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2nd Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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January 10, 2011
Late For What?

Stefano stomps around Casa DiMera and answers the door. Chad is standing there. He took a trip to clear his head but now he's back. He asks his father to stay out of his life for good. Chad explains that he doesn't want anything from him. He has enrolled in school but he doesn't want anything to do with any aspect of the family. As he walks out, Stefano yells at him to stay and explains that he's just angry because he's never had a father who wanted him. "And I never will," Chad says, storming off. Stefano sits down, smokes a cigar and looks at photos of his youngest son. He calls Lexi and says they need to have a talk about their family.

At the mansion, Victor stares at the fire until Kate shows up. He worries about where Viv has vanished to and asks her what's going on. She explains that she and Brady sent Gus and Viv away. He's relieved and they decide to focus on the Chloe problem again. They discuss how much they want to be rid of the diva but keep her baby. She goes to the pub and runs into Chad. He knows that she split up with his dad and asks her what happened. She tells him about the break-up and he claims that things will be fine with his father as long as he leaves him alone. "You will never be free of him," she warns.

On the island, Viv curses her enemies and Gus wonders how they can get off the island. She notices a ship in the distance and orders Gus to build a fire. He gets some twigs but the ship is gone before they can get a flame. She tears into him until he screams at her to shut her mouth and then draws a line in the sand. Later, Viv wonders why everyone hates her and she's been left all alone. Suddenly, Brady is standing beside her all stripped down. He says that she drives him crazy and asks her to come swimming with her. She wakes up from this dream and yells for help.

Mel runs into her dad at the hospital. They both put on a brave face and she starts talking about divorce lawyers. He explains that he's done with Chloe and she's moving out. As they hug, Kayla walks by. Mel starts screaming at her and telling her she's horrible. Kay runs off to see her mom and Mel rants about Caroline. Her father tells her to let things go but she can't. She asks if she can stay with him.

At Chloe's, she tells the movers to get lost. Carly shows up. Chloe starts apologizing but Carly's sorry she ever met her. The diva cries that this isn't all her fault and blames her for all of this. The doctor insists that she only did what she did to protect Daniel and their daughter. She accuses Chloe of using her and says that they aren't friends anymore. Chloe tries to talk her into helping her get Daniel back but Carly's sure that her relationship is dead. "From now on, you and I live in the real world," Carly says, walking out. Moments later, Mel shows up and isn't happy to see Chloe is still there. Chloe begs her to let her stay but Melanie hates her for betraying everything she cares about. She wants to make her 'slutty butt' pay and threatens to put her in the dumpster. Mel is so sick of all the lies that she pukes. Chloe asks her if she's late. "Late for what?" Mel asks and then starts to wonder if she's pregnant.

Carly goes to the hospital to see Daniel. He's furious with her for playing God with his life for a second time. She tries apologizing but he doesn't care about her intentions, just her actions. As he tears into her, Kayla shows up because she wants to talk about what's going to happen to Carly. She explains that Carly committed a series of felonies. Carly's willing to face that. Kay says she'll lose everything and she won't have Bo's shoulder to cry on. After Kayla flounces off, Carly tells Daniel she will find a way to make things right.

Nate kicks open his door and sees Steph in her wedding dress. He calls her a liar and demands the truth. Sobbing, she admits that she's known the truth for awhile. He wants to walk out but she wants to explain herself. "I did the right thing," she insists. Steph contextualizes everything and claims that she tried to stop her grandma. He accuses her of lying again and starts digging through her e-mails to Ian. "It's over," he declares. She tries to talk her way out of it but he already got all of the details out of Ian. Finally, she admits it's all true and she would do the same again. He tells her that love can't be built on lies. She accuses him of lying to her all along about his feelings for Mel. "You probably thought about her every time we made love," she says, suggesting he's only with her because Mel chose Philip. She gets on her knees and begs for another chance. He walks out. She collapses in tears.

January 11, 201
This Is Welcoming You Home.

At home, Chloe stares at a picture of Mel and then calls her to ask if she's pregnant. Mel claims she just ate something weird, tells her to keep it to herself and hangs up. Chloe manages to deduce that she was lying. Daniel walks in with the movers. She begs him for another chance but he insists that Philip should raise the child. "He may not want to," she suggests. Distraught, he hands her the keys to her new place and demands her keys to his. She cries as he takes them away. When she explodes in sobs, he runs out the door. She and Parker look around the apartment and she suddenly gets an idea for how she can get her husband back. Over at Maggie's, Mel reads the positive result on her pregnancy test. She hides it as Nate shows up to say he and Steph are over. He tells her everything Steph did and they realize Stephanie was right to think that they are still in love. His feelings for her have never gone away. She can't talk about this and runs out the door.

