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2nd Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 7, 2011

You're The Nicest Kidnapper Ever.

Bo and Hope are at the station. She's thinking of Ciara and he promises that he'll get her back to their daughter. Roman comes in and tells Bo that he's a free man. Hope isn't free to go though. Bo refuses to go free until she is too. He keeps complaining until she asks for time alone with him. She orders him to go home and look after Ciara. When she brings up Carly, he tells her that the other woman is moving out because she knows his heart belongs to someone else. Roman returns to say he has to go to a party. After he leaves, Bo promises her again that he will get her home. A guard takes her away and she meets with Justin to discuss her case. She admits that the thought of going home almost scares her as much as going back to prison. Bo shows up and Justin heads off. Ciara runs in and jumps into her mom's arms.

Carly visits Jenn in her hospital room. Jenn's sad to hear that Jack hasn't called. The doctor blames herself for what happened. They eat Jello and talk about Jenn's feelings. Nearly dying reminded her of the children she doesn't see and the job she doesn't have. "I can't live in limbo forever," she says. Carly wonders about her future too and breaks the news that she and Bo are over. Jenn's skeptical about how sure the doctor claims to be about ending things. Carly admits that it hurt her to do the right thing. He made her feel more cherished than she has in her whole life.

Holding a cake on the pier, RoboRafe worries to EJ about all of the names he has to memorize. Elvis advises him to avoid Gabi and assures him no one will suspect that he's an impostor. Stefano wanders over and says he would be complaining his ass off if he had to live with Sami. RoboRafe is confused because he thinks she has a 'smokin' hot bod'. Stefano chuckles. RoboRafe informs them that kids don't like him. "That's fine by me," EJ says..

At the loft, Sami and Nicole drink and talk about Candyland. Sami notices her bracelet and Nicole explains that she can never take it off because it's a tracking device. Samantha is shocked and appalled, especially because Nicole is tolerating it. She thinks it's insane that she's sacrificing her freedom for a child that isn't hers and reminds her that one day Syd will find out all of the things she's done. Sami doesn't think it's worth throwing her life away on any of this. When she starts telling Nicole that she's 'pathetic', Nicole finally gets offended and tells her that she's not getting out of the children's lives. When Nicole pulls out a dress she got for Syd, Sami is offended and pulls out the one she got. Nicole spills beer on it. EJ, RoboRafe and Stefano arrive before Sami can explode. Sami grabs RoboRafe and declares that they don't want Stefano there. Roman arrives next and is shocked to see Stefano there as well. Syd starts crying when she sees RoboRafe but she just wants cake. He tries to cuddle up to Sami and Roman explains that he's been put back in charge of the police force. Stefano wanders over to ask about what was happening at the prison. As the party winds down, EJ and Nicole say goodbye to the kids and Sami makes out with RoboRafe. When Will and Gabi take the kids to the movies, Sami blames herself for his accident. He tells her it's okay and they make out on the couch.

Rafe is sleeping in the dungeon and dreaming about the party he's missing. When he wakes up, he tries to figure out how Sami can't have noticed that he's gone missing. He tries calling for help and falls on the floor. Stefano arrives and wakes him up. He gives him some water and offers him birthday cake. "You're the nicest kidnapper ever," Rafe says before wondering why he's bothering to keep him alive.

Upstairs, EJ and Nicole sip martinis and toast to their strange day. He appreciates how well she handled Sami. She marvels at how surreal it is to be back with him and actually happy. As a reward for her good behavior, he takes off the tracking bracelet. "That was the best gift you could give me," she says. He starts unbuttoning her shirt and they make out.

February 8, 201
Feels Like The First Time.

Sami and RoboRafe make out at the loft. He gets uncomfortable. When he makes an excuse, she guesses he's lying about something. She starts rambling about how he must be upset since she nearly killed him. RoboRafe insists that all is cool and drinks a beer. When she suggests they take things slow, he gets grabby and suggests that they can find a way to get his memory back. He blows in her ear, smells her hair and dips her for a kiss. She's not sure about all of this but he says he's good to go. They get in bed and go at it. Afterwards, he lays back and sighs. "Feels like the first time," he says.

Taylor and Lexi are on the pier. Lexi wishes she would try again with her sister but Taylor's sure it's a dead end. Over at Casa DiMera, EJ kisses Nicole and invites her upstairs. She's a little shocked. He thought they were developing trust between them and tries to lure her into taking things to the next level. She's reluctant so he wonders if she doesn't want any 'benefits' or if it's Brady that's holding her back. She assures him that Brady has moved on but still turns down his sexual advances. He's stunned. Nicole explains that she knows he still hates her deep down. He says he knows she loves the kids and that's all that counts. Moving in close, he nearly kisses her. She pushes his hands away and then they stare at each other before they star kissing intensely. She says that was a surprise. "A very pleasant one," he quips, pulling her in for more. They head to bed. After sex, he groans, "Wow indeed!" They laugh and she goes downstairs to make them martinis. RoboRafe calls to tell EJ that he's never felt better. Laughing, he tells him that he's taken care of what they were worried about. Downstairs, Nicole walks around in EJ's shirt and wonders what's next with Elvis. Before she can go upstairs, the doorbell rings. It's Taylor and her sister isn't happy to see she's still around.

