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3rd Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 18, 2011
Stupid Threats, Snots And Whack Job Mothers

At home, Hope tries calling her daughter again. Theo holds the phone while Ciara lays unconscious. When there's no answer, Hope goes back to blaming herself. Bo tries to be reassuring. She wishes they could have told their daughter that they are a happy family again. He goes to the pub to see Abe and talks about his worries for Hope. Back at Casa da Bo, Julie arrives and tries to reassure Hope. She explains why her daughter ran away. Julie says that everyone goes through hard times and it makes it hard to find your feet.

Over at the hospital, Abe assures his wife that they will find the kids. Stefano and Kate arrive, asking what's up. Abe explains but Stefano is confused and tells the mayor that he will hold Bo and Hope responsible if anything happens to Theo because of Ciara. Abe doesn't like his 'stupid threats'. After Abe leaves, Stefano bickers with his daughter. She orders him to start treating her husband with respect. "Don't be a snot," he says before suggesting that Ciara be banned from Theo's presence. They continue to bicker about 'whack job mothers'. Victor strolls in. Kate groans. Victor decides to call in his people to try and find Ciara. Kate orders the men to go outside and leave Lexi alone. Bo arrives and announces that they are going to look for the kids his way. His father wishes he'd called him but Bo orders both men to back away and do nothing. Lexi backs up Bo. He vows to bring the kids home.

Out in the woods, Ciara wakes up with a headache. They drop her phone. She tells him that she's never going home again. He wants to go home and decides to call his dad but he notices the phone is broken. "We don't need this stupid phone," she says, chucking it away. She notices that they're nearly out of cookies.

Daniel and his daughter wander around the waterfront and into the Cheatin' Heart. Chloe is getting wasted. Mel decides to leave. Daniel wants to stay, even though his daughter thinks he'd be better off getting a puppy. He strolls over to the diva, who guesses he doesn't approve of her getting plastered while she's on medication. "Can you just hate me from afar?" she asks. He reminds her that her son needs her, not a Nicole imitation. Mel interrupts and tells her father this isn't good for him. He walks out. Mel lashes out at Chloe but stops caring and tells her to drink herself into oblivion. "I'll try my best," Chloe says. Mel floats out and finds her father trying to calm down on the pier. She's jumpy and tells him about being threatened and attacked. Daniel worries and then orders her to rescind her reward offer. Back in the bar, Chloe phones Kate and calls her a bitch.

At the loft, Gabi blows up at RoboRafe when he's about to leave town. Will wonders if his mom heard the news that he was leaving. RoboRafe explains his fight with Sami. His sister wonders if he's coming back from his 'sabbatical'. Dario walks in. He starts ranting at his brother. RoboRafe has a beer and mocks his Dario. Gabi can hardly believe him. He defends himself and then walks out, dropping a few casual insults on the way. Gabi is distraught so the boys calm her down. Dario apologizes and plods off. Will sits with his girlfriend and says they should give her brother time to sort things out. Meanwhile, RoboRafe finds Roman at the pub and announces he's taking a leave of absence. Roman rejects this.

Rafe is doing push-ups in the mental ward when his doctor drops in to tell him he's getting out. "You get to go to arts and crafts class. We think it helps your self esteem to glue macaroni on things and then spray paint them," the doctor says. Later, once Rafe has painted a green meadow, he's returned to his room. He pulls a pen out of his sock and starts dumping ink into a sink of water.

April 19, 2011

This Isn't The Prom.

At the Cheatin' Heart, a drunken Chloe calls Kate to say she's a 'whore'. Kate turns on her voice recorder. "The only women you want in your sons' lives is you," the diva accuses. Kate reminds her of sleeping with her boyfriend and her sons and cheating on her sons with other men. Curses follow. Chloe threatens to take her baby and run and then threatens to kill her. "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the other goose," the diva says. Kate hangs up. Chloe gets some coffee and shows a picture of Parker to the bartender. "He's my whole life," she sighs.

Philip calls a social worked over to the mansion to discuss custody for Parker. The dude can't help, even if Philip insists that Parker is Chloe's whole life. Mr. Social Worker isn't really believing this, especially as Philip goes on and on about how much better Chloe is getting. Once they're alone, Philip tells his son that he makes him feel like a better man. Parker tries to pull off his lips. Kate shows up and plays her recording to her son, especially the part where the diva threatens to run away with the baby. Chloe stumbles in. Kate heads out and Philip confronts Chloe with the recording. "What the hell is this about?" he demands.

