to the door and tells EJ he has some huge news. Elvis is pissed that he's there. RoboRafe notices Taylor and walks in to pay his condolences. "I met her professionally," he explains. She goes up to check on her sister and Elvis lectures RoboRafe for taking risks. RoboRafe says that his marriage to Sami won't last much longer. "You have no idea what I'm capable of," he tells EJ.

Mel finds her dad at Java and wonders why he skipped out of a PR meeting with Jennifer. He thanks her for nagging and changes the subject. She explains that her reward offer brought in some tips. He's impressed, hugs her and leaves. She stares at donuts and then jogs outside. When she gets down to the pier, a masked man with a knife grabs her. He orders her to pull the reward. Dario runs over and the men pummel each other. The dude runs off and Dario asks her what that was all about. "I think that was the guy who killed Arianna," she says. They head to the station. RoboRafe fobs them off on some other cop, which infuriates Dario. RoboRafe blows up at them and plods off. "That's so not my brother," Dario comments. He decides to get to the bottom of this. She insists on going with him. Meanwhile, RoboRafe heads back to the loft. He sends Johnny to get him a beer.

At the hospital, Jennifer thinks of Daniel and then spills her coffee all over the office when Maxine walks in. They start talking about the doctor. "Damn that man is fine!" the nurse says. Dr. Jonas shows up. He and Jenn awkwardly start working. Maxine feels out of place and leaves at the first opportunity. "I think we need to talk about us," the doctor tells her. Jenn claims there is nothing to talk about and refuses to be honest about what's going on. After some prodding, she admits they have chemistry. He thinks it must just be a dumb rebound thing. They talk about how they don't want to use each other and agree not to act on their chemistry. After they shake hands, he heads out and she tells herself that this won't be a problem.

Down the hall, Carly tells Stefano his latest checkup was really good. He starts telling her about Chad and how having a child around makes life worth living. She thinks about her son saying that she was dead to him. She tells him about her problems and he offers her sympathy until his daughter shows up. After he leaves, Lexi is weirded out that her friend was just opening up to Stefano. She suggests that Carly needs a break from work. Carly insists that she's fine and then claims that she banged her elbow so Lexi writes her a prescription for pain killers. Carly adds an extra number to it. Later, she bumps into Daniel and he offers to take a look at her elbow but she gets defensive.

Nicole goes into her dead mother's room. Holding her hand, she tells her that she has to find out EJ's secret. Fay leaps up in bed and starts screeching, "You have to know!" over and over again. Nicole snaps out of it. This was a dream. Taylor comes in and tells her about the strange vibe downstairs. She goes back down and tips EJ off that her mom told Nicole something before she died. He grabs her hand and she tells him they have to keep their distance. Nicole enters and sends her sister out. She flatly asks her husband what secret he is keeping from her. He stutters and tells her this isn't important. Taylor returns and pulls her sister away as Stefano arrives. His son tells him that something is not right. EJ worries that they can't trust RoboRafe and then worries about Fay's last words. Stefano is indifferent but his son keeps panicking.

Taylor and her sister go to the Java Cafe to plan the funeral. They discuss their mother's last words. Nicole sends her sister away. She tells herself that she better not share any DiMera secrets with her or she might share the same fate as their mom. When Nicole gets back home, she listens at the door as Elvis worries to his father about what Fay knew.

April 13,
Sounds Good To Me.

At the loft, Johnny gets RoboRafe a beer. Sami walks in on this and sends her son away. She starts lecturing her husband for drinking in the morning. When she rants at him, he blows up at her and then explains that Fay died. She's baffled that he cares so much. They repeat the same argument they just had. It gets heated and he assumes she's looking for a divorce. She explains that they need some breathing room while she figures things out. She's going to stay with Eric. "Have a nice trip," he says, turning on the TV.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole eavesdrops as Elvis and Stefano discuss their secret involving Rafe. As she backs away, she bumps into a table and makes some noise. EJ goes out to investigate and finds his wife. She plays dumb. Stefano heads off and Elvis does his best to downplay everything. Once Nicole leaves, she has to keep herself from crying and wonders what the secret could be. Sami arrives and goes in to see EJ. She's there to offer condolences and then explains that she is taking the kids to Eric's... without her husband. EJ senses something is wrong so she says she's just giving her husband some space. He claims that he's very proud of how she's handled this situation. Elvis walks her to the door assuring her that all will be fine. As soon as she's gone, he starts chuckling about this.

