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2nd Week of August Daily Summaries

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August 8, 2011
It's Over For You.

At the pier, Victor and Stefano rehash all of the family fighting that's happened there in the past. As Victor reaches in his jacket to grab some cash, Maggie screams and runs into his arms. Marco takes a shot and accidentally hits her. She gasps. Marco and Stefano look confused. After Stefano calls an ambulance, he leaves. Marco and Stefano head back to Casa DiMera. "It's over for you," Stefano tells him. He says there's money on the DiMera jet. He wants him to take it and leave the county.

Chad and Sonny track down Brady and EJ, only to find them shaking hands in the forest. Elvis explains that he was planning to kill Brady but he's learned to control himself. Brady confronts EJ about his past crimes. Elvis admits to them, which doesn't sit well with Chad. EJ thinks they should honor the second chance Mel gave both of them. He wants to stop the feuding once and for all. Brady wonders if EJ has really changed. Elvis claims he hasn't, he's just trying to be better. He repeats that this has to end now. Later, Brady thanks Sonny, who asks him to try and keep the family safe. Victor calls him as EJ and Chad go into the pub. The brothers goof around until Stefano calls. Before he can explain what's happened, Brady bursts in. "You set me up!" he yells at EJ. When Brady explains that Maggie was shot, Elvis is shocked. Sonny and Chad keep the men apart. The DiMera brothers run home and EJ demands to know if Stefano is to blame. Elvis throws a tantrum.

Taylor joins her sister at the Cheatin' Heart to discuss Brady. She reminds her sister about how much Brady loves her. Nicole doesn't think she's worthy of him after throwing him away for her 'make believe daughter'. Taylor is sure he can forgive all of that. Her sister is sick of her trying to run her life. "You slept with my husband, remember? You gave up the right to give me advice," Nicole says, accusing her of just looking out for herself. Later, she calms down and apologizes for blowing up at her sister. They have drinks and Taylor encourages her again to try once more with Brady. He calls to tell them what happened with Maggie and orders her to get out of town. Nicole fills her sister in and says EJ fooled them all.

Mel and Daniel are at the hospital. She starts babbling about how they need to find Carly. Jenn butts in to explain that Carly's picture is on a gossip website and she could lose her job if it's seen. She decides to make videos of them appealing to Carly to come back. Maxine interrupts to announce that Maggie has been shot. She's wheeled in. Mel is shocked and starts panting. Her dad sends her off to get some blood. Victor arrives and begs Jenn to make sure they save Maggie. When Victor tries explaining what happened to Mel, she blames all of this on him and starts screaming. Brady arrives and she runs into his arms until Jenn drags her away. Victor explains things to his grandson. Brady continues to blame everything on the DiMeras. Maggie is wheeled out on the way to surgery. She tells Victor this is not his fault.

At Quinn's, panicky Carly calls her dealer and demands her drugs. The dude asks Quinn if he should give them to her. Quinn tells him to go for it but sends him off on an errand first. Back in the room, Carly freaks out and keeps telling herself this is all a dream. Later, Quinn shows up after she gets her pills. He confronts her and explains that he got the dealer to give her sugar pills. This infuriates her and she starts calling him names. He lectures her for squandering her life and reminds her that he's saved her. She wants to run, but he says that he's concerned for her and wants to help. "I care about you," he says. Carly backs down. He tells her about how his mother abandoned him but has now come back into his life. She thinks that's wonderful. He holds a picture in his hand and offers to help her get her life back. They sob and hug.



August 9, 2011
Maggie Flatlines.

At the hospital, Jenn tells Mel that surgery on Maggie just started. Mel sobs and gabs about how Maggie taught her all about family. Jenn says her aunt is a fighter. They hug. Victor stares. Brady tries to comfort Mel and she snaps. Dario takes her away. Brady slouches over to Nicole and rants about EJ betraying him. Bo and Hope arrive to ask questions. Brady explains that this was all the DiMeras doing. "What?" Lexi blurts out as she walks in. She shakes her head and tells them that a hundred people have signed up to donate blood to the redhead. She walks away so they can go back to 'spewing hate'. The bickering continues.