Rafe arrives at the loft and Sami tells him they can pick her grandma up. He shrugs and tells her that the DA is pressing charges against Caroline. He says that he's pulled some strings to get her bail. Over at the hospital, Caroline and Carly bicker about ethics until the doctor leaves. Rafe and Sami show up. Caroline starts to rant about Carly but Rafe stops her and reminds her that he's an officer of the law. Meanwhile, Kayla shows up at Stephanie's. Her daughter is in tears as she explains that Nathan left her. There's lots of sobbing and Kay says that Carly is to blame. Sami and Rafe stop by to drop off Caroline. Steph breaks the news that she and Nate broke up. After Sami and Rafe rush off, Caroline demands some answers from her granddaughter. Steph assures her that Nate's leaving her is not her fault and things are far from over. Later, Sami and Rafe go home and she worries about her kids and whether Johnny likes his eye patch. He's sure that her son can still have a great life.

Mel shows up at the hospital looking for her dad and runs into Carly. Dr. Manning doesn't think that she will ever be forgiven but hopes that she understands that becoming a mom changes all of your priorities. Daniel arrives as Carly is taken away for her hearing. Mel mumbles to him and then wanders off confused. Moments later, Daniel joins the board to review Dr. Manning's behavior. Later, Mel strolls around by the pier and Nathan tracks her down to ask if he can help her.

Lexi and EJ go to the pub to see their father. Elvis thinks this is about his upcoming marriage but he's wrong. Stefano explains that they have another brother. His children laugh and then get disturbed when he explains that Chad is one of them. "The kid is a bloody idiot," EJ sneers. He's relieved when Stefano says he doesn't want any money. Stefano won't turn his back on him though. EJ doesn't care and starts making rude gestures. After the children leave, Chad shows up, though he tries to run away when Stefano starts talking to him. They sit down and Stefano says that he would never have abandoned him if he'd known about him. As they argue, Stefano remarks that Chad is just like his brother. He assures him that this is all about love, not money. "This is welcoming you home," he says. Chad's seen "The Sopranos" and doesn't buy this sentimental crap. He'd be ashamed to call himself a DiMera and tells him he's wasting his time. He storms off and Stefano chuckles.

Nicole is pacing around Casa DiMera and wishing she could run away with Brady and Syd. Johnny runs in and she assures him that she's not trying to take his mom's place, she just wants to be his friend.  She asks him about his other eye and then gives him a hug. After he runs off, EJ strolls in and Nicole tells him she saw a speck of white in Johnny's other eye. This makes him upset and he tells her to keep her suspicions to herself until she gets a medical degree. She prays that Johnny is okay. Later, he looks in his son's eye and sees a small white spot. They take the little boy to the hospital to have him checked out. The doctor informs them that the cancer has spread to the other eye. EJ is crushed

January 12, 2011
The Nightmare.

At the hospital, the doctor informs EJ that the cancer has spread to Johnny's other eye. Elvis is outraged and grabs him by the throat. Nicole, wrestles him off. The doctor explains that more tests need to be done but the cancer seems extremely aggressive. He sets Johnny up for more tests and then tells EJ that the child is asking for his mother. Nicole thinks they need to call Sami in but he refuses. She hates Sami, but she still thinks that they need to do what will make Johnny feel better.

At the Safe loft, Allie is asking her mom when Johnny will be home and better. Sami takes her to her piano lesson and then returns home. She complains about Nicole marrying EJ. Rafe assures her that he will dig up something on EJ and then they can get her son back. Elvis and Nicole arrive at the door. Sami rants at them sarcastically and tells them to get lost. Nicole stops her from slamming the door and Sami gets more sarcastic, offering to do a cha cha for them. She keeps mocking them until EJ explains that the cancer has spread.

Jenn calls the warden to ask if she can come in and do some filing. Jane tells her to take the day off because she won't be around. She goes into the pub and chats with Will about a frog's reproductive system until the topic turns to Johnny. Will spots Gabi outside and stares. She comes inside with some dude and Will looks disappointed. Jenn heads out and bumps into Ben outside. Back inside, the dude gets a text and rushes off. Gabi sits with Will and babbles until she notices he looks jealous. She calms his fears and they kiss. Ben and Jenn come in and sit across the room. He's flirty but has to run off when he's paged. Later, he returns to say goodbye. His phone starts ringing and she notices it's a prison number. He claims he just volunteered to work at the infirmary.

