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1st Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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January 31, 2011

I've Missed You.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole tells Syd how great she makes her feel and they chat about her birthday. "I get to be a real part of your life forever," Nicole says, promising that nothing will wreck their future. Mary comes in with the mail for her. Nicole looks at the letter and drops it in the fire. The doorbell rings. It's a security guard and Taylor. "I've missed you so much," Taylor says.

At the infirmary, on the phone, Lee promises Ben that she will have a fresh heart for him within the hour. Jenn gasps when she hears her say his name. Lee begins taunting Jenn, who fumbles with the phone behind her back. She claims she won't go to the cops because she has feelings for Ben and even claims that she wants to help with their work. Lee thinks that's sweet but notices Jenn trying to text behind her back and throws her on the floor. When Jenn comes to, she's strapped down and Lee is preparing to yank out her heart. Jenn begs. The nurse arrives and worries but Lee insists on going ahead and removed her heart.

In the woods, Carly and Hope huddle in the trees while Jane and her goon get ready to shoot Bo. He notices them and starts begging. Jane prompts the goon to put a bullet in him. Bo argues with them until Jane gets fed up. Hope screams before a gun can go off and Bo jumps the goon. He and Hope cuff Jane and her man and a siren rings out. They're brought down to the station. Abe strolls in and asks what's going on. Hope says something terrible was happening and Bo saved her. Carly is brought in to be questioned and she backs up the story. Meanwhile, Detective Pierce questions Bo and Hope who continue insisting that something awful is going on. When the cop doubts them, Bo accuses the detective of being dirty. They bring the warden in and she tells her side of the story. Pierce buys it and tells Bo and Hope they're going to prison.

At the loft, Gabi complains to Will about how much she hates calculus. He's busy worrying about his mom. When he checks his messages, he gasps as he hears one about Rafe. Over at the hospital, Sami tells Daniel that Rafe looked at her but didn't seem to know she was there. The doctor tries to be reassuring but she's worried about brain damage. Daniel tells her that she's very strong and things will pan out. She blames herself for this. Rafe vegetates and she begs him to come back to her. Will and Gabi arrive and join her. Sami tries to reassure Rafe's sister and explains what happened.

Down the hall, Stefano tells EJ that Rafe might recover or have permanent brain damage. They smile about how great this is. Stefano thinks they have to start their plan tonight. EJ's not so sure. He plods down the hall to watch Sami talking to Rafe. She tells him how perfect, loving and funny he is. Elvis' eyes droop. He returns to his father. Sami continues having her one-sided conversation. She tries to get Rafe to finish her sentences but he doesn't react. Finally, he mumbles. He heard every word.

EJ and Stefano go down to the basement of Casa DiMera. Elvis worries that the plan might not work but then gets excited and agrees to go along with it. They high five. "Alright!" EJ bellows. They open a door and Robo-Rafe comes out, flexing his eyebrows. Meanwhile, Gabi and Will go home. She has to call her mom but doesn't think she can. Will tells her that her brother's tough and can get through this.

Daniel runs into Ben by the pier. They discuss the upcoming heart surgery and Daniel wants to watch. Later, Daniel gets ready for the surgery. He looks at the files and tells Maxine that something is off. He goes to see Ben. Carly calls Daniel and tells him what's happened just as Ben walks by holding a heart in a portable freezer.

February 1, 201
Hell Is Living Without You.

Nicole is shocked to see her sister Taylor show up at Casa DiMera with a cop. The cop explains that Taylor was accused of stealing a wallet. Nicole lets them in and Taylor tells her a story about accidentally picking up a woman's purse. Nicole is satisfied and sends the cop away. They try catching up and Nicole tells her how wonderful her life is while her sister checks the place out. After being skeptical about the wedding, Taylor whips out a gift. It's not ticking so Nicole opens it and finds a picture of them when they were kids. Her sister reminds her of how she always protected her when they were little. After Taylor freshens up, she lectures Nicole about her drinking. The sisterly bickering continues. Taylor wants to help with the wedding so they can reconnect. Her sister isn't enthusiastic but agrees to have lunch with her. Taylor wants more. "A sleepover date?" Nicole asks. Her sister declares that she's moving in for awhile. Nicole points out that it isn't her house and she's in no position to ask for favors. She suggests she try a motel instead and opens the door.

At the hospital, Mel and Nate are awkward together. He wonders why she hasn't been responding to his messages. She doesn't want to talk. Down the hall, Lexi sits beside Rafe in his room and promises she will get him better and back to his family.