At the hospital, Stefano calls in one of his men and orders him to get everyone out looking for Theo. Viv arrives and he tells her his grandson is missing. She wonders why Kate isn't with him. He promptly walks off. When he heads back to Casa DiMera, Troy approaches him. Stefano doesn't want to talk to him but Troy says he owes him for going to jail for the company. "I'll be back to collect," he says. Back at the hospital, Gus drops by to see Viv and she tells him about her moment with Stefano. He explains that they will soon get the DNA results back on who was being held captive in the DiMera dungeon.

Mel freaks out and pepper sprays Dario when he sneaks up on her at the pier. She gets him a milky rag and he puts it on his eye. She helps clean out his eye and he tells her that she's a mess. He's decided that searching for his sister's killer is too dangerous for her so he's in charge now. "Yeah right," she says, refusing to be ordered around. When Mel heads home, Troy is hiding in her closet. As she tries to relax, her lights go out.

Over at the pub, RoboRafe chuckles when Roman refuses to let him take a leave until Ciara is found. RoboRafe isn't jumping at the idea. They bicker about it and Roman gets fed up before walking off. Stefano shows up and wonders why RoboRafe is still there. He takes out a picture of Troy and orders him to take him out before he disappears. After Stefano departs, RoboRafe drinks and thinks of killing Fay.

The funeral winds down in Chicago and the clergyman chats to the family, mistaking EJ and Nicole for the grieving couple. Elvis goes off to yammer with the funeral director and then Taylor starts lecturing her sister for being cold to her husband. "Do you know how much I would give to have what you have?" she whimpers. Her sister assures her she's not alone. EJ returns and Nicole says that she has a lot to write in her letter to be buried with her mom. She goes off to get to work with the clergyman which means that Taylor leaves with Elvis. Nicole sits alone and tries to write her letter but she can't do it. She tells the clergyman that she feels like she has to discover her mother's final secret. She relates her suspicions concerning Rafe and then talks about how much she has changed to become a better person. Nicole thought her husband was becoming better too but she's afraid she was wrong. She tries calling Rafe and gets Dario, who tells her that his brother left town.

EJ and Taylor are in the limo to the burial and she talks about the prom. They start arguing about his inappropriate behavior and how she can never be close to him again. The limo sways and she touches his hand. "Watch the road! This is a limo, not a covered wagon!" she bellows at the driver. She tells EJ she's moving away as soon as the day is over. He assures her that Nicole doesn't know anything is going on between them. Then he tells her how much it bothers him to lie to a woman who loves him but it bothers him even more that he can't be with her. The limo suddenly veers and she leaps into his lap.

April 20,
Nothing Says Loving Like Something From The Coven.

Kate paces around the pier hoping that her son will end things with Chloe. Victor shows up. He says she's got that "Nothing says loving like something from the coven," look on her face. At the mansion, Chloe is shocked when Philip reveals his mom recorded their conversation. He plays it back to her and she admits the tape wasn't doctored. She tries to rationalize what she said but he refuses to feel sorry for her. They argue and he says that no one will use his son the way that people have always used him. He analyzes her and explains how she always screws up her own life. He doesn't think she'll ever change and he can't let her be a mother to his son because she would always put her own feelings before his. She keeps crying. He tells her to turn it off and announces he and his son are leaving town. Once he packs and get his kid, he tells Chloe she'll just go on like she always does. Victor arrives and eavesdrops as Philip lets the baby say goodbye to his mom. She continues sobbing and he orders her to say goodbye. Victor steps in and tells the diva to do as his son says. She kisses her son and Philip tells his father that it's time for him to grow up and leave home. He's going to Chicago. After Philip leaves, Chloe weeps and Victor starts interrogating her. "You all want to erase me from Parker's life," she says. He thinks she's just a biological accident. He's thankful that his son is finally stepping up. "Now you're just a tramp again," he sneers. She vows that her son will never forget her and Victor shuts the door in her face. Meanwhile, Philip drops by Casa DiMera to says so long to his mom. He's determined to be the best father he can be. They hug and he departs.

At the hospital, Carly's having a hard time dicing up a patient. The other doctor thinks she looks fried so she takes a break and pops some pills. She slips her gloves back on and gets back to work. Once the surgery is over, she realizes she's run out of pills. Out by the nurses' station, Jenn is excitedly making calls and then runs off to deliver balloons. Maxine tells Daniel what a great PR person Jenn is. Jenn bustles back later and runs into Daniel. She asks him to a concert... with Carly. He gets paged to a surgery and runs off. Carly comes out and Jenn offers her some concert tickets. Carly claims she's too beat and runs. Jenn bumps into Daniel again and he tells her that he's looking for more on a date than just a concert. Jenn gulps. Hope calls to tell her about the runaways. She flips out. Meanwhile, Carly sits by the pier and talks to herself. Maxine walks by and tells her that Ciara and Theo have gone missing. Carly becomes distraught as she realizes that she can't help Bo.

