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January 24, 2011
I Can't Live Crate To Crate.

On the island, Viv orders some wine from Gus so they can celebrate not being dead. They only have enough for one glass. He wants to share but she demands he give it all to her. As they struggle for it, it spills into the sand. "I can't live crate to crate," she cries. Suddenly, a helicopter is overhead and he assumes they are being rescued. Brady lowers a ladder and climbs down to them. He pulls out papers for her to sign before he'll let her go home.

Hope sneaks into Nate's room and wakes him up. She begins interrogating him about the mess he's in, pointing out that he answered the number she called. He explains it was another doctor's phone. She's relieved to hear that and gives him some instructions. Over at the pub, Jenn and Carly chat. The doctor is planning to leave town but her friend doesn't want her to go. Carly doesn't think she can be part of Bo's life anymore. Jenn tries to convince her to stay for Mel's sake. When the doctor mentions that Bo called her, Jenn gets jumpy. Nate arrives and asks to speak to Jenn in private. Carly rushes off and Nate gives Jenn the message from Hope. She immediately goes to the boat to meet with Hope, who fills her in about Ben and the organ business. Jenn gives her some stuff from Ciara.

At the hospital, Chloe is begging Parker to stop crying when Daniel walks by. She blows up at the doctor. He hands her the stuffed bunny she left behind but refuses to look at the baby. Ben interrupts to discuss a case. The doctors plod off. Chloe pouts. Daniel heads home. Carly shows up to talk about their daughter's pregnancy. Chloe then arrives to apologize for earlier. He's cold and sends her off. Back at the hospital, Jenn arrives to see Ben. She tells him that her cousin escaped from prison and asks him to let her know if he hears anything.

Jane calls Stefano and asks for permission to kill Bo. He tells her to do what she has to do and hangs up. Bo wakes up and Jane tells him this will be his last day. She calls one of her cronies and is annoyed to find out that they are going to be delayed. The warden swans off and he continues struggling with his ropes. She calls Ben and tells him that she may have some product for him later that day. When she returns to the garage, Bo seems to be gone.

Philip drops by Casa DiMera to see his mom. They discuss when she deprived Lucas and Bill of a chance to know each other and she hopes he doesn't do the same thing. She encourages him to push Chloe off a cliff if he has to so he can get a hold of Parker. They bicker about Chloe and she tells him to stop being a 'wuss' and fight for his kid. As she doles out advice, Stefano arrives and congratulates him on becoming a father again. Philip hears a weird pounding noise from the basement and decides to leave. Stefano tells Kate that his life has been 'bollocksed up'. He's distracted so she leaves. Meanwhile, Philip meets Chloe and the baby at the pub and plays 'pull my finger'. He thinks they need to change the kid's name but that suggestion makes her flip out.

Mel is having breakfast with Maggie. She's not eating though because she's nauseous. She explains that she told Nate her baby news and then shut the door on him. Maggie tries hugging her but it makes Mel puke. While Mel's in the bathroom, Victor shows up and tells the redhead that he's thought about her offer. He plans to bring Viv back. Mel comes out and he tells her the baby won't want for anything. "Except a real family," she snipes. He assures her that she has his full support no matter what and leaves. Mel tells Maggie that the baby will have the best surrogate grandma ever. Nate shows up to see Maggie but she rushes off to leave them alone. He tries to do small talk but that fails. He claims that he wants to be with her even if she is pregnant. Taking her hand, he says he loves her. She wrests her hand away and tells him she's only concentrating on the baby. Meanwhile, Maggie shows up at Victor's. He's nervous. She needs proof that he's rescued Viv. He shows her the video feed of Viv being rescued.

January 25, 201
I'm Being Punk'd Right?

Bo stumbles into the boat and bleeds all over Hope. She snaps out of this nightmare and prays for him. Leo shows up and they talk about her fears. He tries to fix her computer but doesn't have any luck. Hope worries about everyone who could be hurt trying to help her. Meanwhile, Jane is miffed to walk into the garage and find Bo gone. She calls her goon to tip him off. Bo's hiding behind the door. He sneaks out and grabs her by the throat, threatening to break her neck. Jane's goon barges in and overpowers Bo. They tie him up and tell Bo he'll be dead in a few hours.

At Casa DiMera, EJ asks Nicole to pick his daughter up at the hospital. She wonders why he is sending her to get in Sami's face and suspects he wants a fight. EJ chortles. She thanks him for bringing Syd back to her. "You gave me back my life," she says. Meanwhile, Daniel walks in on Rafe hanging out with Johnny in his hospital room. Rafe and the doctor talk about what will happen when Johnny is released. They debate whether or not EJ will keep his word. Rafe tells him how much he loves Sami's kids, even though they aren't his. Daniel stares thoughtfully. Rafe returns to Johnny and Nicole shows up. He informs her that she can't have Syd. She calls EJ and tells him that Sami took Syd skating. He decides to leave things alone. Nicole's baffled but fills Rafe in. He's surprised by how human EJ is acting.