Carly calls Daniel at the hospital and tells him what's been happening at the prison. Ben walks up to Daniel holding a heart in a freezer. Daniel shoves him against the wall and takes the heart away. They bicker about clerical errors and Jonas says that Ben's patient can go back on the transplant list. A cop shows up to take Dr. Walters away for questioning. Meanwhile, Carly calls Mel and orders her to get Daniel to call her back because something is up at the prison. Mel rushes off.

In the DiMera basement, Stefano calls out Robo-Rafe. EJ inspects him and laughs. Robo-Rafe chuckles. EJ asks the excited automaton some test questions. After that, they head to the hospital and run into Lexi. EJ spots the real Rafe wandering around. The acting commissioner heard about Ben and demands some answers out of Nate. EJ wonders why he isn't still in bed. His sister looks at him cockeyed and wonders if he's really becoming a more compassionate person. Meanwhile, Marco knocks Rafe out and sneaks Robo-Rafe into his hospital bed. EJ and Stefano go into the room. "Phase one is complete," Stefano says with a smile. They return to the basement and look at Rafe locked up in a cell.

In the station, Jane defends herself against Bo and Hope's accusations. Bo wants his teeth back and repeats that Jane had him tied up and beat him. When Jane lays into Hope, Bo barks and gets defensive. Abe comes in after getting a call from Daniel. He explains that the doctor thinks someone in the prison has been trafficking organs. Hope suddenly realizes that's what must have been happening. She and Bo start taunting Jane. The warden whips out her gun and grabs Hope. "If I go to hell, I'm bringing you with me, girlfriend!" she threatens. Hope elbows her and the gun goes off. No one is hurt. Carly arrives and stand in the doorway as Bo tells Hope that he's been in hell living without her. Hope notices the doctor standing there and thanks her for being so much help. Jane points out that she was working for someone else and offers them a deal. The warden is left alone. Some cop walks in to give her a death threat from Stefano. Abe strolls in and offers her a plea deal for her boss' name. "His name is Dr. Ben Walters," she says. After she's taken off to be processed, Bo happily tells Hope that it's over. She reminds him that she still has to serve the rest of her sentence though. Bo vows to protect her. Over in the prison infirmary, Lee is about to call Jane about yanking out Jenn's heart. She gets a call about Jane being arrested and orders her underling to get rid of the body. Before she can, the cops show up with Mel. When Mel spots Jenn, she gasps. She calls her dad and stutters as she tells him that Jenn is missing her heart.

February 2
, 2011
Mmmm Sex.

Mel tells her dad that someone took Jenn's heart. She assumes she's dead but then notices she's still attached to life support. Daniel rushes over while Mel paces and tries to figure out what to do. The cops arrest the prison nurse and grab Lee. They drag them off while Mel stands around wondering what to do next. As she hops around, her dad arrives with the heart. They start operating immediately. Jenn's blood pressure goes up and down. Finally, they get the heart in and shut down the machine to see if she can breathe on her own. Once they turn it off, she flatlines.

At the station, Bo promises Hope that he won't let anyone hurt her again. He tells her that she needs to fight for herself and everyone who cares about her... like him. Carly interrupts and informs them that Jennifer was found with her heart missing. "Whaaa?" Hope asks. She stutters. Carly explains what was going on. Abe arrives and tells them that Daniel is on the way to the prison with the heart. Bo has to leave to answer some questions. Hope thanks Carly for all that she's done. Carly promises her that Daniel is a good doctor. She tells Hope not to forget that she loves Bo and he loves her. They hug and Hope cries about Jenn.

Lee is led into an interrogation room. Ben is already there and confused. Bo comes in and grabs Lee by the throat. She wants a lawyer. He vows to get her the death penalty if Jennifer dies. Ben's confused so Bo explains what happened. Abe arrives to lecture Ben about not following the rules. "I thought they died of natural causes," Ben claims about the organ donors before insisting that he knows how to save Jenn. Abe has Lee carted off and Ben begs to be allowed to help. The mayor makes Bo promise not to kill Ben and then leaves them alone. The doctor begs again to help but it only annoys Bo.

Rafe wakes up in his cell in the DiMera dungeon. EJ and Stefano are standing at the bars smoking cigars and making jokes. "You can't even keep a promise to God," Rafe spits at them. He worries about what they've done to Sami. EJ smiles broadly. Stefano tells Rafe to talk to house keeping if he wants a hypoallergenic pillow. He leaves chuckling and EJ explains that he's become more pro-active looking after his family. "My family would be happier and saner if you weren't around," he says. Elvis explains that Rafe completes Sami, but he likes her better when she is incomplete and neurotic so easier to manipulate. EJ leaves without explaining the rest. Upstairs, Chad arrives, much to Stefano's surprise. Chad just wants to know how Johnny is. EJ comes up and Chad immediately leaves. Stefano marvels at how all of his sons have some of their mothers in them. He gets a call and swears. EJ guesses that wasn't good news. "You try to help people...boom. It all blows up on you," he complains. They stand around and laugh about what RoboRafe will have to put up with from Sami. Stefano worries about the risk and they hope that RoboRafe can fake Rafe's kiss.

