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4th Week of April Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 25, 2011
Suckers, Jerks And Lying Brainless Sluts.

Lexi arrives at Casa da Bo to check with Hope for the latest on the kids. The doctor lashes out at her and wonders how she couldn't have seen this coming. They bicker and Lexi throws all the blame at her until Abe interrupts. He explains that they may have a lead. The neighbor arrives and says she saw the kids hanging around her landscaper's truck. She and Abe run off and Lexi apologizes to her friend for blaming her. Hope promises her that the kids will be back and they cry together.

Ciara and Theo are running around an alley after leaping out of a truck. They look through the garbage for food but he wants pancakes. Some random chick named Lea finds them and wonders where their parents are. Ciara explains that they can't go home. The kids want food and Lea offers them some. Ciara gives her a necklace and the kids wander off. Some cop shows up and grabs Lea. He finds the necklace.

Victor snorts at Chloe in the pub. Maggie waltzes in and announces that the diva is staying with her. Victor thinks she must be out of her mind. After he insults the diva, he asks the redhead if she's running a home for wayward girls and lying brainless sluts. Maggie defends her friend and tells Victor that he's no saint. He thinks she's a sucker and she thinks he's a jerk. Chloe watches them bicker. Maggie defends Chloe because she says they are both drunks and the diva's parents are nowhere to be found. Chloe runs away when he barks that he wishes she'd succeeded at killing herself. "If you take her in, you won't see me anymore," he says. "I'll survive," Maggie shoots back before walking away. She chases Chloe down to the pier and tells her that Victor doesn't get to approve of who her friends are. The redhead tells her that she thinks she has a drinking problem. Maggie wants to find her a job. Chloe looks worried.

Brady and Mel are having coffee at the mansion. It's weird for her to be there but it's made it clear she has to move on. They hold hands. She talks about what a mistake it was to marry Philip and how it might have just been for the money. Brady's sure she really loved her husband. She doesn't think Philip really loved her because he never laughed at her jokes. He tells her not to lie about her feelings or get mixed up with psychos. As they debate about Chloe, Victor shows up and Brady leaves to take a call. Victor and Mel chat and he remembers why he liked her. He's sorry for how things turned out. Mel's not happy to hear that Maggie has taken Chloe in and they agree this totally sucks. Brady returns as Mel heads out. He thanks Victor for being nice to Mel. They start arguing about how much the family has changed and Victor wonders if they're family at all anymore. Meanwhile, Mel hunts down Chloe and accuses her of being on track to ruin Maggie's life. She tells her to leave town. "What's homey about a place where everybody hates you?" Mel asks. Chloe is determined to wait until her child returns. The diva asks her to stop hounding her. Maggie interrupts the bickerfest.

At the mental ward, the doctor goes looking for his pass key and discovers that Rafe has escaped. He calls security. Meanwhile, Rafe is out in the woods changing his clothes. He hears sirens and runs. The orderlies go off in pursuit and corner him.

RoboRafe is making out with Alicia in the loft kitchen. "You better be giving her mouth to mouth," Dario says as he finds them. Alicia gets dressed and leaves. Dario rants at his brother and calls him a bum. RoboRafe complains about married life and his brother lectures him for chasing women instead of their sister's killer. RoboRafe shrugs and eats a sandwich. Gabi shows up and talks Spanish to her brother until RoboRafe heads out, telling Dario to find a new place to live. The siblings debate about their brother and how much he's changed. Meanwhile, RoboRafe's car breaks down. As he tries to fix it, he rants about how much he hates Rafe's life.

April 26, 2011
She's So Needy She's Dangerous.

Rafe runs through the woods when the two guards from the mental hospital corner him. They tell him that it's all over. He backs away and falls into the ravine. Meanwhile, RoboRafe is startled when he's trying to fix his car and Ciara and Theo show up. They ask him not to tell anyone he saw them. Ciara begs him not to make them go back. "That's cool by me," he shrugs. He makes Ciara promise not to tell anyone she saw him. Theo's reluctant to promise and this makes RoboRafe angry. When Theo is about to run off, RoboRafe grabs him.

