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4th Week of December Summaries

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December 26, 2011
Alice's Key.


John and Marlena are at the penthouse cooing about their Christmas miracle. They hope that the family will be alright now. Will shows up and they drag him in for dinner. "Did you cook?" he asks, worried. She informs him that Maggie sent food over so he decides to stay. They play Scrabble and then Will starts venting about what a hypocrite his mom is. The topic turns to John's plans to pay back his employees. Will's impressed. Marlena wants to enjoy their freedom so she asks John to take a walk with her first thing in the morning. He inhales her face. Will gags. John starts making calls so she tries to get Will to open up about his problems. She tells him that they have space if he wants to live there for a while and get some perspective. He thanks her and thinks she's amazing.

Rafe carries Sami home and shows her that he's decorated the loft for her. She thinks he's magic. He thinks he's the luckiest guy in the world. They toast to how wonderful they are and make out. She puts on her nightie. He spills his champale. She wants to rush him to bed but he thinks they should savour this. They talk about their marriage and how important commitment is. She wants them to be just like Tom and Alice. He starts to wonder why she wanted this vow renewal so urgently and asks if it had something to do with EJ and the RoboRafe affair. It drives him crazy to know that because of EJ, she slept with someone else. Sami vows never to take him for granted. He claims nothing Elvis could do could ever come between them. They strip off for some slow motion sex on the couch. He passes out after and she pensively paces over to the window to stare and cry.

At the Horton house, Bo is attempting to assemble Ciara's bicycle. Hope doesn't think he can handle it. The bike collapses on his leg. She orders him to go and find an assembled bike. He groans so she calls in some favors. They go off to get it. As they walk across town with it, they start joking around. She throws her coffee at him. He slips on it and his ass knocks over the Horton plaque, smashing it. "How does something so rock solid break?" she asks, assuming this is a bad omen, or a message from Alice saying they're idiots. As he picks up the pieces, he finds a key hidden inside it.

In her room, Madison tells Brady that she bought him a star to name after his mother. He's touched and hands her her gift. It's a framed photo of her and her mom. She's shocked because she thought all those pictures were lost. He says her mom obviously adored her. She's amazed that he knew her well enough to do this and puts it beside her bed. Madison pulls out her tickets to an exclusive ski resort in Switzerland. He's thrilled and then gets a text telling him his dad is out of jail. They head over to the penthouse to see his father and Marlena. The women start packing up food to take to the shelter. John quizzes his son about his lady. They hug. Madison gets a call from someone and nervously tells them she won't be able to get away. Will looks out the window and spots two bright stars in the sky. Madison and Brady wish on them.



December 27, 2011
Foiled By The Village Idiots.

Daniel and Quinn are kick-boxing at the spa. Brady wanders by and Maggie walks in with Mel to stare at all the topless, sweaty men. Mel takes her dad aside to interrogate him about taking himself off the surgery roster. He explains his tremors. She worries and tells him to stop protecting her. Maggie returns from her tour and takes Mel away. Brady tries talking to Daniel. The doctor asks him what he would do if he couldn't do what he'd always dreamed of. He doesn't know what he'll become if he can't cut people open. Quinn joins them and explains how he has changed his life. They listen to the former pimp's wisdom. After he leaves, Brady assures his friend that he can turn his life around if he has to. He thinks that he's been an ass for letting Jenn go. Once they get dressed, Daniel gets a call about his test results. Meanwhile, Maggie and Mel return to the mansion and discuss the Daniel situation. Maggie assures her everything will be fine and then they have a tea party. "How are you and Chad?" Maggie asks. Mel says there is no her and Chad. She says they decided they don't have feelings for each other. The redhead is sorry to hear that.

At the penthouse, John and Marlena make out. He thanks her for never giving up on him. They roll around in the sack. After the bonking, he admits he still doesn't know how he was freed. She gives him the edited version. He laughs about how this must have ruined the holidays for the DiMeras. They head over to the pub to see Abe and Lexi for a press conference. He thanks the Carvers again for their help. Abe could never turn his back on a friend.

At Casa DiMera, EJ fumes to his father about John being set free. He can't understand how his plan was foiled by 'the village idiots'. He vows to find out how this happened. His father shrugs. Elvis is sure that the idiots must have had help. Stefano tells him not to waste his time with this. EJ is baffled by the advice. His father turns on Titan TV so they can watch the press conference. He tells his son to think fast before his campaign sinks. EJ wants to puke as he listens to John's 'insipid drivel'. Abe and John make it clear that he was set-up. Marlena gets on the mic and directly addresses the DiMeras, vowing to spend the rest of her life making them pay. John pipes up and explains that he will be liquidating his company and assets so he can pay everyone back. EJ runs down to the pub and barges into the press conference to congratulate John and offer his apologies.