Will heads to the door of the loft. Rafe tosses him his wallet and a condom flies out. "Seriously?" Rafe asks. Will reminds him he's not his dad and tells him Gabi can lead her own life. He explains that they haven't had sex yet, he's just being safe. Rafe tells him he doesn't even know what love is. Gabi starts knocking on the door. Will warns him not to talk to his step-aunt like this. He lets her in. The cop gets a call from Roman, ordering him down to the pier. Once Rafe is gone, Gabi guesses something is up. Will rubs his head and explains her brother is being protective. He admits he told Rafe that he loves her. She's impressed that he told her brother that he loves her before he ever told her. They kiss. He explains the love confession was condom related and he got them a room. She likes that. They go to the hotel. She doesn't want to hurt his feelings, but this all seems middle-aged. He suggests they do it on a car but she has another idea. They raid the mini bar and then make out on the candy wrappers. Meanwhile, Rafe arrives at the pier where Roman and his men are cleaning up Maggie's blood. Roman asks him to work on the case. Dario shows up for news but there isn't any. Rafe finds some fibers and stick them in a bag.

Back at the hospital, Daniel and his crew chop Maggie open and dig out the bullet fragments. The blood keeps spewing. Lexi joins in and checks out the bullet. It's a hollow point. She stares and shakes her head. Daniel yells at her to pay attention. He has to call in another doctor to help suck up Maggie's blood. She flatlines. He tries to revive her. When that fails, Lexi tells him to give up. Maggie is declared dead. In a nearby room, Abby arrives and chats with her mom. Hope approaches them after calling Doug and Julie. Abby thinks they should bring flowers over from Maggie's house for her when she wakes up. Back outside, Victor tells Bo that this was all his fault. Hope walks out and drags her husband away. Sonny tries getting Victor to eat. Mel walks by to pout at them. Victor says he won't be okay until Maggie is. Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole argue all the way to the mansion. He still wants to kill Stefano and EJ.

At Casa DiMera, EJ screams at his father about getting Maggie shot. Chad asks him to leave their dad alone until he realizes what's going on. Stefano explains what happened. EJ continues yelping about protecting his family. Stefano thinks he's gotten weak and that makes them all look weak. "You've started a war that no one will ever win!" EJ snaps. He rants at his father and Chad backs him up. Stefano claims he can protect everyone and they will never bend over for the Kiriakis clan. He walks out. The brothers discuss the situation. Chad wonders why his brother has stuck around. EJ says it's too late for him and warns his brother not to succumb to their father. He explains how powerful Stefano's love is and then advises him to leave while he can. Their father returns and the arguing does too. "Run, run away as fast as you can," EJ repeats to his brother.

August 10, 2011
We Do Not Run!

At Casa DiMera, the men keep yelling at each other. EJ recounts all of the bloodshed in the previous feud with the Kiriakis family. He tells his brother that this will never stop and it can't be fixed. The only thing to do is run away. Stefano can't believe what his son is saying. "We do not run!" he insists. He becomes dazed and falls over. Chad can't find a pulse. He asks his brother to call 911. Elvis refuses. Kate runs in, yelps and runs for his insulin. Chad accuses his brother of trying to kill their dad. Kate's hands are shaking so Chad has to do the injection. He begs his dad to wake up. Eventually Stefano mumbles Kate's name and wakes up. Elvis tells her what happened. Stefano says realizing EJ was a 'weakling' nearly killed him. He and Kate blame Victor and Maggie. The sons think this is absurd. Chad is sick of the family and storms out. EJ starts drinking.

Will and Gabi are in their hotel room after sex. He asks if he was okay. She says it was all she wanted it to be but he thinks she might be lying. He needs an honest evaluation of his performance. She claims it was perfect. They do it again.

Roman finds Bo and Hope at the pier and demands to know what they're doing there. He says they both have no sense and they can't be involved in this case. Bo doesn't see the conflict of interest. Roman tells them they can read about it in the newspaper and they need to get lost. Bo and Hope walk away. He moans that power has gone to Roman's head. She tells him to let it go and calls Rafe to get permission to help. They go to Casa DiMera to question the family. Kate offers her husband an alibi but he turns it down. Stefano says he just happened to be on the pier when he heard a shot. Meanwhile, Bo questions EJ and offers him a deal if he'll turn on his father. Elvis walks away. When Bo returns to Hope, he finds her cursing at Stefano and has to hold her back. The cops start questioning Chad.

