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4th Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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February 21, 2011

What About My Broken Heart?

Stefano goes down to the dungeon to wake up Rafe and taunt him about the price Allie has to pay so he could get some fresh air. Rafe warns him not to go near her. Stefano says that they are going to put her in a more stable home. He wanders out and Rafe keeps yelling threats. After howling, he prays for Allie's safety.

Mel finds Kate and Allie at the hospital. They're there to give Johnny moral support. Kate tells Mel that her son has never loved anyone the way he loves her. When she brings up Parker, Mel tells her not to jump the gun but Kate is confident they will get the child. Across the room, Taylor comes in with balloons. Her sister ordered them for Johnny. She explains to Nicole that she works in the gift shop now. They talk about how lucky Nicole is to finally be getting the family she's always wanted.

Down the hall, EJ lectures RoboRafe for beating up Rafe. As they argue, Nicole walks in and interrupts. She tells EJ that Johnny's just about ready. When he leaves, she keeps RoboRafe there to ask him what's going on. He claims EJ was ticked with him. She lectures him for being unfair to EJ. He offers to try and be more trusting. After she leaves, Stefano calls and orders him to make sure Johnny and Sami go home with EJ and he takes Allie home alone. "Little Allie's not going to make it home," RobobRafe surmises. Meanwhile, Lexie gives Johnny a mirror to see his new eye. Nicole brings in balloons and tells him there are more presents at home. Sami wants to take him home with her but RoboRafe arrives and says he needs to go with his father. EJ stares pensively, trying not to look at Allie. Sami's annoyed with RoboRafe but EJ claims Johnny would prefer going home with his mom and should do that. RoboRafe wanders off and wonders how to 'get rid of the little brat' now. He calls Stefano to say that EJ screwed up their plan.

Taylor stands around and daydreams about EJ until Lexie interrupts. After Taylor putters away, EJ wanders over to his sister and tells her that he's excited about his wedding. She's not terribly convinced. Meanwhile, Sami and RoboRafe take the kids back to the loft and she questions him about siding with EJ. He makes excuses and then suggests Johnny should have a nap. When he says Allie can hang out with him, she blurts out, "No!" She sends the kids off to get a story and tells Rafe it's important they all spend some quality time together. As soon as RoboRafe is left alone with Allie for a second, he asks her to go to the park with him.

Philip wanders into the pub and sees Parker sitting alone. He calls Chloe over and lectures her for turning her back on the child. She tells him about what happened yesterday when she left the baby alone. "The entire house could have burned down with Parker in it!" Philip complains. He tells her this can never happen again and says they need to get her some help. They go to the hospital and meet Daniel who explains that he's arranged for her to see another doctor. Philip asks him to stay on her case and help. He reluctantly agrees and has Maxine take her down the hall. Once he's alone, Mel wanders over and asks Philip what's going on. They slip into the locker room and he admits that Chloe could end up losing Parker. He explains what happened and her eyes bug out. Philip makes excuses and says he just wants Chloe to get better. Down the hall, Daniel examines Chloe and suggests that she may have postpartum. He refuses to talk to her without Maxine present. Chloe says she's not crazy. He says she's just imbalanced and will be fine. "What about my broken heart? Is there a pill for that?" she asks. The doctor can't help her with that. She wishes he would love her but he says it was over along time ago. When the doctor goes into the hall, Philip thanks him. Mel sneaks a peek at the report on Chloe and then calls Kate to tip her off. As she talks about how it's too dangerous for the baby to be with Chloe, she notices the diva is standing beside her. They begin bickering. Mel tells her off and says she should give Philip full custody. "I will not let you take my son away from me," she says. Philip shows up and demands to know what's going on.