Chad drops by the hospital to see his sister. Lexi's surprised and they try to make small talk. She knows that this is a weird situation. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about their father taking over his life. He thinks that the men in the family don't want him around. That doesn't sound quite right to her. "I think Stefano has finally decided that his family is already big enough," he says.

RoboRafe is in his hospital bed when Sami shows up. He thinks she's hot and gets excited but then pretends to vegetate. He wakes up, starts making saucy remarks and jokes around. He warns her not to freak out if he's a little foggy from his head injury. She talks about the kids and he tries groping her. Sami says she has his favorite thing in the world. He licks his lips, "Mmmm sex." Sami laughs and tells him that's not it. She asks him what his favorite work of art is but he can't remember. Sami starts apologizing and then pulls out a t-shirt with his dogs playing pool painting on it. He laughs in disbelief at his bad taste and then thanks her. She blames herself for his injuries. He assures her that all will be well in a couple of days and then pulls her into the bed to kiss her intensely. She laughs and promises to get him out of there. "I'm going to like this gig," RoboRafe says to himself.

February 3, 2011
One Of Those Forever Kind Of Things.

In the infirmary, Daniel has Mel turn of the life support. Jennifer flatlines a minute later. Daniel starts bellowing and begging her to come back. Slowly, she comes back and they close her up. They send her off with the EMT and he tells his daughter what a great job she did. Over at the station, Bo and Carly continue to worry about Jenn. He rants about Ben and she tells him about her conversation with Hope. She thinks she finally saw the real Hope. Abe interrupts and tells them Jenn is alive but it doesn't look good. Daniel calls and tells Carly that things worked out and their daughter did great. She breaks the news and everyone's relieved. When Abe leaves, Carly tells Bo that she can see that the old Hope is back and she knows what that means. He insists that he loves her. Carly knows and says that what they had was wonderful, but it wasn't 'one of those forever kind of things'. She asks him not to be sad and is thankful for all the time they had together. "Let's end it like that... classy," she says, with tears in her eyes. Roman interrupts to say that Carly is free to go. She thanks Bo for the memories and kisses him goodbye. Bo tries not to cry. He chats with his brother about Hope and then asks Roman to let her know that Jenn is okay and he'll get her back with her family.

Maggie rushes into the hospital looking for Jenn. She sobs to Maxine and Victor suddenly comes out of nowhere to comfort the crying redhead. Maggie begs him to pull some strings and find out what's happening. She tells him about how hard her year has been and all of the people that she's lost. Jenn is rushed by them. Daniel arrives and explains to them that her heart was taken out so crudely that her body might reject it. He rushes off. Maggie tells Victor she'll be spending the night there. He offers to get her a bag but she doesn't want him to go near Chloe. He promises not to cause her more unhappiness. Meanwhile, Daniel and Mel try to relax in the waiting room. He's surprised she got the medical thing from her parents without knowing them. "I thought I would be a model or a dictator or both," she says. Carly comes by and chats with Daniel about what a natural their daughter is.

Nicole goes to find her sister at the pub after being told off on the phone by her mom. Taylor is ready to get on a bus out of town but her sister asks her to stay for a drink. Nicole orders a dirty martini and her sister orders a diet soda. She explains that the only thing she knows how to do with her family is run away from them. Taylor brings up their father but her sister explains that this is really about her. "I don't like anyone... you just don't understand," Nicole says. She's sorry for mistreating her so she gives her money for a motel and tells her to grab a bus in the morning. Taylor refuses the money but Nicole says it's guilt money for treating her wrong, not that she feels bad enough to treat her right. She walks out. Taylor doesn't want the money but needs it and puts it in her purse. Before she can leave, she runs into Abe. He gives her a hug and tells her she's headed for a motel. Abe asks her to stay at his place.