On the phone, Dario informs Nicole that his brother has taken off. After she hangs up, Nicole tries to figure out what is going on. The minister returns and she tells him how grateful she is for her family. Later, sitting alone, she tries to work on her letter and worries about her sister. She notices that Taylor didn't seal her envelope so she opens it up and reads the letter, soon discovering that her sister felt bad about something. "What wasn't supposed to happen?" Nicole wonders. She rushes off.

When Mel goes home, she lounges on the couch until the lights go out. She tries checking the fuse box and then Troy leaps out to grab her. He admits that he killed Ari and says he will do the same to her. She manages to pepper spray him. As he teeters around, she smashes something on his head. When she runs for the door, Troy grabs her. Dario runs in and punches Troy to the floor. They call the cops and she gets out her ironing pin for protection.

EJ and Taylor lay in the back of the limo after it's been wrecked. She has a weird grin on her face. He wakes up and starts yelling for the driver. He kisses Taylor until she wakes up. There's a lot of heavy breathing. The driver checks on them. Taylor's leg is stuck so they send him off to get help. EJ tells her that he thought she was dead for a moment and that brought everything home to him. "I can't help but be in love with you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you," he says. They make out. Nicole arrives outside.

April  21, 2011
What's Wrong With You?

Daniel bumps into Jenn as she is having a moment about Jack. He pulls her into the pub to force feed her in a bid to cheer her up. He reminds her that she's not a machine and tells her to breathe. She doesn't want a fuss. As they sit down, Justin and Adrienne watch them from across the room. Daniel makes Jenn eat slowly. They joke around. "You're beautiful. Eat your burger," he says. Adreinne and Justin wander over to interrupt Jenn's slopping eating. The doctor fills them in about the runaways and asks Adrienne for a favor. He and Justin leave the women alone and Adrienne teases her friend about Daniel. "What's going on with you?" she probes. Jenn insists nothing is going on. Adrienne knows that things are over with Jack and tells her to hook up with someone who deserves her. Jenn thinks that the doctor is great but refuses to discuss this further. Meanwhile, Justin and Daniel go down to the pier to put up posters of the runaways. Daniel refuses to discuss Jenn and then does so anyway, explaining that he has a bad track record and doesn't want to ruin her life.

At the hospital, Carly is on edge about Ciara. One of her fellow doctors suggests that she go home for some rest. She slips into the pill dispensary and thinks about Bo before lurching for some meds. After popping them, she walks out and tells herself she'll be fine. Over at Casa da Bo, he tells Hope that they just got a tip. He runs off to chase it. When he returns later, Carly shows up on his doorstep. She barges in and starts rambling, offering to help and throwing her arms around him. Hope doesn't like this. When Bo pulls away, Carly rushes to Hope and starts hugging her. Carly bawls about Ciara until Daniel and Justin arrive. She keeps acting out and everyone stares at her. Daniel decides to take her outside and asks her what's going on. She starts to melt down about her children. He promises to help her and she kisses him as Jenn arrives and gets an eyeful. Jenn runs off as Daniel pulls away. He guesses there is more wrong with his friend than he thought. As he leaves to take a call, she realizes that she needs a tranquilizer. Back at the house, Bo gets a call but it's nothing.

RoboRafe is on the phone at the Cheatin' Heart, barking at his mechanic to fix his car. He takes out Troy's picture. He folds it and puts in his pocket as Brady arrives. He sits down and accuses RoboRafe of messing with his sister's head. He keeps interrogating him about what happened. "I'm a bad person...just like you," RoboRafe says. Brady knows why he turned bad, but he wonders why RoboRafe changed. RoboRafe claims he is just leaving to clear his head so that he and Sami can work things out.

Troy is laying unconscious on Mel's floor. Mel tells Dario what happened and explains that he's the one who killed his sister. Dario starts pummeling Troy. Mel pulls him off and he falls on top of her, leading to an awkward moment. He pulls away. She tells him that she can't let him kill Troy and go to prison because it isn't what his sister would want. She wants him to have a good future. He gets uncomfortable. The cops arrive. Troy is taken to the hospital. Mel and Dario give their statements to a cop. Meanwhile, Troy begins to wake up and convulse. He goes into a coma. His doctor goes to the cop and tells him what just happened. Dario blames himself and worries that they may never get to the truth about what happened to his sister now. The doctor says Troy is just going through withdrawal. Dario and Mel thank each other for saving their lives. He gives Mel his coat and then goes off to get her coffee. Brady arrives and startles her. He gives her a hug. Dario sees them together and starts breathing heavily.