Kate returns to Casa DiMera and talks to Stefano about the kids. She worries Allie will get jealous of all the attention her brother is getting. He tells her not to worry. Later, Elvis returns and his father reminds him about their plan. EJ thinks they should call it off. He's seen how much his son counts on his sister. His father points out that their threats are meaningless if they don't execute them. "By the end of the day, the plan is going to be executed," Stefano explains. They bicker but Stefano insists on having the last word and storms out as Nicole arrives. She asks him to come and meet her sister. He tells her he's in a work related crisis and sends her away. Kate comes in and says that she needs some help with her grandchildren. He gets intense and starts shaking her. He tells her to call Lucas and get him to take Allie to Hong Kong today. Confused, she calls her son. Meanwhile, Stefano goes down to the dungeon and tells Rafe that Sami will lose her child because of him. He warns him to be on his best behavior from now on or he'll make someone else disappear.

February 22, 201
Chloe Doesn't Want To Be A Zombie.

At the loft, RoboRafe tries to lure Allie out to the park when Sami walks in. Allie says she doesn't want to go anywhere with him. Sami sends her daughter off to see Johnny and then tells RoboRafe she'll handle things. She convinces her daughter to go out and have fun. As soon as Sami putters off to see Johnny, RoboRafe drags Allie out. Will shows up and Lucas calls Sami looking for Allie. He bought a ticket for Allie to come and see him. Will's bewildered but Sami explains that Kate was behind it. Chad spontaneously shows up to see Johnny. The little boy asks his uncle to go to the wedding with him since Will refuses to attend. Chad agrees. Johnny jogs off and Will tells Chad that Johnny needs someone to have his back.

RoboRafe takes Allie down to the park and sends her to the swings so he can make a call, asking someone to come and get her. They work out the details. He calls the little girl over and tries dragging her away again when Sami suddenly arrives. She tells her daughter that Lucas wants her to go and see him tonight. Allie likes that idea. After sending Rafe to get the car, Sami wonders why Allie seems so sad so she explains that Rafe was mean again. They go back to the loft. While Allie packs, Sami tells RoboRafe that her daughter said he was mean. She tries to apologize for causing his brain problems and assures him that everything will be okay by the time that Allie gets back.

At the hospital, Chloe calls Mel a bitch as Philip walks over to them. The diva explains that his wife is trying to take her baby away. She begins arguing with him about the burning cookies an is disturbed that he told his wife about them.

At the pub, Taylor seems distracted by fantasies of her mystery man and starts spilling coffee on herself. Outside, EJ thinks about Taylor and tells himself he'll never see her again. When he goes inside, Taylor is in the bathroom cleaning herself up as he joins Nicole. Stefano calls his son and asks him to come home immediately. Elvis tells his fiancee he has to head out and promises her the wedding of her dreams. Once he's gone, Taylor returns and a panicky Chloe rushes in, asking to speak to her friend alone. She explains that she can't be her maid of honor because she can't deal with that right now. The diva runs out so Nicole asks her sister to fill in. They toast to the beginning of a new life for Nicole.

Down in the dungeon, Stefano tells Rafe that Allie will be given away to another family. Rafe is so outraged he falls over. Stefano thinks he's joking but when he steps on him there's no response. Later, Elvis arrives at Casa DiMera and his father explains that Rafe has pneumonia and it's time to move on to the next stage of their plan. EJ wants to keep Rafe in the picture until RoboRafe can alienate everyone. He doesn't want to rush anything. His father warns him that Rafe is a dead man if things get out of hand again. Chad arrives and tells his brother that Johnny convinced him to be his best man. EJ smiles. Meanwhile, RoboRafe calls Stefano to fill him in on what happened with Allie. He says that if things keep going the way they have been, Sami will soon be suspicious and he'll have to shut her up permanently.

On the pier, Vivian giddily runs over to Brady after hearing he's taken over Titan. He tells her this is none of her business but she starts clapping. Philip arrives and Viv happily fills him in on how Brady is his new boss. Brady explains how he took control by making Viv sign everything over to him. "If you'd gone that long without a flush toilet, you'd sign anything too," Viv says. The men start bickering and tell her to go. "How could you do this to my father?" Philip angrily asks.

