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3rd Week of December Summaries

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December 19, 2011
It's Always About You.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole is rummaging around in a bag of Kate's products. Kate walks in and catches her at it. She tells her that she's a two-time loser with EJ and she's not good enough to be a DiMera. Elvis interrupts before they can pummel each other. "You're one expletive away from having your own reality TV show," he complains. Kate thinks Nicole is a 'bedbug'. EJ asks them to be civil for the holidays. Kate flounces off. EJ grabs Nicole's scarf and pulls her into a kiss. He gets her a martini and asks him to make sure the bar is full for the holidays. When he tells her about his meeting with John, she doubts he will take the offer. She asks him if he's responsible for embezzling the money. He squints. She's sure he's capable of it. EJ won't answer. She understands but worries that secrets and lies could destroy them. He flashes back to couch sex with Samanther. "There is something I want to tell you," he says to his wife before saying that the past is not important. "From this time forward I am going to be honest," he claims before he explains that he's got a massage therapist for her upstairs. They smooch and she heads up. Once she's undressed and blindfolded, a man comes in with a French-Yugoslavian-German-Swedish accent and starts going over her kinks. When he shoves his hand between her legs, she kicks him away and he apologizes. As he keeps going over her, she starts groping his abs and tells him to lock the door and take his shirt off. EJ gulps. She asks for her happy ending. He strips down. She gropes and tells him what her husband doesn't know won't hurt him. He has a fit. She laughs and admits she knew it was him all along. Before he can run away, she pulls him onto the table for her happy ending.

At Titan, Sami gags as her boss flirts with Brady. Once he leaves, Sami objects to Madison taking the morning off to sleep with the CEO. Madison reminds Sami that she's her employee and that is none of her business. Sami whines about how uncomfortable this is for her and warns her that sleeping with Brady is a big mistake. Madison doesn't want to hear this. Sami won't shut up so her boss tells her to focus on her job or she'll be looking for a new one. After Madison walks off, Rafe just calls to say he loves Sami. She flashes back to boning Elvis, in color this time. When she gets down to the square, Brady confronts her for getting involved in his personal life. She says it's his fault for not taking her advice. "You're the last person in the world I would take romantic advice from," he says. She refuses to accept that this is none of her business and whines about how it could ruin his career. "It's always about you. When are you going to change?" he asks. Kate has stopped a few feet away to eavesdrop. Once he departs, Kate swans over to say she overheard the argument and knows what a nightmare she must be living through. She says that Sami has potential and shouldn't let other people ruin her career. Her talents wouldn't be shortchanged at CW, she adds. Sami's eyes dart around like she was kicked by a mule.

Back at Titan, Madison gets a call from someone demanding that she keep in touch more often. Madison goes down to the pub where Brady joins her and tells her that he told Sami off. He thinks they should just enjoy the honeymoon stage of their relationship and not worry about Sami.

Rafe and Carrie stroll around the square discussing the case. Over in the cells, John rants about Stefano to Marlena. He throws his chair and declares that he would rather dissolve Basic Black and pay back his investors than sell the company to the DiMeras. They go upstairs to meet Rafe and Carrie who tell them the latest. His lawyer shows them the photo and tell them they know it was altered. John is happy. Rafe leaves with Marlena and John asks Carrie to pay back his investors. Marlena returns as his lawyer says he can't repay anyone because his assets are frozen. Rafe returns as John vows again never to make a deal with the DiMeras. The guard comes to take John away. Once he's gone, Marlena senses something else is up. They tell her about the Alice IOU and how they think it could be John's 'get out of jail free' card. Marlena's sure John would refuse to use it but Carrie thinks they may need to make a deal with the devil.


December 20, 2011
No Luck.

