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3rd Week of July Daily Summaries

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July 18, 2011
Mr. Wonderful Rides The Other Bus.

At the hospital, Gus is skeptical when Viv tells him Quinn dug up the drug dirt on Carly. They hide out when Carly appears. Viv sends Gus away and then corners the doctor who advises her to get a psych consult and storms away.

Jenn is running through the woods and nearly collapses. Daniel jogs up to check on her. She's awkward so he explains that he'll respect her desire that he keep his distance. He plans to wait for her because he thinks she's worth it. After her jog, she calls to check in on Carly. The doctor insists that she hasn't done any backsliding and even claims she's in a support group. When she gets off the phone, Daniel shows up and wants to discuss Jenn. This make Carly agitated until he tells her that he's giving Jenn space. Viv eavesdrops and then calls Gus to fill him in on what she's hearing. Daniel asks Carly out for dinner. "Together?" she asks.

Kate walks into Casa DiMera. She's frazzled and breaks a glass. Stefano is dismayed to see she's crying. She claims it's just allergies but then admits she's afraid of losing him. He tries to be reassuring and says he loves her for worrying. When she goes off to check on lunch, Bo arrives with a smirk. He tells him that he's got RoboRafe where he wants him. The cop explains that they discovered a conspiracy to knock of fake Rafe in jail and put a stop to it. He advises him to put his legal affairs in order before the impostor starts singing. "What a pain in the ass!" Stefano groans.

In jail, Arnold's new cell mate, Sofia, is an irate woman. After she bickers with the guard she starts threatening him. Suddenly, she changes attitude and gets flirty. Sofia tells him her story about being a bad ass in Columbia and how much she likes American men. After she puts her hand on his crotch, the guard comes and takes him away. Hope comes out of hiding and conspires with Sofia about getting Arnold to talk. She used to be in the FBI with Rafe and wants revenge for what the creep did. When Arnold returns, Sofia gets back to her act and tells him there are lots of places to hide out in Columbia. She offers him protection with benefits. "Rawr!" he says before demonstrating all the Spanish he knows. The guard arrives to take her away. She sucks his face before she goes. Upstairs, Bo tells Hope that Stefano seems scared in a 'Stefano sort of way'. They go down to see Arnold and say they just prevented a plot to kill him. When they leave, Sofia is brought out and says that she is being sent back to Columbia. He begs her to wait for him and tells her not to get on a plane until she hears from him. Once she leaves, he yodels for Bo and Hope, announcing that he's ready to talk.

Quinn calls Chloe and they arrange to meet at the pier. She talks to a realtor about putting up a down-payment and then goes into the pub to talk to Kinsey. The diva tells her they have to delay their voice lessons. After she leaves, Sonny walks in. Kinsey makes goo-goo eyes at him as Abby pulls him away. He tells her about coming out to Victor. T. and Kinsey come over and ask him all about Europe. He asks T. out to a baseball game. Kinsey's jealous. Abby spots her mom and goes out to check on her. Jenn says she's fine but she's not. They go to the Cheatin' Heart to discuss her problems with Daniel. Viv arrives and eavesdrops.

Chloe meets Quinn on the pier and asks him for an advance so she can get an apartment. He hands her a wad of cash. She bustles off and returns to the pub. Kinsey asks her about her schedule. The diva is distracted. She tells her about her financial problems so Kinsey urges her to start playing clubs in a bigger town. T. gasps across the room as he gets a lewd Facebook tag on a picture of he and Sonny. His friend tells them that Sonny is gay. Kinsey is crushed. "Mr. Wonderful rides the other bus," T. says. He starts to worry that Sonny is after him and gets angry. Meanwhile, Kate meets Quinn on the pier. He flatly says he doesn't want to talk to her. "I don't want your money," he adds, quitting his job and ordering her to leave Chloe alone. He strolls away. "If you need something done right, you need to do it yourself," she decides. She goes over to the pub and steals Chloe's notebook.

July 19, 2011
I Never Forget The Face Of Someone Who Screwed Me.


