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2nd Week of July Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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July 11, 2011
How's It Feel?

At Casa DiMera, Taylor demands the truth from EJ. "You can't be serious?" he answers before ranting. She still wants to know if what he's being accused of is true. EJ starts barking that he had nothing to do with her mom's demise. She demands to know if he brought the creature to town. He claims he isn't lying to her and never would. Sami insists that he is. Hope backs her up and says EJ is guilty of murder among other things. Eventually, Taylor realizes EJ has been lying. She blows up and tells him that he's disgusting and she's not the idiot he thinks she is. She thought he had a heart but the only person he loves is himself. Rafe starts ranting about how EJ is worse than his father. Johnny comes down and listens in. Eventually, he interrupts. Rafe and Sami pick him up and he starts interrogating his father, demanding to know why Rafe said he was evil. Taylor runs out. Johnny spots RoboRafe so the cops lead him out. EJ promises his son he will explain everything in the morning. Johnny runs upstairs. Elvis wants to go after him but his father stops him. "My son effectively took our family down tonight," Stefano says. He blames him for ruining the entire operation with all of his restrictions and screwing things up. "You did this you stupid fool!" he rants. He's disgusted and walks out. Turning around, EJ tries to stop Sami and Rafe from taking his son. "Take me home Rafe," Johnny says, telling his father he's a bad man. Sami smirks at Elvis. "How's it feel?" she asks as she slams the door. He sits on the floor with a picture of his son and cries.

At the club, Viv tells Quinn that he's still a stranger and she doesn't trust him. She wonders if he could be setting her up. Later, Gus arrives and is shocked to see Viv has been crying. She explains that her son has been deeply affecting her by showing that he cares. Viv felt connected to him. Gus thinks forging a relationship with her son is a terrible idea.

Carly is at the pier telling Quinn's dealer that she's not looking for drugs. He's unconvinced and tells her he's got something in his pocket for her. Her phone rings and she flounces off. When she gets to work, Maxine sends her to check on an OD case. Back at the pier, the dealer meets with Quinn and tells him he met Carly and she's obviously a user. Quinn calls his mom and tells her what he just learned.

Jenn drops by the mansion to return a book to Adrienne, who guesses something is wrong. Jenn moans about Jack sending her an email. She shows it to Adrienne, who gasps. Jenn throws her book and rants about how her ex-husband has never even mentioned their divorce. Adrienne thinks she should be out with Daniel so her friend explains that they broke up. She adds that Daniel belongs with Carly. Adrienne tells her she's making a huge mistake.

Daniel walks into the Cheatin' Heart and starts playing pool. His daughter can see he's miffed. He gets drunk fast and knocks his balls all over the room. She listens as he moans about Jenn. His daughter explains that women would just be men if they didn't try to be so confusing. They debate and she urges him to be the anti-Jack and stick it out with Jenn. His daughter takes away his beer. Carly arrives and Mel explains that she's taken her father's last name. Carly cries about how amazing this is. They all join hands. She tells them about how upsetting sending a woman to rehab tonight. He promises he will always have her back. Jenn walks in and sees them laughing together. She sneaks out.

July 12, 2011
Sex On A Stick.

Kate finds EJ moping at Casa DiMera and asks him if he and his father are going to prison. Stefano walks in to say it's a distinct possibility. She offers to help but EJ thinks they're doomed. Chad wanders in as Stefano is cursing Elvis. He rants about how his son has ruined the family. He says that Chad is the only son he needs now. Chad tries standing up for his brother, even though he has no idea what happened. He mopes away. Kate tells her husband not to lose her son and then leaves them alone. "You are no longer my son. Get up and walk out that door... and never, never come back here again," Stefano orders with gravel in his voice. Once Elvis is gone, Kate returns and her husband apologizes for lashing out. She hugs him.

Abby drops by Maggie's for her schedule. She explains that she wants to work nights all summer. Maggs asks what Chad will think about that. Abby explains that they are kaput because she caught him doing an errand for his dad. The redhead knows how she feels and tells her about her conflicts with Victor. Abby is afraid of getting hurt so Maggie tells her to dump Chad. This flusters Abby so Maggie explains that she has to take the bad with the good and just be careful.

