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3rd Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 14, 2011
Dessert Emergency.

Bo and Hope wander around and wonder how to tell Ciara that she's back. Hope still doesn't know where she's going to be living. This confuses Bo. Hope explains she can't move back into their house until she knows it's for good. They go down to the pier to talk about their trust issues. He knows she's been through hell, but he's learned that he's lost without her. She's lost without him too. They look out at the water and remember sailing around the world. Things were simpler back then... before Zach died and everything started falling apart. Trying to make sense of something that made no sense tore them apart. She sobs and he tells her that she will always have his heart. They've missed each other so she agrees to go home with him.

Rafe wakes up in the dungeon and wonders how to get out. Meanwhile, Sami and RoboRafe are at the loft. He tries making out with her while she folds laundry. She's shocked when he asks when the kids are going back to their dad's. He tries talking his way out of it. She asks him to pick up Allie's favorite cookies from Java. This makes him panic.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells Nicole that Elvis will never love her. They start bickering about this and the topic turns to Taylor. He accuses her of being consumed with jealous towards her sister. She thinks that's out of line. Stefano says she's shallow, untrustworthy and won't be able to wiggle her way into EJ's heart this time.

EJ walks down to the pier and bumps into Taylor. They freeze and stare at each other. Music plays. She seems familiar. She drops her phone and they touch hands grabbing for it. He gives her his scarf and she slowly asks him where the cafe is. Elvis offers to walk her there but his phone starts ringing and she hurries off. RoboRafe is on the phone asking about the cookies. "You're calling me with a dessert emergency?" EJ asks. He has no clue what to say so RoboRafe tells him to get the info. Meanwhile, Taylor ends up in the pub and Sami comes in with Syd. Taylor tells her about the man she ran into at the pier and his overwhelming charisma.

EJ goes down to the dungeon to get cookie details from Rafe. He calls RoboRafe to fill him in. When he goes upstairs, he runs into Nicole and she tells him about her conversation with his father. She explains that she wants to add her sister to their wedding guest list. She calls her sister and asks her to stay and be part of the wedding. Meanwhile, Rafe heads home with the cookie order. He gives them to Allie. "These aren't my favorite!" she shouts when she sees them. Sami comes in and Allie complains about the cookies. Back in his cell, Rafe prays that this cookie mix up will be enough to convince Sami that he's been replaced by a clone.

Kate meets Mel at Daniel's to discuss how they can get custody of Parker. Mel thinks this is all kind of tragic. Kate doesn't see how and is eager to get it done. When she brings up Mel going back to Philip, Melanie grunts and says that's not going to happen. They bicker and Kate stomps out. Mel stops her and Kate reminds her that she's not blameless about what happened to the marriage. Philip only slept with Chloe because he lost his wits in jealousy. Mel heads to the hospital and apologizes to Nate for being a jerk. He just wants her to be okay. She explains that she needs to try and make her marriage work for the kids' sake. "This is all I understand," he says, kissing her. She finally gets his tongue out of her mouth and runs away.

Chloe rushes back to Maggie's where the cookies are burning and filling the place with smoke. She yanks them out of the over as Philip shows up. The smoke magically clears and he calms her down. Parker is unphased by everything but his mom feels like a train wreck. She's not sure she can be a good mother. Philip tells her never to say that again but she feels like she's bad news and sobs. He assumes his mother got to her. The diva gets paranoid so he gives her a pep talk and promises that his mom won't get in her way. They get Parker to sleep and bake cookies. Maggie returns and sends Chloe up to have a nap. When the diva is gone, Maggie tells him all the things that have gone wrong for Chloe. She reminds him that he was her first love as well as the baby's father so he can't leave her side.

February 15, 201
He'll Get Over It.

Bo takes Hope home. She looks around the room and marvels at how good it is to be back. Ciara runs in with Doug and Julie. Doug says this is the happiest day of his life. Julie announces they have dinner ready for them. Bo says they should have dinner as a family. Ciara hops away to get more dishes. Hope makes it clear to Doug and Julie that she and Bo still have issues to work out. After dinner, Bo asks Hope to bed. She says that they need to go back in time to get things right. Hope introduces herself like it's the first time they've met and he asks her out. She goes up to bed alone and he furrows his brow.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole gives her sister wedding instructions and then talks about how weird it is for them to be together. Taylor's eager to meet her future brother-in-law. Nicole says it will happen soon enough and assures her that EJ may be a DiMera, but he still has a heart.

At the loft, RoboRafe offers to get Allie the right cookies after he offers her the wrong ones. Sami walks in as the little girl says she likes chocolate chip with nuts. "What the hell does everyone want from me here?" Rafe grouchily complains. He starts apologizing and Sami goes off the get him his medicine. Allie stares at him and he tells her to get used to not getting what she wants. He dumps the cookies in the trash and walks out. Sami returns and wonders what happened. Her daughter explains that he was mean.