Kate drops by Maggie's and finds Chloe staring at a piece of paper. Kate's there to see her grandson but asks her if she's alright. She guesses the paper was a prescription from a doctor. Chloe tells her to respect some boundaries. Kate surprises her by saying that she thinks Chloe is the best thing for Parker but tells her she needs to accept some help. She says that the baby puts them all on the same side and begins gabbing about hormones. Chloe thinks she's her misery has more to do with losing Daniel and having Kate around. "You want me to give you an inch so you can take my baby," she accuses. This leads to bickering. The baby cries so Kate starts rocking him and asking to take him away. Victor and Maggie arrive. Chloe goes to bed. "Give me the baby," Maggie says. She leaves to feed him and Kate begins gloating about what bad shape the diva is in. He says they need to be careful about how they handle things. Kate thinks that Maggie is sucking all the starch out of him and insists that they drive Chloe over the edge so they can get the baby away from her. Maggie returns and Kate heads off. She tells Victor that Chloe has paid for her mistakes and she doesn't want Kate going after her while she's vulnerable. "You keep Kate DiMera in line or you're going to have to deal with me," she warns him. Up in her room, Chloe ignores the baby and sleeps as he cries.

February 4, 2011

Isn't That Special.

Maggie wakes up beside Jenn's hospital bed. She jumps up to look like she wasn't sleeping as Doug and Julie come in. "If we'd lost Jennifer, I don't think any of us could have gone on," Julie sobs. Meanwhile, Mel wanders down to the pier and finds Nate littering. He feels like crap because of what happened to Jenn. She thinks it's Hope's fault for sending her cousin after a bunch of killers. Mel takes him to Jenn's room so that he can see she's alright. He tells her that she didn't do to shabbily and walks off. Mel hunts down Maggie to say that Nate still wants to be with her and that kind of freaks her out. "If something feels right, don't let it slip away," Maggie advises. Mel plods off and runs into Nate again. He wants them to talk about their future. They go to the pub and he accuses her of being afraid to be alone with him. She still wants Philip in the child's life. Nate just wants to make her happy and insists that they would not be a mistake. She lists her problems and doubts he can deal with them. He determined to prove he can.

Back in Jenn's room, Doug decides to get some flowers to cheer things up. Julie is left alone with her. She tells Jenn that the world isn't so wonderful when she's not around and begs her to come back to her family. Maggie and Doug come in. The redhead gives Jenn a kiss. As she's about to leave, Jenn starts to speak.

In the DiMera Dungeon, EJ wakes up Rafe to tell him there will be no breakfast in bed. "I suppose you're rather used to roughing it," EJ quips. Rafe accuses Elvis of plotting to make a move on Samanther. EJ laughs. Rafe continues trying to put things together, much to EJ's amusement. After he leaves, Rafe pulls the necklace out of the cot and tries to figure out what game is being played on him. He sits back and thinks of Sami and the kids.

Lexi calls Nicole and tells her that she can't make it to Johnny and Syd's party. Nicole thinks that's a bummer. Taylor motions to the doctor not to let her sister know she's still around. After Lexi hangs up, Nicole wonders where Elvis has run off to. Meanwhile, Lexi asks Taylor why her sister doesn't want her around. Taylor reminds her that she had a completely different childhood from her sister. Lexi has to go so Taylor stays to look after Theo. They play cards until his mom comes back. Theo asks Taylor not to leave town. She finds out that her bus way delayed by a snowstorm so Lexi invites her to stay another night.

At the loft, Gabi and Will make a banner for Johnny. She tells him how scared she was for her brother. They kiss. Meanwhile, Sami arrives at the hospital as RoboRafe signs himself out. They hug a lot and then get Johnny. The little boy doesn't seem to like RoboRafe for a second but it's a false alarm. They head home where Gabi and Will greet them. Sami says that all is well. RoboRafe looks uncomfortable as Gabi hugs him hard until she notices he seems really out of it. She wants him to call their mom. He says he'll do it after the party. Sami sends Gabi off to check on the kids and wonders if RoboRafe wants to delay the party. He won't do that. She kisses him and notices that he's not wearing the key necklace she gave him. He says the hospital must have lost it. EJ and Nicole show up with Syd. Sami swipes the kid from her dad's arms and everyone else stands around awkwardly. The kids all come in and unwrap gifts. Nicole hands Sami photos she had taken of Syd. "Isn't that special!" Sami snipes. She's furious. EJ and RoboRafe arch their eyebrows. When the children go into the other room, EJ acts civil with Sami and they sign some birthday cards. Nicole thanks RoboRafe for keeping Sami cool and jokingly asks him if he teamed up with EJ. Sami starts panicking because she forgot the cake. EJ offers to get it and surprisingly decides to take RoboRafe with him. The men leave the blonds alone and talk about how being with EJ is like selling your soul. They talk about how weird it was to see EJ and Rafe go off together. Meanwhile, the men wander around and EJ tells him he's done well.


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