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3rd Week of January Daily Summaries 

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC (unless otherwise indicated)

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January 17, 2011
One Man Population Explosion.

Victor walks into the mansion and finds Kate with her tote bag. He wonders if she's off to visit one of her 'on-line friends'. She informs him she's going to Stefano's. "I didn't know you needed money that much," he says. Kate snaps and tells him what happened to Johnny. He worries about Viv but she says that she won't be a problem. She takes out a map to show him the island where she stranded Viv. After she leaves, Maggie shows up to get some of Mel's things. She makes snide remarks about Kiriakis men and he accuses her of hitting him below the belt. Maggie starts asking where Vivian is and he feigns ignorance. She looks at the map, sees 'VA' written on it and demands to know what he did.

Elvis drifts around Casa DiMera and sighs. Stefano finds him and they discuss Johnny and EJ has a drink. He tells his father about his negotiations with God and that he offered to end his feud with Sami to save his son. This means that he will let her be part of the children's lives. Stefano knows they all need some peace. He asks his son how long the 'contract' he's signed with God is for. EJ says it's forever. Stefano wonders if he will still marry Nicole. EJ's just trying to keep himself together. His father hugs him. Kate walks in and Stefano says she's spending the night. She fusses over Stefano and he goes off to test his blood. Elvis pours Kate a drink. She promises to keep her distance from him. "Thank you. I don't really care," he says. As he's about to leave for the hospital, Carly calls to say they are ready to take off his son's bandages.

On the island, Gus yells at Vivian to shut up. He's shocked when he looks in their cooler and finds all of the food gone. She explains that the food and water are being rationed. The Duchess isn't happy to find that she has to have 'Smeat' for dinner and only Gus has the can opener. He tries to walk away from her but he can't. "Oh Gus! What's happened to us? Here, eat Smeat," she says. He offers to prepare her dinner and eat after.

Brady walks into Maggie's as Steph is throwing Mel around the room. He stops their fighting. The women bicker until he sends Steph away. Brady tells Mel that she's being a brat. She grabs her planned parenthood forms off the floor and he demands to see them. "Philip Kiriakis: one man population explosion," he jokes. It's not funny. She cries into his chest and asks him to keep her secret. He offers to be her friend through whatever she decides. She has no clue what's next but starts to worry that Chloe might have figured out her secret. Meanwhile, Steph heads to the hospital and confronts Nate for dropping his new job for Mel. They bicker all the way to the pub about how manipulative Mel is and she stares at his hair. He tells her to take responsibility for her own actions for once. She can't believe she tried so hard to hold onto him. He swans out.

Chloe meets Carly at the hospital and is happy to hear that her hearing went well. Carly's sure she's just there to see Daniel and tells her he's on a break. Chloe keeps talking until the doctor reminds her that they aren't friends anymore. She goes down to the pier and runs into Philip. He offers to look after the baby while she looks for Daniel. "Just forget that he's you son!" she blurts out. She stutters and tells him to stay away for everyone's sakes. He says she's delusional if she thinks Daniel will take her back. Chloe tells him she thinks Mel is pregnant because she got sick. "She might have got sick for being in the same room with you," he points out. She thinks he has the right to know if he knocked her up. Later, Brady wanders by and they talk about how much they have changed... and not for the better.

Mel goes to the hospital and runs into her mom. They talk about her hearing and Johnny's surgery. "If you had to do it over, would you still have me?" Mel asks. Carly says that she's the best thing that ever happened to her and she can only hope that she will have a daughter who will show her such happiness. Melanie goes home and puts her planned parenthood papers in the trash. Philip shows up. "You have to tell me: are you carrying our baby?" he asks.

January 18, 2011
You Win.

