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5th Week of August Daily Summaries

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August 29, 2011

Chloe meets with Justin and Adrienne at the Cheatin' Heart. They sit her in front of a computer and Parker appears on the screen. They have a video conference. The kid squeals and Chloe tries talking to him. "EEEwahhh teehee," he burbles. The diva is impressed. Adrienne is impressed that Justin set this up and plants a smacker on him. When the conversation ends, Chloe babbles about how much she wants to be a mommy again. She tells Justin she has steady work now. When the lawyer steps away, Randy pops up and offers Chloe double her rate to kill an hour with him.

Gus meets with Viv outside the pub. He has flowers for her. She has something urgent for him to do. "There is no other man in my life Augustine, you're it," she says. He says he loves her. They embrace. He snaps out of this fantasy when Viv starts barking at him. She tells him to toss the flowers and find her son so she can get him back in her life. They go into the pub and she orders him to track down Quinn. Gus rails about him betraying her. She says she's alone without Quinn. "Bollocks! You've got me," he points out. "That's hilarious," she says. He's not impressed that he thinks of him as an employee, but she says he's the only one she trusts. She asks him to buy a perfect gift to win back her estranged son. He's gob-smacked but she sends him off.

Quinn runs into Taylor at the pier. She says they have a problem because Mandy is ready to talk. Taylor thinks he should skip town. He's not worried and says she's overreacting. "No good call girl will ever give up their talent manager," he says. They start bickering about their past. She says he ruined her life and is an unpleasant reminder of it. "You were shagging you sister's husband. You're no Joan of Arc," he says. They recall how he took her in when she was broke and then he tried to pimp her out. He insists there was more between them. They recall how she backed out of actually hooking, but she still ended up being booked for prostitution. "I did nothing wrong that night but it is going to haunt me for the rest of my life!" she says. She fills him in about Nicole digging into her past. He offers to help protect her. Taylor doesn't want it and walks away. Viv shows up, declaring to her son that she's realized there is more to life than revenge. She just wants him to be in her life. He raises an eyebrow. Gus shows up as Quinn tells his mom that all is forgiven. Gus deliberately drops the gift so it breaks. Viv is annoyed. She and her son stroll off for champagne, leaving Gus to fume.

Rafe is in Sami's hospital room. She's baked on hospital meds. He promises to be there when she wakes up. She's wheeled away. Music starts to play and there's a Safe sex montage complete with candles. Roman interrupts the soft-core porn. Rafe tells him that Sami has been very brave. They wonder if they should call Marlena in spite of Sami's wishes otherwise. Rafe begins pacing so Roman asks him to sit in on questioning Mandy.

The Brady cops are anxious in the hospital hall. Daniel tells them Mandy is in bad shape and can't be agitated. The cops agree to go easy on her. Hope goes in to prep her for an interview. Mandy's not comfortable being gang questioned but Hope promises it will be alright. Daniel and the cops file in. Bo runs the camera while Hope asks the questions. She starts to freak out as she remembers. Daniel asks the cops to leave. Meanwhile, Sami wakes up after having her cysts removed. She starts to choke. Lexi calls in a nurse and they drug her. She walks out and informs Rafe that they've had some complications. Roman is called over and demands and explanation.


August 30, 2011
Banana Split.

Will is shocked by all the coleslaw his grandma gave him for a picnic. He and Gabi load it up anyway and head outside where Chad and Abby are making out. They grab the last of the coolers as Sonny arrives. He tells them he's been thinking of skipping the barbecue but they convince him to go. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jenn are having a picnic in the park. Mel and Dario join them followed by T and Kinsey. He's not happy to see 'the geriatrics'. Everyone mocks him and Kinsey drags him away. The others arrive. T isn't happy to see Sonny and starts ranting. "The gay guy goes or I go!" T challenges. Will tells him to chill. T storms off. Sonny asks everyone to forget what just happened and play some volleyball. Mel and Dario head back to the pub to get more stuff. They start sucking face when Abby interrupts. As Dario wanders off to collect a cooler, the girls talk about how annoying T is before discussing Mel's mom.

Daniel and Jenn go to the Cheatin' Heart. "What's up with T? Is he too cool to have a whole name?" he wonders. She has a hard time believing that the kids would be friends with him. They make jokes about how old they are. They have lunch and she challenges him to prove he's as young as he claims. He does some 90s dance moves and then pretends to throw his back out. This pulls her into his arms. They dance and grope each other.

Back in the park, Will apologizes to Sonny about T. Sonny has been through worse. Gabi comes by to model her swimsuit and then drag Will to the water. Abby and Mel chat about their lives until the boys return. Sonny wants to talk about work with Chad so Abby shoves meat in his mouth. T returns and hides in a shrub with an angry grimace.