Jack and Jenn are tidying up the Christmas mess at the Horton house. Putting his arms around her, he says they will always be family. She agrees with that, but can't promise him that they are what he wants them to be. She's wading back into their relationship very slowly. He whips out a gift. It's tickets for a trip to Hawaii. He assures her he got separate rooms for everyone but she says that this won't fit into their schedules. Jack points out that the reservations aren't until well into the future. He's making family time a priority. He hugs her but she seems unsure. When he bustles off, she stares at Daniel's ornament and sadly packs it away. He returns and they continue to clear up the decorations. When he catches her under the mistletoe, he pressures her for a kiss but falls off the ladder into the tree. "Does this qualify me as a treehugger?" he asks. After she helps him up, she says he's a mess but he makes her laugh. He kisses her.

December 28, 2011
It's Just Business.

Bo and Hope lounge in bed. She reads him poetry and he pretends to snore. They make out and that leads to sex. When they finish, she says it feels like they are playing hookie and she sends him off to make pancakes. Once he's gone, she stares at the mysterious key. When he returns with breakfast, she babbles about the key. She's sure her Gran is sending her another message. Bo called Mr. Brown, the plaque maker, to make a new one. They go down to the square to meet Mr. Brown and he explains that the replacement cost was in the purchase agreement. They ask him about the key. He admits he put it in on the instructions of Alice's attorney. Hope doesn't understand why there are more secrets. Her husband reminds her that Alice kept a lot of secrets and maybe they shouldn't be uncovered. The cops look at the key and wonder what it could be for. He calls the lawyer but she's out of town. Hope's glad that they are working on this together. They hug.

Kate arrives at the loft and demands to know if Sami has accepted her job offer. Sami asks again why she wants her. Kate thinks Sami is the best. The blond is skeptical. "This feels very bargain with the devilish," she says. Kate admits that she might hate her for what she did to her sons, but she can still see some of herself in Sami. However, she declares that she could never like Sami... but she can respect her, especially if she comes to work for her. Sami needs the money so they finally shake on it. She leaves Kate to babysit Johnny. Kate yaks with Stefano on the phone and says everything is going exactly as they've planned.

In her room, Madison beats shirtless Brady at his favorite video game. They decide that they should head to work but have sex first. Eventually, they go down to the office. Sami is waiting. "I quit," she tells them. They are baffled. Madison is pissed. Brady joins her in being furious when she admits she's going to work for the competition. Sami says she's doing this for her family. Brady accuses her of stabbing Madison in the back. Madi wishes she'd just fired Sami and gives her five minutes to get lost. "I'll send you your 'I heart coffee' mug in the mail," she says, storming out. Sami repeats she only did this for her family. He reminds her they are family so she insists this is only business. Brady barks about how selfish she is and kicks her out. Once she's gone, Madison returns. He tells her she deserves better than this. Meanwhile, Sami gets home and tells Kate it's done. Her new boss is eager to get to work. Sami sighs.

John jogs back to the townhouse. While he goes away to shower off the stink, Marlena repeats to Rafe and Carrie that they need to keep Stefano's role in his freedom a secret. He returns and Carrie explains his finances to him. Rafe cautions him against throwing his money away so soon but John is sure he can rebuild his company after selling it off. He notices everyone looking around uncomfortably. Marlena decides to talk to him alone and sends the others away. She sits him down and explains what happened. He starts cracking his knuckles as she rationalizes taking his enemy's help. He's sure nothing good can come out of this. John refuses to discuss this with her and storms out. Down in the square, Rafe toasts to Carrie opening her own law firm. They worry about how John will take the truth and then discuss his job options. He's been thinking of starting his own PI firm. She suggests that they be partners. He likes that idea but should run it by his wife first.

December 29, 2011
Boys And Girls Can't Be Friends.

"Hey you bastard!" John says as he storms into Casa DiMera. Stefano's surprised he's not in a better mood. John refuses to be indebted to him. Stefano plays dumb. John threatens to kill him. His half brother thinks he's the most selfish man alive. When John accuses him of setting him up, Stefano chuckles and admits that he only helped to clear his name. This outrages John. Stefano isn't surprised and put his gun in his hand. "The only way for you to thank me for saving your life, is to take mine," he says, challenging him to shoot. John says he's insane but Stefano thinks it would be a great way to ring in the new year. He accuses John of being unable to survive without him and points out that Marlena is the one who betrayed him. As he taunts him about this, John levels the gun at his head. Stefano challenges him again. John puts the gun down again. "You failed. Now I don't owe you a damn thing," he says. After he walks out, Stefano looks at the IOU and smirks. He takes out a letter from Alice and laughs.

Mel and Gabi are at the spa staring at all of the eye candy. Mel asks her if she's over Will. Gabi misses him but has no regrets. Meanwhile, Abby and Chad are at her place studying. She admits that she's been confused lately about everything. He's amazing so she doesn't want to take her problems out on him. Austin shows up to drop off papers for her mom. They all go down to the square where they meet with Gabi, Sonny and Mel. Gabi notices Austin is reading a self-help book about ending relationships. Abby wonders why. He explains that it was given to him by one of his colleagues at a party. He doles out advice about how you shouldn't be with someone who isn't your soulmate. Chad stares at Mel. Abby hugs him but stares at Austin. Gabi asks to borrow the book and Abby asks her if she can read it first.

