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4th Week of August Daily Summaries

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August 22, 2011
I'd Rather Be Me.

Brady runs into Dario and Mel at the pub. Mel tells him that Maggie is going to be okay. He's relieved but that doesn't change much. He sends Dario off to deliver a package. Mel realizes that he hired Dario to keep him away from her. Brady guffaws. Nicole strolls in as Mel rants and orders him to end the fighting. She storms off. Nicole comes over and says, "I know everyone thinks she's a darling but she's just a little bitch." He gets defensive. She wants to know what she is to him. He's evasive until he gets a call and runs off.

At the hospital, Lexi informs Sami that she isn't pregnant. Sami refuses to believe that and has a tantrum. Rafe returns and babbles about being a father. Lexi walks away without explaining anything. Dario calls his brother to say he just found a woman who had been beaten on the pier. Rafe heads off. Lexi returns and Sami continues insisting she's pregnant. She goes home. Lexi follows her and discovers a stack of negative pregnancy tests at the loft. She suggests that Sami get a pelvic sonagram because something isn't right. The doctor refuses to say anymore.

At Casa DiMera, Kate tells EJ that Maggie is doing well but Victor is still pissed. Since Stefano won't do anything, they have to fix this themselves. They call Chad over to pick up the rest of his things. EJ wants to talk and reminds him that he saved their father's life. He doesn't want him to walk away from the family. "I'd rather be me," Chad says. His brother suggests that they change the way the family does things. Sonny calls Chad and they arrange for everyone to meet at the hospital.

Rafe arrives at the pier where Dario is looking after Mandy. He tells her she's the third woman to be attacked. They take her to the hospital to get checked out by a doctor. She just wants to be left alone, especially by the cops. Rafe sends his brother out and questions her. She claims she was just fishing at the pier when she was attacked. He promises to make her attacker pay and digs for information. Mandy's not informative.

Taylor bumps into Quinn at the Cheatin' Heart and tells him she's working at the SPD now. He wants her to keep him informed about what the cops are up to and reminds her that she has secrets. She goes to work. Her sister shows up to rant. Nicole wonders why she's suddenly working for the cops and accuses her of trying to protect EJ. Taylor says he's behind her now. Her sister thinks something funny is going on. Taylor strolls off to the Cheatin' Heart to tell Quinn that Mandy was attacked. He orders her to keep quiet but she refuses.

Victor goes to see Maggie at the hospital. She asks him to make peace with Stefano. "That's like saying I don't care what happened to you," he objects. Mel interrupts and tells her friend how scared she was of losing her. They hug and Mel medicates her. Once she leaves, Victor tells her about Chad. He's realized that he needs to get over himself and things have to change. Moments later, Justin and the others arrive. Stefano is a no show. Sonny and Chad explain that this has all been a mistake and they all want it to end. Mel interrupts when Brady starts nitpicking and suggests that Maggie should have a say in this. As Victor putters off to talk to his girlfriend, Mel holds Brady back and she tells him she doesn't want him to get hurt. He says hand-holding doesn't matter if Stefano doesn't commit. All of the men crowd into Maggie's room and makes promises not to break the peace. Stefano suddenly arrives and adds his vow. He and his family walk out. EJ strolls off with Kate as Chad thanks his father. Chad says he can't live the life he wants him to live. Meanwhile, Justin tells his son that he did a good thing. Chad approaches Sonny and they shake hands. Back in Maggie's room, Victor says that loving her has given him faith. And when Brady gets home, Nicole is waiting. He tells her about the truce. They make out.



August 23, 2011
Too Horrible For Words.

Kinsey is sitting at the pub remembering Chloe's warnings. The diva shows up and Kinsey shows her the article about the third attack. Kinsey thanks her for the warning. "This is too horrible for words," Chloe says as she reads the article. However, she can't quit hooking when she's so close to getting Parker back. Kinsey is perplexed. Chloe sees no other option so her friend points out that she won't be seeing her kid if she's dead. The diva plods off to find her pimp.