Nicole is at The Cheatin' Heart playing with pretzels. Brady walks to the other side of the room. Taylor sits down with him and warns him that EJ knows Rafe didn't attack him. He's sure Elvis will be arrested soon. Nicole squints at them and then interrupts. A breathless Abe hurries in and tells them all that Arnold has been given a deal and will be set free tonight. That's the only way they could get the DiMeras. No one's happy about this but Nicole is still desperate to see EJ go to prison. Taylor is still irate that Arnold isn't going to prison. They bicker about the situation until Brady points out it's pointless to argue. Taylor wants to launch a protest and flounces off. Brady stops Nicole from chasing after her. She complains about her sister but he claims nothing Taylor does will make any difference. Nicole admits that the only time she was ever happy was when she was with him.

At the station, Hope and Bo are anxious to get a statement from Arnold. "We've never had such a solid case," he says. The DA arrives and rants until they explain that Hope was pardoned and reinstated. Arnold's lawyer comes in with the deal he's been offered. The cops are disturbed to discover that he'll be getting off. They call Arnie up. Bo tells him the deal. The lawyer advises Arnie to take it. He returns to the cells to think it over. Abe and Lexi arrive. He goes off to get ready for the press conference. The DA starts prodding her about how all of this could cause problems for her husband next election day. She gets annoyed and tells him he should try to 'be there' for his son for once. "Go to hell," he tells her. Meanwhile, Abe gets Arnold to sign off on the confession. The cops dance. Down in the cell, Arnold starts insulting the thugs who are led into his cell. One recognizes him as Rafe and lunges at him. "I never forget the face of someone who screwed me," he says.

EJ wanders Casa DiMera sucking on his glasses and thinking about his beating. Stefano comes in and says that their assassination attempt was foiled. Meanwhile, Abe drops by the hospital to tell Lexi that her dad and brother are going to prison. She's kind of upset. He plods off and her dad calls to ask if he should be leaving town. She rubs her head and won't answer. Stefano knows what this means so he tells his son they have to leave now. When he calls for his plane, he discovers the cops have grounded it. EJ doesn't want to leave but his father says everything is already gone. Elvis reminds him about Kate and Chad. His father says he can send for them later. The cops arrive outside. EJ has to get Marco to back down and he lets the cops in. His father starts mocking him, accusing him of trying to be honorable for Taylor. He finds some scribblings EJ has made for their legal defense. Stefano gets optimistic. Suddenly, the cops declare that they are under arrest and cuff them. As EJ is led out, Taylor stops him.

At the Safe loft, Dario adjusts to the news of the two Rafes. Sofia shows up to say her mission is complete. Rafe hugs her. Sami's eyes bug out so her husband does the introductions. He explains that she was his FBI partner. Sofia and Rafe explain their plan to fool the double. Sami drinks a bottle of wine while they speak Spanish. She tries too and calls Sofia a worm. Dario heads out and Sofia tries to wrap her head around Rafe and his bundle of children. Sami gets defensive and Sofia starts telling Rafe stories. She heads off and Sami starts laying into him for never mentioning his old partner. He tries saying she shouldn't get jealous but Sami thinks the other woman was 'annoyingly flirtatious'. She whines about how Sofia must have had a major thing for him but he insists it was nothing and nothing happened. Finally, Sami admits that if she were in Sofia's position, she would try to steal him. He claims he will only ever love her. The topic turns to Arnold and she gets distraught. "I would rather fight with you than think about this crap," she says. Abe calls to tell them about the arrest. She's jubilant. Back at the jail, Bo and Hope rush to the cells after discovering that the cops put some prisoners in Arnold's cell. They find him dead in a pool of his own blood.

July 20, 2011
He Used To Be My Father.

In the cells, Hope and Bo are outraged that Arnold has been killed by his cellmates. "The guy was clumsy," the thugs say. Bo's furious and goes mustache to mustache with them. When they get upstairs, Taylor is yapping about Arnold going free. Bo announces that she doesn't have to worry about that anymore and Arnold has signed a full confession. The DA walks in yelping about the impostor being dead. EJ and Stefano get smug at the news. "Woods! In my office!" Bo whines. They go off to argue. "At least someone got what they deserved," Abe tells Taylor.

