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1st Week of July Daily Summaries

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July 4, 2011
Hollywood Fourth Of July.

Salem is hit by a massive storm, forcing most of the town away from the parade and into the pub. The power quickly goes out. Candles are lit and everyone gathers around tables to talk since the internet is down and everything is closed. Will starts talking about last year's Oscar nominees. Chad sees Melanie stroll in and begins fantasizing about her in "True Grit." She finds Bo in his chicken coop and tries hiring him to kill a man. After he spits buttermilk on her, he refuses to help so she threatens to kill him. After she nearly blows his ear off, they discuss the Emmys and remakes and take to the road. He explains that his BFF always had a cool looking patch and that's why he wears one. She explains how convoluted the plot they're involved in is.

Ciara is moping because she didn't get to do her swan dance. Hope mocks her so Maggie mocks Hope. They start a "Black Swan" re-enactment where Maggie makes funny of Hope's beefy thighs. When Maggie dumps a cake in the trash, Hope sticks her head in the bag and eats it.

As the teens debate movies loudly, Justin eventually yells at them to quiet down. Chad turns to fantasizing about "The Social Network." Chad is Zuckerberg and sits at a table with lawyers negotiating for his 'gazillions'. The two Johnnys shows up to say he's not as cute as they are. Women line up tp badmouth him and Nicole throws herself at him. Eventually he's left alone in the dark after Kinsey mocks him for ripping off "Citizen Kane."

Brady sits with Nicole and she tries to keep him cool as EJ nods off at the bar. Kinsey and Abby wander by talking at "The King's Speech" and English people. EJ starts to fantasize about being forced into elocution lessons from Roman. Nicole's his wife and urges him to just learn to grunt like an American man. After rigorous testing, EJ admits he once talked like an American when refusing treacle. Roman says that's enough to save him. Eventually he ends up with a bad Brooklyn accent belching in a bar and discussing cars.

Kinsey tells her friends that they have to remember what's at the heart of movie-making: violence. At the bar, Brady downs a can and then crushes it in his fist. EJ rolls his eyes. Kinsey fantasizes about "The Fighter." Brady and Nicole sit around in their underwear. He eats meat until his mom and eight sisters show up to rag on him. When this ends, Kinsey asks which movie actually made the most money. Mel shouts that the rain has stopped. Bo and Hope take Ciara outside to see the rainbow. He talks about how it took an act of God like a storm to remind them all that they are neighbors.

Roman is in LA consulting on a case about TV writer killing a show exec. He decides to hang around town and try to sell his screenplay idea. As he wanders through the hills, he makes calls to execs who ask him to re-write his idea for Lindsay Lohan.

July 5, 2011
I'm Stupid Too.

Lexi barges into Casa DiMera to confront her father about Taylor's accusations. He tells her that Rafe has just been out of character. He turns the topic to EJ's desire to marry Taylor. Stefano talks about his son's terrible taste in women and how Taylor is the most dangerous of them all. Lexi hums and haws.

In the garden, EJ asks Taylor to marry him. She stares and pouts. He prods her to say 'yes'. Her head shakes and she says she can't. Elvis wants to talk her around and then worries that she doesn't love him. She insists that she does but he needs to think about things before he does them. After he pouts, he says that he loves her even more for pointing out what an insensitive jerk he is. She explains that loving someone and marrying them don't always go together. He doesn't understand. "If we're not going to get married, we should call it a day," he declares. Ultimatums annoy her but he keeps pushing. Eventually, she agrees and they kiss as his father arrives. EJ proposes again. As she agrees, they notice his father is there. Stefano welcomes her to the family. He asks to speak to his son alone. Stefano explains that Rafe sent them a note. Meanwhile, Taylor drops by the hospital to show the ring to Lexi. "Oh... you said yes," Lexi mumbles. Taylor's excited but she's sad because she can't call her mom to tell her the news.