Kate walks by Daniel as he talks on the phone about his tremors. She sits down. "Get lost," he says. Kate thinks he should be confiding in her. He's baffled. She keeps questioning him, claiming that she thinks he's a great doctor, even if she doesn't like him. They sit on a bench. He tells her about his worries and the tests he's taken. She doesn't think he should be assuming the worst. Daniel thought she'd enjoy seeing him suffer. "Falling for Chloe was enough," she quips. He starts to worry when she reminds him that she loved him once. Kate says she owes him for saving her. As Mel approaches, Kate departs. Daniel tells his daughter he has no idea what just happened. When they sit down, she tells him that she cares about someone but nothing will ever come of it. She explains the situation with Chad. "Boys and girls can't be friends," he says.

Will drops by the penthouse and notices his grandma seems distracted. She claims all is well. He's still not sure about moving in with her because he doesn't want to leave Rafe alone with his mother. She accuses him of deflecting so he changes the subject. His grandma suggests he might want to open up to someone else. When he refuses, she keeps probing, which makes him upset. He stutters and claims he can't think about this. Will explains that Gabi was right to break-up with him because he could never care about her the way she needed him to, no matter how hard he tried. Weeping Will hugs her and runs away. Marlena cries. When Will gets to the pub, Sonny finds him sitting at the bar looking miserable. He tells him that he's had bad break-ups but it will get better. Will admits that he couldn't feel what he was supposed to for her. Before he can explain, Tyler joins them and mocks Sonny's hair. They invite Will to a party. Meanwhile, John returns to the penthouse to apologize to Marlena. They hug.


Dec. 30, 2011
We Need To Talk.

Bo and Hope join Doug and Julie in the pub to toast to the new year. They drink bubbly and reminisce. Doug asks Julie to join him on stage later. Bo and Hope go out for some fresh air. They talk about Zack. She's afraid that things could fall apart for them again but he vows that they will stay strong. Over at Titan, Madison complains to Brady about Sami dumping all of her work. She tells him she can't go out. He starts to run off so she complains about him running out on her. Brady was expecting this so he wheels in a special meal for them. She's thrilled. After eating, he walks off. She gets a call and gets rid of the person on the line fast. Brady returns and she declares she's worked enough. He pours them champagne and leads her out after making a joke about marriage that makes her uncomfortable. Brady takes her to the pub to hear Doug and Julie sing.

At the loft, Will slouches around waiting for Mel. His mom starts asking him about his dating life. That doesn't go well. Sami announces that she's taken a new, high paying job. Rafe's impressed but thinks she should have talked to him about this. She admits she's working with Kate. He tells her that Carrie offered him a job. "Carrie that I don't get along with?" she asks. Will accuses his mom of only caring about how things affect her. Rafe defends his wife and Sami demands to know why he's so angry. Sonny and Mel come to the door and Sami tempts them to stay for the crab cakes. She starts questioning Mel about Will. "He's a temperamental but sweet guy," says Mel. Before Will can leave, his mom takes him aside to say she will be a better mom. He says nothing and leaves with his friends. Sami apologizes to Rafe for taking the job without talking about it first. He's happy she has a job. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie make out in their room. Once she's dressed, he undresses her for a quickie. After that, they head to the loft to see Rafe and her sister. Sami grunts and then tells Carrie her new business plan sounds amazing. They start playing Pictionary. After the Reeds leave, Rafe tells Sami that the next year will be their best. They make out.

EJ and Nicole roll around in their bed. She reminds him that they need to make a public appearance. He wants sex first. She has to bat him off. They get dressed and go down to the square. They marvel at getting back together and toast to a fresh start.

At the Horton house, Chad is distracted by thoughts of Mel. Abby wants them to stay in and party alone. He pretends he's okay with that. "We need to talk," they say in unison. They agree that things don't feel right between them anymore so they break up. He hopes they can be friends. They wish each other a happy new year and he leaves. Meanwhile, Will and Mel are in the square. Sonny runs off to dance so she offers to listen to Will's problems. He insists he's fine. She leaves and Sonny returns with Tyler. EJ stands nearby and watches them. The boys run off and Mel returns. Will plods off.

John and Marlena are making out on their couch. She tries ordering Chinese food but their debit card is declined. He calls the bank and then explains to his wife that they don't have a penny since he paid everyone back. Marlena suddenly realizes they are poor... but at least they have each other. "That's a fact," he says. He gets scared when she says she's going to cook. As they eat pie, he thanks her for being so understanding. They do it on the couch. Later, Will arrives. John leaves him alone with Marlena. Will tells her his life is spinning out of control. He swears her to secrecy and then, with great difficulty, he tells her his mom cheated on Rafe with EJ. He has to explain this a few times. "She's a selfish slut!" he moans. They cry. Meanwhile, everyone rings in the new year during a musical montage where Chad kisses Mel, Sami and Rafe have sex and EJ makes out with Nicole.

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