Carly paces around rehab. Her son pops up. She's nervous so he walks her into her therapy session with Dr. Liv Norman. Liv asks Nicholas to stay and help them 'explore'. Carly objects and refuses to drag her son through this. Liv is disappointed. Carly gets confused. Her son sticks around as the shrink starts her questioning. Carly talks about how terrified she is of her son hating her. He doesn't hate her. Crying, Carly admits she's afraid he'll never forgive her for killing his father. Nicholas leaps up and rants at the doctor for acting so indifferently. She accuses him of trying to ignore his feelings. He doesn't know how to talk about this. His father was a bastard, but he thinks he could have changed. Carly robbed him of any chance he had to really get to know Lawrence. His mother explains that she had no choice. Her husband had become someone she didn't even recognize. She turns purple as she cries.

At the hospital, Lexi tells Rafe and Roman that Sami has been medicated because she's lost consciousness. The men pace and worry. Roman gives his son-in-law a pep talk. Eventually they are allowed to see Sami. Her husband takes her hand and she wakes up. Lexi explains that they'll have to wait a couple of days for all of the test results. They need to keep Sami in overnight to monitor her. Rafe leaves to make a call. He returns and, moments later, a special delivery follows. It's a giant banana split. Sami shovels it into her face and Roman steals some. Lexi slips out and discovers the results are in. "Oh no," she groans before ordering the tests to be re-run.


August 31, 2011
Without My Son, I'm Already Dead.

Daniel takes Jenn up to a hotel room he's had decked out with flowers and champagne. They suck face and he dumps her in the bed in slow motion for a sex montage. After he pops his champagne cork, Jenn tells him youth is wasted on the young. They talk about GB Shaw and how awesome Leif Garrett was. When he tells her there's no one else he wants to spend his life with, she thinks he's proposing. He's not. She's mortified to have suggested it. They discuss their feelings and she likes how 'real' he is. She tells him how great and "flippin' gorgeous" he is. They exchange I love yous and make out. When he falls asleep, she looks out the window.

At the mansion, Maggie wobbles around. Mel helps her sit on the bed and the redhead says she's a bit overwhelmed with having people wait on her. Mel talks about how nervous she is to see her mom tonight. When Maggie goes downstairs, she finds Victor with Kate. "Are you ready to jump back into bed with your ex wife?" Kate asks before she notices the redhead. Victor explains that Maggie is staying with him. They make out. Kate cringes and then hypes Wilhelmina Cosmetics. Maggie says relaunching it is a wonderful idea. Victor wonders why she's bringing this deal to him instead of her husband. Kate claims she wants to do this independently. Victor thinks this is horse manure and assumes Stefano shot her down. She repeats that she wants this to be her own deal. Brady wants to buy in but Victor says it's a bad idea. Brady can over rule this but decides not to. Maggie walks Kate out. Victor tells Brady that the deal could make them a lot of money, but he has something much bigger in mind. "Watch and learn," he says.

Carly is in the rehab garden when an orderly finds her. Carly thinks her son hates her. She kisses his picture. He suddenly materializes to say that it was a mistake of him to come. Nicholas doesn't want to make things worse. He knows his dad was bad, but he was still his dad and she killed him. "I don't think I can forgive you," he says. She thinks he just needs time, but he wants some distance too. Her son decides to go back to Europe and tells her to get well. When he walks off, he runs into Mel. She introduces herself. They shake hands. It's awkward and gets worse when they discuss their mom. He's sorry he came. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she asks. Her brother reminds her of who their mother killed. She thinks he's a bastard. He thinks she's clueless. They discuss how great a mom she was, even though she didn't raise either of them. "Your dad is gone... do you wanna lose your mom too?" she asks. Meanwhile, Carly flips out at Dr. Liv for ruining her relationship with her son. "You ruined my life!" she moans. She stops and turns the blame on herself. Carly decides it's time to check out. Her doctor tries to talk her out of this. Nicholas comes in and tells his mom she's making a mistake. Mel comes in and Carly hugs her kids in tears.

At the pub, Kinsey makes Chloe eat a red velvet cupcake. The diva happily tells her all about her videochat with Parker. She gets a call that bums her out. The club in Brookeville was ruined by a flood so she has no job now. Chloe worries about how to make money. Quinn walks in. Kinsey warns her friend that it's too dangerous to hook. "Without my son, I'm already dead," the diva declares. Her friend tells her she could always wait tables. Chloe asks her to leave and then corners her old pimp. She asks him for work. He's not pimping while the attacker is on the loose. Chloe's frustrated and sends him away. She starts calling clients and soon heads down to the pier to meet one. The attacker is waiting behind some crates.

September 1, 2011
Chamomile Tea.

Over at the Kiriakis compound, Brady and Victor discuss their latest deal. Victor is determined to run Wilhelmina into the ground with his new plan. A scantily clad Nicole saunters in. "I don't know what barn you were raised in, but in this house we knock before barging into a conversation," Victor snarks. Nicole waves her cleavage at Brady and tells him she needs some of his 'chamomile tea'. After she heads upstairs to wait for him, Victor scowls and tells Brady he wants her out of his house tonight. Brady thinks his grandfather's pride is wounded by his ex moving on with him. Victor claims he's moved on to higher things. Brady heads upstairs where Nicole is waiting to tease him until he throws her in bed and pounces on top of her.