Nicole discovers the wrecked limo. She knocks on the door, interrupting Elvis and Taylor's makeout session. They yell at her to stay out. As he wipes the lipstick off his face, they make excuses and the ambulance arrives. When they get to the clinic, Taylor has her foot bandaged. Her sister starts telling her how hard it was to write the letter to their mom and questions her sister about hers. Taylor starts to freak out but Nicole keeps probing. As Taylor fumbles for an explanation of the contents of her letter, EJ walks in and announces that everything is his fault. This confuses Nicole. She wonders why they both feel so guilty. When she leaves to make a call, Taylor tells EJ that whatever has been happening between them is now over. He suggests that she just move into the cottage but she insists they are over. "No, we're not," he mumbles to himself.

April 22, 2011

A World Class Ass.

At the pub, Chloe is calling around for apartments when Kate comes in. She tells the diva she can go and live on the streets. "I'm sure you'll fit right in," she snipes. They trade bitter insults and Chloe refuses to be judged by Kate. "You're not going to get away with what you've done," she warns her. Kate laughs and claps. She tries to make the diva look crazy. Chloe claims she's back on her meds. "You go girl! I can throw a 'back on your meds' party!" Kate sarcastically quips. The venting of venom continues until Kate gets bored and leaves. Chloe goes down to the pier and remembers her suicide attempt.

Maggie arrives at the mansion and Victor sadly tells her about Ciara. She hugs him and tries to reassure him. They have tea and discuss the status of their relationship. He asks if they are dating. She admits that she's conflicted and he says Mickey would want her to have someone to cherish her. Maggie doesn't want them to put a label on what they have. At first, she's not prepared to say they are a couple, but then admits that they are a couple. They kiss. She didn't think she'd ever allow herself to have the feelings she has for him again. "I'm so lucky to have gotten close to you," she says. He makes her feel beautiful and young at heart. Kate walks in and spoils the mood. The redhead leaves. Kate and Victor discuss Philip and complain about Chloe. He says whoever would be a friend of Chloe's is an enemy of his. Meanwhile, Maggie finds Chloe on the pier crying. The diva tells her what happened with the baby and Maggie orders her to go home with her.

At the Cheatin' Heart, RoboRafe swears at his mechanic on the phone. When he hangs up, his brother calls and tells him he knows who killed her... their sister, he later adds. He asks him to come down to the hospital to question Troy. RoboRafe claims he's out of town and can't come back. This infuriates his brother. He hangs up and groans, "Whole family's a damn pain. I'd like to mow them all down." Before he can leave, he runs into some random woman named Alicia who asks him to have some fun with her. They start flirting and she flashes a lot of teeth. She decides they should go somewhere alone. He takes her to the loft. She notices the pictures of kids. He claims they're just relatives but they have the place to themselves. They start stripping down and making out.

At the hospital, Dario's jaw drops when he sees Brady comforting Mel. He interrupts her with some tea. When Dario steps away, Mel fills Brady in about what happened. Brady starts blaming Dario and runs after him. Daniel arrives and gets between them. His daughter explains what happened. When Brady looks in at Troy, he recognizes him and explains that he was Ari's drug dealer. Dario explains that he told his brother but he doesn't care because he's turned into 'a world class ass'. As Brady and Dario bicker, Mel leads Dario away. Daniel thanks Brady for being so protective of his daughter. Down the hall, Dario tells Mel to steer clear of Brady. He admits that he cares about her and tells her not to throw her life away on a guy like Brady. When he wanders off, Brady spots him and goes after Mel. He tells her to stay away from Dario. "You're coming home with me tonight," he says, explaining that Philip is gone. Back down the hall, Daniel thanks Dario for rescuing his daughter. Mel and Brady leave together. Dario stares.

In the mental ward, Rafe looks at the clothes he dyed blue to look like an orderly's uniform. His doctor shows up to take his plates. Rafe manages to swipe his pass card. He gets into his fake uniform and asks the key to take him back to where he came from. After shoving his pillows under a sheet, he sneaks out. The new guy finds him in the hall. Rafe manages to keep him out of his room.

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