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1st Week of December Summaries

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December 5, 2011
He's Evil.

Elvis is giving a press interview at Casa DiMera about his campaign. Nicole watches as he shows photos of people he is representing in the class action suit. He rails about how this case is not about his campaign, but about giving people justice. Once the interview ends, Nicole tells EJ how awesome it went.

Carrie is with John in the cells waiting for his deposition. Marlena arrives to complain about how unfair things are. John crumples paper. Carrie gets a call and swears because EJ is live on TV. John watches it on her phone. "He's evil!" Marlena declares. She tries to assure John that she will be okay because she's going to the tree lighting. She means to bring him pictures of Claire and cries. After he kisses her, he says 'no tears' and is led off. They join EJ in the legal chambers and he asks John what he is hiding. After the men bicker, EJ starts asking him questions. Carrie forbids her client to answer them. She calls a recess to take a phone call. John asks Elvis to stay. He starts laying into Junior, who is nonchalant and smirking up a storm. Squinting, Elvis prods him for not owing up to what he did. Carrie returns as EJ calls his uncle a 'sad, pathetic old man'. John lunges at him but a guard leaps in to push him back. EJ bickers with Carrie and then smugly declares that this will make his name revered. Meanwhile, Marlena corners Nicole in the square and tell her it's not too late for her to get away from EJ. "Is this your good deed for the day?" Nicole asks. They debate who has a bigger jerk for a husband. Marlena thinks she is being a dope and she should be worried about what's coming.

Bo and Hope are at the Horton house going through boxes of ornaments. She worries about decorating the tree so early. He thinks they have a lot of celebrating to make up for. She looks at the ornaments and gets sentimental so he hands her a Christmas letter from Alice. Hope sobs as she reads it. They continue going through the ornaments made by their kids and talking about Christmas miracles. Soon, they find Zack's and she admits that she goes into his room everyday just to say his name. He holds her and they try not to cry. She decides that all of this must be a sign telling them to keep digging into her Gran's secrets. When she picks up an ornament, the cap comes off and there is a note inside that bears Stefano's seal.

At the loft, Sami worries about Will after hearing he trashed Maggie's and didn't even come home. She and Rafe wonder why he's so upset. He thinks it must be a cry for attention. Sami explains he wants to move in with Gabi. Rafe doesn't like that. Meanwhile, Will sits by the square reliving the trauma of witnessing EJami sex and Gabi dumping him. He pulls himself together and goes to the loft. His mother interrogates him. He's sarcastic. Rafe wonders why he is being so disrespectful all of a sudden. Will keeps staring at his mom. He gets upset when Rafe says his mom never takes the family for granted. "This is such a joke!" Will complains. He tells them that Gabi dumped his ass in front of everyone. Sami wonders if that's the only thing bothering him. Rafe tells him breaking up is hard to do but he needs to apologize to Maggie. When his mom lectures him about doing the right thing, Will smirks and leaves. They have dinner and discuss their bills. She's sure he will find a job again.


December 6, 2011
I Hate To Do The Right Thing.

Nicole is knocking at Casa DiMera since she forget her keys. No one answers but the door is unlocked. She walks in and finds the joint decorated. EJ leaps out and grabs her posterior, positioning her under the mistletoe for some kissing. They sit down to dinner and she reminds him about the tree lighting ceremony. He wants to pass on that and spend some quality time with her. After the meal, he gives her Nate Berkus' business card and suggests she have the house spruced up. He wants her to come and live with him again. She admits that this is the first place that's ever felt like home for her. Nicole says that she's always been afraid he would leave her for Sami, but she doesn't feel that way anymore. He promises that Sami is completely out of his system. When she reminds him about being shot in the head, he remembers Sami riding him on the sofa. Nicole accepts his offer to move back in. As he throws some logs on the fire, she slips into Xmas lingerie and they make out. She rips off his shirt and they do it on the infamous couch.