Elvis wanders down to the pier and remembers touching Taylor's hand. He tells himself he'll never see her again. RoboRafe shows up to meet him. He angrily explains that Rafe set him up for a cookie disaster. This led to him telling Allie to stick her cookies. EJ orders him to get the right cookies and tell Allie he was just pretending to be angry. He tells him to buy Sami some chocolates that are 'as common as she is' and then get her into bed, leaving his phone on so they can make Rafe listen to the sex. After he sends RoboRafe off, he mutters that it's time to give Allie a holiday. Taylor walks by and stares at him. She offers him back his scarf but he tells her to keep it. When she asks him his name, he says it's best she doesn't know.

Rafe paces around his dungeon cell and prays that Sami figures out what's going on thanks to his cookie clue. EJ comes in and confronts him about the false information. Rafe plays dumb but EJ's been dealing with RoboRafe so he knows what real dumbness looks like. Angrily, he says that this betrayal means he has to nab Allie. Rafe begs him not to. EJ offers him a reprieve but warns that the little girl will disappear if he tries anything again. Elvis goes upstairs and tells Nicole that she looks sumptuous. They drink and she gives him a valentine. They smooch and he whips out some earrings for her. "Is it possible that you really like me?" she asks. "Not just possible," he says, kissing her. She thinks they've earned their happiness this time. Ominous music plays in the background.

Stephanie and Caroline arrive at the pub. Kayla's about to leave as Sami and Allie arrive. Sami drags her aunt away and asks for help with Rafe. Kayla reminds her that he has a brain injury and it takes time to heal. Sami wishes her a safe trip back to Africa and then goes off to track down her kid. Steph joins her mom and Kay explains that she's still worried about her. Steph shrugs and says that all of the stupidity involving Nate is over. Meanwhile, Sami goes home where RoboRafe is waiting with the right cookies and an apology. He whips out some flowers and chocolates for Valentine's. She runs off to change into something more appropriate to get naked in. He calls Rafe and confronts him about trying to trip him up and says he's going in for some bedroom action. Rafe begins yelling at him. When Marco demands he hand the phone back, Rafe knocks him out and grabs the cell keys.

Maggie's sobbing to herself about Mickey in the Java Cafe. Brady interrupts so they can discus Victor. He explains that when he rescued Viv, he took over the company. The redhead is shocked. She tells him that he had no right to do that and it must have broken Victor's heart. "He'll get over it," he says. After she leaves, Taylor walks into Java and tells her sister on the phone about the guy she just met. When she gets off the phone, Brady calls her over and offers her a job. She's shocked. He wants her to be his head of marketing but she turns him down. She doesn't want to get involved with anyone who has been involved with her sister. "Was the job offer to help me or hurt Nicole?" she asks. Over at the mansion, Victor calls his attorney and orders him to get his company back from Brady. Later, Maggie shows up and finds him moping by the fire.

16, 2011
Lame and Corny.

In the Casa DiMera dungeon, Rafe knocks out Marco, swipes his keys and gun and then tries to sneak out. He's so weak that Marco knocks him over with a finger. Rafe gets up, kicks him and then hobbles out of the room. Upstairs, EJ stares out the window and thinks of Taylor. Nicole interrupts him with champagne. They toast to fate bringing them back together. He pulls out a ring. She laughs and says it's beautiful so he slips it on her finger. They make out. Rafe looks in through the window and grumbles profanities. EJ and Nicole dance and make out until Johnny runs in. He heard some noises outside. Elvis looks out the window and sees nothing. Nicole tells Johnny it must have been pirates coming for his eye patch. They try to calm his worries about getting a new eye tomorrow and then Elvis takes him up to bed.

Mel calls Kate who reminds her that Chloe is an 'incompetent slut' and can't be a mother. Mel agrees and then rings the bell at the mansion. Philip is shocked to see her. She wishes him a happy anniversary. He offers her some milk and then says he dreamed about their wedding last night. Aside from the shooting, it was the happiest day of his life. They sit down and she explains that she wants to do what is best for the baby. She wants him to be a part of the baby's life and her life too. He's startled and excited, saying that they can still make things work and be happier than they'd ever dreamed. They make out. "I feel like I got my life back," he says. He wants her to move in but she says they need to take things slow. When she leaves, she nearly bursts into tears and calls Kate to tell her that she did it. She assures her that she can convince him to get on board about Parker too.