Warden Jane suddenly kicks her way into the boat and corners Bo and Hope with her gun. She shoots Bo. Hope screams and snaps out of it. It was all a dream. Bo runs in and calms her, promising that today will be a good day. He explains that he hacked into the warden's emails and they'll find out what she was hiding today. She has a meeting today and he plans to be there. Hope insists on going with him but he insists that it's better they don't both get killed. She thanks him for everything he's done. Bo hurries off into the woods where he eavesdrops on Jane talking to her boss who is hidden by a well-placed tree. One of her goons rushes up and knocks Bo out. They take him to a garage, tie him up and blindfold him. Stefano comes in and shakes his head.

At the hospital, Carly is having her disciplinary hearing. Daniel testifies but refuses to say with any certainty how Carly got his DNA. Kayla jumps up in outrage that he's protecting Carly. Lexi orders her to sit down. Bickering erupts but Daniel stays calm and explains that Carly has a pattern of messing up people's lives. He can't say how his DNA was obtained though. Kayla lists all of the crimes that she thinks Carly is guilty of and Lexi explains that those things are not within the mandate of the hearing. Carly is called up and says that what she did was wrong and she didn't mean to hurt anyone. She apologizes to Kay for everything and says that it has been a pleasure working at the hospital. Lexi says there is no proof of malpractice so the case is closed. Kayla fumes. Carly and Daniel are left alone and he asks her not to make him regret what he just did. When they walk out, Lexi asks her to assist in surgery right away. Sami and the others arrive and the doctors explain that they are prepping for surgery but it's more complicated so Carly will be assisting. Sami starts crying.

Nate runs into Mel on the pier and she's woozy. He thinks she needs some carbs so he explains that there is now no reason for them not to be together. "Yes, there is." she says. He's confused so she suggests that he go to Baltimore and get a life. He gets a text about how Carly got off and assumes her dad must have forgiven her so there's hope for all of them.

January 13, 2011

Will and Gabi are making out on the pier. She breaks away and reminds him they need to work on their papers. Over at the hospital, Sami demands to know what's happening to her son. The doctors explain how aggressive the cancer is and she begins crying. Rafe gives her a little pep talk and Daniel says that they still have a chance to save Johnny's sight if they get into his eye fast. The doctors tell Sami exactly what the surgery will consist of. EJ tells them to do whatever they have to. After the doctors bustle off to get ready, Sami worries about the choice they made and tries not to cry. She can't let Johnny see her scared. Nicole follows EJ down the hall. He asks her to have Syd brought over and thanks her for catching this early. Across the room, Sami begs for a miracle, though she doesn't think that she or EJ deserve one. Elvis wanders over to announce that their son is waking up. They file into Johnny's room. Rafe is left in the waiting room with Nicole. She tells him how horrible all of this is and how brave the little boy is.

In Johnny's room, his parents explain that he has to have another surgery. He's scared. Sami lists all of the people who love him and EJ tells him he's the finest boy in the whole world. Sami promises him that she will get him out of there. Will shows up with Allie and she jumps in bed with her brother. She tells him that she will see for him if he can't see. Sami plays thumb war with her children and EJ takes Will aside to thank him for being such a good brother. When he admires his sensitivity, Will throws it back in his face. Sami interrupts before they can start bickering and begs EJ to see how important their son's family is to him. He claims he doesn't need her to tell him how important family is. Lexi sticks her head in and tells him he actually does. She lectures him, reminding him that everyone needs to get along.

Hope is on the boat digging through the warden's computer records when she discovers that Bo has been captured. Meanwhile, in the garage, Stefano looks at bound Bo and asks Jane what she will do next. She promises to take care of things and suggests they put him on the organ assembly line. He tells her that they have to keep him alive so they can get to Hope. Jane claims that Hope doesn't know anything but Stefano is sure that the former cop is tracking her. Bo starts to wake up and demands to know who is there. "Your wife's worst nightmare," Jane says. She takes off his blindfold and orders him to tell her where his wife is. He laughs as Jane lectures him and tells him how stupid and arrogant he is. She orders him to tell her where Hope is or his life will be 'kaput'. She leaves and he twists in his chair. Jane slips outside and calls Lee, ordering her to purge their files because Hope seems to have access to a computer. Lee soon discovers that someone has been poking around in the warden's accounts. She meets up and the warden who pulls out a vial of something, explaining that it will let them finish off Bo. Lee explains that she shut Hope out of their computer system. Jane smiles and returns to Bo, promptly injecting him in the neck. He guesses that must have been sodium pentothal.

Back at the hospital, Nicole worries to Daniel that he might not be up to performing surgery on Johnny given how much his life sucks right now. Carly starts defending him and Daniel assures her that he will do everything in his power to save the boy. Nicole's scared, sobs and walks off. She returns with Syd and EJ asks Sami to take her daughter in to see Johnny. The family play together until Lexi announces that they are ready to start the surgery. Nicole promises Johnny an ice cream sundae for breakfast. Rafe tells him he's the strongest guy ever. EJ tells his son how much he and his mother love him. Johnny feels his face just in case he has to remember it. Sami breaks into tears as he's taken away for the operation.

