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3rd Week of August Daily Summaries

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August 15, 2011
Sick And Sicker.

At the Sapphire Club, Viv notices Quinn is distracted by Mel's TV ad for Carly. He pretends he's watching baseball. She goes on and on about revenge. He stutters and runs away. She picks up the paper and see the artist's sketch of the man who rescued Carly. "I'd swear that was Quinn," she says. When Quinn gets to his room, he discovers that his blanky is a mess and Carly is gone. Meanwhile, Carly runs around the gutter in her new plaid shirt. Knowing that her family knows about her problem crushes her. A junky comes up and he offers to sell her a hit. She doesn't buy it but sits in garbage and cries until Quinn shows up. The doctor explains how everything just fell apart for her. "I need help," she admits. As he promises to help her, Viv arrives and watches quietly.

Victor is at Maggie's hospital bedside. He promises not to let this happen again and then walks out to Daniel to announce he's taking Maggie to his estate to be watched by his security team. The doctor says he can't move her. Jenn tells him just to get a guard for the door. Hope shows up and says Victor has the right idea. Lexi pops in and takes Jenn aside to say the hospital board now know that Carly's a dope fiend thanks to Mel's ad. She warns her that if she uses hospital resources to search for her again, she'll be out of a job. She orders Jenn to go on TV to say that Carly has been fired for abusing her position. Jenn is furious and quits. Meanwhile, Victor and Mel go to see Maggie and apologize for being hard on each other.

Taylor and EJ are outside the pub. She asks him not to lie to her anymore. He sits on the fence and agrees. Elvis can't understand why she keeps hanging around him. They rehash the 'you deserve better' argument until the junky walks by and panhandles some change. EJ puts his coat on Taylor and tells her she's not safe.

Chad and Abby are making out on the pier while Dimitry watches. She pulls away and they start bickering about their families. He can't turn his back on his. Sonny pops up. When Chad asks him about what he would do in his position, Sonny puts his arms on his shoulders. Chad throws his arms up. Dimitry misinterprets this and shoots him. Elvis hears the shot and runs over. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Kate fills her husband in on the latest Maggie news. He worries about retaliation. EJ calls to say that Chad's been shot. He tries to stop his brother's bleeding and says this shot was meant for him. He yells at Sonny and Taylor to go and then drags his brother to the hospital. When they get there, Chad's rushed into surgery. Victor notices EJ is covered in blood. "Is that what I think it is?"

Jenn and Hope are at the station talking. Hope complains about the cases she's been kicked off of. Jenn offers to get her some publicity. When Hope putters away, Jenn gets a call and runs off. She meets with Daniel and Mel, who also received a weird call about Carly. Quinn sends Carly inside. She cries to her family and tells them she needs their help. Meanwhile, Viv goes down to the pier cursing her old enemy.

Nicole shows up at the mansion and asks Brady why Dimitry called. Brady explains he needed permission but doesn't explain what for. She can see he's wired and offers him some 'distraction'. He turns her down because things are 'a little volatile'. Dimitry calls to say his job is done. Taylor bursts through the door and accuses Brady of having Chad shot. He's startled. She rants at him for nearly getting a bunch of people killed because of his paranoia. "You are sick and you are sicker. I am done with both of you," she says. The sisters bicker and Taylor storms off.



August 16, 2011
You Swine!

Quinn runs into Viv at the pier and she decks him for helping Carly. "You swine!" she says, tearing into him for betraying her. He claims that Carly isn't a monster and he was just trying to do the right thing. He thinks fate brought Carly to him so he could do the right thing. She doesn't like him using her mortal enemy to make him feel better about himself. Quinn tells her that she's had her revenge. Carly's life has been ruined. Viv still isn't satisfied.

Nicole drop into the Cheatin' Heart to see her sister. She stands up for Brady and tells Taylor to drop the self-righteous crap. They argue about who the biggest hypocrite in town is. Nicole says that EJ is still riding his trike on the high road where he killed their mother. "This ridiculous blood war is going on because of you," Taylor accuses, repeating her argument that EJ has changed and then running away.