At the Hortons', Hope and Bo are baffled by the note they found from Stefano for Alice. Jenn, Abby and Chad arrive for the big celebration. They start decorating the tree. Jack arrives with a garland. Abby invited him. Meanwhile, Daniel and Mel are at Maggie's eating all of her cookies. Maggie is excited to hang the ornaments on the tree. They head to Jenn's. "Ho ho ho," Jack says to Daniel. Jenn stutters and Jack offers to leave. They decide to act like adults and stay put. Ciara arrives with Doug and Julie, who is surprised to see that Victor isn't there. Maggie explains that he's away on business. Julie assures her that he is welcome and she will always be a Horton, no matter what her last name is. The Carvers arrive and Hope starts asking Lexi about Stefano and Alice. Meanwhile, Chad and Mel are decorating the tree. They touch hands and things get awkward. She runs away. He sighs. Maggie gives Mel and Daniel their own ornaments. Mel cries. Julie hands Maggie one with Victor's name on it. Maggie nearly cries. Jack and Jenn flashback to Alice giving him an ornament. He says he'll always be grateful to her for not writing him off. Everyone sits down and they begin decorating the tree one at a time.

At the loft, Will keeps distance and watches his siblings decorate the tree. Johnny doesn't like his mom pawing at him constantly. Sami grins and says this is the best Christmas ever. She offers to turn on some carols to cheer Will up. That makes things worse. Austin shows up. The kids look at him like he's an alien. Carrie arrives with Marlena bearing a poinsettia. Sami cringes. Will laughs to himself. "I'm so glad you're here," he tells his grandma. The kids start showing her their advent calendar. Sami wants to explode. She takes her sister aside to lecture her. Rafe stands up for Carrie. Sami rants about John and Marlena. Rafe looks baffled as Sami rails about how the day Johnny went missing will haunt her for the rest of her life. Before she can kick her mom out, Rafe reminds her to think of the kids. "I hate to do the right thing," she complains. Marlena and Will return and, after some nudging, Sami asks her to look after the tinsel. Will sneaks some booze. Carrie and Austin declare that they are staying permanently. Sami tries hiding how annoyed she is as Rafe and Carrie tell Marlena about their latest lead in the John case. "I swear to God I hope he just rots in prison!" Sami blurts out. When her mom accuses her of being disloyal, Sami is outraged and tells her she's unbelievably selfish. "You are such a hypocrite!" Will yells at his mother. She tries pushing him outside so they can take a walk. The Carvers arrive. Rafe takes out the marriage bonds to hang them on the tree. Will declares a toast to Rafe and Marlena for being saints to put up with Sami's crap. Austin objects. Will tells him he's a saint too for forgiving all of Sami's lies. Rafe tries to calm him and Will tells him he deserves better than his mom for what she did. Sami starts panting. "I'm just pointing out that she's a bitch, which I guess makes me a son of a bitch," Will says. Seeing he's drunk, Rafe tells him to sleep this off. Going around the room, Will apologizes to everyone but his mom and walks off. Everyone starts leaving. Later, everyone gathers in the square to decorate the tree in the town square. Abe makes a speech about the meaning of the tree and how it reunites all of the families in town, whether they are there or not. Theo turns on the lights. Doug gets everyone to start singing. Drunken Will stumbles by to sneer at his mom.

December 7, 2011
A Lot Of Thoughts Cross My Mind.

Mel and Gabi head over to Intensity Day Spa. Quinn welcomes them and Mel explains that her friend needs some stress relief. Chad wanders in, spots them, remembers 'accidentally' sucking face with Mel and tries to run. She stops him and says that Abby is on the way. Quinn offers to comp their treatments as a promotion. He also offers to get Chad and Mel a couples massage. They chuckle and explain they aren't a couple. Quinn leads Chad to the locker room and the girls head off, Mel leaving her phone behind. After her treatment, she notices she left it and runs back to the lobby to get it. Her towel falls off as Chad walks by. She covers herself and giggles nervously until Gabi arrives. Mel runs off and Chad tells her what happened. He mentions Will and then stops himself. Gabi explains she needs a man who will be able to show her that he loves her. Mel returns in her clothes. Chad stares at her as he assures Gabi that love finds you when you least expect it.

Abby literally bumps into Austin in the square and spills her hot coffee all over the crotch of his tracksuit. He starts apologizing and offers to get her another drink. Austin explains that he was jogging and thinking about her. He asks her what makes a good teacher. She tells him that the secret is caring and his girl students are sure to love him. He wants her to teach him how to be a teacher. They wander around and talk about his old boxing career. He pulls some moves and brushes her cheek. She nearly blushes and tells him about her interest in journalism. Abby invites him to her award ceremony. He tells her he doesn't think he can make it. She heads over to the spa where Mel tells her that Chad just left. Quinn offers her a free spa day. They split up. When Mel gets to the square, she runs into Chad again.