In the square, Mel helps her dad buy his first Christmas card for Maggie. The redhead runs over to join them shopping. As she and Mel look around, the doctor's hands start to shake. The women bustle off to shop and Mel assures her grandma that Daniel has come to realize his life is better with her in it. Once they are shopped out, they go to the pub for hot chocolate. Maggie worries about her and thinks they should talk about her ordeal. Mel opens up, but what really seems to be disturbing her is her feelings for Chad. She was shocked that he had feelings for her too. Even if she could, Mel's not sure she would want to stop her feelings for him.

Stefano goes to see his daughter at the hospital. He tells her the distance she put between them is breaking his heart. She points out his actions have come between them and this is a waste of time. He sits down and goes on and on about his love for her. She paces and then slaps his shoulder pads while she sobs. Lexi doesn't want to forgive him again, particularly with how EJ has been smearing Abe. "When you go against my husband, you go against me," she says, booting him out. He smiles to himself and leaves. Daniel drops in. She tells him his results show that he does not have Maggie's condition. He's not relieved and explains that he's been having hand tremors. She offers to run more tests. Daniel says that he may need her to cover for him. For now, he needs to pull himself out of surgical rotation. They go through all his upcoming hernia operations and deal them to other doctors. He heads down to the pub and finds Maggie and Mel. They hide the gift they got him but his mom decides to give it to him. It's a pair of surgeon's cuff-links. He's moved.

At the penthouse, Marlena starts panting when Hope shows her the IOU and explains her strategy. The shrink is skeptical about this working. Bo explains John will be sent to the nastiest prison in the state soon so they have to deal with this now. Marlena moans about how much her husband has been torturing himself over everything, but she knows he would rather die than take Stefano's help. She tells Hope to use the card anyway. Although she's been standing right there the whole time, Rafe has to explain what just happened to Carrie. Marlena gives them some paperwork and they chat about taking jobs at the university and sticking around. She and Rafe chat about Will. They're still not sure what's up with him. She suggests that Will move in with her.

Bo and Hope head to Casa DiMera to hand Stefano the IOU again. "What do you expect me to do?" he asks. They want him to free John. He refuses. Bo scribbles as Hope keeps prodding him. Stefano explains that the card was for Alice. Besides, there's nothing he could do. Hope keeps pushing. He tries to convince them that they are wasting the card on John and brings up how Hope used to have feelings for him. The cops won't back down. He still refuses and asks them to go. Hope keeps going on about this and insists that he knows he has to honor his promise. He makes some vague remarks and walks away.

December 21, 2011
The Tooth Fairy Is Tapped Out.

At Titan, Madison and Brady give a video conference holiday message to her offices around the globe. Once that's done, Brady wonders where she keeps her crystal ball and says buying her company was the smartest thing he ever did. He thinks that she's the whole package. "Are you crushing on me?" she asks. She doesn't want to label what they have. Madison starts quoting someone and then vaguely explains who he was before abruptly asking Brady about how he became a CEO. It wasn't what he planned. He wanted to be an astronaut so he could find his mom in Heaven. Brady takes her over to the mansion to show her his telescope. She's impressed by how big it is. He shows her the constellations and the star that he thought was his mother. "I have nothing to hide from you," he says. They hug and she tells him how she used to wish on the stars that her father would come back. He pours them drinks and they discuss their miserable childhoods. "It's a Christmas miracle that we turned out to be sane, rational, wonderful people," she says. They toast. After she gropes his crotch, he suggests they go upstairs but she'd rather go outside so he can show her the moon.

Sami calls Rafe to complain about all of their bills. He's sure that things will turn around. "The tooth fairy is tapped out," she moans. He suggests they cancel their ceremony but she insists that won't cost anything. She stresses out. Someone comes to her door so she hangs up and answers. It's Kate. "I'm here to change your life!" she declares. Sami reminds her that the last time she said that, she put her on death row. Kate offers her a job. Sami reminds her that they hate each other but Kate insists that she thinks the blond is a smart cookie and wants her in her company. Kate keeps making her case. "I want you working for me even if you are you," she says. Sami still refuses because she can't stand her. Kate offers to double her salary. Sami thinks she must be plotting with EJ to ruin her life and freaks out. Once she calms down, Kate tells her that Madison treats her like crap, but she can understand how difficult it is to raise a bunch of kids. She also wants an excuse to her grandkids more often. Sami thinks but decides it's too much of a risk. Kate tells her that money problems will ruin her marriage and she shouldn't let her stubbornness get in the way of her family. The blond refuses to make this decision now. "Take the cookies when they're passed," Kate advises.

