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2nd Week of December Summaries 

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December 12, 2011
Gruel And A Stick To Play With.

Jenn is at home reading about the hostage crisis when Abe and Lexi drop by to check on her. She explains that Abby is okay but sleeping. They talk about how afraid the voters are that organized crime is coming to Salem. Jenn thinks it's time to expose EJ's background but the Carvers refuse. He doesn't want to see his family life dragged into this. Jenn makes her case. He still refuses. She gets a call from the charity event they were attending and learns there has been a change of venue.

EJ wakes up Nicole in their bed. He's been watching her sleep for hours. "I just woke you to tell you that I love you," he croons. They romantically bone. "Oy!" she moans when they finish. She reminds him that he has to talk at a charity lunch today. She explains that she's pushed a bunch of businesses to donate money to fund a kid's program and they can use this against Abe. "I'm going to give you a proper standing ovation," he says. She sends him to the shower to do it alone. Later, Elvis goes to a press conference. He takes off his coat and tells everyone that he knows how hard everything is and that he's only there as a concerned citizen. He explains that he has helped raise funds for a new rec center. He gets a big ovation. When he and Nic head out to the square, Jenn and the Cravers have learned that they swanned in to take over the charity event and cut Abe out. Jenn accuses them of sinking to exploiting children. "You are a pathetic human being," she spits. EJ and Abe bicker until Lexi calls a time-out, gives her brother the stink face and walks off. Jenn warns Nicole to play fair but Nic is nonchalant. Jenn huffs and puffs. When Nicole and EJ get home, he lectures her for going too far. She says she did this because she loves him. He starts to dance her around and they make out. Meanwhile, Jenn challenges Abe to fight or accept defeat. As Lexi steps out, he paces and ponders before finally saying, "Do what you have to do." That makes Jenn smile.

Sami arrives at work and is sure to point out to her boss that she's on time. Things get awkward when she mentions Brady. Madison enters Brady's office and they go thorough a passive-aggressive routine before he kicks her out. She doesn't go and explains that she hates herself for what happened. Madison admits she wants him. "I'm going to need a neck-brace from all the whiplash you're giving me," he says. He needs an explanation for her constant back and forth. She explains that she has a hard time letting people in. Brady needs a better explanation. Madison admits she's never felt serious about a man before him. She insists that she doesn't want to drive him away. He thanks her for being honest and she admits that she's still scared. They decide to work on their problems and start making out.

Sami runs into Kate in the square and asks her about what happened. She explains that she was out of town when everything went down and then thanks Kate for her advice about dealing with Madison. Kate stops her before she can run off to her meeting. Chris calls to say he's been turned pumpkin orange by his spray tan and can't leave his condo. Sami's babysitter runs over and dumps the kids on her because she has an emergency. The children run circles around their mom. As she tries to come up with a plan to deal with them, Kate offers to help. "What's in it for you?" Sami snipes. Kate reminds her they are her grandchildren. They bicker about this. Reluctantly, Sami agrees, but she bans Kate from buying them candy and gifts. "Can they at least have a bowl of gruel and stick to play with?" Kate asks, before reminding her that she raised children who turned out fine until they met Sami. As soon as the blond is gone, Kate promises candy for the kids. After she treats them, Sami returns from her meeting and they bicker. The kids show her the pictures of them with Santa. The kids think their grandma is the best. Sami grudgingly tells Kate she appreciates all of this. Kate would like them to see Stefano but Sami says that's not going to happen. The blond gets a text from Rafe saying he can look after the kids. Sami herds them up and thanks Kate again.



December 13, 2011
I Miss You Like I Miss Air.