Jenn starts to panic when she's talking to Ben at the hospital and thinking about the role he might be playing in the organ dealing. She tells the doctor how worried she is about Bo and Hope. He has to go and take care of something and leaves his keys behind. Daniel walks in before she can grab them. Ben returns and asks him to join them for coffee. They head over to the pub and chat. Ben has to leave to take a call again. Jenn begins asking Daniel about Carly and tells him that she needs him. He teases her about Ben and she asks him if he's a good guy. Daniel doesn't really know him. She begins talking about Hope's problems and what she should do to help. He advises that the end justifies the means. After Daniel leaves, Ben returns and Jenn thanks him for being a friend. She hugs him and steals his keys.

Maggie is at the mansion with Victor telling him that he's a better person for rescuing Viv. He explains that they're staying at his place for their date and they won't be having dinner. Maggie flips out but he informs her that it's nothing saucy, she brunch. She's embarrassed. Viv strides in with Brady and the women exchange barbs. Maggie sees herself out. Vivian tells her husband that she's not going to waste her time with him so she's filing for divorce. He's startled. "I'm being punk'd right?" he asks. She tells him he's just boring. Once she walks out, he starts dancing. He pours a drink and Brady comes in to join him. They toast and Victor tells him he's a chip off the old block. Meanwhile, Viv shows up at Maggie's to tell her about the divorce and thank her for getting her off the island. She pushes her way in and accuses her of being a liar for lying about her feelings for Victor.

Chad is waltzing around Java after getting turned down for a job. Gabi walks in and offers him some sympathy for his dad turning his back on him. She tells him that he doesn't have to be alone when he has the DiMeras. He refuses to give them a chance because his mom wouldn't want that. Gabi's sure his mom would understand that he needs some kind of family. Chad chokes on his tears and walks out.

Stefano gives Marco instructions on keeping what's happening in the basement a secret. EJ joins him and tells him that he's been trying to get Sami to let her guard down. He heads over to the hospital and finds Nicole playing patty-cake with Johnny. He smiles. Nicole goes back to Casa DiMera and catches Stefano with Marco. She wonders what's going on and then decides she doesn't want to know. Back at the hospital, Johnny yells at his dad to get him some chocolate milk. EJ strolls off, leaving Johnny with Rafe. "Enjoy your time with my son because you aren't going to be around much longer Rafe," he says.

January 26, 2011
The Hell She Is.

Kate shows up at Daniel's to offer Mel her help. Melanie flatly says that she's not getting back with Philip. Kate hands her a gift and Mel tries to shut the door on her face. Kate pushes in and gets her to unwrap the gift. It's Philip's old music box. Mel tries to give her the boot again but Kate starts lecturing her and tells her not to do to her child what her mother did to her. They bicker and Kate admits that her son is stupid but he still loves her and wants to be there for her and the baby. Mel tells her to go bug Chloe with her dreams for Philip's future. "You don't give a crap about me!" Mel accuses. Kate encourages her to go back to Philip and fight for custody of Parker. Melanie can't handle talking about this anymore

Philip walks into the Cheatin' Heart and finds Chloe staring at some wine. He wonders who is taking care of their son. The baby is with Maggie. Philip complains about the name again and she accuses him of being a control freak like his mama. Maggie shows up with Parker, saying that he's hungry and she was supposed to pick him up an hour ago. Philip starts to worry. The baby cries so he deals with him. He offers to take his son for a walk. As he takes him off, Maggie asks the diva if she's alright. Chloe looks distressed. The redhead tells her to get more sleep. Chloe can't. She doesn't even know where to go and she can't think. Maggie tells her to put the kid first. Chloe starts to crumble and complains about how she can't make enough milk. Since the diva can't turn to her mom, Maggie asks her to come home with her. Outside, Philip tells his son that he'd walk into a burning building for him.

At the pub, Jenn gives Ben a hug and swipes his keys. He gets a call from Jane who informs him that she's sending some fresh organs his way. Ben turns back to Jenn and promises to pay more attention to her next time they meet. She bustles off to the prison and tries to get into the files. They're locked so she digs up the key and goes through the filing cabinets, discovering the files for the dead women. Lee arrives outside. Jenn hides and listens as the warden tells her underling to keep a lid on things. They go off to take care of something and Jenn starts photographing the records. She then heads to the pub and drops Ben's keys on the bar. When she sits down, the doctor pops up looking for his keys none the wiser.