In the operating room, Lexi has to order Daniel to stop attempting to revive Maggie. They declare her dead. She starts showing signs of life so Jonas pumps her with electricity until she revives. Out in the waiting room, Victor sadly tells Brady that he's scared for Maggie. Jenn and Abby return. The doctors come out to announce that they paddled Maggie back into life but she's not out of danger. She's in a coma and may not be able to breathe on her own because of her previous condition. Daniel tells them all to go home because they can't see her tonight. Victor won't leave. Brady offers to stay with him but his grandfather asks him to go, advising him not to try to get revenge. He insists that he's responsible and will take care of this. Daniel tells his godfather to get some sleep. Victor asks him to lie to give him hope. "I would if I thought there was a chance you'd buy it," Daniel says. Victor stares into Maggie's room.

Abby and Jenn go down the hall. She worries about Chad. Daniel arrives to say that Maggie is comfortable. Abby leaves them alone, thanking the doctor for saving Maggie. Jenn thanks him next and asks if they can stick together. That's exactly what he wants. They go to her place for sex. Meanwhile, Abby calls Chad and tells him she's on his side. He's sorry for what's happened and doesn't feel like he deserves her. She finds Victor and tells him that Maggie wouldn't want him to blame himself. "She's a lot more forgiving than I am," he says. He sneaks in to see his girlfriend and tells her that he loves her.

Brady goes home and tells Dimitry that they need to be ready to strike. He orders him to watch Victor and be 'pro-active' defending the family. Nicole hears this and worries. He says that he wanted peace and felt sorry for starting all of this... but not anymore. He's sorry that he's been pushing her away. "I need you," he tells Nicole. Across town, Taylor goes to the station to ask Abe how Maggie is doing. He thinks she's really there to see if they've arrested EJ. She insists Elvis would have nothing to do with that. When she leaves, she runs into EJ. He tells her that what happened tonight shouldn't have. She questions how much he means that. He takes responsibility for what happened to Maggie.

August 11, 2011
Run As Fast as You Can.

At Casa DiMera, Hope and Bo try questioning Chad. He claims he knows nothing. The cops don't buy it. Kate asks them to leave. Once they're gone, Stefano tells his son he's made him proud. "Then why do I feel like crap?" Chad asks. His father explains that none of them signed on for this. Kate calls Lexi to ask her to take a look at her dad. The doctor wanted to come over and give him a piece of her mind anyway. Kate returns to her husband as Chad stomps off. Stefano tells her how horrified Victor looked at the shooting. Lexi shows up and starts ranting. Kate leaves them alone so Lexi can check her father over. After he proves he can breathe, she questions him and rants some more. He promises to protect her but she'd rather be dead. "Then I have failed you," he says. She says he can be sweet. "If only you were a bricklayer instead of a gangster, we could have a wonderful relationship," she sobs.

Bo and Hope return to the station and talk about the situation. DA Woods shows up and makes them promise to hand him an airtight case for once. Hope says that's not possible. They tell him that they have a conflict of interest and Chad isn't talking. Woods orders them to stay on the case and nail the DiMeras.

Abby runs into Sonny at the hospital. She tells him how worried she is about Chad. He tells her how much being in a crime family can suck. Abby wants to talk to her boyfriend but he's not picking up the phone. She wanders off and Adrienne shows up. Sonny gets called into work. Hope stops by to chat with the blond about the battle going on. Adrienne explains that Sonny is working for the DA now and he knows what's been going on. Sonny returns following a call from the DA. He tells Hope that Woods wants all of her case notes from tonight. Meanwhile, Abby goes looking for Chad at Casa DiMera but runs into Kate instead. She wants her to convince Chad to cut his dad some slack. That's not going to happen. Kate returns to her husband and tells him she loves him just the way he is. He says he has to finish what he started, no matter what it takes.

At the hospital, Victor holds Maggie's hand and says he won't lose her. Justin arrives and asks him to go home. Victor refuses so his lawyer asks him if he's planning to retaliate. The lawyer warns him that the DA is all over this. He admits that he knows this all goes back to Brady. Bo arrives and asks his father not to retaliate while he's making a case against the DiMeras. Victor won't 'not promise not to get revenge'. Bo barks about the vagueness. Victor wants results. More warnings fly. Bo orders them to keep their mouths shut. Staring at Maggie, Victor gives his word.