The awkwardness continues at Titan as Madison apologizes for running away from Brady after they started kissing. She asks him to have cake with her again. "I never make the same mistake twice," he says. She apologizes some more. He says he wants to do something different on their make-up date. Brady leads her to his office to re-create the night of the blizzard because it was one of the best times they ever had. He has the chips but she points out there's no snow so he turns on a snowflake light show. Madison says that's the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for her. They kiss. Their Thai food comes and she thanks him for not walking away on her. He gushes about all of the things he likes about her. She likes to be told she's perfect. They drink and hold hands until he turns on some music so they can dance. He walks her to her hotel room. She asks him to stay. When she goes to the bathroom to change, he has rose petals strewn on the bed and lights scented candles. They leap into bed.

Daniel drops by Jenn's and they talk about what tough cookies their daughters are. He gets her excited as he promises to make her 'black and blue' on their date. They head off to go ice skating when she gets a call from Jack to ask about Abby. He sends Daniel his thanks. Jenn gives the doctor her skates to untangle while she gets hot chocolate. As he tries to unravel the laces, his hands shake. When she returns, they skate until she has to help him limp to the pub. He explains that he's going to take her to see some Scottish ballet. Jenn explains that Jack got her tickets to that. Daniel starts kicking himself. "We need to talk," he ominously says. The doctor explains that the dating mess they are in is torture for him and he doesn't feel like he's 'the one' for her. It doesn't seem like this 'stupidity' has gone anywhere and it needs to end. "I'm out," he declares. She doesn't know what to say but he claims he can see how deeply she connects with Jack and he just can't compete with that. "We're not meant to be," he says. She chokes up and says she couldn't have survived without him and her heart is breaking, even if he is right about all of this. The doctor walks her home and hopes that they can be friends. She's so sad it feels like her heart will fall out. "It won't, I made sure of that," he says, explaining that she taught him to love again. Crying, she hugs him goodbye and he walks off.

Marlena drops by the cells with a picnic basket for John. Sitting on the floor, she sets up the paper plates by candle light. She says he's finest man she's ever known. He gropes her shoulder and sniffs her hair as he tells her that he's desperate to pay back everything that was stolen. Things get tense when they discuss his case. They both believe in miracles but he thinks they need to be realistic. He suggests that she start making plans for her future. "I miss you like I miss air," she says before explaining that she may take a job at Salem U. He was talking about divorce and says she's too young to stay committed to him. She promises to stay with him until she's dead and then blubbers until he gets confused. He wonders what she's up to so she explains that she's investigating Stefano on her own. "Are you out of your mind?" he yells. She insists it's fine but he orders her to stop. After some arguing, she gets their dessert: whipped cream on strawberries. They lick the berries and suck face. "I miss not sleeping next to you," he says, licking her ear until she groans.

December 14, 2011
Which One Of You Committed The Mortal Sin?

Kayla startles Sami at the pub. Sami wonders why she's back. Kayla explains it was just a spur of the moment thing and she wanted to help Caroline by bringing Joey over so she could babysit him. They blab about their kids until Austin shows up and orders a light beer. He notices Sami has her frustrated face on. She explains about wanting to renew her vows but she can't get a church spot. "So which one of you committed the mortal sin?" he jokes. He doesn't see the rush since they just got married. Austin admires her for finally becoming the Sami she always wanted to be. As they head out, Kayla squints at them.

Over at the loft, Carrie puts the kids to sleep and Rafe talks to her about the case. He tells her that John really was at the cafe after all, just in a different year than the prosecution claimed. She claps and says he's a genius. As she gives him a hug, Sami walks in. Rafe runs over to hug her. They tell her about the break in the case. Things are tense so Carrie runs off. Rafe senses his wife is ticked off. She explains that the church isn't available for their vow renewal. He says they can do it later. Sami grouches but he doesn't see the rush. She gushes about how she wants to be a good wife and have all of their friends and family there to see how committed they are, just like Tom and Alice. Rafe gets inspired and suggests they do it in the square by the Horton plaque. She's overwhelmed so he picks her up and takes her into the bedroom. Meanwhile, Carrie goes to her hotel room to see Austin. He pretends he's okay with her being out and they talk about Christmas and their old cabin full of advent calendars. He hands her a gift. She jiggles and rips it open. It's her Christmas album. They smooch and then discuss going shopping.