Victor reads for awhile at the mansion until Maggie and Parker interrupt. She says the baby looks like him. He thinks she needs some cheering up. He saw her sitting alone and moping last night. They agree not to feel sorry for each other. Kate arrives in the hall and eavesdrops as Maggie thanks Victor for leaving Chloe alone. Kate bustles in to ogle the child. She suggests that Maggie leave the child there but the redhead refuses and leaves with the baby. Kate's decided that coming over was a waste of time. "Maggie Horton may be able to march you around but she won't do the same to me," she barks, storming out. Mel calls to tell her about her confrontation with Chloe and tips her off about the diva's antidepressants. Kate gets inspired. She heads straight to Maggie's to see Chloe. Reluctantly, the diva lets her in and they discuss the antidepressants. Kate says she needs to be happy, healthy and strong to be a good mother and it doesn't look like she's pulling that off. She picks up the pills and starts insinuating that Daniel gave them to her to kill her feelings. Chloe doesn't want to be zombie but Kate thinks that might be good for her. The diva dumps the pills down the sink.

February 2
3, 2011

Stefano drops by the dungeon to complain about his bow tie to Rafe and offer him some wedding cake. He babbles about the wedding. Rafe would roll his eyes but he's too tired. He leaps up when Stefano tells him he made Allie go 'poof'. Rafe threatens to kill him. Stefano's nonchalant and leaves. Rafe begins yelling about his head. When he collapses, the guard opens up the cell to check on him. Rafe manages to grab his phone before he leaves.

At Maggie's, she offers to take care of Parker so Chloe can go to the wedding. Chloe wants to stay with her son. The redhead tells her she can make up for lost time now that she's medicated. After Maggs bustles out, the diva tells her baby that they'll have a fresh start. "Oh my God Chloe! Are you talking to yourself?" Kate asks from the doorway. Chloe wishes she would call ahead and asks her to go away. She expects that Kate is there to blackmail her. Kate claims she's there for divine intervention. "Feels more like I'm being published for my sins," Chloe quips. Philip shows up and asks his mom why she's there. He kicks out the sarcasm and threatens his mom for harassing the mother of his child. Once Kate leaves, he assures Chloe that no one will take her baby away as long as she's on her medication. She starts having auditory hallucinations of babies crying. He encourages her to have a nap while he looks after the kid but she says Maggie can take him to the wedding and she'll rest then. After he leaves, she continues hearing the crying and screams. She writes a note. Meanwhile, Philip heads over to Chez Rouge to bark at his mom. When he sees Maggie arrive without the baby, he realizes something is wrong and runs off. He runs to Maggie's and finds the note. Chloe goes down to the pier with the baby. "God forgive me for this but I have no choice," she says.

Bo and Hope are at the pub. They just dropped Ciara off at school and Hope was amazed that people didn't treat her like garbage for being in jail. Bo says he'll treat his suspension like a holiday so they can do whatever they want. Abe and Theo stroll in and join them for breakfast. After that, they head out to the wedding. Hope tells Bo she will never take anything for granted again. They decide to go bowling but he gets a call. They have to pick up Ciara because she was sick at school. They take her home and hang out. It quickly become obvious that she just played sick so she could be with them. They watch a movie and joke around.

At Casa DiMera, EJ has a dream about being in bed with Taylor. He goes downstairs and sends one of his goons out to hunt for the woman of his dreams. His sister strolls in and demands to know who he is searching for. He assures his sister that he's only getting married for the children, not love. He refuses to talk about the woman he sent his spy after. She doesn't think that he's learned much over the past year. Chad strolls in and Lexi says, "Our family may be crazy but we sure are good looking." Stefano comes in and tells Chadsworth how happy he is to have him there. The young DiMera still isn't so sure. Lexie gets the men to pose for a picture and Chad compares them to the Addams family. He goes off to help Johnny get ready and EJ complains about how 'humorless' he is. Stefano still doesn't understand this wedding brouhaha. EJ thinks about Taylor.