In the dungeon, Rafe asks Stefano why he's bothering to keep him alive. "I need you," Stefano says, making Rafe panic. The cop wonders if Sami has been convinced that he's dead. Stefano chuckles and explains that he wants his help.

At the hospital, Chloe tells Daniel that she went to talk to the therapist. He's glad and tries to walk away but she keeps talking. "You will not use that baby as a weapon," he tells her. She pouts and says that she would give anything to have him look at her like he used to. "So would I," he says. She goes back to Maggie's and tells the redhead about her appointment. Maggie senses something has upset her and the diva details her run-in with Daniel. Chloe's not sure she can love Parker anymore. "I'm just not a good mother," Chloe sobs. She goes down to the pier, talks to herself and nearly hyperventilates.

In her hospital room, Jenn asks Maxine to get Daniel for her. The doctor soon shows up and she thanks him. They talk about Mel and he says he's lucky to have a daughter like her. He tells Jenn that she's a very brave lady and she feels like she owes him a lot. The doctor walks away mumbling that he owes her something for what she's reminded him of.

Philip and his new hair are at Maggie's. He cradles his son and assures Maggie he's going to be a good father. Meanwhile, Kate drops by Daniel's to see Mel and tell her that Chloe is losing it. Mel refuses to believe it. Kate wants to tip back some lattes and talk but Mel wants to give her the boot. When she opens the door, Philip is standing there. Kate departs and Mel confronts Philip about his mom hanging around. She insists that he will not be part of her life. The only men in her life now are her dad and Nathan. This doesn't go over terribly well. She asks him about Parker. "Did you see him for two minutes or three?" she snipes. She doesn't care about how he feels about her: she's making all of the decisions now and he doesn't matter to her. Philip mopes away. He tracks his mom down at the pub and orders her to back off and stay out of his life and away from his children. Meanwhile, Mel runs into Chloe sitting by the water and demands to know why she isn't taking care of her baby.

9, 2011
If It Walks Like A Duck.

Philip storms into the pub to order his mom to butt out of his life. They start bickering about his kids and she reminds him of Chloe's past, urging him not to let her ruin Mel's life. He insists that he ruined his marriage so she tells him to fix it. Philip tells his mom to keep her nose out or it will put Mel's out of joint. She orders him to offer Mel Parker as an olive branch. He refuses to use his children like that and storms off. "Clearly he needs someone to do his thinking for him," she grumbles.

Chloe is sitting by the water feeling miserable when Mel shows up to make it worse. She demands to know why she isn't with her baby. "I think Parker deserves better than you," she snipes. "You mean you?" Chloe shoots back. Mel thinks she's paranoid and Chloe thinks she's a real pain in the ass. Chloe reminds her that she was throwing herself at Nate while she was married and that's why Philip turned to her. She can remember what Mel was like before she became 'perfectly wonderful' and orders her to stay out of her life. The diva storms off and Mel worries about the baby. She fantasizes about being a mom to Parker and then hurries off. Meanwhile, Chloe returns to Maggie's. Philip shows up to see her and blame himself for ruining her life. He doesn't want her to suffer alone and offers to help. She gives him a hug.

Chad drops by the Cheatin' Heart to fill out an application. He stares at the form and then fills it out. The guy behind the job offers him a job as a stock boy. Kate shows up and spots him there. "You're a DiMera, you don't need a job," she says. His boss sends him off. She drinks until Mel calls and offers to help her get Parker away from Chloe.

At the hospital, a nurse tries keeping Jenn calm. Daniel comes in and tells her that she has to relax and not worry about Hope. He didn't bust his ass saving her so she can act like a two year old. She wants a phone but he forbids it and orders her to take care of herself. He leaves and Nate comes in to sedate her. They soon start discussing Mel. He thinks it may be too late for them. She wishes him good luck anyway. After he leaves, she tries sneaking out and finds Daniel transferring money into Chloe's account. She collapses. He pulls her back to bed and dopes her up some more. She begins telling him what a stand up guy he is.