Gabi meets with Chad to study for their finals. They talk about how being held hostage put things in perspective. She's already ready to move on from Will. They talk about when they used to date. He stares into space and thinks about Mel. He's so distracted he decides to leave. Gabi stares.

Mel takes Abby home. Abby finds the award she won and starts musing about how quickly things can change. Jenn mopes in and explains that Daniel broke up with her. Mel wants to slap her dad around but Jenn insists that he did the right thing. Suddenly, Abby tells her mom that Chad is perfect but she thinks she's met someone else. Mel listens closely and her eyes dart around. Jenn just thinks her daughter must be in shock. "We are," Mel says. Jenn tells her not to make any crazy decisions while she is emotional. They decide they need some therapy. Abby won't explain any more about her mystery man. Mel thinks she should tell Chad but Abby doesn't want to hurt him. She has feelings for two men and doesn't want to end up like her mom. However, her feelings for the other man are so strong she can't even breathe when he's around. Abby doesn't know what to do. Mel stares into space and thinks about Chad until her friend interrupts to ask for advice. Melanie is disoriented. Jenn suggests they all go out and look at flashing lights. As she gets her coat, Abby asks her friend if she's okay since her ordeal. Mel stutters and they discuss how amazing Chad is. When the three of them get to the square, Mel spots Chad. They exchange glances and he disappears into the shadows. Carrie and Austin run past them to the tree and hang their ornaments. Jenn tells her daughter what an awesome couple they are. Abby knits her brow as the couple suck face and she thanks him for filling her with the Christmas spirit.

December 15, 2011
John, John, John, John.

Rafe and Carrie are at the loft talking about how much the Salem PD sucks. She worries about John. She's eager to tell him about their new evidence. Rafe coos about how swell she is. They begin discussing his vow renewal and she tells him Sami is very lucky. Hope and Bo arrive. Rafe tells them about the photo and they all conclude Stefano must be behind this. The cops tell them about the EJ picture and show them Alice's IOU. They think Stefano is so superstitious that he will honor it. Rafe has his doubts but Hope is sure he will be scared of the ghost of Alice.

John and Marlena are brought up to a legal chamber. EJ and Stefano join them. They trade barbs. "What are two clowns doing here?" Marlena demands. The men have a proposition. The couple are sarcastic but John eventually agrees to listen. The DiMeras explain that Basic Black is falling apart and his employees could all lose their jobs. Stefano suggests that he sell the company to him. John laughs in his face. EJ explains that if John does sell, he will drop the civil suit. Marlena can't see why EJ would give up being 'champion of the little people'. John explains that he knows exactly what they're up to. Stefano and EJ look bored as he recaps the plot. "I'll see you in Hell," John intones. "John, John, John, John," Stefano groans. They pressure him to take the deal to help his employees. John smells his hands and plays with his hair, admitting that they've got him where they want him."You're holding my employees hostage and you want me to cave... but I don't negotiate with terrorists," John says. Marlena gets snide. Stefano says they need to stop with the self-righteousness. She rants instead. Stefano finally gets angered by all of the stupidity and offers them 'salvation'. "Don't make me laugh!" snorts Marlena. "We just want to help the little people," Stefano insists. Marlena tells them to pay them back and then leave them alone. John starts to guess that they must have planted someone in his company to frame him. The DiMeras continue claiming they didn't do anything and insisting John has brought this all on himself. John rejects the offer again. The DiMeras leave and she tells John he did the right thing. He hopes so.

In Madison's room, Brady puts on his pants. He starts to wonder if she wants him to leave. She doesn't. She tells him that last night was pretty much perfect. They start making out and undressing each other as they flop back into bed. After the bonking, he suggests she take the day off. She's never done that but agrees. They go outside for a music montage of ornament hanging, whipped cream licking, Santa visiting an lipsmacking. They go back to her place so he can put up her tree. She hasn't had one since she was a wee lass and regales him with sad tales of Christmases past. He offers to make her Christmas special. That sounds nice to her. He tells her about his troubled holidays and how rejected he felt when Marlena was around. "Something tells me Sami did her fair share of ruining Christmas too," Madison comments. He wishes he had looked out for Belle more. Madison tells him she's had an amazing day and they make out. When she spots a gift, she wants to tear it open but he forbids her to do that before Christmas day. They make out some more.