Abby meets Chad on the pier to talk. She knows he's a good guy but he won't be for much longer if he keeps working for his father. She wonders if he really wants to be a thug. He informs her that EJ is on the outs and that means he will be Stefano's go-to-guy now. Abby doesn't think she can handle that. They agree to try being totally honest with each other and kiss.

Sami rolls over in her bed and finds Rafe smiling at her. They happily talk about making the DiMeras pay and then make-out. After sex, he explains that he gave the kids a long video and huge bowls of cereal to keep them distracted. She thinks that's the nicest thing ever. They get up and call Bo. There are no new developments so they make-out some more. Johnny and Syd waddle around the room looking disoriented.

Sonny joins Will, T., Kinsey and Gabi at the beach. Kinsey offers the newbie a donut and Sonny talks about traveling. They go off to play volleyball. After he runs off, Kinsey moons over him. "That dude is sex on a stick," she says. Gabi and Will sit down and chat about how her brother seems to be getting back to normal. She gets him to rub sunscreen on her back. He starts talking about his mom. They make-out. Kinsey and T. return and she starts babbling about how Sonny will be her next boyfriend.

Justin brings Victor some papers to sign at the mansion. Victor's annoyed because they're late so Justin explains that Sonny is in town and has been distracting him. They go to the pub to meet their son. He guesses that they still haven't told his uncle about him. His parents want to tell him as a family but he insists he will do it on his own. They're proud of him and he bustles off to the mansion. When he gets there, he gives Victor a hug. The curmudgeon starts asking him about what women he's been distracted with lately. He's sure that Sonny will keep up the Kiriakis tradition of loving and marrying the wrong woman. Sonny explains that he doesn't have to worry about that. "I'm gay," he says.

Nicole wakes up in a motel room when her sister arrives. Taylor admits that she was dead wrong about EJ. Nicole congratulates her for figuring out he's full of it. Her sister explains everything she discovered about EJ and RoboRafe. Taylor cries about how much she hates Elvis now. "Hate is good. I hate EJ too," Nicole says, but she's always known what EJ was so none of this is surprising. Her sister is sure this is affecting her more than she's letting on. Nic thinks they should just call room service and toast to moving on. She thinks they need to start taking better care of each other. Suddenly, EJ shows up at the door.


July 13, 2011
Your Hell is Just Beginning.

At Casa DiMera, Kate complains to Chad about reporters calling her. He finds what happened hard to
believe. Lexi walks in demanding answers. Kate says Stefano is napping and the cops don't have a case on him. She expects everyone to stand behind him no matter what happens. When she sashays off, Lexi tells her brother this is his baptism by fire into the family. She hopes her father and EJ actually get caught this time. Later, Kate returns and finds Chad alone. She quizzes him about what Lexi was saying and warns that abandoning Stefano now would kill him. The press calls. Chad answers and gives no comment. Kate's impressed.

"If you're looking for an ally, you must have done brain surgery on yourself down in that basement," Nicole says to EJ when he shows up at her door. He's there to see her sister. Neither woman wants to talk to him but he won't go away. EJ moans about how much he loves Taylor and wishes he'd met her first. Nicole grabs her guts. She starts shoving him and ranting. He tells her to shut up but that backfires. He tries apologizing and that makes it worse. "Your Hell is just beginning," Nicole warns. He says he's already there. Taylor asks to speak to Elvis alone. Reluctantly, Nicole agrees to allow it. EJ starts making his excuses, stuttering and blinking. Taylor isn't impressed and shows him the door. He offers to do anything he can to help. "I want my mother back!" she cries, slamming the door in his face.

Abe arrives at the station to lecture Bo for making a convicted felon like Hope the lead detective on a major case. Bo refuses to take her off the case. Abe thinks this is stupid and warns him that they could all lose their jobs over this.