Daniel and Carly prepare for the surgery. She reminds him that he doesn't have to work with her and she offers to leave if he is uncomfortable. He insists that he wants her on his team, even if they can't be friends.

Stefano returns to Casa DiMera where Harold informs him that Johnny has been taken to the hospital. He tries calling EJ and leaves a message before calling his daughter. She fills him in. He offers to do anything to help and then makes another call, demanding to see someone immediately. Moments later, he meets with Ben at the pier and begins asking him about Johnny's condition. He asks him to get a donor eye immediately. Ben can't do that; they don't have the science for a case like this. He wishes he could help. All he wants to do is save lives. The doctor explains that the demand exceeds supply and he should talk to Jane about it. "I can not speed up production like it's some kind of factory," Stefano says, insisting that he is doing this for personal reasons, not money.

January 14, 2011

At Least I Only Wanted One Man.

At the hospital, Johnny feels his father's face so he can remember him. He is taken away for surgery. Sami breaks down in tears. EJ tries to comfort her. She asks him if he will make their son face the rest of his life without her. He tells her not to take advantage of the situation. Rafe comes in and harangues Elvis for upsetting Sami. EJ leaves, Sami cries to Rafe. In the corridor, Nicole runs into EJ and he runs off to take care of something. He goes down to the chapel to pray. Since he's an atheist, he introduces himself to God and explains that he's just there for his son. He feels like his son is being punished for the things he's done. "You rid my son of this disease, you let him see again, and I'll end my battle with Samantha," he vows. Sami stands in the pews and eavesdrops. When he gets up he notices her. She asks him if he means what he said. He tells her to talk to God alone but she thinks he should stick around to hear her prayer. She offers her prayer and assures God that Johnny isn't a whiner like other kids. She cries and EJ stares sadly.

Back upstairs, Nicole calls Mary to talk about Syd's diet. She gets off the phone and chats with Rafe, who thanks her for telling Sami about her son. They discuss how hard this must be on EJ and realize he must be praying. They rush off before Hell can break loose. When they arrive in the chapel, they find EJ and Sami calling a truce. He gets a text from Lexi saying their son is out of surgery. Everyone hurries upstairs where Carly and Daniel tell them that the surgery was a success but they don't know how good his sight will be yet. The parents go off to see the little boy. Sami thanks EJ for letting her be there. Nicole and Rafe stare in and he wonders what happens to her if the parents make peace. She's sure that EJ won't turn on her.

Mel paces around Maggie's with a family planning brochure in her hands and tells herself that she can have another baby. She calls the clinic to make an appointment but gets cold feet and hangs up. Steph comes banging on the door. She wants to make Mel pay for what she did to her. They taunt each other and Steph is sure that she's right about everything. Mel thinks she's twisted. Steph throws the letter back in her face and Mel repeats that she only has herself to blame. "At least I only wanted one man," Steph says. They keep bickering and Steph throws all of her past mistakes in her face. When Mel tries to run off, Steph grabs her purse and the planned parenting forms fly out. Steph shoves Mel onto the floor and she grabs her gut and gasps.

At the mansion, Philip is making business calls and sadly staring at his wedding photo. "It's not over," he vows. Nate shows up and tells him the wedding is off.  Nathan tells Philip to be a man and says this is all his fault. "Puhleassse," Philip says. They trash each other and Philip has a drink. Nate's hair sticks up as he tells him about Caroline and Steph's plan for the paternity test. He accuses him of being in on it all along. Philip says he would never turn his back on his own son. Nate brings up the other children he's abandoned and Philip tells him to get out. When Nate calls him a 'pig', Philip pounds on his face. Nate won't hit him back; he'd rather torture him by forcing him to watch him comfort Mel. He warns Philip to stay away from her.

Kate finds Stefano at the pier. She's about to hurry away but he calls her over. She can see he was crying and refuses to back away. He explains what's happened with Giovanni. She's upset and tells him she'll always love Johnny just like she'll always love him. "Then why did you betray me?" he asks. They change the topic to Vivian and then back to Johnny. He tells her how helpless he feels. They sit down and she tells him that she's finally found someone she hates more than Sami: Chloe. Kate tells him how much better they can be together than apart. Lexi calls him to say the surgery went well but asks him to stay calm and take his insulin. Excitedly, he tells Kate the news and they hug. She asks if she can go home with him. He offers her his arm and they stroll off.

Chad shows up at the loft. "Dude!" Will greets him. He lets him in and tells him about Johnny. Chad's blown away. He gets a call that the surgery went well. Gabi hugs him. Chad looks relieved.



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