"You two kids gave physical expression to your love huh?" Elvis asks RoboRafe when he calls him on the phone. RoboRafe isn't comfortable giving him details but he doesn't think Sami's noticed he's not her husband. Then again, he doesn't know what's normal for them. He hopes she's not suspicious because he thinks his job is awesome. EJ advises him to play up being a sap. In the other room, Sami is traumatized to discover that RoboRafe gave her a hickey. Carrie calls and Sami begins telling her that Rafe doesn't seem to be the same man... in bed. RoboRafe comes out while Carrie tells her sister that she should just be happy that everything is in working order. She gets off the phone when she notices him and he starts apologizing. He claims he was acting weird because the hospital gave him pain killers and he shouldn't have had all those beers while he was taking them.

Taylor shows up at Casa DiMera and refuses to leave until her sister hears her out. Taylor tells her that pushing her away will only make things worse. She tries to give Nicole back the money she gave her and storms out. Nicole hopes she never comes back. EJ strolls down the stairs getting dressed and she's jumpy. He asks her if she invited her sister to the wedding but she doesn't want her family there. She wants to go back upstairs with him but he has work to do and reminds her that she has a wedding to plan. After she gets dressed, she calls her mom.

In the dungeon, Stefano tells Rafe to cooperate with him or he will make Allie disappear. Rafe is enraged but he's so weak he almost falls over. Stefano prods him for an answer. Rafe doesn't feel like he has any other choice but to go along with him. After Stefano departs, EJ comes in and tells him he's not out for revenge: he just wants to correct an out-of-control situation. "But a little bit of revenge is a pleasant side effect," he says. EJ brings in RoboRafe to show Rafe how they are convincing Sami that he's not gone. "Wow! That's one good looking dude!" RoboRafe laughs. Rafe is shocked. RoboRafe tells him that he has remarkable taste in women. Rafe guesses that this isn't a coincidence and wonders if they'll change him back to who he was when they're done with him. EJ shoves RoboRafe out. Rafe doesn't think this will work. "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..." EJ sneers.

Sami is shocked to run into Taylor on the street. Taylor tries to run but Sami keeps her there to tell her not to leave before the wedding. Sami tells her to get a room from Caroline and stick around. Nicole crashes the reunion and advises her to butt the hell out. "You're not the boss of Salem!" Sami moans, telling her to let her sister be her bridesmaid

February 10, 2011
What Is This? Third Grade?

Kate wanders into the mansion and finds Victor yelling at his lawyer on the phone. He explains to Kate that Titan made a big deal he hadn't heard of and assumes Viv was behind it. They talk about Philip's problems. "It must have been very tiring for him trying to populate the planet," he jokes. They start talking about Brady and wonder what he's been up to. She hands him the keys and informs him that she's moving back in with Stefano. He thought she was smarter than that and makes some snide remarks, telling her to keep the keys in case she needs a safe haven. Kate doesn't think he could be more wrong and leaves.

Vivian strolls into Casa DiMera and starts telling Stefano that Kate doesn't deserve him. She offers him a deal. He tries to throw her out but her phone starts ringing. She shows him that it's Victor on the line and tells him that she doesn't want to see Kate hurt him. He laughs and wonders if she wants him to replace Kate with her. She guffaws and explains that she wants to be something Kate could never be. He doesn't want to listen to her trash Kate. She just wants to be his friend and warns him that Kate would think nothing of poisoning him. Kate walks in and says she wouldn't poison the man she loves. Viv strolls away. Kate groans. He slips a ring on her finger and tells her that she's home now.

Brady is drinking at the Cheatin' Heart when he notices RoboRafe and approaches him to ask if everything is alright. RoboRafe tells him about the party and the kids coming home. Brady wonders why he's drinking alone if everything is going well. RoboRafe gets defensive and makes a jab about Nicole. Brady's offended and leaves.

On the street, Nicole tells Taylor that she can stick around for the wedding as long as she doesn't side with anyone against her. Sami starts throwing a tantrum. Taylor doesn't know how the kids put up with their bickering. Her sister offers her money for the bus. Taylor takes the money and leaves, Sami's shocked. They bicker and Sami tells her to let her sister be her friend. The topic turns to EJ and Nicole says things are great between them. "You're in love with him!" Sami exclaims. Nicole insists that's not the case; they just have chemistry. When Nicole brings up Sami's problems with her sister, Sami shoves her. "What is this? Third grade?" Nicole asks. Before they can start fighting, RoboRafe shows up and tells Sami not to make a scene. Both women are shocked. Nicole leaves to take a call and the couple talks about how weird things have been. She asks him to stop drinking while he's on medication. They make out until she gets a call from Caroline wondering where she is.

In the dungeon, Rafe tells EJ that his plan won't work. Elvis begs to differ and says that we aren't all precious snowflakes. "You made the assumption that just because you don't have a soul, I don't either," Rafe says. EJ eats and explains all of the details of the switch. Rafe guesses they are keeping him alive to have access to more details of his life. He doubts again that this plan will work. Elvis chuckles and repeats his threat to make Allie disappear if he doesn't cooperate. Rafe agrees to help but says that Sami will figure out that the impostor isn't him. EJ shows him a picture of Sami kissing RoboRafe. The blood drains from Rafe's face.