At Casa DiMera, Kate can see that her husband has a problem. He assures her he is fine but she wants him to confide in her. "Absolutely not," he says, insisting it is because he loves her and needs to protect her. She understands and says he's amazing. She goes down to the square. Chris arrives and blubbers about their agenda. He gets a call that ruffles his feathers. Spotting Sami arriving in the square, she sends Chris off. Sami's late for her meeting with her boss. Madison is furious. Sami begs her not to give her the boot. Her boss is sick of giving her second chances. "It's over," she says. Kate listens as Sami bungles everything. Madison suddenly realizes why Sami could never hold a job. She leaves to take a call and Kate comes over. She wonders where Sami's backbone has gone. Kate tells her to demand some respectful treatment and suggests she stop acting like a weakling. After she ends her big pep talk, she walks off and Madison returns. Sami gets assertive. "You can cough up that fur ball that's making you catty or I'll quit," says Sami. Kate eavesdrops and laughs that the Sami she loathes is back. Madison is impressed and suggests they just get back to work.

Bo and Hope are at the pub mulling over the latest clue in the Alice mess. He gets Susan's number from Marlena. They call her. At first she tries to get rid of Hope and then asks about Elvis. When Hope brings up Stefano, Susan starts ranting about the 'mean, mean man'. She slips up and says that Stefano went to see Alice but then pretends the phone is breaking up and cuts out. The cops head to Casa DiMera to question Stefano. He's evasive and admits he already knows she called Susan. "A lot of thoughts cross my mind," he assures them. They keep prodding him and he insists that he only turned to Alice for help getting a doctor for his son and that's all there was to it. Hope is sure there is a reason her grandmother left her clues and shows him the latest. He chuckles and says they will get no answers from him. They continue badgering him until Harold announces he has a call. He walks off and Bo tells his wife they need to be cool and treat this like a chess game. When Stefano returns, he repeats that they should let the secrets of the dead rest. Hope moves his chess piece and declares checkmate. After the cops leave, he picks up the piece and declares that this is far from over.

December 8, 2011
Dead Meat.

Some dude with a gun is trailing Chad and Mel around the square. They buy a necklace for his girlfriend and Mel models it for him. He stutters. Dude bumps into them and shows them his gun. Chad tries to rush Mel away but the dude stops him and ushers them off. They're dumped into a dark little room and watched via CCTV. The dude comes in with a friend. "We're the bad guys," he declares with a chuckle. "This is called a gun. It can kill you," the dude explains. Chad tells him he's a DiMera and they just made the biggest mistake of their life. Dude knows that and that Chadsworth has nothing to do with his family. Chad tells him he has to let them go or the website won't go back up. The dude pistol whips him and says he knows that Will is the brains in the operation. Mel cradles Chad as he burbles blood in his mouth. She starts to cry. He promises everything will be okay.

Sonny tracks down Will at the pub to see if he's okay. Will claims he's great. Artie runs in and tells them that they are going to be killed. He orders them to get Chad there or he could be 'dead meat'. Artie explains that the people running the gambling site are very bad people. "Are you on drugs?" Will asks. Artie repeats that they are in danger and makes them call Chad. He doesn't pick up. As they huddle in a corner, Artie explains how much danger they are in. They leave to see if Chad is at the awards ceremony.

Over at the loft, Rafe brings in Bo and Hope to talk to a quarterback from Salem U. He explains that something big is going down at the school and Will may be involved. The quarterback tells them all about the gamblers and how threatening they were. He admits that he threw games when his family was threatened. Rafe and Carrie team up to start searching for Will and Chad while Bo vows to take down anyone who goes after Sonny or anyone else in his family.

At the Horton house, Jenn tells her daughter that she looks beautiful. Abby asks Gabi if she wants to talk about her problems. Gabi doesn't. Abby keeps checking her phone and wonders where Chad is. They start doing their make-up. Later, they head down to the square and find the necklace and that Chad accidentally dropped. She's quickly distracted when she spots Austin and runs up to him. Gabi pulls her away because she doesn't want to be alone with Will lurking around. The girls go over to Sonny and Will, who start to panic when they realize Chad isn't there. Will's phone is sent a picture of Chad and Mel with a gun pointed at them. Abby starts to flip out but Sonny thinks all will be cool as soon as the website is back up. He takes her away to calm down, leaving Will and Gabi to talk. He has no idea what to do. When the others return, Abby wants to go to the cops but Will thinks that will doom them. They spot the cops arriving. Will suggests that they handle this on their own. They head back to the Horton house. Abby thinks they should work with the cops. When Will is about to put the site back up, Sonny stops him and says they are going to take care of this.