Viv and Gus are strolling by the pier and she tells him all about how Carly is hot to trot with Dr. Dan. She wants to get the doctor and Jenn together to make Carly jealous. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Daniel finishes his shift and tells Carly he'll see her at the club. She gets excited and goes off to change. Gus looms nearby and calls Viv to tip her off. Once Carly is changed, she tells Lexi about the date and insists it's just about maintaining a connection for their daughter. She's only interested in him as a friend. Maxine pops up and tells Carly that a patient needs to see her. Carly's annoyed but takes the chart and goes in to see Gus. He's faking stomach pains. She recognizes him and starts poking him while she badmouths Viv. She goes off to ready some tests and he grabs her phone from her bag to send a text. The doctor returns and wants to give him a needle. He wants to run. She stops him and notices her purse is open. After she rants at him, she strolls away.

Jenn sits at the Cheatin' Heart thinking about Daniel groping her on the pool table. This makes her spill her papers. Abby walks in and guesses she's not okay. Chad arrives and Jenn bustles off. When she gets out to the alley, Viv calls pretending to be a secretary for a millionaire who wants to donate to the hospital. She asks her to meet up at the club. When Jenn gets there, she's started to find that Daniel is the only one there. They talk awkwardly. He misses her. A text comes from Carly saying she can't make it. The maitre d' comes out and tells Jenn her date can't make it. They see that the champagne is open so decide not to let it go to waste. She suddenly accuses him of setting all of this up and playing her for a fool. He tells her that she's insulting him and he doesn't play games. She apologizes and they start bickering about her pushing him away. Finally she admits that she wants to be with him. He kisses her as Carly walks in. She's crushed by the public display.

At the loft, Rafe reads to Johnny until it's bedtime. He tells Rafe and Sami that he's been having nightmares. His mom promises him all will be well. They put him to sleep and she giddily talks about how great things are going. Abe calls to rain on their parade. Sami's furious and thinks they're screwed. They head to the station and find the DiMeras rocking in their chairs and smirking. Rafe plods off and Sami rants. The DiMeras are uncuffed and the DA complains about how Bo screwed everything up. Elvis strolls out and Taylor trails after him. She hopes he's not going to fight for the children. She admits that she will never be able to forgive him and walks away. When he gets back to Casa DiMera, Sami shows up and finds him reading law books. She flips out. He wants to have an 'adult' conversation so she throws a tantrum and starts ripping up papers and throwing coffee. EJ reveals that he's giving her full custody of the children because he doesn't deserve them. Back at the station, Rafe goes down to the cells to question the men who killed his double. They won't talk so he goes upstairs to tell the cops what he thinks happened. He heads home and finds a note saying Sami went out. He panics.

The DA drops by the Cheatin' Heart to tell Chad that his gangster father has just been released. Chad introduces him to Abby. "He used to be my father," Chad says. He argues with his dad about how his real father actually cares. The DA tells him he's just a 'devious BS artist'. Chad tells him he's a dirt bag and Chuck tries to smack him. He tells Abby to get out while she still can and walks off. Chad explains to his girlfriend that ever since he was a kid, he's sensed that he wasn't related to the DA. He wishes they could step out of all of this mess and be alone. They make out.

July 21, 2011
I Want To Die And Come Back As Chloe Lane.

Stefano and Kate are at the pub. He tells her she shouldn't worry because he always gets out of trouble. "Grazie a Dio!" Kate says. He laughs and claps, saying that he plans to live a very long time with her and all of their grandchildren. They toast and then talk about going on a cruise. Gabi starts ranting at them. She doesn't know how Will's grandmother can be so happy when Stefano is ruining his siblings' lives. Stefano thinks she's an idiot. Kate convinces him to leave while she smooths things over.

Chloe runs into the Cheatin Heart to tell Adrienne and Justin that just just got a gig in Brookeville. Quinn wanders in and listens. Chloe assures her lawyer that this will get her more jobs. "I'll do whatever it takes to get my baby back," she says. Quinn walks out to take a call from his mom. Meanwhile, Chloe goes to the pub with Kinsey and babbles about her new job. Kate overhears this. Kinsey and Chloe have dessert and gab with Gabi. Kinsey encourages her to invite her case worker to her show. She babbles about how amazing Chloe is. "I want to die and come back as Chloe Lane" she gasps. Kate slips out. "I should have done this myself. That pimp is going soft on the slut," Kate mumbles to herself before calling around for the club in Brookeville. She offers them triple the money to fire Chloe. They hang up. She gets another idea and tracks down the diva's last john, Randy. Kate wants him to go to Chloe's gig and tell a children service's rep that she's a hooker. Randy refuses. She offers him an envelope of cash and tells him it's not wise to turn down a DiMera demand.