Over at the penthouse, Marlena hands Carrie more files and wishes Stefano was rotting in jail. Bo and Hope arrive to say that Stefano refused to help, but dropped a useful clue. Rafe joins them and they try to interpret the clue. Marlena makes coffee so they can stay up all night brainstorming. Carrie thanks her for being a mother to her. Marlena is proud of her. They rehash the past and Marlena is proud that Carrie and her sister aren't fighting over the same man anymore. Carrie smiles at Rafe. He and the cops keeping thinking out loud until he realizes what Stefano must have been talking about. They have to check if the internet was actually active when John was supposed to have made the transactions.


December 22, 2011
Break In The Case.

In the square, Carrie drinks her Christmas coffee and talks about miracles to Austin. Chad wanders by and they dicuss shopping. He shows them the earings he got for Abby. Austin threatens to buy his wife a toaster. She says he can buy her a house for it. As the couple snog, Chad thinks of Mel. They all yammer about the hostage thing until Carrie rushes off, leaving Austin to apologize for the contant PDAs. Chad thinks he's lucky and tells him about his miserable parents. Austin doles out his wisdom concerning women.

Abby meets Mel at the pub to discuss the big secret crush. Abby is feeling bad about it, but the mystery man makes her heart beat faster. She wishes she could forget about him because she knows that it will never work out. Mel suggests that she's just keeping Chad around because he's a sure thing. The topic turns to what a wonderful friend Mel is and Abby hugs her before leaving to shop. As she walks through the square, she runs into Austin. She lights up. He asks her how she's been handling her trauma. She thinks he's done enough for her but he says that she's special to him and wants to be there for her. That means a lot to her. She sets up an assignment board for him online.

Chad heads off to the pub and bumps into Mel. She's nervous and hopped up on caffeine. He thinks they need to discuss what happened between them. Things are awkward. After much stammering, she says they only kissed because they were freaked out. They agree to keep it from Abby. He points out that he's wound up kissing her accidentally a lot. Chad shows her the gift he got for his girlfriend. They try smiling and insist that all is well between them. This makes things even more awkward. He walks off. She frowns.

Over at the penthouse, Rafe and the cops keep going over their leads. Eventually, Rafe gets inspired. Carrie arrives as Rafe calls his buddy at Interpol to help him with an idea he has. The cops go off to raid Marlena's fridge and Carrie tries talking to Rafe about the vow renewal. He doesn't understand why she is so obsessed about it. They try to figure it out and he wonders if it has something to do with why Will has been acting out. The cops return and Carrie putters off to see her husband. She interrupts him with Abby. The young woman looks terrified as the husband and wife make kissy faces. She gags and decides to run. Carrie insists that she join them for lunch. Abby wears a smile as Carrie tells her stories about Austin. Eventually, she escapes. Back at the penthouse, Hope worries that Bo is thinking of Stefano taunting them. He assures her that he loves her and they need to put their past behind them so they can have the best Christmas ever. A call comes in from Rafe's friend with news confirming his suspicions. They're thrilled.

Maggie and Victor visit Daniel in his office. He tells them that he doesn't have MG. That's a relief to her because she's been worried. When he explains that he's taking himself out of surgical rotation, she has to wonder why. They drag him back to the mansion to ply his problems out of him with booze. The doctor tells them about his tremors and he tries putting them down to stress. He wants this kept quiet and tells them he is spending Christmas all alone. Maggie gives him a pep talk. Daniel assures them he will get through all of this. Victor isn't happy to learn that he's been keeping Mel in the dark about all this. He says she's been through enough and he'll tell her when he gets the results.