Taylor confronts Quinn in the alley to tell him she isn't helping him from now on. "If I go down, so do you," he threatens. Her phone starts ringing. He can see it's Hope so he makes her answer and eavesdrops as they discuss the pimps in town. Once she hangs up, he warns her again. He goes to the Cheatin' Heart. Chloe storms in and orders him to let her go since he obviously can't protect her. He refuses. She thinks he stinks at his job and starts bothering him about why he recruited her in the first place. He blurts out it wasn't personal for him. She guesses someone recruited him to do this to her. He refuses to explain and runs away, leaving his phone behind. As chases him down the street, she guesses who must have been behind this. When he returns to the bar, his phone is gone. A mystery figure has it.

At the station, the DA tells Bo and Hope that there is no pattern in the attacks yet. The cops want more resources to search. Abe shows up. He's not going to give the cops any support either. Bo doesn't understand. Abe worries about publicity. This annoys the cops. They start digging through the records and discussing pimps while Taylor eavesdrops. Hope's determined to find out who the mysterious new pimp is.

Sami and Rafe wake up on their couch. They remember that she isn't knocked up and get depressed. She mopes around. He tells her how much she and the kids mean to him. After he points out that she looks like crap, she tries to get into his pants. Then she flails around and cries about how she might be ill. He gives her a pep talk. They head to the hospital and chat with Lexi about what to ask the specialist. "What do you think is wrong with my wife?" Rafe asks. "Ummmm...." Lexi starts. She says they have to run tests and Sami shouldn't drive herself crazy over this. Abe arrives and Rafe goes off to talk to him. The cop shows him Mandy's bruises. This is enough to convince Abe to fund an investigation. When he returns to Sami, Lexi explains that Sami has some cysts. They are going to remove them and hopefully that will be the end of it, but they may not be benign. "I might have cancer?" Sami asks.

Taylor manages to track down Mandy's family and follows Bo and Hope to the hospital to tell them about it. She asks if she can sit with Mandy for awhile. Taylor goes to see Mandy while Hope tells Bo that she's planning to go undercover as a call girl. He thinks that's insane but can't talk her out of it. Hope returns to Mandy's room as she mumbles Quinn's name.

Nicole chases Brady around the mansion after he escapes from bed. He's not being affectionate. She wonders if he thinks last night was a mistake. He says that he has been acting without thinking and they are bad for each other. "We enable one another," he says. She mocks this and tells him that he's the one man who understands and loves her. Brady can't argue with that. "Without each other, we're doomed," she says. He admits that he needs her but can't think straight around her. Brady asks her to go away so he can think about this.


August 24, 2011
Big Dumb Jerk.

Chad and Sonny are at the Cheatin' Heart toasting to their peace-making skills when Abby comes in. Sony strolls off and Abby wonders if her boyfriend is regretting walking away from his family. He admits that they do things he'll never be okay with. She babbles about how great he is. They compare their GPAs and flirt. His dad starts calling but he won't pick up. She worries that his family will never stop causing problems for them. Across the room, Sonny tells his parents he wants to go to Salem U. That makes his mom excited. After he sends them off, he tells Chad and Abby that he's sticking around and he wants to start a business. Chad agrees to think about joining in. Sonny bustles off. Abby and Chad return to discussing their families. He decides to change the topic by pulling a flower out of thin air. They make out and then talk about how hard it is for her to accept that her mom is moving on with a new man. Part of her really wants her family back.

Carly wakes up at rehab. The nurse walks in and the patient asks who was there. Nicholas pops up to announce himself. She's shocked. He's apologetic. She apologizes more. He blames himself but she insists this isn't his fault. Nicholas promises to make things up to her and they hug. She says that she fought her way back when she knew he was there. The nurse returns to tell Carly the doctor is coming to check on her. After Carly hobbles off, the nurse advises Nicholas that the hard part for his mom is yet to come.