Bo calls Rafe and they talk strategy. Then Bo and Hope do the same thing. They sneak over to Casa DiMera, break onto the grounds and knock some people out. Meanwhile, Rafe shows up at the front door with Johnny. Mary isn't thrilled to see him. He plants a new listening device and then returns to the warehouse with the other cops. They get a call with some bad news. Back at Casa DiMera, Mary tips EJ off that Rafe was there. He and his father have a fit. As Stefano declares that they have to eliminate Rafe, Taylor arrives.

Quinn drops in on Viv at the pub. He starts teasing her about how a boy's best friend is his mother. She wishes she'd ordered room service. He quizzes her about why she's in town. She's evasive so he accuses her of coming back to get Carly. Viv gets upset and rails about the evils of Carly and how she failed to get revenge. He thinks she gave up to easily. She says no one has the guts to stop Dr. Manning. Quinn thinks they could team up and get even with Carly as a family project. "I feel very close to you at this moment," she says.

A frazzled Carly bumps into Jenn at the hospital and shrieks. The doctor rushes off. Daniel pops up and tries asking Jenn out but she runs away. She chases Carly home to confront her about her drug abuse. Carly says she can't prove anything. Jenn blows up and tells her how much she loves her and will do whatever it takes to help her. Carly moans about being overwhelmed but claims she's faced reality now. She convinces Jenn to leave and the blond departs, vowing to fix things. When she gets back to the hospital, Daniel asks her to San Francisco with him. She can't go. Meanwhile, Carly wanders to the pier where the ghost of Lawrence starts taunting her.

Mel joins Abby on the pier to complain about boys. Abby grumbles incoherently but it makes sense to Mel. "How do you feel about my dad dating your mom?" Mel asks. Abby says she doesn't like to talk about things that are stupid. She admits she still wants her parents back together. "I'm stupid too I guess," Mel explains, because she wants the same thing.

July 6, 2011
I Guess My Wish Came True.

Bo tells Hope and Rafe that Nicole will be released and ruin their plan. The cops run off to the station to stop her. Rafe calls Sami and they gab about the plan before arranging to meet in the park. He goes to see his double and taunts him with pizza. RoboRafe taunts him back and suggests that he won't be able to take down the DiMeras without dying in the process.

At the station, Nicole is ranting at Detective McCarthy until Brady shows up. Abe arrives as she rants about Bo. He grumbles that he doesn't know what's going on and leaves to take a call. "I'm on edge. There' no minibar here," she complains. Brady asks her what she knows but Bo shows up before she can say anything. Abe returns and says that IA have been complaining about this situation. He orders Bo to charge Nicole or let her go. Bo asks Nicole to help him make EJ pay. She wishes he'd been nicer to her about this. "All the evidence suggests that you like being treated like crap," he says. He lets her out and she leaves with Brady.

In the garden, Stefano rails at his son for not taking care of Rafe. As he declares that they have to eliminate him, Taylor shows up and asks them not to take the law into their own hands. EJ promises not to do anything illegal. She decides to trust him. Once she's gone, the men continue bickering. EJ goes inside to see Johnny and tells him he's not allowed to see Rafe anymore. This annoys Johnny, who tells him that Rafe was worried EJ or Stefano might fall down the stairs.

Brady and Nicole go to the Cheatin' Heart and then he announces he's going home. "I didn't choose EJ over you, I chose Sydney," she says. He thinks she has an idealized vision of what they were. He thinks she needs to take a romantic time-out for awhile. Giving her a kiss, he tells her not to let EJ win. When he walks out, he runs into Taylor and asks her not to go in. He notices her new ring and warns her that her future will be as bleak as Nicole's present if she marries EJ. Taylor looks through the window at her sister sadly getting drunk at the bar. She pulls off her ring and goes in. After some banter, Taylor explains that she's now engaged. "I wanted something bad to happen to you. I guess my wish came true," Nicole says. Before Taylor can leave, her sister says she's glad their mom isn't there to see what she's become. Taylor wanders down to the park and tells herself she has no doubts about EJ. Abe shows up and they talk about Rafe. She vows never to forgive the man who killed her mom. Meanwhile, Brady corners EJ on the pier and asks him to leave Taylor alone before he destroys her. EJ gets snide. Brady curses him and walks away. Elvis picks up his watch and suddenly remembers being kicked in the head and called a son of a bitch.