"Wow this is a good trip," stoned Bo says after Jane's shot him up with sodium pentothol. He begins telling her that her plan will never work. She pounds on his face for awhile. He spits out some teeth and tells her where Hope is. She rushes off, but Hope's long gone. Jane isn't happy and returns to the garage. Bo taunts her and calls her names. She decides to call the boss. Meanwhile, Hope's on the boat when she realizes that her computer has been attacked and the warden is onto her. She hears footsteps. It's Leo. He has a special phone for her and offers his help. She writes him a note and tells him to go to the address on it. Later, he calls her to say that he found signs of struggle.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the hospital and Daniel informs them that Johnny is still sleeping. Lexi wonders where their father is. He explains that he's not feeling well and Kate is looking after him. She warns him that his son may still have to struggle with his sight. EJ refuses to believe that. He mopes. Nicole tries to keep him together but he doesn't see why she cares about how he feels. Down the hall, Rafe tells Sami that Johnny will overcome anything that happens to him. They join EJ and Nicole to see Johnny's bandages come off. Only the parents are allowed in to see him. Daniel slowly takes off his bandage and makes him count his fingers. Johnny does well and his parents leap on him with kisses. Sami thinks they should have a big party. Rafe and Nicole are let in. EJ hugs his son and they decide to let him get some rest. He kisses Nicole and tells her that he can't thank her enough for everything. She thinks they should set a new wedding date and he agrees to talk about it later. Judge Fitzpatrick calls and he informs her that the wedding is being postponed. He returns to Johnny's room alone. In the waiting room, Sami thanks Nicole for saving her son. Nicole's afraid that there's no place for her in EJ's life now that he's made peace with Sami. "You win," she says. After Nicole mopes away, Sami asks Rafe not to disrupt things too much by digging into the DiMeras' dirty dealings. As they make out, EJ glares at them. Meanwhile, Nicole heads back to Casa DiMera to tell Syd everything that's happened. Although she doesn't have a place in her life anymore, she says that she will never lose her.

On the island, Gus wakes Viv and they spot a plane overhead. It drops another crate of supplies at them. As Viv moans in dread, Gus discovers there is wine in the crate and she gets excited. There's no corkscrew though so she assumes it was sent as torture. She pulls the cork out with her teeth and they drink.

At the mansion, Maggie question Victor about what he's done to Viv. She guesses he's stranded her on an island. He claims he had nothing to do with it. Maggie thinks he's being wretched and has to put a stop to this and rescue poor Viv. He assures her that Viv is fine. She's disgusted and rails at him but he refuses to bring Viv back because she's too dangerous. Maggie offers to make a deal with him. He takes her hand and she offers to have dinner with him if he brings his wife back safe and sound.

Philip shows up at Maggie's to ask Mel if she's pregnant. She claims she isn't. Thinking about him just makes her sick. He assumes that she was never going to tell him she was pregnant. She tells him that he has no say in what she does. She's keeping the baby, but it won't have anything to do with him. He tells her that he's grown up a lot since the last time he had a crack at fatherhood. Philip asks her to give them a chance to have the kind of family they have never had. She claims she doesn't love him anymore and never will again.

Ben and Jenn are at the pub having coffee and muffins. She asks him about his volunteer work at the prison. He suggests that she stay away from that place; sweet and beautiful women shouldn't be hanging out there. She hasn't heard a line like that for awhile. Nate walks in and Ben prompts him to get his aunt to volunteer at the hospital. Nate explains that she already does. This confuses Ben. He announces he has to go and leaves his phone behind. Hope later calls it and is shocked to hear Nate pick it up.

January 19, 2011
Chloe's Assets.

At the loft, Will tells Gabi the good news about Johnny and they hug. They make out and Chad suddenly shows up to say that he's won some concert tickets and asks them to go with him. They tell him about Johnny and point out that he's his nephew. Chadsworth doesn't want to talk about it and rushes out. He goes over to the hospital and sneaks into Johnny's room to give him a gift. Back at the loft, Will and Gabi bake cookies and make out.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole is hanging out with Syd when Chloe shows up. Nicole updates her about Johnny and the latest EJ and Sami truce. After Nicole puts Syd to sleep, she tells the diva how screwed she is going to be when it comes to the kids. Chloe urges her to turn to Brady for help. Nicole thinks that ship has sailed but Chloe thinks that love makes forgiveness happen. The blond doubts that. Chloe babbles about how forgiving Daniel will be. The diva decides to run off and see him. Nicole thinks that will only make things worse. They bicker and Chloe tells her to get pro active or she'll end up alone. After she storms off, Nicole calls Brady and asks to see him. She heads over to the mansion and tells him the latest about Johnny. When she tries to get some sympathy, he tells her that she's alone and that's exactly what she deserves. She tries begging but he yells at her to leave and never come back.