Justin shows up at the mansion and orders Brady to listen to him for once. The lawyer says that the family is being gossipped about on talk radio. Brady tells him to take his nose out of this. "You're no Michael Corleone," Justin says. Brady suggests that he kiss his ass. The lawyer rails at him for being a drunk who gets led around by the nose by Nicole. He storms out. Nicole shows up to complain about her sister. "If she doesn't understand us, who needs her?" he asks. They hug.

At the hospital, Chad urges his brother to get out of the family. He's tried to make this his family too, but he can't look over his shoulder every day. "We will protect you," EJ promises. However, he's been his their father's son longer than he's been Chad's brother so it's no choice. After Elvis leaves, Abby tells Chad he was pretty amazing. He says everything changed today.

Hope arrives at the hospital. Lexi tells her Maggie isn't doing well and she needs her to sign some papers. Maggie's will has a 'do not resuscitate' order and they have to take her off the ventilator. Down the hall, Victor is angry when Stefano offers him peace. "It's much too late," Victor says. Stefano pleads. Kate arrives to back him up. Hope and Lexi come in. They explain that Hope has power of attorney and she has to follow Maggie's orders. Victor wants to challenge it so Hope speaks to him alone and then leaves him to say goodbye. Sadly, he tells Maggie he was naive to think he could protect her. Outside, everyone mopes for awhile. Lexi goes into the room and explains the procedure to Victor. He kisses Maggie and Hope takes him outside. Stefano and Kate apologize again as EJ arrives. EJ starts questioning his father, but Stefano says nothing matters anymore. Back in the room, Lexi is about to declare Maggie dead when she notices she's breathing on her own. Hope runs out in tears to tell everyone. Victor promises Maggie no one will hurt her again. She wakes up to say she loves him. "Make peace," she whimpers.

At the pub, Carly asks her family and friends for help. Quinn watches through the window and then runs off. She tells her family about the man who helped her and vaguely explains what's been going on before weeping and apologizing. Carly babbles about how overwhelmed she was by everything. They give her a pep talk. Mel goes off to call rehab. They want her to come in today. As Mel takes her mom away, Jenn gets a call about Maggie waking up. She and Daniel hug. Meanwhile, Mel takes her mom home to pack up. She takes her pills away and flushes them.

Back at the hospital, Stefano asks Chad to come home with him. Chad refuses. His father warns him that it isn't safe. "I'm done," Chad announces, saying that this can't be repaired. After he and Abby leave, Stefano mopes after him. EJ joins Kate. She tells him that Stefano can't survive losing Chad. EJ trails after his father. He hugs Stefano, who thanks him for his loyalty as Taylor watches.

August 17, 2011
That's Just Mean.

At the station, Bo and Hope hug to celebrate Maggie breathing. A cop hands them a report. There was another attack on a prostitute. He hopes they can persuade Roman to let them investigate. She gets a call about Carly checking into rehab. They change the topic back to the battered hookers. She's sure there must be tonnes of unsolved cases like this. They make out. When they leave to do some work, Roman ruffles through the reports on her desk. Bo returns and his brother confronts his for disobeying his orders. He won't warn him about this again. Meanwhile, Hope heads down to the alley and searches the dumpster while someone lurks.

Viv calls Gus to tell him that Carly has run off to rehab. She's determined to destroy her anyway. Meanwhile, Mel helps her mom pack up her stuff. They head to the hospital. Maxine gives the doctor a hug and Carly apologizes. The nurse tells her not to resign: they need more competent doctors. When she steps away, Viv pops up and starts taunting her enemy. "Do you get your drugs from the hospital coffers or do you meet your drug dealer at the toxic waste dump?" she asks. Carly tries to run. Viv keeps her there to explain that Quinn is her son. "Oh that's just mean," Carly snaps, refusing to believe it. Viv tells her that Quinn was part of her revenge plan and he's been providing her drugs. Viv tells her she'll like rehab: all you do is talk about yourself. She shoves some pills in her hand and walks away. Mel returns and takes her mom away.