Taylor interrogates EJ outside of the pub. He tells her Maggie's shooting was his fault. She doesn't believe it. He goes inside to drink. Taylor follows to continue questioning him. He warns her that he's the wrong guy for her, just like Victor is for Maggie. "Run, run as fast as you can," he suggests. Chad comes in and eavesdrops. Taylor tells EJ she's not over him. He's sure her mom is rolling in her grave. He plods off with a bottle. Chad chases him down and tells him Taylor could be his last chance. EJ thinks it's better if she hates him and advises his brother to turn his back on the family. He strolls away. Abby runs out of the alley. Chad tells her to stay out of this. She cares about him and won't leave.

Nicole hugs Brady at the mansion. She's ecstatic that he needs her. He warns her that things could get rough. Brady promises that the whole family will be protected. He suggests that she leave town for awhile to stay safe. They kiss and she departs, telling him that he's doing the right thing. Dimitry calls and Brady tells him to be ready. Nicole goes down to the pier, happy that Brady needs her. "I'm finally going to get what I deserve," she says. EJ leaps out of the shadows and grabs her.


August 12, 2011

How Big?

Nicole pushes off drunken EJ when he grabs her on the pier. He laughs and they wrestle around. Sitting down, he explains that she's the only person who can stop the war. Dimitry eavesdrops and strokes his imaginary beard. Elvis asks Nicole to talk Brady into peace but she refuses to be sucked into this. He yelps and begs her to do this to protect Syd. EJ gives her a note to pass to Brady. She leaves. EJ drunkenly dances while Dimitry strokes his gun.

Brady is at the mansion assuring his granddad over the phone that he's handling things. Taylor shows up. He tells her that her life is in danger. She doesn't believe it. Brady asks her to move in with him. They have coffee and bicker. Nicole walks in and can't believe that he just asked her sister to move in. They bicker and she hands him EJ's note. He calls Elvis and asks him if he really wants a truce. Brady thinks it's too late and tells him to go to Hell. Taylor thinks this is all crazy and doesn't want to be involved. She swans off. Brady and Nicole argue about the situation and he asks her to move in. She agrees and they smile about how good they were together.

Sami's at home watching the TV footage of Maggie's shooting. Johnny comes in and she nearly kills him with a hug. Rafe arrives and Johnny leaps into his arms. They play with the penguin and then Sami chases her son off to go to camp. The couple discusses the war. Johnny returns after overhearing and asks what the DiMeras have done now. The adults reassure him and Johnny says he likes it better there than with his dad. She sends him off to pack and then sucks face with her husband. The kids return, ready for camp. Family bonding ensues but Johnny looks grossed out when his mom kisses his hat. Rafe drives the kids to camp. When he gets back to the loft, Sami starts talking about having kids. "I like a big family," he says. "How big?" she asks. He doesn't think this is the time, but his mom always said 'the more the merrier'. They go to bed.

Quinn goes home and catches Carly in his plaid shirt. She says that she needs to face her family. He doesn't think she's ready to go and asks her to wait around until he gets back. Meanwhile, Viv is at the club watching the TV reports. "My enemies are dropping like flies," she remarks. She tries calling her son but he's not picking up. She heads to Quinn's and bangs on the door. When she bellows through the door, Carly starts to flake. Viv goes back to the club and finds her son. They discuss Carly and she wonders what sort of stranger can be helping her out. She's shocked when he says that Carly has suffered enough. Back in Quinn's room, Carly turns on the TV only to see Mel's rambling message begging her come home. Carly hyperventilates and nearly eats her fingers. She realizes her family already knows the truth and runs out the door.

Chad and Abby are on the street discussing the situation. She thinks he should move in with her. He smiles and explains that he has to stick with his family so he can convince them to back off. She's skeptical and worried but he won't turn his back on his brother. He heads back to Casa DiMera. His brother advises him not to leave the grounds because Brady just turned down his truce. When EJ stomps off, Chad calls Abby. Moments later, Abby meets with Taylor. Chad arrives and tells Taylor that EJ lied to her: he was actually trying to get peace. He's worried that his brother can't survive without her. After some prodding, she calls Elvis and confronts him for lying to her. "You are the man I thought you could be," she says. They argue about this and arrange to meet. Chad and Abby stroll away. He tells her that he loves her. She loves him too so they smooch. Dimitry watches from behind some crates and smirks. He calls Brady and asks for the go-ahead. Brady gives it.


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