Nicole shows up at the Safe loft. RoboRafe lets her in. She thanks him for offering his condolences and appreciates that he's been making an effort to be civil. Nicole coughs until he goes off to get her some cough drops. She searches for a spare key and picks up Eric's number. When he returns, she asks him what's going on so he explains Sami left him. She gives him a hug and he starts smelling her hair. It takes some effort to get out of his grip. She offers him a pep talk about his marriage, tells him to take the opportunity for some 'R & R' and then winks. "Sound good to me," he says before pulling her into a kiss.

Bo gets his newspaper on the porch and thinks about sex with Hope. She comes out and they cuddle. They go inside and tell Ciara they need to have a talk later. When Hope steps away, Theo arrives and Ciara tells him that her parents are getting divorced so they have to run away today. They get their stuff ready and Ciara makes up an excuse to send her mom to the attic. She then manages to outsmart Bo and get him out of the way. Once he's gone, she and Theo jump on some random truck going by and head off. Moments later, the parents notice that the children have escaped. They run around yelping.

At the hospital, Carly gets defensive when Daniel offers to check out her elbow. Jenn comes out to add her voice of concern and Carly runs. She slips away and downs some pills. She starts beating herself up for treating her friends like ogres. Daniel and Jenn find her and she starts apologizing before explaining that her son hates her. She insists that today was just a meltdown but she'll be okay. Her friends hug her and promise to have her back. Carly heads off to an appointment. Jenn and Daniel hope she's really okay. She says that it's good that they can work together for their friend.

April  14, 2011
I Can Barely Keep A Straight Face.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis tells his father how happy he is that RoboRafe has finally driven Sami away. They chuckle about it. "I can barely keep a straight face," EJ gloats. He thinks this is all perfect and they've outsmarted everyone. Stefano is still worried that Nicole might be onto them. Elvis fobs that off and explains that he has a funeral to go to. His father won't be joining him; he'd rather hang out with Chad. Elvis wanders off and finds Taylor weeping about her mom. He hugs her and wishes he could make her feel better. "Having you near will make it all better," she says. They kiss. EJ blushes and heads out. He has a blinking attack at the door while Taylor licks her thumb.

At the Safe loft, Nicole encourages RoboRafe to take advantage of his separation from Sami for a little 'R&R'. After she winks at him, she starts kissing her. She pulls herself away and slaps him. He's confused. She drops some double entendres and says that she will never open up for him. He apologizes about his messy brainwaves. She agrees to keep this little incident quiet. After she leaves, she goes off in search of answers about what's going on. Meanwhile, RoboRafe mutters about how he wants a piece of Nicole. EJ calls and announces he's coming over. When he arrives, he congratulates RoboRafe on doing a good job. "I figured it was time for Mr. Nice Guy to take a vacation," he explains. Elvis is so happy he turns red. RoboRafe asks him if Nicole will be a problem for him. He explains that she was just there.

Nicole goes home and tells her sister that everything is wrong. She slumps and won't explain so her sister nags. Nicole finally explains that the secret has something to do with Rafe. This baffled Taylor.

Kate is at the pier calling Philip and ordering him to call her back. Stefano shows up and asks what's wrong. She starts swearing about Philip going on a date with Chloe. Kate rants about her son being stuck on a 'bipolar piece of garbage' who 'can't even kill herself'. Stefano can't get a word in as she rails and rails on the diva. He asks her not to poison her this time and asks her to go and see Chad with him. "He's special," he says with a smile.

Abby runs into Chad at the pub and says she just got an internship at the hospital. They talk about biology and she asks him to intern with her. He informs her that he'll be working with his dad. She gets awkward and wishes him luck. He guesses that she hates what he's chosen to do. They discuss almost slipping on Fay's brains in the foyer but he insists that he has to take his father at his word for now. "Don't jump in with both feet," she suggests. Kate and Stefano wander in. They join Chad and he informs them that he's thinking of applying for an internship at the hospital. There's a horrible pause and then Stefano says that's fine. His son appreciates that. He leaves to take a call and Kate tells her husband this is all Abby's fault. She warns him that the Devereux family cause problems. Her husband thinks she's being quick to judge. She goes back to ranting about Philip and then advises him to nip things in the bud with Abby before it's too late.