At Casa DiMera, Chad packs up his stuff. Kate asks him if he'll bother checking on his father when he comes back to get the rest of his stuff. "You care about yourself, no one else," she suggests, telling him not to leave. Chad stares at Abby and then tells Kate that his father just wanted another ally. She insists that Stefano is very sensitive and he's broken his heart. Chad can't risk his life for him. The women start bickering. Kate urges him to be his own man and not let anyone tell him his family isn't good enough for him. "Love and romance are fleeting but family is forever," she says. Kate blames all of this on Abby. Chad still refuses to live the life his family would make him lead and reminds her that she isn't bulletproof either. He and Abby leave. They head to the pub. He admits that he didn't expect his day to end up like this. Sitting beside her, he says that it's all over now. They go out for a picnic. He takes his sling off so his arm starts to hurt. She takes off his shirt to check his bandages. Abby's proud of how he's handling everything. They make out. She worries he might change his mind about his family. He can't imagine doing that.

Taylor drops by the hospital to see Chad but finds EJ. She confronts him for not changing like he'd promised. "I'm going to be that way for the rest of my life," he says. She repeats her 'I know you can change' argument. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the pier. Elvis explains that seeing his brother get shot made him realize he could never walk away from his family. He says that Victor doesn't want a truce so he has to stand by his father. They rehash their usual argument. This time he says that he only gave up his children because he realized he can never change. He asks her to run away. They rehash their usual argument again. This time she says that she is leaving. After she does, he heads home to change his shirt and Kate tells him Chad moved out and broke Stefano's heart. She thinks that he might die. Kate blames all of this on Abby and asks him to ruin the romance.

At the pub, Quinn gets a call about the attacks. Carly comes in to grab some coffee and runs into him. She slaps him. "You sonuvabitch!" she moans. She rails at him and he insists that he had no idea who she was when he found her and he never wanted to hurt her. Taylor comes in, sees him and hides in the corner. Carly storms out and pops her pills. Quinn calls his mom to rant at her. Taylor confronts him about the show he just put on. "You should know. You've been the star of quite a few of your own, haven't you?" he snipes. Meanwhile, Carly checks into rehab.

August 18, 2011
I Get Bummed Around Sad People.

Sami's at home internetting when Rafe calls to say he'll be home late tonight. She offers to make dinner since the kids are with her grandma. When she hangs up, she finds a job posting and calls her dad over. When he arrives, she tells him she wants to be an admin assistant at the department. "No, it's crazy enough there already," he says, killing the idea. Once he leaves, she writes an application letter and sends it in.

At the mansion, Chloe's social worker tells her that she's really turned things around. The diva is happy. After the social worker leaves, Adrienne comes in and congratulates her before telling her how much the drunks at the Cheatin' Heart like her singing. Chloe gets a call from Quinn and steps outside. He tells her where she has to meet her new client. "I hope he's a big tipper," she groans.

Kinsey is wandering by the pier recalling booking one of Chloe's johns. Tad shows up and asks her to come to a hotel with her. She says they are over. "I get bummed out around sad people," she tells him. Gabi arrives and eavesdrops. Tad calls Kinsey a bitch and she slaps him. He storms off. Gabi comes out as Kinsey complains about how fragile men are. She teases Gabi about finally sleeping with Will. Gabi orders her to keep her mouth shut about this. She heads off and Kinsey calls Chloe's john to confirm their appointment and pretends to be Lola.

Sonny meets Will at the Cheatin' Heart to shoot pool. He asks Will if he's still tight with Gabi and then they talk about Sonny's lack of a love life. Chad shows up and things are a little icy between the boys. Gabi arrives and joins Will to watch them play pool. She tells her boyfriend that Kinsey found out they did the deed. He worries her brother will find out. They smooch and head out. The DiMera and Kiriakis men discuss being part of bad families. Tad comes in and starts taunting Sonny about being gay. Chad furrows his brow. "I'd be happy to deck this bitch for you," Chad tells Sonny, putting his arm around him. Dejected, Tad wanders out. They go back to playing pool.

Taylor corners Quinn outside the pub. "When you're around bad things happen," she says. They bicker. He urges her not to turn her back on their past. "You don't turn your back on cobras," she says, reminding him that she knows plenty of his secrets. He's flirty and menacing and then plods off. Abe pops up and says she looks like she's seen a ghost. She says she's fine. He senses she's not and suggests she go for the admin job at the SPD. Abe takes her to the station and suggests that Roman hire her. Roman takes him aside and asks him to take the credit for hiring her. He gives her the job and a cop shows her around. The cop tells her that there's been a huge increase in prostitution. Roman wonders why she is so interested in vice. She reminds him that her father pushed her sister into the adult industry and she wants to help other victims of it. As she settles down, she flips through the files and mutters about Quinn.