Taylor walks around the pier sniffing the scarf EJ gave her. She can't believe how corny and lame she is being. She fantasizes about him searching and finding her there. He tells her that she's beautiful and graceful beyond description. Chad randomly appears to snap her out of the fantasy by finding the scarf on the ground. He says it looks just like his brother's and warns her he's no terrific guy. After he wanders off, she goes to Casa DiMera to see her sister with the dress. Nicole sneaks her in and they check it out. She reminds her sister it is Valentine's Day and prompts her to go. As she's about to leave, EJ approaches the door only to be distracted as Marco limps through the foyer. Back inside, Taylor gets snide about the DiMeras but Nicole stands up for them, or 'the hot one' anyway. Taylor babbles about the hot guy who gave her a scarf.

At the loft, Sami gets a bit uncomfortable with how much RoboRafe is rushing things. Before they can make it into the bedroom, Will and Gabi walk in. Will tries to hide in his coat to escape the traumatic sight. Sami invited them over to take pictures of them in their Valentine's duds. RoboRafe starts grumbling and his sister starts to worry that there is something seriously wrong with him. Sami comes out and takes pictures of the kids before RoboRafe sends them out and returns to sucking face with Sami. They slip into the bedroom. As they hit the sheets, there's a knock at the door. As he goes to answer it, Sami tells herself that he's trying too hard and he's not her Rafe anymore. When she enters the living room, she finds Rafe accepting an order of gourmet food. She's shocked but thinks that's perfect. They make out some more and then eat. "I'm not really in the mood for food if you know what I mean," he says after she shovels fish into his face. Meanwhile, Rafe collapses in the snow and drops his photo of Allie. He gets up and stumbles to the loft with a gun in his hand. He looks through the mail slot and sees Sami getting busy with RoboRafe on the couch.

Stefano joins Kate at Chez Rouge and tells her he bought her a Ferrari. She suspects he must be up to something. He reminds her that they weren't going to discuss their secrets. They agree not to keep any secrets affecting each other. They spot Chad entering. He goes to the bar and asks for a job application. Stefano stalks over and offers him a job. "Maybe," Chad says. Will and Gabi show up and Stefano returns to his date. Will asks Chad if he is really taking a job from his dad. Chad doesn't answer, he just mopes away. He walks through the park and muses about how messed up his life is. Looking down, he notices the picture of Allie.

February 17, 2011
No... I Mean Yes.

At the mansion, Victor orders Brady out or he'll have him sent to the dump. Brady reminds him that the house actually belongs to him. Victor tries to give him a guilt trip and lectures him about not appreciating hard labor. Brady says what he really taught him is that nice guys finish last. Victor's sure he will run the company into the ground. Brady accuses him of just being power hungry and afraid of giving up. He tells Victor that he can keep the house and storms out.

Will and Gabi are at Java discussing her brother when Chad wanders in. Approaching him, Will asks what's up and Chad explains that he doesn't want any handouts from his 'jerk' father. Will explains that EJ is trying to change so maybe the DiMeras aren't so bad. Chad's not impressed but they encourage him to give his new family a shot. The young DiMera pulls out the torn photo of Allie he found and hands it to Will.

Taylor sits in Chez Rouge thinking about her mystery man. She spots EJ and he wanders over. He says he can't get her out of his mind. She asks him if he's with someone. "No... I mean yes! I mean, with you," he stutters. She snaps out of this since it was just a fantasy. Perking up, she crosses the room to introduce herself to someone who looks like EJ from behind. She apologizes when she discovers it's not him, just some random dude. Embarrassed, she slouches across the room. Maggie reads her CV and is super impressed. She thinks she should get a job at Titan, but Taylor already turned one down because they're so corrupt. They see Brady walk in. He gets a drink and Maggie walks over while he plays with floral arrangements for the wedding. She guesses he just had a fight with Victor. She tries defending him but he doesn't want to hear it and leaves.

Maggie goes to see Victor at the mansion and tells him about her run-in with Brady. She wonders why he has been fighting with him and asks him to take the high road and help his grandson. He sighs. Across town, Taylor finds Brady stumbling around the pier drunk. He wants to be alone but she won't leave. She drags him back to the mansion. Victor is waiting for him. Taylor puts Brady on the couch to sleep it off. Meanwhile, Maggie returns to Chez Rouge where the bartender pours her some sparkling water so she can celebrate her anniversary with Mickey. As she sadly sits with the glass, Victor peers in and watches her before walking away.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis returns to Nicole and they discuss Johnny and then make out until he gets a text about Rafe being on the loose. He slips off and tries calling RoboRafe but he ignores the call. EJ's furious. He tells Nicole to pray and then rushes off. Johnny skips in and starts complaining. She wonders where his father has run off to.