At the hospital, EJ glares at Sami and Rafe making out and then stumbles away to arch his eyebrows and think about getting rid of Rafe. Stefano wanders over and EJ says he's finally figured out what to do about Rafe. They go to see Johnny and Nono Stefano tells his grandson that they should go on vacation and make sand castles. Meanwhile, down the hall, Sami bounces around about how excited she is to have her kids back. Rafe bursts her balloon by reminding her that she can't trust Elvis. They walk into Johnny's room and interrupt him time with Stefano. "Ay ay ay ay..." Stefano groans. He and EJ file out. They go back to Casa DiMera where EJ explains that Sami isn't the problem, Rafe is. He claims that Rafe will poison the kids against him. Stefano thinks he's more concerned about getting back in Sami's bed. Elvis claims the only thing he feels for Sami is disgust but the kids need a mom... but not a second father. Stefano has an idea that will be even more destructive and effective than killing Rafe. They need to change Rafe so much that it changes his relationship with Sami forever. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe go down to the pier and worry. She thinks Stefano could sway his son in a bad direction. They decide to eliminate Stefano.

Daniel returns to his place and flops on the couch. Mel calls and says that she needs to talk to him in person. As she gets off the phone and tells herself she has to tell her father about being pregnant, Maggie walks in and overhears her. Mel cries on her shoulder but Maggie says this is a blessing. She's sure that Daniel will eventually get over his anger. Mel refuses to let him get over his anger at Chloe. Mel worries that even the smartest guys turn into idiots around Chloe's 'assets'. Maggie says that her dad has been around the block a few times and she should keep her butt out.

Over at Daniel's, the doctor tries to sleep on the couch but gets a pacifier stuck in his ear. He sadly thinks of the baby and then falls asleep. Chloe slips in, lights some candles and wakes him up with her cleavage. They make out and then he pulls away. She tells him to give in. This was all a Chloe fantasy though. When she slips in and finds him sleeping, she undoes her shirt and starts blowing in his ear. He twitches and knocks her on the floor. She tells him they can still work things out but he wants to be alone. Chloe swears that she will never lie to him again but he can't believe that. Mel arrives. Daniel makes Chloe give him her key and leave. Mel cries to him and he promises to be there for her.

January 20, 2011
Where Is Victor Kiriakis?

Philip wanders around and calls Mel to say that he will never believe it's over for them. "You need to have your head examined!" Carly blurts out as she interrupts. She rants at him and he tries apologizing and explaining. He guesses that she doesn't know the latest and then rants at her for everything she's done wrong, like abandoning her daughter, killing a man and breaking up a marriage. They compare who has ruined Mel's life more. Carly tells him to stay away and storms off as Kate walks over after hearing him mention the pregnancy. He claims the baby will bring his wife back to him. They sit down and she tells him not to get his hopes up. He's optimistic anyway. After mocking her fashion sense, he offers to take her home. She explains that she's staying with Stefano. He's cool with that.

Melanie is at Daniel's. Her father assures her that he's not angry with her and advises her not to let her anger get in the way of the baby's future. "You have got to find a way to make peace with Philip," he encourages. Mel cringes and wants to throw things. Her father tells her that she doesn't want to deal with anger and pregnancy at the same time. She doesn't want to tell her mom about the pregnancy; Carly should be kept in the dark for once. He offers to break the news himself. After she leaves, he calls Carly and asks her over. He fills her in and she thanks him for keeping her in the loop.

At the mansion, Brady tells Nicolle that the days of him fixing her messes are over. He orders her out but she begs him to help her figure out a way to keep Syd in her life. Brady says that she has to do what she has to do and he has to move on. She thinks he's found someone else. "Not everyone jumps from one warm body to the next like you," he snipes. Taking her by the hand, he drags her to the door and then pushes her out and slams the door in her face. Victor starts clapping. He pours him a drink so they can toast to getting rid of Nicole. Victor lists all the bad words he can about her. Brady toasts and his grandfather congratulates him on becoming such a schemer. Then he asks him to bring Vivian back. Brady can't see why so Victor explains that Maggie is upset about it. "Where is Victor Kiriakis?" Brady asks, accusing him of being a hypocrite and storming out. He heads to the pub. Mel finds him drinking and he admits he doesn't like people telling him what to do. She knows the feeling. He advises her to take charge of her life. When he heads home, he tells Victor that he will bring the 'old bat' back. Victor goes up to bed and Brady mumbles that he's bringing Viv back in his own way for his own reasons. Meanwhile, Mel calls Philip and offers to meet him at her dad's place.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells EJ that Sami will realize she's made a terrible mistake by hooking up with Rafe. EJ's not sure how they will make her hate Rafe but Stefano already has a plan. He takes his son down to the basement to show him what he's thinking of. When they return, EJ is laughing and his father tells him that after a few phone calls, Mr. Hernandez will be changed. Elvis insists that Sami has to stay unscathed. "I think you are still in love with that bitch," Stefano groans. EJ insists that's not the case.