Stefano shows up at the Safe loft before Sami can leave. He quizzes her about her husband. Says she doesn't know anything and orders him out. Rafe calls so she pretends she's talking to Caroline. Stefano leaves and Sami tells her husband their plan is working. She puts on her magical hat disguise and goes down to the park to meet Rafe. They have a pointless chat and then she goes home to see Hope and Bo. After she calls to check on things with Will, she assumes Stefano knows everything and says they have to pull the plug.

At the pub, Will and Gabi are gabbing about how everyone is crazy about her. He's says he would be jealous if any 'young, hot guy' was into her. She says he's the only one who seems to. This annoys him and he worries that she still thinks he's pulling away from her. She insists that she wants things to be okay between them. When she kisses him, he keeps his mouth shut. He tells her she's the prettiest girl he's ever seen. That makes her uncomfortable. Stefano shows up and asks after Caroline. Since she's gone, he guesses Sami was lying. As Will gets defensive, Hope and Bo arrive. Stefano gets called away and the cops worry that he's catching on. Back at Casa DiMera, Stefano questions his men about being knocked out. He guesses Rafe isn't working alone. Meanwhile, Nicole wanders drunkenly through the alleys when she spots Rafe.

July 7, 2011
It's Bad Enough There's One Of You..

Drunken Nicole follows Rafe to the pier and wonders what he's up to. He wanders off. She wants another drink but decides it will have to wait. Rafe goes to the warehouse where Tim has been babysitting his double. The agent leaves as Rafe questions Robo. He offers him a plea deal but that gets shot down. Rafe leaves. Nicole climbs out from behind some cans and stumbles into the room. "Rafe?" she asks as she finds RoboRafe. She pulls out his gag and he claims that someone stole his face and identity. When he tells her EJ did all this to him, she yawns. "It's bad enough there's one of you," she says. He tells her the other Rafe needs to pay for killing her mom and asks her to untie him. Once that's done, she passes out and he leaves.

At the loft, Sami worries and moans to Bo and Hope. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Stefano questions Johnny about Rafe. EJ wonders what's going on. "You know what we told you about stranger danger," Stefano says to his grandson. Johnny points out that he knows Rafe. Sami calls to say goodnight to Johnny. He tells her who is in the house. Taylor calls EJ and asks him to her hotel room. Sami gets Stefano on the phone and asks him to let her have Johnny tonight. He refuses. She turns to Bo and Hope to say they have a big problem since Johnny is still there. The cops insist that the DiMeras will protect him. They also explain that EJ is engaged to Taylor. She moans about this as they head down to the pier to meet Rafe. Sami suggests that they get 'the creature' to serve up Rafe to the DiMeras. The cops think that's a crappy idea. She has a fit so they give her something to do. Meanwhile, Stefano reads Johnny a story and tells him about his father screwing up.

Elvis shows up at Taylor's and finds her waiting for him in bed. He's quiet so she gives him a massage. Then they go belly to belly and sauce the clam. After that, they head over to Casa DiMera. Stefano is waiting to have a chat with them. He congratulates the couple. EJ guesses he's up to something and is uncomfortable when his father welcomes her to the family. Taylor wonders why he's 'happy-happy' all of a sudden. Stefano warns her that the DiMeras are a bunch of drama queens and they toast. Johnny runs downstairs and Taylor tells him she'll be spending a lot more time with him. They high five on it. He drags her away to see his train collection. Marco calls Stefano to say RoboRafe has been spotted. Rafe walks in. The cops listen by surveillance and Sami starts running over. Rafe announces that the rules have changed. "I'm not your bitch anymore," he says, demanding a raise. Suddenly, RoboRafe straggles through the door with a slack jawed grin. Stefano is shocked. EJ tries hiding behind his dad.