Lexie, Nicole and Taylor arrive at Chez Rouge to check out the decorations. The doctor hurries off and Taylor marvels at how emotional her sister looks. Nicole wasn't expecting to fall in love with EJ all over again. Taylor is shocked and thinks she's an idiot for feeling that way. Nicole's sure she would understand if she met him. "God help you," her sister says. They decide to drop it and Taylor gives her some gypsy lace she got in Romania. Nicole assures her that she will meet her Prince Charming some day too. Taylor gets into her outfit. Lexie returns and is dismayed to hear how optimistic Nicole seems about everything. She goes out to join the other guests. EJ and the rest of the family arrive. Elvis assures his bother not to worry about not having a rehearsal because something will inevitably get screwed up. As the ceremony starts, Taylor walks down the aisle and is shocked to find EJ there.

February 24, 2011
It's Rafe!

At Chez Rouge, the wedding gets underway. EJ is rather startled when he notices Taylor walking down the aisle to him. They squint and gag, "You!" Nicole walks in and sees them gorping at each other. She walks up and asks them what the hell is going on. EJ stutters as he explains that they met each other earlier. The bride needs more an explanation. All of the guests sit around and roll their eyes. He asks to speak to Nicole alone and reminds her of why they are getting married: for the children. She agrees to go along with the wedding. The ceremony starts again. EJ and Taylor think about each other as the vows are given. Stefano mumbles to Kate about what a proud day this is for him. As the vows are exchanged, Taylor suddenly faints. Stefano gets a call and leaves. Kate drinks. Eventually, the minister suggests they try again. The ceremony resumes and Nicole vows to be with Elvis for all the days of her life. Elvis makes his vow and Lexie watches, wondering if her brother has been looking for Taylor. The rings are exchanged and the ceremony ends with a kiss. Taylor gulps and EJ tries not to look at her.

Philip is disturbed when he arrives at Maggie's and finds a suicide note from Chloe. He tries calling her and then runs out the door. Meanwhile, the diva goes down to the pier with Parker. "God forgive me but I have no choice," she says. She tells her son that this is all for him so he can get the kind of family he needs. After pinning a note to him, she climbs up to the gate. She jumps in the harbor as Parker chuckles. Philip runs over screaming. He finds the note on Parker. The baby giggles as Philip rips off his jacket and jumps in the water.

RoboRafe calls EJ to say he's taking Sami out for some bonding. Down in the dungeon, Rafe starts coughing up a lung so his guard leaves to get a doctor. Rafe manages to swipe his phone. He calls 911 and asks them to patch him through to Roman. When he gets through, he just keeps saying, "It's Rafe!" This is too much for Roman to understand. The thug returns and grabs Rafe. He takes the phone. Roman is confused, especially when RoboRafe walks into the pub. Roman demands an explanation of the call. When Roman wants to trace the call, RoboRafe says he made the call and makes up a story about having a blinding headache while driving. He apologizes and Roman asks him not to drive with Sami in the car. After the commander leaves, RoboRafe calls Rafe's guard to rant at him. He goes off to meet with Stefano and tells him what happened. He suggests that they have Rafe killed.

Jenn paces around her hospital room and gets grumpy about her ride being late. Daniel walks in to say she's had a remarkable physical recovery but they need to discuss her feelings. He says a lot of cardiac patients suffer from depression and she can come to him for help. She doesn't want to have a meaningful talk with him and begins ranting about Jack. Jenn says this is none of his business and then explains that things will never work out with her husband so she's moving on. She tells the physician to go and heal himself instead of getting into her problems. They stumble through the rest of the conversation until a nurse interrupts to say they need the room. Jenn gives him a hug and lets him take out her bags. A soaking Philip runs in with Chloe in his arms. They rush her in and Daniel sends her to some good doctors while he questions Philip about what happened. The doctor starts blaming himself but Philip feels like he's to blame. Daniel remembers helping Chloe at the pier when she sprained her ankle. Philip points out that she loves the doctor more than her own life. "Shut up. Go and be with the mother of your son," Daniel snipes. Philip trudges off to see Chloe. She stares vacantly at the ceiling. He tries telling her that none of this is her fault but she doesn't believe that. Down the hall, Daniel finds Jenn with Parker. He wants to run but she reminds him that the kid didn't do anything to him. She knows that he doesn't want to love the baby but he does. Parker smiles and Jenn encourages the doctor to reach out. He picks up the baby, holds him and smiles.