Will and Gabi are making out in the loft with Allie runs in and yells that she's going to tell on them. He threatens to tell their mom she got out of bed. She runs back to her room. Will picks up where he left off. Rafe interrupts them. The teens try to pretend they've just been studying but Rafe can tell from Will's erect hair that he's lying. Allie rats them out and Rafe sends his sister away. After Rafe tells him not to make out on the couch, they discuss Johnny coming back. EJ suddenly shows up with Syd. Elvis offers to let Sami spend more time with the kids and repeats his promise to God. "I want to apologize for being me," EJ adds before telling Syd that she can spend the night there. After he leaves, Will says that everything seems awesome. He plays with Syd for awhile and Rafe starts to wonder if things will actually work out. Meanwhile, Stefano prepares his men to strike when he gives the order. He tells his pictures of his grandchildren that their mom and the 'scum' she's married to don't deserve them. As he laughs to himself, Kate walks in and wonders what's up.

Nicole shows up at the hospital to tell Johnny she will always be there for him. "I want my mommy," he says. She reads him a story until he falls asleep. As she tells him what a great step-mom she would have made, EJ stands in the doorway and eavesdrops. He finally interrupts and takes her out to talk. "Everything has changed," he says

January 21, 2011

I'm Here To Thank You For Ruining My Life.

Chloe drops by Steph's to thank Caroline for ruining her life. Steph doesn't want to play the blame game but Chloe shoves her way in. Steph threatens to have her arrested. Caroline comes out of hiding and the diva narrows her eyes. Steph starts hurling the blame and Chloe claims that she was going to tell the truth but never got the chance because they decided to play God. Caroline tries rationalizing her choice but Chloe's determined to make her pay. There is much yelling and Caroline nearly has another stroke.

Mel paces around her dad's and tells a stuffed bunny that everything will be fine. Philip arrives and she explains that she hasn't been fair to him. He's just thankful that she's talking to him. When he tells her how much he's been thinking about their baby, she points out that he should be thinking about his baby with Chloe. He says the kid will get a trust fund and he'd rather talk about their baby. She repeats that they are over. They rehash his indiscretion until Steph calls him and orders him to come over and take Chloe away. Back at Steph's, she's tying to stop Chloe as she freaks out. Caroline tries explaining herself again and Chloe keeps screaming until Philip arrives and leads her out. After they get coffee, they go to the pier and she moans about Caroline. He points out that they're the ones who ruined everything. She doesn't care but he doesn't think she should drag Caroline through the courts. Back inside Steph's, Caroline tells her granddaughter that she did the crime and will do the time.

Nathan drops by Maggie's. She guesses he wants another go at Melanie. Maggie shakes her head and tells him it's not a good idea. He talks about what kind of future he could have with Mel. She encourages him to go and talk to Mel. He heads over to Daniel's to tell Mel that he still loves her. Mel tells him that they have no future because she's pregnant. She shuts the door on him.

Kate walks into Casa DiMera and hears Stefano plotting to himself. She guesses the EJami truce is doomed and she doesn't want to know what's in store. He wants her to know everything though. They sit down and talk about the Bradys and their lack of respect for the law. Then they talk about Philip's wandering pelvis and Kate explains how determined she is to get Chloe's kid away from her. He offers her any help he can and she moans about her worries that Philip will end up with Chloe.

Gabi returns to the loft and her brother teases her about Will. She grabs her homework and says hello to Syd. Rafe has a beer and admits that EJ's sudden turn for the nice doesn't smell right. His sister tells him to be cool and assures him he's a winner. He claims has to make sure it stays that way. Rafe keeps teasing her about Will and she gets embarrassed. Someone comes to the door to deliver a letter from EJ. It's a notice saying that Sami will be receiving a new custody agreement in the morning.

Over at the hospital, EJ wants to chat with Nicole about their future. She assumes he's calling the wedding off, but he still wants to marry her and keep her in Syd's life. He thinks they should get married at the church because it's full of wonderful memories. She's confused. EJ promises that he will handle Sami and asks her to believe that he truly wants her to be his wife. Leaning in, he asks her to come home with him. She agrees. When they get to Casa DiMera, Kate and Stefano stop them before they can go upstairs. Stefano takes his son away to tell him Nicole will 'r-r-r-r-r-uin everything'. Elvis insists that they need her. They toast to Rafe being on borrowed time.


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