Brady trips over Taylor's suitcase by the pier. She starts apologizing and, thinking he's homeless, hands him the money Nicole gave her. "You look like you could use a hot meal and a shower," she says. He tells her to keep it and shows her his gold card. She recognizes his name and introduces herself. After she explains that her sister doesn't want her around, he says that Nicole needs a friend and wonders how he can get her to stick around. He heads home and finds Victor arguing on the phone. He explains that he's the one who has been buying up companies without his permission. Victor's baffled and Brady shows him that the contract he gave Viv to sign gave him the company. "You Judas!" Victor groans. Brady learned betrayal from him. He throws how he brought Viv in and nearly destroyed all of their lives in his face. "This all happened because of you," he accuses. Meanwhile, Taylor calls Lexi and tells her that she's sticking around.

February 11, 2011
I Don't Give A Damn How You Do It.

Nicole drops by Maggie's to see Chloe and the baby. She tells her the wedding is back on and asks her to be the maid of honor. Nicole notices that the diva doesn't seem okay. Chloe turns the topic back to the wedding. Nicole says she loves the kids and even loved EJ once. She's sure that nothing will get in the way this time. "It's starting to feel like it used to. Like when we loved each other," she explains. After the blonde leaves, Chloe talks to herself about the wedding and tries to impress Parker with cookie baking. When she gets a call to pick up a prescription, she sees Parker is asleep and leaves without him. The cookies start burning.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano looks at the wedding invitations and says it's all a sham. Besides that, it's dangerous. EJ insists that he's going all of this for the children...and he wants a woman in his life. Stefano thinks this is about convincing Sami he can forgive and move on. Elvis claims that he just wants Nicole in his life. His father gasps and asks him if he's falling for Nicole. EJ insists that he's not. Stefano wonders if what they have will be enough and accuses him of settling. Elvis wants a happy life with her, not a boring one. Nicole perkily walks in and EJ sends his father off so he can make out with Nicole. They discuss yesterday and he says he wants to be more than just friends with benefits. He says that he's grown to respect her so she locks the doors. They get passionate. After sex on the couch, they admit that they missed doing this. He kisses her and heads out. "Respect... that's a start," she says to herself.

Taylor runs into Lexi and Abe at the hospital. She's looking for a job so she can stick around, even though her sister might not like it. Theo comes in with a necklace he made. Taylor sits down with him and they string some beads. Abe and Lexi are impressed. They go to the pub and Stefano shows up. Lexi and her family hurry off and Taylor tries to escape but he reminds her that they will be family soon. She admits that she didn't like what happened the last time her sister married into his family and walks away. Stefano goes home and gets snide with Nicole about the wedding. She tells him that his son has changed. "There's something you need to know about my son," he says. Meanwhile, EJ bumps into Taylor by the pier. They stop dead still and stare at each other like the world's about to end.

Carly and Daniel are checking on Jenn. The doctors begin discussing Hope and Carly breaks the news that she broke up with Bo and claims it was the best for everyone. Over at the station, Hope shows up for her hearing. She tells Bo that she's scared of having to say goodbye to Ciara again. Hope stutters about what it was like to work with him again. Justin strolls in. Bo gets an idea and runs off, leaving Hope to admit to the lawyer that she hasn't stopped loving Bo. Carly arrives and wants to talk. Justin leaves them and Carly explains that she just gave a deposition for her to help with the case. The doctor returns to the hospital to see Daniel and sob. He comforts her as Jenn watches. Daniel has to get back to work. Carly tells Jenn again that letting go of Bo was the right thing to do. She goes out and hugs Daniel again. Jenn stares at them and smiles.

Bo goes to the mansion and asks Victor to get Hope out of trouble. "I don't give a damn how you do it," he says. No one else is willing to help him, so he asks his father to get the Governor to tell the judge what to do. Victor muses about how amoral the Brady clan have gotten and refuses to help him. He explains that Hope wouldn't appreciate it and wouldn't be able to live with it. He offers to make the call though; he just won't issue any demands. Bo's not impressed and stomps off. He returns to Hope at the station and tells her what he did. She's not happy. The governor calls and informs Bo that the case is too loaded for him to do anything. Justin announces that the hearing is starting. They all go in. When it's over, they think it went well. Justin rushes off to dig around and Hope tells Bo he did well. "I was looking at you and I thought, it's the man I never stopped..." Hope starts before stopping herself. Justin returns to say the verdict is in. The sentence is being reduced to time served so she is free to go. Relieved, she hugs Bo.


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