Rafe goes home to the loft where Sami has been looking over the custody agreement. She thinks that everything is going to work out well. Rafe had a lawyer look at the agreement and it seems kosher. They gossip about EJ and how Nicole is now out of the equation. Since they're alone, they make out. After sex, she falls asleep on him until Syd yells for her through the monitor.

At Casa DiMera, EJ calls his father to say he wants to modify his plan for Rafe. He hangs up when Nicole walks in. She wonders what's going on in the basement. EJ claims they are just expanding the wine cellar. She thinks he's building Johnny an exercise room. When she announces she's going to look at it, he forbids it. She guesses there's no playroom. "It depends on what you call a playroom," he says. She decides to drop it. He informs her that they are settling the custody agreement today. She goes off to get food for his kids and he calls his father to assure him all is going according to plan. He goes down to the law office and meets with Sami and Rafe. Nicole arrives, which confuses Sami. EJ informs them that Nicole will be the children's stepmother. "The hell she is!" Sami blurts out. Elvis explains that it's all on page six that Nicole gets his rights over the children if he dies. Samantha doesn't like this and starts calling them names. EJ tells her that it's just life insurance because she the biggest threat to his health. Rafe tells her it's still a good deal but Sami throws a fit. Nicole wonders how he can stand her. Sami crumples up the deal and accuses EJ of just trying to get Nicole in to poison her kids against her. She storms out. Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, Taylor tries buying a ticket to Salem but her credit card is rejected so she takes all of the money out of her socks and looks for a cheap bus ride.

January 27, 2011
Domestic Tranquility.

At the hospital, Daniel is getting flaky and Lexi gives him a pep talk. She assures him that she doesn't mind looking out for him. When she asks him how things are with Chloe, he says that there's nothing there. She goes to check on Johnny and he tells her that Chad brought him a stuffed frog. Over at Maggie's, Chloe is with Parker thinking about the stuffed bunny Daniel gave them. She runs off, leaving behind a note. Maggie later finds it and groans. Chloe shows up at the hospital claiming the baby is sick and has to see Daniel. She insists on waiting for him even though Maxine tries to talk her out of it. Daniel arrives and asks her what she thinks she's doing. He accuses her of using the baby to get to him and orders her to go home. Back at Maggie's, Victor shows up to ask her out for coffee. She worries that something is wrong with Chloe. Daniel calls so they head to the hospital. He fills them in on what happened. Maggie goes to see the diva and Victor wonders if Chloe is capable of taking care of a baby. In the exam room, Chloe pouts to Maggie that Daniel hates her more than ever. Meanwhile, Maxine gets the forms to send to child services about this incident and Daniel fills them out.

Chad walks into the Cheatin' Heart and asks Adrienne for a job. She can't give him a job because he's too young. When he begs, she starts interviewing him but he doesn't know his last name and walks out. He heads over to the pub where Lexi runs into him. They have an awkward chat and he asks about Johnny. She tells him that he's more than welcome to join the family and says that the boy would like to get to know his uncle. Lexi explains that he can pick and choose which family members he spends time with. He wonders if she stays distant from her family because they're bad. She's evasive. He's afraid that Stefano would take over his life. She says that's a reasonable fear but if he wants to test the waters, she'll be there to help him out.

At the law office, EJ tells Nicole that he's surprised that Sami has returned to her classic form. He won't mistake her for reasonable again. Rafe returns and accuses him of ambushing Sami. EJ urges him to go away and calm Sami down before she makes things worse for herself. Rafe begins yelling at him for pushing Sami around. Nicole warns him that he's only making things worse and EJ doesn't have to give her anything. EJ insists that he wants this to work and claims he just made a mistake negotiating. He offers to apologize to Sami. Rafe doesn't think that will help so EJ asks him to make it clear to his wife that Nicole is not a threat. The commissioner plods off. EJ and Nicole go back to Casa DiMera and she worries about whether it's good for her to be around since it makes Sami so upset. Elvis tells her that she's sitting pretty and needs to stay on board. He makes them martinis and they toast to 'domestic tranquility'. "Dirty, just the way I like it," she says as she drinks. They hope the agreement will be signed and it will all be done. She looks at pictures of the kids and EJ says that they are becoming a happy family.

Sami shows up at the mansion. She shows the custody agreement to Justin and asks for his help. As she rants, he reads the papers and tells her that the contract is tight. He says they could take it to a judge but she refuses to go to court. Justin says it's actually not a bad offer. Sami would rather see Nicole die than let her be part of her kids' lives. "I can't think," Sami says. He advises her to go home and try. When she gets there, Rafe shows up and rants about how much EJ gets under his skin. She loves him for being so passionate and angry but says that Justin has talked some sense into her. Sami says she will never change her mind about Nicole though. He has to take a call. She starts gasping and runs out for air. Jumping into a car, she takes off and Rafe drives after her. She swerves and swears until his car goes off the road behind her.