Kate drops by the club to see Quinn and accuses him of ripping her off. He claims he's got evidence of Chloe's misdeeds coming in tonight. She decides she's been too hard on him as he promises that Chloe will be facing the music if she doesn't perform for the next client.
Chloe is at the pub talking to a picture of her kid. Justin and Sonny race in after playing basketball. They say hi. The lawyer tells her that everything has gone smoothly so far but she needs to sort some things out before they can go any further. She needs a job and a home. The diva assures him that she will handle it. When she leaves, Quinn is waiting outside. He confronts her for lying to him about Justin. She begs for another chance but refuses to work the whole night. He sends her off on her date. She meets Randy at the club. He's eager to get upstairs. After they do the deed, Kate corners the john and asks him if he had a good time.

July 8, 2011
Does That Ring Make You Stupid?

Sami is panting around the pub. She calls Bo to say that she is coming to the showdown. He curses then goes back to eavesdropping on Rafe telling EJ and Stefano that he's not their bitch anymore. Suddenly, RoboRafe stumbles into Casa DiMeras. The two Rafes look around. RoboRafe explains what just happened. Taylor walks in and states the obvious, "There's two of them?" EJ tries to send her to the kitchen but she has some questions. Rafe explains that Robo killed her mom. She guesses EJ has been lying. Sami arrives and starts pummeling on EJ's face. Both Rafes smile. EJ tries to send Taylor again and Sami starts listing his crimes. Robo swears he didn't kill Fay. Before he can saunter away, Bo and Hope arrive. "Oh God! I should have known this was a Bo Brady operation!" Stefano groans. There's lots of bickering. EJ is smug. Rafe explains what he knows and tells EJ to get a refund on his memory erasing drugs. The DiMeras play dumb. Taylor starts to pant. Sami keeps ranting and wonders how EJ could put Robo in his kids' lives. Legally, EJ and Stefano are accessories to rape. Sami asks Taylor if she really wants to marry the man who created the monster who murdered her mother. Taylor insists that EJ is innocent. "Does that ring make you stupid?" Sami asks. Finally, Taylor demands the truth from Elvis. He takes a deep breath.

At the hospital, Daniel is in a bad mood about Jenn giving him the cold shoulder. Carly is concerned and offers to help out but he doesn't want to drag her into it. He gets called off. Meanwhile, Jenn meets her daughter at the pub. They look at pictures of JJ in Scotland. Jenn mopes and explains that she just realized Carly is in love with Daniel. She doesn't want her friend to watch her parade around with Daniel. Her daughter explains that Carly doesn't need a boyfriend, she needs help with her drug problem. Jenn makes excuses for her friend. As Abby explains how stupid this is, Carly arrives. Abby makes herself scarce. The doctor asks her friend to stop worrying about her. She changes the topic to Daniel and the blond says she put the breaks on things because they're both on the rebound. When the doctor walks out to take a call, Daniel walks in. He asks her what went wrong. "It's me, it's all me," she says. He offers to take things slower. As he flirts, Carly stares back at them and walks away, kicking herself for being a fool. Back inside, Jenn explains that this is the first time she hasn't been dependent on a man. He tells her it's different between them. She runs away.

Viv meets her son at the club for champagne. She wonders what his motives are. He offers to help him with Carly. "Everyone's got an Achilles heel... even you," he says. He calls one of his goons to start digging for dirt. His mom tells him to call her when he finds something and then leaves. She runs into Carly outside of the pub and starts ribbing her. Viv goes back to the club for more champagne with her son. She happily says that she thinks she can get Carly this time. Meanwhile, Carly goes down to the pier where Quinn's goon runs into and asks her if she's looking to score.

Mel meets Brady as he drinks club soda at the Cheatin' Heart. He explains that he had an epiphany about them. Dario gorps in the background. Brady tells her how grateful he is that she's stood by him. Nicole calls and asks him to ping her phone so she can know where she is. He runs off for a minute and Dario comes over to say she has a problem: he wants to say the same thing Brady is about to say to her. He sits down and tells her Brady wants to be more than friends. Dario asks her what she wants. She wants to start over with the right person and she thinks she's met him. Meanwhile, Brady tracks down Nicole at the warehouse. She tells him about the two Rafes. He assumes she's just wasted and leads her out. When he gets back to the bar, Dario is kissing Mel.

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