Nicole, EJ and her sister return to Casa DiMera. She talks about how hard the week has been and suggests they drink oceans of liquor. Taylor announces that she can't stay there any longer. Nicole demands to know why. Taylor and EJ stare. Taylor claims that her being there doesn't make sense anymore. Elvis gets a call and then says Theo's gone missing. Taylor rushes off to see Lexi. Nicole wishes she had the kids to hug. EJ sits and drinks. She worries about how the kids will handle losing Rafe. This annoys him and he tells her Rafe doesn't even like children. Stefano shows up and sends Nicole away. He rants to his son about Brady women tormenting DiMera men. EJ warns him that Nicole is on high alert and they have to keep her calm so she won't see the divorce coming. "This is about that bookkeeper who won't do you while you're married to her sister," Stefano blurts out in disgust. He wishes his son would think with his brain. He gets cruder and that makes EJ angry. "Ay ay ay!" his father groans. A call comes in. The orderly tells Stefano that Rafe is dead.

At the pier, Maggie orders Mel to stop bullying Chloe. The diva is sent away and Mel tells the redhead she was just defending herself. They bicker and Mel whines about how horrid Chloe is. Mel claims she's sick of pretending to be a good person. Maggie assures her that she really is a good person and Chloe can be too if people give her a chance. "What about what I need?" Mel asks. She doesn't understand anything anymore, sobs and runs away. Meanwhile, Chloe and Nicole meet up at the Cheatin' Heart. The diva fills her in on Philip leaving with Parker. Nicole tells her about her suspicions concerning EJ and Rafe's accident. When Nicole walks off, she spots Viv dropping some paper in the trash. She picks it up and sees that it's the DNA results for a 'prisoner'.

At the mansion, Brady and Victor bicker. Brady warns him that he's on 'probation' until he proves he can behave. Later, Mel shows up and mopes to Brady. Victor eavesdrops as Brady counsels her. The mustache steps in and assures her that Maggie is really angry at him and being stubborn. After he leaves, Brady assures Mel that he will always be on her side and give her a shoulder to cry on. She thanks him and they hug. Meanwhile, Victor runs into Maggie and thanks her. He says that Brady has had a mature change of heart and he assumes that has something to do with her. He warns her to be careful with Chloe. "She's so needy she's dangerous," he says. Over at the pub, Viv and Gus are discussing the DNA results he got. She thinks they've hit a dead end. He tries making some calls and she decides to use her feminine wiles.

At Casa Da Bo, Hope gets a tip about Ciara. She tells her husband and they go down to the station to see the homeless girl who saw their daughter. She recognizes Hope. "You're that whack-job who ran around clocking dudes," she says. She doesn't want to help so Bo threatens to sell her out to a pimp if she doesn't help them get their daughter back. The girl tells them all she knows. Bo runs off to the woods and finds RoboRafe with the kids. Back at Casa da Bo, Taylor arrives to see Lexi and tells her about the accident with EJ and being trapped on his lap for an hour. "It got pretty intense," she explains, so she's leaving town. She thanks Lexi for being so helpful.

April 27, 2011
Half An Hour In Crazy Land.

After finding the DNA tests in the trash, Nicole wonders what her husband has been up to. She heads back to the Cheatin' Heart to drink with Chloe. She tells the diva about what she found and how there was a prisoner in the basement of Casa DiMera. "I think it was Rafe," she says. They gulp martinis. Nicole brings up all the things Stefano did to John Black. Chloe finds all of this confusing. Her friend shows her the paper and says that it proves EJ took over Rafe's mind. Chloe thinks she should be scared if this is true. Nicole ponders how EJ could have managed to change Rafe. She decides that she's just spent the last half hour in crazy land and they should forget this. Nicole departs, leaving the diva to read some court papers.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells his son that Rafe went off a cliff. "That ought to teach him to look where he's going," EJ laughs. He's impressed by how tidy his plan has gone. Taylor comes in to say that the kids have been tracked down. Stefano is thrilled and runs off to tell Kate. She thinks they should go out for some fresh air. After they leave, Taylor repeats to EJ that she's leaving. "What if Nicole went?" he asks. He explains that he's divorcing Nicole. She worries that will break her sister's heart and refuses to allow it. He claims that he's only trying to do the right thing. She tells him he can find another woman to love next month. He claims that he loves that Nicole allows him to be himself but he still isn't in love with her. Taylor doesn't want to help him make her sister roadkill. He thinks that's always been Nicole's destiny. Every second he's with her, he's just living a lie. She's not convinced that he's trying to be altruistic. Taylor becomes distraught but he insists that they are doing the right thing. Before he walks out, she breaks down. She doesn't know what to do so they start kissing. Nicole walks in and spots them.