Justin heads to the Cheatin' Heart to see Adrienne. He tells her that she's a really 'classy dame'. She appreciates the compliment. They drink and yammer about old times and how they've finally been brought back together. She's never stopped loving him. "I was about to tell you the same thing," he says, kissing her. She heads to the door and locks it. "I think it's going to be a very happy hour," she declares. They get on the pool table and it isn't to play billiards.

January 28, 2011

That's Wonderful!

Mel goes to Daniel's. When he mentions Chloe, she gets angry. He tells her about how Chloe has been acting and worries that the baby might be in danger. "I think Parker needs us to look out for him," he says. She agrees to do whatever it takes. They start cooking stew.

At Maggie's, she puts Parker to sleep and tries talking to Chloe but the divas is staring blankly and rocking a blanket. Chloe cries about what a terrible mother she is. Maggie makes excuses for her but Chloe keeps crying. The redhead calls Daniel and asks him to come over right away. When he arrives, Chloe begins hugging him and crying, thanking him for giving her another chance. He pulls away and tells her she got the wrong idea. The doctor knows she's having a hard time because he is too, but she needs to get well. He gives her the number for a shrink. She throws it in his face and says he's all she needs. "Why is it so damn hard for you to forgive me?" she demands. As she cries, he begs her to stop using the baby to manipulate him. She continues begging him to come back to her so she can love him. The doctor asks her to take care of herself for Parker's sake and walks out. Maggie returns and Chloe sobs that Daniel is gone forever.

Kate arrives at the mansion and Victor tells her that Chloe's on the verge of a breakdown. "That's wonderful!" she blurts out. She moans about Chloe's history of lying. He says that they can't use this against her. Victor thinks they need to be smart about this and not get their hands dirty because it would alienate Philip and Daniel. Kate insists that they act immediately but he forbids it. As soon as he storms off, she calls Mel to discuss the downfall of Chloe. When Mel later shows up at Casa DiMera to meet her, she remembers how EJ screwed her over there. Kate asks her how she would feel about Chloe disappearing. They argue about whether Mel would go back to Philip and raise the children with him. Kate says that Parker is a package deal with her son, not with Nate. Mel decides to show herself out. Kate's sure that she will come one board with the bargain.

At Casa DiMera, EJ fills his father in on Sami's latest tantrum. Stefano gets a call informing him that Rafe was just in a serious accident. They worry that this could change everything. Nicole wonders what it would change. Meanwhile, Rafe is rushed into the hospital with Sami. Ben brings him in for surgery. Sami prays until Ben returns and says that Rafe might have brain damage. Sami's not sure what that could mean. The doctor says it would do him a lot of good to have her by his side. She goes into his room and tells Rafe that she won't do stupid things anymore. Although she knows that's impossible to believe, she'll prove it by signing the custody agreement. She begs him to wake up and come home to her and the kids. As she moans about how much she loves him, Nicole strides in. "Careful Sami. You don't want to send him back into the light," she snipes. Sami explains the crash and the women bicker. Before EJ can lead Nicole out, Sami stops them and says she will sign the custody papers. However, she tells Nicole she will never really be anyone's mother. This leads to bickering. EJ has to stop them. Outside, Stefano begins questioning Ben about the nature of Rafe's injuries. He returns to Sami and the others and says that Rafe might suffer from memory loss. Sami goes to Rafe's side and he opens his eyes. Meanwhile, Stefano and EJ chuckle about how well things are turning out for them.

Hope hides on the boat when the a cop shows up. The cop wanders around looking for some drunk and then leaves. Meanwhile, Carly meets Jenn by the pier. The blonde has a plan and needs her help. She shows her pictures of the patient files to interpret. They pictures are too bad to make out so they hurry off to the prison. When they get there and flip through the files, Carly quickly guesses what was going on. She explains that the prison has been killing the inmates off to sell their organs. They cower when they hear Jane and Lee plotting outside to get rid of Bo tonight. Jenn calls Hope to tell her what she just heard and where they are planning to shoot Bo. After Carly runs off, Lee catches Jenn and ties her up, telling her it's all over. Ben calls looking for a heart and Lee tells him she'll get him one right now.

In the garage, Jane's thug tells Bo that he'll give him a head start before he shoots him because he doesn't want his brains to get on his uniform. Bo goads him but the cop won't take the bait. He acts woozy and then attacks the cop, knocking him out. Before Bo can get away, the cop is suddenly awake again and beats him back down. Jane returns and the three of them go out in the woods to execute Bo. Hope and Carly arrive in the distance.


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