Daniel drops by the mansion to pick up Victor and Maggie for Abby's ceremony. They talk about his awkwardness with Jenn and he assures Victor that he is still fighting for her. They all head down to the square for the ceremony. Jenn greets them and they chit chat. Daniel doles out compliments. Jenn is distracted when she spots Jack and walks over to him to talk about being Abby's parents. The cops rush over to Maggie and Victor, looking for the kids. Bo fills Jack and Jenn in on what's going on. Artie runs up to the cops stuttering as he shows them the picture of Mel and Chad he was sent. They send it to Rafe and Carrie. He doesn't want to tell Sami about the mess Will is in.

Dec 9, 2011
It Was Meant To Be.

The thugs watch Chad and Mel over CCTV. Chad yells for help and hits the door. Mel slouches in tears. He promises that they will be okay. When he goes silent, she realizes they are doomed. The thugs watch. Dude number two starts to think this was a bad idea but the boss tells them they can't be afraid to get their hands dirty. Mel bangs on the wall and screams. Chad holds her. She paces and worries before explaining that it's hard for her to be around him. When she mentions the kiss, he admits that he knew it was her the whole time but he couldn't stop himself. He thinks about her all the time. So does she. "It was meant to be," they say in unison. They don't want to hurt Abby but they can't shed their feelings. He wipes away her tears and they kiss.

In the square, Bo and Hope discuss the hostage situation with Carrie and Rafe. Over at the pub, Jack worries to Jenn about what's going on. Daniel tries to keep things calm. Victor offers them some assistance and they head out to the square. They question Bo, who doesn't know any more than they do. The men aren't encouraged and storm off. Austin arrives and asks why everyone looks so serious. Carrie fills him in. Rafe leaves to call Sami and Austin is in a snit about his wife being involved in this. The cops get a call that the website is being accessed from the Horton house. They bustle off, leaving Rafe behind. He mopes. Carrie comes over to rub his shoulders. Austin gorps before coming over to rail at Rafe. Carrie takes her husband aside and tells him to stop blowing things out of proportion. They bicker. Daniel, Victor and Jack return to the pub to tell Jenn that Bo is clueless. Jack is sure the cops are hiding information from them. Victor admits the same to Maggie and says he might need to call in some favors. "I don't like the way that people keep disappearing!" Jack blurts out as he, Jenn and Daniel head back to the square.

At the Horton house, Sonny stops Will from putting the site back up. Will doesn't know what else to do. Gabi and Abby badger them again about going to the police. Sonny gets another threatening text. Will works on the site. Abby panics so Sonny tries calming her down. Since the texts have been coming from Chad's phone, they track it with GPS. They discover that they are in an abandoned building by the pier. Sonny wants to go alone but the girls insist on going with him. When they get down there, he goes off on his own and the girls mull things over. The dude jumps out with his gun and takes them hostage. Sonny returns and finds Abby's earring. Back at the Horton house, the cops catch Will at work and stop him. Will gets another threatening text and shows it to them. He calls Rafe but gets Austin on the phone instead. He tells him that the others went looking for Chad and Mel. Austin demands to know where they are and runs off. Jenn has been eavesdropping and tells Daniel and Jack, who begins having a panic attack. The doctor assures him that the kids will be fine and calms him down.

Outside the warehouse, the cops find Sonny and he fills them in on the latest. Rafe calls to say Austin is on the way. The cops tell Sonny to stay there and then plod off. Austin arrives and heads in with Sonny. Abby and Gabi are brought into the pit of captivity to join Chad and Mel. He starts apologizing to Abby. The thugs take away Gabi and Mel. Chad yells at his girlfriend for coming down there. The dude hears Bo and Hope so he grabs Mel as his human shield. They head out to the alley where Sonny knocks the dude out and grabs Mel as the guy runs. Meanwhile, Chad kicks open the door, sends Abby off to the exit and then wrestles the other thug away from Gabi. The cops run in and arrest the thug. Down the hall, the other thug has chased Abby into a room. Austin follows them and boxes the guy around the room until he kicks him into the floor. Bo arrives to arrest him. Everyone is reunited in the square. Victor tells Sonny he's proud of him and gives him a hug. Abby and Rafe stare at Austin and Carrie. Bo and Hope hug and kiss under the Horton tree and then a massive hugfest erupts.

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