Hope is digging around in the alley when Justin shows up. They discuss the attacks and he worries that she could be in danger, especially from Roman for disobeying orders. She can't walk away from this. He offers to talk to the people at the women's shelter. Hope heads back to the station and finds Rafe going over the case files. She worries that things are going to get worse. He goes home after Sami sends him a bunch of softcore porn images of her. After noticing that she made artichoke dip, he guesses she's up to something. She explains that she applied for the job at the SPD. He tells her the position has been filled but he has no problem with her going back to work. They make out.

Quinn meets one of his police informers. He tells him that the department isn't investigating the attacks. The Aussie heads over to the pub and Roman arrives for a drink. Quinn starts chatting with him. Meanwhile, Chloe heads down to the dumpster for her date. Hope shows up. The diva claims she's lost. A bald man arrives and says he's on his way to meet his date. After a tense moment, he moves along. Hope warns the diva that this is a crime scene and she should be careful. Chloe wanders around the garbage piles while someone lurks. Down the street, Kinsey meets her john at the hotel. "You're not ugly," she says in relief.



August 19, 2011
I'm Not Sick, I'm In Love.

At the loft, Sami stuffs her face and acts happy for Taylor getting the job she wanted. She and Rafe suck face and then she gets nauseous. After she nearly pukes, she explains that she was pregnant the last time she felt like this. He sends her off to take the test. She says it came back negative. When she shows it to him, he notices it actually says she's pregnant. He wants to take her to the hospital. She just wants to talk baby names. Rafe claims he wants to call the kid Seamus Hernandez, but he's kidding. The cop insists they get a proper test so they leave for the hospital. They arrive and Sami tells Maxine that she's not sick, she's just in love. It takes the nurse awhile to figure out the difference but eventually she congratulates them. Samanther gets her blood tested and Rafe babbles. His wife tells him they can name the kid Arianna. Maxine returns and says that there's a problem.

Chloe is pacing the alley, waiting for her client and talking to herself. Meanwhile, Quinn is in the Cheatin' Heart, calling his client to make sure he hooked up with Lola. The dude gets off the phone and makes the moves on Kinsey in his hotel room. He starts chasing her around. She texts a help message to Chloe. As Kinsey runs for the door, the diva arrives. Dude hopes this is a two for the price of one deal. Chloe sends Kinsey away and tells the john she was just getting him warmed up. After she does the guy, he marvels at how creative she was. When she walks out, Kinsey is waiting for her. The diva drags her to the pub and lectures her. She tells her all of her gory hooker stories. Kinsey is nauseous.

Mel and her dad chat about Carly at work. She starts babbling about Nicholas and explains she sent him an email. Dan says that was the right thing to do. She worries. He plods off so she calls Dario and they have a conversation about not knowing what to say. After he hangs up, he runs into Mandy on the street and she tells him about her job interview. He bustles away and she goes into the Cheatin' Heart to meet Quinn. The pimp tells her how good he is at his job and then takes her off to the pier to meet her client. Someone lurks behind some crates. They lurch out at Mandy as soon as she's alone.

Abby drops by the pub to see her mom. Jenn's busy putting together a rehab photo album for Carly. She wishes she could get Nicholas involved. Jenn has more misgivings about hooking up with Daniel and her daughter tells her she deserves to be happy. They discuss how Jenn is finally ready to move on. Daniel arrives so Abby putters off. Jenn and the doctor make out and then he drags her away for a picnic by the lake. She's impressed when he calls her his 'girlfriend'. He pops a champagne cork and hits a squirrel. The drink bubbly out of paper cups and then he rubs on her sunscreen. Meanwhile, Abby arrives at the hospital and checks in with Mel. The nurse leaves and mopes over to Dario to sob about her mom.

In rehab, Carly is spazzing at the nurses and yelling for a doctor. After she chases the nurses out, she starts smashing herself into the walls and yelling at the detox camera. Outside, Nicholas arrives and wants to see her. After a few hours, he's allowed in once his mother is strapped to a bed. He promises to stay by her side. Nicholas worries that he drove her to this. She turns purple. An orderly returns and he starts questioning her. Carly cries and blubbers apologies.


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