Daniel and Jenn are picnicking in the woods. They drink champagne and she talks about how wonderful he is. He takes her swimming and then they make out. She explains that this is the place that all the high school kids used to make out. They make out some more. The doctor tells her that he got them reservations at a restaurant. Jenn's amazed that he can always make her feel like she comes first. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrienne wander down to the pier. She's still thrilled her son is sticking around. She was starting to worry that he would be a wanderer like Jack. "I miss that big dumb jerk," she says of her brother.

At the hospital, Sami asks Lexi if she has cancer. The doctor doesn't know. Sami mopes and Lexi tells her to go home and relax. That makes things worse. Rafe promises his wife that they will get through this together. Meanwhile, Will and Gabi go into the loft. It's empty. She's excited that they can do something special alone. He'd rather play video games. She tries to make out with him and pull him into the bedroom. He finds excuses and then walks into a trash can, spilling pregnancy tests all over the floor. She guesses his mom must be pregnant. He looks horrified. Gabi says five kids isn't a lot in her family. When Sami and Rafe walk through the door, Gabi starts congratulating them. Rafe explains that it was a false alarm. The teens scurry out. Sami has a shower. Her husband tells her he has a plan to keep her distracted. They go to the carnival but that depresses her so they return home. He promises to be there for her. She warns him about what a horrible sick person he is.

Will and Gabi go to the pub since the movies are sold out. T. is pacing around outside, arguing with Kinsey on the phone. He storms in and starts teasing the couple about doing the deed. T. badmouths Kinsey until Sonny walks in. T. whines about the picture and says that Sonny has messed up his whole life. When Sonny walks over, T. stomps away. The Kiriakis tells the couple that he's transferring to Salem U. and he needs a business partner. Across the room, T. asks some chick out. She turns him down. He assumes it's because she thinks he's gay and then walks out. He stares in through the window and vows revenge on Sonny.

August 25, 2011
Drug-Addled, Not-So-Smart Ken Doll.

At the loft, Sami tries to be optimistic for Rafe. They play with stuffed animals and then he massages her. He offers to take her out but she doesn't want to see anyone. She gets a call from Lexi, offering to do the procedure tomorrow. After some debate, she agrees to go ahead with it. They order take-out. She opens her fortune cookie. "Your past deeds are coming back to haunt you," it says. Sami thinks God is punishing her. She worries about what would happen to the children if she died. He tells her how absurd she is being and encourages her to keep faith. Sami moans.

Hope is at the station harassing Roman to let her go undercover. He refuses because it's so stupid. Roman has his own plan. Bo goes through the mail and finds a note from the attacker. They bag it and Roman takes it to forensics. The cops head out.

Quinn tries calling the hospital for an update on Mandy. Taylor finds him in the alley and tells him how badly Mandy was injured. He can't hide how relieved he is that the hooker isn't talking. Taylor warns him that Mandy's been saying his name in her sleep. She drags him into the Cheatin' Heart to watch Roman's press conference. Quinn fumes and then demands his tablet back from Taylor. She doesn't have it and can't believe he was stupid enough to put all of his business information on it. When she heads back to the station, Roman shows her the note. She worries that things are worse than she thought.

Chloe bursts into Casa DiMera to confront Kate. She tries to strangle her. Kate mocks her but the diva doesn't find it amusing. She threatens Kate, who warns her that she's not done punishing her for being a skank yet. She thinks Chloe has destroyed two of her sons and she won't let him destroy her grandson. The diva insists that no one will ever love Parker like she does. Kate's unconvinced and advises her to drop the custody suit before she destroys her. Chloe decides that Kate must have no evidence and always fails to take her down. "You never win. You suck," she says. "I am living proof of what a loser you really are," she adds. After Chloe storms off, Kate goes through her mail and is annoyed by what she finds.