Dec 16, 2011
If I Had A Hat...

Jack drops by Jenn's as she tries to write stuff for the campaign and fails to outdo the DiMeras. He's sarcastic and tells her that she can't think like a DiMera because she's actually a good person. They discuss their daughter. He wants to make sure she has her own phone in case it was stolen. When he starts talking about what could have been between them, she tells him they can't live in the land of 'what-ifs'. Noticing that she has been living on chips, he decides to drag her out to eat.

Mel and her dad are in the square. He's glum. She doesn't think he should be so worried about getting Maggie's condition and he doesn't want to talk about Jenn. As they discuss her captivity, she keeps thinking of smacking lips with Chadsworth. They warm their hands by the Horton fire pit and she keeps thinking about how she used to do things without thinking. He's sure the day of her hurting other people are over. "I did something I have to tell someone about," she admits. They get food. As she puts the meat in her mouth, she stares and thinks of Chad. Suddenly snapping out of it, she tells her dad she's applied to give Botox treatments to Salemites so she can afford to move out. She tells him he was dumb to let Jenn go. They bicker about this and he assures her he will be fine. After she leaves, Jenn and Jack wander by. There's some awkward small talk. Daniel offers them his table. Jack stammers and then tells him he's a good guy but they are still competing. The doctor realizes Jenn hasn't filled Jack in so he leaves them to work it out. Jenn breaks the news to Jack. "If I had a hat, I would throw it in the air!" he exclaims before gushing about how they are soulmates. She explains that Daniel dumped her. He takes her hand and promises things will be different. Jenn tells him that things are not fixed between them. She points out that they had serious problems last time. He wants to solve them and promises never to leave again. "I cannot face seeing this fail again," she says before walking away.

Chad takes Abby to the spa for some self-defense lessons. They discover that Gabi is the new receptionist. Gabi touches Chad's fabric and says she owes him for saving her. Across the room, Abby bumps into Austin. Gabi notices her friend's lustful panting. Abby tells Austin about her nightmares. Quinn arrives and Austin tells him that he wants his wife to learn some self-defence. Abby decides to tag along as they tour the facilities. This leaves Gabi to chat with Chad. Things are uncomfortable because they talk about Will. "You're not going to have much of a problem finding someone else," he says. She thinks all the good ones are taken. Meanwhile, Abby tells Austin she's thinking of taking his class. When he walks off, Gabi approaches her to say that Prof. Reed is hot. "Really?" Abby yelps. Mel arrives and they all sign up for self-defence. Mel and Chad go into the corner and she apologizes for what happened. Abby sticks her head in. Mel covers. Chad and Abby leave and Gabi asks her friend what's up. Mel wanders off for her interview and Gabi asks Austin how long he's known Abby. He says he's known her since she was a baby, but she's all grown up now. "She sure is," he comments. Mel returns once he leaves. She just scored the job.

Daniel goes to the pub and is surprised to find Kayla there. He welcomes her back and starts drinking. Austin arrives and she introduces everyone before the men start discussing baseball. They get plastered and Austin has to leave to take a call. Jack drifts in. Kayla is cold to him. Daniel tries to be civil. Jack sits with him and tells him that Jenn still hasn't made any decisions. Austin returns and depresses them.

Abby and Chad go out for lunch. He walks off to order so she takes out the toque and fondles it. Mel walks by and worries that her friend was going to tell Chad about her crush. Mel insists she would never betray a confidence, but wonders what will happen between her and Chad. Abby says nothing will happen with her crush so no worries. Chad returns and invites Mel to join them. She excuses herself and bustles off.

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