February 25, 2011

Too Soon?

At Chez Rouge, EJ and Nicole are pronounced husband and wife. Taylor stares and gulps. Chad congratulates his bother and Taylor puts on a front for her sister. Nicole asks how she knows her new brother-in-law. Taylor reaches for some booze. Her sister keeps quizzing her until Chad interrupts them and wishes the bride the best. Kate saunters over next. "I'm sure you're going to be happily married for at least a couple of weeks," she snipes. Nicole snipes back. Maggie breaks them up and whisks the bride away. Kate questions Taylor, who says she'll be sticking around to help with the 'monster-in-law'. When she turns around, she bumps into EJ and tells him she hopes he'll be happy. They can't look at each other though. Maggie interrupts their vacant staring and EJ rushes off. Nicole returns and asks her sister again where she met EJ. Taylor avoids explaining and Johnny runs over, spilling on the bride's dress. Nicole is taken away. The guests continue to mill around. Abe advises Chad to run for his life and says that Lexie has often wished she wasn't part of the family. Lexie makes faces. Chad tells him that he's a DiMera whether he likes it or not. Abe thinks he seems to have a handle on the situation and welcomes him to the dysfunctional family. Lexie goes to see her brother. He spots Taylor alone and walks over to suggest they talk. She tells him that Nicole has been probing about them. "If I'd known you were Nicole's sister, I never would of..." he starts but stops himself. She admits that she's been thinking of him constantly. Nicole returns and spots them standing together.

Chloe sleeps in her hospital bed and Philip complains about the medication to Maxine. They worry about her until Mel interrupts and asks what's going on. He explains that he jumped in the river after Chloe and why. "Chloe cannot be allowed to raise that baby. She's insane!" Mel blurts out. She insists that they take Parker immediately but he makes excuses for the diva. They start bickering about this. Meanwhile, Maxine goes in to check on Chloe and tells her that she had postpartum too but she went on meds and got better. Philip comes in and the diva admits to him that she didn't take her meds before because his mom warned her about the side effects. All the while, Mel calls Kate to fill her in on all the details. Kate gasps and runs over. "I am going to get that baby," Mel says to herself. Kate shows up a moment later and they plot about how to get the baby today. Philip comes out and sees them together, which really weirds him out. "The diva took a dive off the pier. Obviously she just thought she was in one of her operas," Kate says. Her son thinks she'd be thrilled if Chloe was dead. His mom thinks that's a terrible thing to say. He confronts her for what she did to the diva and Kate claims none of that ever happened. Philip asks his wife if she was in on this and orders her to stay away from Chloe. Once he leaves, Mel realizes what he said about Kate is true. Kate tells her they can't get the baby legally because it will take too long and they can't care what happens to Chloe. Mel's jaw drops. Philip returns to the diva. She wants to see her son but he thinks she needs to concentrate on getting better. She worries that she may have already lost her son.

Roman drops in at Casa da Bo. Hope pops up and the commissioner looks dour. Roman announces that Bo has been cleared of all charges and will be commissioner again... however, Hope cannot return to the force. This leads to both men ranting about how unfair things are. Hope claims that she is actually happy that she won't be a detective anymore. Rafe will be taking over her position. Once Roman leaves, Bo asks her how she really feels. She refuses to let this hurt her and wants to be optimistic. They discuss how their lives will work from now on and all the time they will be spending together. She puts on an apron and pours him a beer. They jokingly practice being married and then make out on the couch. She pulls away. He chews on his mustache and asks, "Too soon?" Hope stutters and says she's not ready.



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