Hope goes down to the cells to see RoboRafe. She says he'll soon be dying to tell her everything. She points out the the DiMeras will have him killed in jail. The only option for survival is witness protection. Roman interrupts and announces he's taking over. Robo chuckles. Roman confronts him about his video statement and asks him to sign the transcription. After he explains that they recovered the part of the video he ruined, he asks him to sign again. Robo refuses but then asks about witness protection. Meanwhile, Hope goes upstairs to fill everyone in. They talk strategy. Roman comes up and says that the doppelganger is gung-ho for witness protection now. They send Hope down to close the deal. Detective McCarthy comes in so Bo asks her if she knows anything about Robo. She's clueless and then remembers him staring at a mug shot. Back in the cells, Robo teases Hope about setting Bo on fire. Unfazed, she offers to help him if he helps her.

Maggie is at the pub with Justin and Adrienne gabbing about Sonny. They tell baby stories and guffaw. The parents break the news that their son is gay. They talk about joining a support group at his request when they were feeling awkward about it. Adrienne says that she got him curtains featuring two cowboys walking into the sunset together and that's when he pointed out that he was gay.

At the mansion, Victor is startled when Sonny informs him that he's gay. He assumes it must be a joke Brady's pulling on him but Sonny insists it's true. "I'm as gay as pink ink," he says, explaining that he told his parents a few years ago. His uncle isn't sure how to take this. He decides that he just feels sorry for him for all the trouble it can cause. Sonny doesn't buy that being straight makes life less difficult, especially considering Victor's track record. Victor worries that he won't be able to handle the bigotry and intolerance of the people in Salem. Maggie, Adrienne and Justin arrive and warn him he better not be one of those people. Sonny stands up for his uncle. Maggie gives Sonny a hug and Victor asks her out for a walk.

Kinsey runs into Nicole in the pub and apologizes for selling her out to Sami last year. Nicole doesn't give a toss. When Kinsey sits down offering to be her friend, Nicole wants to run. She stays and they talk about EJ and how Nicole is too good for her sister. Nicole offers to help her out if she needs it.


July 14, 2011
You're The Jerk.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is whining to his lawyer on the phone. He stares at a picture of his kids until Chad walks in and asks his brother for the truth. EJ isn't helpful and gets sarcastic. "I don't really give a damn what happens to me," EJ claims. He confesses his role in what went down and says he did it to prevent Rafe from becoming a father to his children. Elvis yells at Chad to call the cops. Chad refuses. EJ smirks and shakes his hand. "You've decided to officially become a DiMera," he says. His brother asks about how involved Stefano was and admits that he's come to love him. EJ tells him their father will be sharing a cell with him. Chad wonders if he'll sell their father down the river and accuses his brother of not caring about family at all, just being pissed off because Sami wanted another man. "You're the jerk," Chad concludes before walking out.

Abby meets her mom in the pub to talk about the bad DiMera news. They discuss the impact this must be having on Chad. Abby wonders if her boyfriend will become head of the family when his father and brother are locked up. Jenn tells her not to borrow trouble. "Who has to borrow? There's plenty to go around," Abby says. When Abby snarks about Jack, Jenn gets defensive and talks about how he gave her the two greatest blessings in her life. Her daughter tells her about Chad and his baby. She says that Maggie told her never to turn away from love, her mom says that's good advice. Abby wonders why her mom didn't follow it. They bicker about Jenn being a busybody. Once Jenn leaves, Chad arrives and expects her to rant at him.

At the station, Hope tells Bo that RoboRafe's scumminess is coming out. He even made sleazy taunts about Ciara. Bo starts hyperventilating so she pats his head until he calms down. McCarthy shows up to repeat the story about Robo staring at a mug shot. Bo sends her off to find it.

At the safe loft, Rafe tells Sami that Allie is on her way home. Sami's eager to pawn the kids off on Caroline so she can pick up the one she hasn't seen for awhile. Bo and Hope show up looking for help. RoboRafe won't roll on the DiMeras so they need to find out who he was to get some leverage. They ask Sami to give them some clues. Rafe tells them that his double hit on Nicole. "I'll scratch her eyes out!" Sami squeals. They tell the cops about skanky Alicia. Bo and Hope leave and Sami wants to question the creature herself. Johnny runs in and says that the TV told him Daddy and Nono might go to jail. They distract him by talking about pizza with cauliflower and then offer to buy him a toy. They go toy shopping with the kids and Johnny gets grossed out by all their PDAs. As they joke around, EJ pops up looking like someone just killed his puppy.