At home, Bo and Hope freak out about Ciara outsmarting them and running away with camping equipment. They assume she must have just taken it to show and tell. Eventually they realize the kids might have gone camping. After they run around town, they meet up again once Hope finds a note from their daughter about why she ran away. He's relieved they weren't kidnapped. Meanwhile, Abe runs into Lexi at the hospital. She senses something is wrong but he claims he's fine. His wife knows that he's grieving for Fay and says that's okay. He has regrets. There are things he wishes he'd done better. "Maybe the biggest regret is Brandon," he admits. Hope calls and tells Lexi what happened. The mayor and doctor run over and the four of them brainstorm.

Ciara and Theo are in the woods. They set up camp and eat cookies. Her mom calls but she won't pick up because she's sure it would ruin her parents' marriage. Theo's scared so she tells him he can go home. He refuses to leave her. She's sure everything will be better with her gone.

April 15, 2011


Chloe walks into the Cheatin' Heart while Philip is on the phone. He tells her that social services is taking a hardline. She starts to pout about being an unfit mother but he promises that they will fight for shared custody. He goes off to see a lawyer. Kate walks in and lashes out at Chloe, accusing her of being a barfly and trying to seduce her son. "Did you save that brownie recipe?" Chloe asks. They bicker and Kate swears she won't let her suck the life out of Philip. Chloe throws a martini in her face. "Toodeloo!" she shouts.

At Casa da Bo, Lexi freaks out about her son running away with Ciara. Bo tries to keep a lid on things but the doctor throws all the blame on Ciara. The parents blame themselves and try to think things through. Lexi suggests they actually try finding them. Roman shows up to say they've had no luck in the search. Lexi leaves to check the hospitals and Hope returns to blaming herself. A call comes in from the hospital so they run off. Lexi and Abe are already there. Maxine describes the kids that were brought in but they aren't the right ones. Meanwhile, Bo figures out that the clues they need must be at home somewhere. They run around the house, hack into their daughter's email and search for messages to Theo. Everything is spelled out there but where they were going. The Carvers return and Hope tries calling her daughter again.

At the Safe loft, EJ starts quizzing RoboRafe about why Nicole was there. When RoboRafe taunts him, Elvis throws him at the wall and demands to know everything. RoboRafe says she just dropped by to thank him. EJ leaves angrily. He meets with his father and fills him in. Stefano suggests that they kill two birds with one stone. They call RoboRafe over and announce that it's all over. They hand him a wad of cash with a new ID and he snickers. Before he can leaves, Elvis stops him. They bicker and then EJ explains that he has to make a believable exit and that means saying goodbye to Sami's family. Stefano has to tell him what to say to Roman. RoboRafe jokes around and tells them 'it's been real' before he plods off. "I miss him already," EJ says.

At Casa DiMera, Taylor is baffled when Nicole explains that their mom's secret involved Rafe. Taylor is sure that this can't be anything good. They go back to discussing the funeral and Nicole sits down, exhausted. She sends her sister off to run errands. Nicole sits and think until her mom's ghost appears. It dawns on Nicole that EJ finally got rid of Rafe. She questions the ghost and wonders if her husband could have tried to kill Rafe and messed up his brain. She's determined to see Rafe again and find out what happened. EJ and Stefano show up. Stefano pays his condolences and walks away. Nicole tells her husband how compassionate he has been and remarks that his grieving for her mother is remarkable. "When you're in pain, I'm in pain," he claims. This soon turns into her accusing him of thinking her sister is a better person than her.

Out in the woods, Theo is scared and wants to go home. Ciara says that's not possible and assures him all will be well. A deer walks by and she assures him all is well. Her mom keeps calling but she won't pick up. She gets up and fails to walk properly, tripping over herself and hitting a rock. He tries to wake her up.

At the pub, Will shows Maggie pictures of Allie. He fills her in on all of the chaos in his family. Gabi sticks her nose in. Taylor shows up and Maggie pays her condolences. She starts encouraging her to get someone special in her life. When Taylor gets back to Casa DiMera, EJ is trying to rush her sister to the airport. Nicole wants to run an errand but he orders her to get on the plane.

RoboRafe goes home, has a beer and decides to leave town without saying goodbye. He says goodbye to the loft and heads for the door, "Salem, my work here is done. Adios!" Before he can leave, Gabi and Will show up. He tells them that he was just leaving for a vacation. His sister starts ranting at him.

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