Dec 23, 2011
Christmas Miracle.

Austin shows up at the loft as Sami freaks out looking for her shoes. He tries to calm her. She moans that John will ruin everything like he always does. Meanwhile, Mel teases Victor and Maggie as they make out at the redhead's. They wish that Daniel was with them. Mel goes down to the square and meets up with Abby. A herd of children nearly run over them as they yak about Chad. They walk around and Abby runs into Austin looking after Allie.

Across the square, Abe checks in with Bo and Hope about John. Hope starts asking the mayor about his speech tonight. They see EJ and Nicole making out and Lexi vows not to let them ruin the evening. She runs over to confront her brother but he assures her he is taking the night off from his campaign. He invites her family over to Casa DiMera to get Theo's gift. She growls and plods off. Abe goes up on the podium to call Santa out to see the kids. It's Doug in a Santa suit. He sits in his throne and tells the children the story of Christmas.

Marlena is at the penthouse having flashbacks to the 80s with John when Will shows up. He wants to take her to the vow renewal. She explains that she wasn't invited. He wants her there but she doesn't want to ruin Sami's special time. Will insists and drags her down to the square. He tells her that he's already over Gabi. She doesn't buy it. Will admits that he loved the idea of being with Gabi more than the real thing. There are other feelings he's been having that he can't get rid of... He decides to change the topic. As they walk off, EJ comes out after eavesdropping. As Will and Marlena approach Sami, she turns as pink as a spanked bottom and orders her mom to leave. Will pouts as the two mothers bicker. He insists that they both stay and Sami grudgingly relents. EJ and Nicole walk by with the kids. Sami corners her eldest son and he starts making snide remarks about her relationship with EJ. He points out that this is her fifth marriage and, sooner or later, Rafe will figure out who she really is. When she demands to know what's going on, he threatens to tell everyone. He accuses her of being selfish and not caring about anyone else.

On a bench, Bo gives Hope a gift. It's a first edition of the book of poetry he gave her when she was 18. She loves it. Then he hands her an anniversary gift. It's some jewelry. Meanwhile, Nicole congratulates EJ on not being a Grinch at Christmas. He's just happy his life is going well. Marlena paces around the square and stands under some misteltoe.

At the court house, Rafe and Carrie show the judge the information they received proving that the FBI evidence must have been doctored. She wants her client set free. The judge has to do some consulting and lets them go. They wait for news as Rafe gets changed. She does his tie up for him and their eyes meet. She gets a call from the judge. Later, Rafe runs down to the square and finds Will confronting Sami. She's in tears so he gets Will to back off. After Will runs off, John suddenly pops up and surprises Marlena under the mistletoe. He tells her it's all over. ''It's a real Christmas miracle!'' she exclaims. He finds Carrie to thank her. EJ and Nicole spot this. He's upset so Bo and Hope come over to tease him. The cops prance around. Abe and Lexi congratulate John and he thanks them until Elvis comes over to clap mockingly. He vows to fight this to the bitter end. Meanwhile, Lexi asks Abe if they can stop by her father's... for Theo's sake. He understands. Rafe and Sami rejoin everyone. They officially invite John and Marlena to the ceremony. John would love nothing better. They gather around the tree. Abe officiates and Will bites his lip as Rafe makes his vows and tells his wife she's his everything. She declares that marrying him was one of the few smart things she's ever done. Will laughs bitterly as she talks about being faithful. EJ watches from the corner. Abe offers some Alice quotes and then lets the couple kiss. During a musical montage, Marlena makes Will grudgingly hug his mom. Sami then grudgingly hugs John. Then, John and Marlena make out.

Bo and Hope go to Horton house. She talks about how much she misses Alice and how she is still helping them. The family joins them and Doug makes a toast to the holiday season. Maggie gives Victor a hideous sweater and the Devereax clan look at photo albums. Over at Casa DiMera, the Carvers arrive to join in the merriment.

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