Outside the pub, Stefano's not impressed when Lexi asks him over the phone to stay back and give Theo some time to decompress. He wants to tell Chad the news. Kate points out that he's with Abby in the pub. She calls him and tells him about Theo and then asks him to meet her at the pier so he can fix her text messaging machine. Once Chad leaves the pub, Stefano sneaks in to join Abby. She guesses that he's there to ask her to talk Chad into going to work with him. Meanwhile, Chad meets with Kate and asks why she really wanted to see him. She warns him that EJ is about to ask Nicole for a divorce. "He's a real charmer," Chad snipes. Later, Stefano joins them and Chad says that he will be working with his father after all.

Out in the woods, RoboRafe grabs Theo when he wants to run off. Bo shows up. He tells his daughter that nothing that happened between he and Hope was her fault. They can never be happy without her. He hugs her and says that running away is never the answer. RoboRafe rolls his eyes. Bo calls Hope and puts Ciara on the line. RoboRafe gives the family bonding scene the stink eye. They head back to the station. The kids are hungry so they go off to eat. Bo asks RoboRafe how he found the kids. RoboRafe gives a convoluted explanation which Bo swallows. He takes RoboRafe home so Lexi and Abe can thank him. RoboRafe waits for the beer and cupcakes Bo promised him. He watches Hope tell her daughter how happy they are now and makes her promise to talk to them about her worries. Hope leaves him to play with the kids. As he's about to escape, Bo tells him that he needs to give an official statement before he leaves town. Meanwhile, Rafe crawls through the bushes by the ravine.


April 28, 2011
Hot Mess.

At Casa DiMera, Taylor is confused so EJ kisses her. Nicole looks in and spots them. As they suck face, she grabs a letter opener. She sneaks out, making a noise that makes Taylor and Elvis jumpy. He tells her that he's getting a divorce so they don't have to hide anything. EJ wants to tell Nicole everything immediately. He calls her. She tells him the line is breaking up and cuts him off. Taylor thinks this must be a sign that they're moving too fast. Meanwhile, Nicole cries and feels like a fool. Her mom's ghost appears to tell her she's not a fool. She advises her to use her power. Nicole pulls out the DNA test and makes a call. Some guy arrives and she asks him to match up check if the DNA matches Rafe. He hurries off. Back at Casa DiMera, EJ takes Taylor to the woods for some champagne. He says that her sister deserves true love and that's not going to happen with him. "I'm sure in time she will thank us for this," he says. She gives him feelings no one else ever has and he wants her forever. They kiss.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe is reading the divorce papers when Justin walks in. She starts sniping when he offers help. They discuss her plans, or lack thereof. She snaps when he probes so he gets her a cheeseburger. The diva doesn't want it. He tries suggesting that Philip just needs some time. "Leave me alone!" she blurts out, throwing the burger. After he walks away, some dude she hit with her meat saunters over to admire the strength of her arms. He figures out she's single and asks her out. She's not interested in dating at the moment. Justin returns and offers to do anything he can to help. Chloe asks him to find another charity case.

Carly is on duty at the hospital and thinking about pills. Mel shows up and fills her in about her attack. She guesses that something is wrong with her mom and asks her if anything serious is going on. After Mel putters off, Adrienne shows up and starts asking her friend what's wrong. Carly admits that she's in trouble. They chat and then the blond leaves. The doctor takes out a picture of Daniel and fondles it.