At the loft, RoboRafe tries to mount Sami on the couch while Rafe peers in through the speakeasy. Disturbed, he slouches against the door. Sami hears the noise and gasps. She gets up and closes the speakeasy and they go back at it. Rafe's about to open the door when someone clobbers him. RoboRafe looks outside and sees one of EJ's men dragging Rafe away. Later, Allie returns home and Sami takes her off to the other room. RoboRafe slips off to call EJ and tell him what happened. EJ orders him over to the dungeon. Sami returns and he tells her a story about what happened. She babbles about all he's done to protect her and begins looking for his knife wound. It's there. He gets another call, claims it's work and rushes off. Later, while Sami is reading to Allie, Gladys from across the hall comes knocking. She explains that she saw her husband being dragged away. Sami's confused.

Rafe is dumped into the dungeon. EJ's thug tells his boss that Rafe has a fever and might not last much longer. Rafe starts coughing up blood. RoboRafe arrives and EJ lectures him. He literally wipes the smirk off his face and then explains that it's time for him to take care of Allie. He goes upstairs and watches Nicole put his son to bed. Nicole wonders why EJ seems so upset. He tells her how much she means to him and they kiss.


February 18, 2011

The Guy Is Messed Up.

Will is disturbed when Chad gives him the torn photo of Allie he found in the woods. He recalls all the kidnappings in his family. Chad thinks he must hate EJ for the things he's done. "The guy is messed up," Will says. After Will tells him they can be friends no matter what, Chad heads out. Will decides they should show the picture to Rafe.

Sami's neighbor Gladys shows up at the loft and explains that she saw Rafe being dragged down the hall like a sack of potatoes. Sami's confused but Gladys thinks they should call the cops. RoboRafe listens at the door and then walks in. He says she must have seen some other dude. Sami thinks she was confusing "Law & Order" with reality. Gladys disagrees so Sami suggests they check the security cameras. Gladys explains that they don't work and tells 'Sally' and 'Ray' they can borrow her baseball bat if they ever need it. Once she's gone, RoboRafe comments that she seemed loopy but Sami is sure that something is going on. He has a beer and then tries to get in her pants. As they make out, Will and Gabi walk in and gasp. Samantha assumes something is wrong. Her son gives her the picture Chad found. She gasps. Everyone makes excuses but Sami goes into panic mode. RoboRafe offers to check the picture for prints. She putters off to check on her daughter and RoboRafe crumples up the picture after the teens leave. He joins Sami in bed and tells her not to worry about anything. Once she falls asleep, he sneaks off.

EJ is with his sister at the hospital discussing Johnny's surgery. She's surprised when he says he's getting along with Rafe now. Lexie admires his attempt to become a better person. "I can't take all the credit. Rafe has changed quite a bit too," he says. When she doles out compliments, he assumes she wants something. She wants him to reach out to Chad. He flatly refuses. They bicker about it. She thinks he should give his brother some guidance. Finally, he offers to see what he can do. Elvis wanders off and conveniently runs into Chad on the pier. They don't really want to talk to each other but EJ offers to try. "I'd be happy to welcome you into the family," he says. After they clear the air, Elvis asks him to be his best man. Chad offers to let him know. He walks along the water and wonders if his brother's not so bad. Meanwhile, Gabi tells Will how great he was to be so nice to Chad. He just thinks he's going to need all the friends he's got. She kisses him goodnight.

At the hospital, Carly tells Jenn that she shouldn't have to deal with things herself. Jenn says Jack always abandons her. Daniel walks in and says he'd like to kick his tail feathers. The doctors look over her file and Jenny squints at them. Lexie strolls in and drags all of the doctors out. Jenn calls Maggie to say that she wants to do something good and positive. Moments later, Daniel and Carly each get texts asking them to meet Maggie. When Carly arrives at Chez Rouge it's empty until Daniel arrives. They wonder where Maggie is. The maitre d' explains they were invited as a favor to a friend of Maggie's. They find a note from Jenn telling them to have a drink. Back at the hospital, Jenn tells Lexie about setting the doctors up. Lexie thinks it's a bit soon for both of them but Jenn thinks things will work out.

In the dungeon, Rafe coughs up blood. He gasps for water but the goon watching him refuses. RoboRafe arrives and starts pounding on Rafe for trying to mess things up for him. As he kicks him to a pulp, EJ runs in and stops him. RoboRafe explains what happened with the picture and the neighbor. Elvis offers to take care of Rafe and sends him home. EJ tells Rafe that he and Allie are going to pay the price for what he's done. Back in her bed, Sami has a nightmare about finding Allie's picture covered in blood. She wakes up and notices RoboRafe is gone. He crawls back into bed and she tells him her nightmare and he promises her that all will be well.


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