Hope and Bo return to work. He calls Steph to ask her about RoboRafe but she's not much help. McCarthy calls them over when she finds the mug shot. His real name is Arnold Fennigar and he was just a crummy con. Hope gets an idea.

Lexi and Daniel pull out a tumor at the hospital and then start gabbing about her family. They try to joke about it. She admits that she flirted with the darkside but it didn't pan out. Lexi wants to run off with Theo until this is all over. The topic changes to Jenn avoiding him. She thinks he should find out why. Later, he tracks Jenn down in her office but she runs away.


July 15, 2011
DiMera Style.

At the mansion, Brady's reading the Rafe news and is shocked. Taylor strolls in and he asks her if she's talked to EJ about this. She complains about making a fool of herself. He knows how sick and ridiculous this is and asks if the DiMeras will pay this time. He's sure that EJ really did want to change for her, but it's too late for him. As she beats herself up for being naive, he stops her to confess that he's the one who put EJ in the hospital.

Sami, Rafe and the kids are wandering by the pier. Johnny gags when they start kissing. EJ comes by doing the Charlie Brown shuffle of shame. He's about to mope away when Sami stops him and says he needs to find a way to be civil around the children. "I'm not your son anymore!" Johnny yells at EJ. Sami tells him that his daddy loves him but Johnny's still angry. EJ gets snide with Sami so she sends the kids away with Rafe. He accuses her of letting her kids watch the news but she insists their son would have found out anyway. She tells him that there are ground rules he has to start following if he wants to see his kids much longer. "Have you ever thought that your kids would be better off without you?" she asks. She knows he loves them but he still hurts them. Sami knows all about ruining a child's life after all. After she walks off, his father appears. Although Stefano hates what he did, he is still his son. Elvis moans that he's about to lose everything. Stefano says he might lose a girlfriend or wife but not his children. He asks his son to trust him to fix this. EJ says that's impossible. They go back to talking about his attack. Elvis thinks it must have been the original Rafe but his father doubts that. Taylor arrives and eavesdrops as the mull over who it could have been. Stefano vows to hunt them down and take care of them DiMera style. "Aw DiMera style you!" EJ says hugging him. Once his father leaves, Elvis turns around and spots Taylor. He wishes she was smiling. She tears into him and asks him if he's looking for revenge on his attacker. "It's out of my hands," he claims. She tells him they have nothing and walks away. As he stares at her sandals, he starts to flash back to his attack.

At the loft, Syd and Johnny go off to look at his race car while Sami fills Allie in on what happened. Rafe assures her that he is the original Rafe, not bad Rafe. 'Agent Silly' jokes around with her. Allie laughs and her mom assures her that is all over. They have lunch with the kids and Sami tells them EJ will get what he deserves.

At the station, McCarthy finds RoboRafe's mug shot. His real name is Arnold Fennigar and he was just some sleazy shmoe. Hope gets an idea. The DA storms in and declares that he wants Hope off the case. She vanishes. Bo says he needs paperwork to dismiss her. The DA leaves to get it. Abe warns Bo this is a bad idea. The commissioner calls Victor for a favor. Meanwhile, McCarthy gives Hope Arnold's file and she bustles off. When she returns to Bo's office, her official termination has just been delivered. He relieves her of her duty. Her phone rings, she gets a tip and runs off. Brady arrives to say that he needs to know what will happen if EJ remembers. He worries it would get other people in trouble. After Bo promises to face the consequences as they come, Brady leaves. Abe arrives to announce that Victor has come through for them. They grab Hope and tells her that the governor gave her a pardon so she's officially reinstated. Hope cries. Abe swears her in. Down in the jail, some woman is taken to Arnold's cell. She tells the guard her father will have his head and then she will spit in his skull. Arnold smirks and says, "Aiaaiai!"

Chad arrives at the pub and asks Abby to tell him she warned him about this. She hugs him instead. He furrows his brow. Sitting down, he tells her that he never had a hint about what was going on right under his nose. He says EJ never even blinked about it. Chad's realized he's unlucky when it comes to fathers. He thinks she must be even worse off because she actually loves her father. They discuss her awkwardness with her dad and his sense of humor. He starts to worry about his nieces and nephews and she tells him they have a great uncle. They lock lips.

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