At home, Dan calls Mel to tell her that he got new locks. He looks at the divorce papers, throws them across the room and heads for the door. Jenn is there and their hands touch. He fills her in about his daughter and invites her in for tea. They discuss Mel's horrible childhood and then she tells him she's happy he's moving on with Carly. She admits that she saw him kissing the doctor. "It wasn't serious kissing... She kissed me. I didn't kiss her," he clarifies, explaining that Carly has just been hyper emotional. They turn back to discussing his feelings for her and Jenn is confused as he rambles about how he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Mel shows up to announce that Philip left town with Parker. This upsets them both. After she leaves, Daniel begins rambling about Parker and thanks Jenn for helping him get through this. When she reaches out, he jumps back and won't let her touch him. He's sure that she isn't interested in him. "You're a hot mess," she blurts out, explaining that she really does like him. They kiss.

Dario stops by the pub to see his sister. She's surprised to hear that he wants to stay in town. Will arrives to say that the kids have been found. Gabi goes back to prodding her brother about why he's staying and assumes it's because of a girl. He saunters off and runs into Mel. She says they're on the same team now so he suggests that they start new and have dinner. Mel explains that she's not dating and even if she was... He assumes she wants Brady and gets snarky, sending her away. He heads over to the Cheatin' Heart to apply for a bar tending job. Mel returns to the hospital to see her mom.

April 29, 2011
Stupid Hawwt.

"This is fun. This is a wonderful picnic," EJ tells Taylor in his backyard. She thinks this is a mistake; it's delusional and will turn out to be a disaster. They debate this, but Taylor finds his optimism hard to take. She doesn't think she can betray her sister. He promises to divorce Nicole as gently as possible and then she can decide what she wants. EJ asks her to have faith in him. For some reason she does. They kiss.

Nicole returns to the Cheatin' Heart with the image of her sister kissing EJ burned into her brain. She babbles to herself about it. Chloe overhears and gags. Nicole is determined to fight back. They sit down to talk about how much their lives suck. The blond is determined to get revenge but her friend warns her that tangling with the DiMeras is dangerous. Chloe says that this isn't Taylor's fault and compared to them, she's a saint. "Taylor always ends up with everything and I get nothing. But not this time," Nicole vows. When she returns to Casa DiMera, she asks her sister and husband what they've been up to.

At the hospital, Carly asks her daughter not to tell Daniel that she hasn't been feeling well. She worries that she's missed a lot in her daughter's life. Maxine comes by to say they have a meeting about missing drugs. After Maxine putters off, Carly gets antsy and drags her daughter out.

At Daniel's, Jenn pulls herself off of Daniel's lips. He wants to ask her out on a date. They decide to go out to a sports bar and then he improvises a poem. As they discuss their upcoming date, Mel and Carly arrive and gag at the news. Carly's heart sinks but Mel is actually happy. She and her dad get some wine and Carly tries to be supportive of her friend. Jenn's not sure that she's actually okay with it. They start bickering and the doctor overcompensates. Jenn runs off as the wine starts pouring. Mel starts giving her dad fashion advice. Carly decides she has to run errands and leaves. "That was weird," Mel says. Carly rushes back to the hospital. She stares at the med cart when a sales rep from a lab arrives, saying that he has some samples to drop off. She offers to take them off his hands.

Adrienne runs into Abigail at the pub. They chat about Jack. Adrienne explains that she told him everything that was happening and he just sent back a haiku about sunsets. After Adrienne leaves, Abby starts reading her dad's blog until her mom shows up. Abby tries to get her into internet dating but her mom already has a date. Her daughter is impressed that she's dating someone 'stupid hawwt'.

A journalist snaps a shot of RoboRafe shaking Abe's hand at Casa da Bo. Abe apologizes for how difficult Theo has been. RoboRafe wants to leave, but Sami shows up at the door. She's amazed that he saved the kids and heard he was planning to leave town. She tells him how much she missed him and thinks they should go home and talk. Everyone else gathers around and Theo starts yelling at RoboRafe to go away. His parents apologize and RoboRafe tries to be friendly. That doesn't work so Theo's parents take him home. Sami decides to do the same with her husband so they head to the loft. Things are awkward. He wishes he was somewhere drinking a margarita and decides to get rid of Sami.

Back at Casa da Bo, Hope and Bo hang out with Ciara. She explains that RoboRafe is not nice when he's alone with kids. Ciara goes up for a nap and her parents ponder what she said. They talk about finally concentrating on getting their family back together.


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