At the loft, Rafe asks Sami about her grandma. The blond worries about how much longer she can keep her condition a secret from her family. He tries to reassure her and then suggests they go out for a meal to keep her spirits up. Before they can head out, Lexi calls and asks them to head over to the hospital. Meanwhile, Abe shows up in Lexi's office. He tells her that Theo is all tired out so they should spend some quality time together. She has to refuse because she has a late night consult. Soon after, Sami and Rafe file in anxiously. Lexi explains that there were abnormalities in her biopsy, but they aren't sure what they mean. Sami assumes she has cancer. Lexi says she's called in an oncologist for a consult. She doesn't want any of them jumping to premature conclusions. As she urges them to seek multiple opinions, Sami stares and thinks of her kids and how much they need her. Rafe gives her a pep talk. The doctor tells Sami it's time to call her mom about this. After she walks off, Sami cries.

At Casa DiMera, EJ confronts Kate for turning to their enemies -- the Kiriakis clan. He wonders why Victor obviously turned down her business plan and assumes he must be up to something big. To keep ahead of the game, he decides to go ahead with funding Wilhelmina and invites her to toast with him to the deal. She's reluctant and insists on maintaining control of the company. After he agrees to that, she shakes his hand, though she thinks it's like making a deal with the devil. The second she leaves, he makes a call to have every penny that she spends kept in tally.

Quinn shows up at the Cheatin' Heart and interrupts Taylor as she plays pool by herself. She wishes he would get lost. He explains that he's shutting down his business. She hopes that means he's leaving town. Quinn grabs her hand and starts apologizing. Taylor thinks he will say whatever he needs to so he can get what he wants. She assumes this is some kind of scam and walks out, bumping into Abe. He can see she's frazzled and offers her a ride but she turns him down. Quinn spies on them and then runs after her once she's alone. He tries convincing her that he's changed. She doesn't want him to pretend he has real feelings for her, but she'll keep spying for him because he's blackmailing her. "Don't go after my heart," she says.

Chloe is being watched on the pier. Her john shows up and they head to the hotel. After they have sex, he asks for her story and she tells him she's an opera singer and is only doing this so she could afford to get her son back. When the diva goes back out to the pier, she chats to Kinsey on the phone for a second. When she turns around, she's clobbered.




September 2, 2011
Grandpa Victator.

Jenn and Hope pay Maggie a visit at the mansion. They aren't thrilled that she's staying with Victor. They worry about the truce and wish they could look after her themselves. Maggie assures them that she will be okay with the mustachioed man she loves. When he rears his head, Jenn accuses him of selfishly putting Maggie in harm's way. Victor assures them that he will protect her and even offers to get her security if she wants to go home. After the ladies leave, he tells the redhead that he loves having her there. He cherishes every moment. She feels cranky. He thinks they need to face the controversy around their relationship.

Brady and Nicole wake up in his bed. She prods him to admit that they had a good time between the sheets. He's a bit grouchy. "You gonna listen to Grandpa Victator and make me move out after all?" she asked. He admits that he likes having her, but isn't sure he likes having her there. Kinsey ruins the mood by calling Nicole, desperately seeking Chloe.

Down on the pier, a beaten Chloe fumbles with her phone until the battery dies. She holds a picture of Parker and sobs. Her text goes through to Brady. He starts to worry and calls Kinsey. She tells him that the diva is missing and could be in big trouble. He and Nicole rush over to the pub to meet Kinsey. With a little prodding, Kinsey reveals that Chloe has been working as a prostitute. They're shocked and find it hard to understand. They head down to the pier and split up and search for the diva. Chloe stumbles around covered in blood and falls on some litter behind a barrel. Brady eventually walks by. Nicole calls him in a panic and he asks her to stay cool. Chloe can hear him and mumbles his name. When that doesn't work, she throws a can of PBR at him. He kneels down and picks her up, horrified. Nicole and Kinsey rush over. "Oh my God! Is she dead?" Nicole asks.

Bo is at the hospital discussing the attacks with Roman. Daniel informs them that Mandy is ready to talk again but they have to go easy on her. Jenn and Hope bustle in. Jenn runs off and he gets Hope some tea. She moans about Maggie and Victor. Bo doesn't think it's a great idea either but reminds her that things turned out okay for them. Across the room, Jenn admits to Daniel that she has a hard time trusting Victor and Chad. The doctor tells her to stop being so overprotective and hope for the best. She calls her aunt, saying she hopes they didn't cross a line earlier. If she wants to be with Victor, she will support it. She admits that Daniel changed her mind. Maggie turns to Victor. She tells him that she's nothing without her family and she just wants them to understand their love. Maggie hops on his lap and they snuggle.

The cops file into Mandy's room. They set up the camera and start the questioning again. This time she can remember her attacker's face. It was round and he had wild, darting eyes. Roman wants to show her mug shots. Bo and Hope wander out and he tells her what an amazing cop she is. They hope Mandy can pick out the mugshot.


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