Chloe meets with Quinn at the Cheatin' Heart and tells him she needs to quit before Kate can get the dirt on her. He won't allow that. The same note that the cops got shows up on his phone. He shows Chloe and promises to protect her. The pimp explains that his tablet was stolen so she's a target now. The bartender hands Quinn a package that someone just dropped off. It's his tablet with 'RIP' written on it.

EJ strolls outside the pub, chatting to his dad on the phone. Nicole bumps into him and wonders what he's up to. She starts saying how sad and lonely he is. He guffaws. Nicole mocks him for living with his daddy and ex-hooker wife. EJ tells her she can barely hold onto the 'drug-addled, not-so-smart Ken doll' she loves. He keeps trashing Brady and she points out that he's still jealous of him. EJ laughs in her face. Bo and Hope show up and start interrogating Elvis. They ask him for the surveillance tapes his company has of all the attack sites. When he insists he's not in the drug business anymore, they ask who he sold it to. He won't answer that but he'll give them the tapes. The cops are snotty and walk off. Nicole tips EJ off about her sister joining the SPD. He's baffled. "You're one of my favorite ex-wives," he tells her as she leaves. She strolls over to the station to see her sister and demand to know why she's really working there. Roman interrupts and Nicole whispers to her sister that she will find out what she's keeping secret.

When EJ returns to Casa DiMera, Kate is angry. She accuses him of killing one of her business deals. He says he has no idea what she's talking about. They bicker about it and he suggests that she was trying to screw his father over behind his back.



August 26, 2011
This Isn't Over.

Nicole tracks her sister down at the pub and explains that she spent all night digging for dirt on her. Taylor eats a potato and asks her sister if she's lost it. Nicole whips out her sister's mug shot. Taylor is nonchalant and her sister threatens to show it to her boss. She explains that she was only arrested for being at a human rights demonstration. "This isn't over," Nicole vows before sniping at her sister for stealing her husband. Taylor apologizes for taking EJ. They bicker about who was worse for him. Nicole repeats her vow to find out her sister's secrets. Taylor gets called off to work and asks her sister to drop this. "Not a chance," Nicole says.

Kate stomps around Casa DiMera. EJ gets snippy with her. She complains about company business. He accuses her of lying to him. EJ knows she's been trying to restart Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics. When he warns her that he has more power than she can imagine, she guffaws. She points out what a completely inconsistent character he is. "How do you decide who you are going to be on any given day?" she asks. He tells her she should be scared of him because he's proudly claiming his birthright. He's already talked to his father and all of the company's business issues are now under his control. "You really are a cold ruthless bastard. Welcome back my love," she says, caressing his face.

Roman is at the hospital getting permission from Lexi to question Mandy. He goes in to see the prostitute but she doesn't want to talk to any cops. He keeps talking anyway and promises he's on her side. When he explains that they've been trying to get in touch with her family, she's annoyed. Roman asks for her help again.

Bo brings Hope breakfast in bed and they smooch. After sex, she tells him everyday is perfect when she's with him. He feels the same way and then they go at it again. The food magically reappears and they stuff their faces. Watching her chew waffles turns him on so they go at it again. Roman interrupts with a text asking them to the hospital. They hurry over and their boss explains that Mandy doesn't trust him so he wants Hope to talk to her. Hope hops away. Bo tells his brother how great she is. Meanwhile, Hope gets Mandy to open up to her, promising they will get her attacker off the street.

At the loft, Rafe tries to help Sami get ready for the hospital. She worries. He's supportive. They head to the hospital. Lexi wishes she would tell her family about this. Sami doesn't want anyone else to know. The doctor gives her a pep talk. Sami gives herself a pep talk. Rafe gives her a pep talk too. They leave Sami alone to get changed. Roman finds them and hears them discussing his daughter. He rushes in to see her. He's not thrilled that she's been keeping everyone out of the loop. Father and daughter hug and then he gets called back to work. Sami and Rafe wait for her procedure and play cards to kill time.


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