At Casa DiMera, Rafe shows up looking for Sami but she's gone. Elvis explains that he gave her full custody. Rafe assumes that's a lie. EJ shows him the documentation. Rafe repeats what he just said. Stefano arrives as they bicker. He's outraged that his son is giving up the kids. He thinks his son must be 'brain diseased' to give the children to Sami and her 'loser'. They argue. EJ is afraid that Johnny hates him. Stefano is afraid that his son is thinking of turning himself in. Elvis says that won't happen but he's a reformed man now. His papa thinks this is all about Taylor but EJ says no. He insists this is all for the children. As they argue, EJ's brain start to fall out of his head. He collapses after his father storms out. Meanwhile, Rafe goes to the Cheatin' Heart to show Justin the paperwork. It looks real to him. "As far as I can tell, it seems to be in order," Justin says. Gabi walks in and runs over to her brother. He tells her the latest. They discuss his evil double and he apologizes for the mess.

Daniel and Jennifer are sucking face at the club. Carly spots them and runs away in tears. Jenn breaks away to whimper. He demands to know what's wrong. She blurts out that this is about Carly. This confuses him. They dig through it and she tells him how smitten Carly is with him. She babbles loudly. He insists that Carly's feelings aren't reciprocated. Jenn says that doesn't matter because she loves her friend. He doesn't understand her 'sisters before misters' attitude so she tells him how weak Carly has become. This is all incomprehensible to him. She flits off to the Cheatin' Heart to tell Adrienne what happened.

Viv meets Quinn and Phelps on the pier and tells them about her Carly plan. "What's the deal with the diva of darkness?" Phelps asks. Quinn snaps at him and orders him to be more deferential to his mom. He sends Phelps off and Viv thanks her son for showing that he cares. Meanwhile, Carly goes out to the park to cry. She looks in her bag for drugs but comes up empty. She wanders down to the pier and runs into Phelps as Viv hides in the shadows. Phelps waves a baggie at her. She turns it down so he slips her his card and leaves, dropping the baggie on the ground. Once he's gone, she picks it up and runs. Viv cheers and calls her son. He shows up and his mom giddily tells him how swimmingly things have gone. She feels like they've grown closer and offers to set him up in a legitimate business. He turns her down. He's never owed anyone and doesn't want to. He goes to see Chloe at the pub and tells her Randy wants another roll with her. She tells him she found some legitimate work so she won't have to be a prostitute forever. "Let's concentrate on the present," he says.

July 22, 2011
I'm Looking Out For Her.

Taylor joins Brady at the Cheatin' Heart. Mel strolls in and acts awkward before wandering over to Dario. He smiles and hands her an envelope with some Erykah Badu tickets. She's thrilled. He sheepishly explains that he got them two rooms in Chicago. Detective McCarthy arrives and questions him about some robberies. He gives her an alibi and she leaves. Meanwhile, Brady starts asking Taylor if she's glad EJ's not going to jail. She still wants him to pay. Taylor explains that she is only staying in town to help her sister. He strolls over to Dario and offers him a job at Titan. "I owe you one," he says, explaining it's only an entry level position. Brady returns to Taylor and she asks him what that was about. She assumes he's trying to swamp Dario with work to keep him away from Mel. "I'm looking out for her," he claims. She accuses him of wanting Mel for himself.

Jenn shows up at Maggie's with ice cream and a movie. The redhead wonders why she isn't off with Daniel. Jenn tells her they aren't an item so Maggs demands an explanation but insists it can't make sense. Jennifer Rose says things were going too fast. Her aunt guesses she's still in love with Jack. Jenn insists she isn't. Maggie urges her to give things with Daniel a try. Later, Jenn goes to the Cheatin' Heart to see Adrienne. She tells her about her chat with Maggie. Adrienne dissects the whole situation and accuses her friend of working hard to be unhappy.

Carly goes back to her room and swallows the pills that she took off the ground at the pier. Daniel arrives outside and resists going in. Carly tries to flush the rest of the pills but can't. After she wipes away her tears, she gets hyper and heads to work. Lexi apologizes for being distracted lately. Carly plods off and bumps into Daniel. They stare at each other. She explains that she saw him at the club and pretends to be happy he's back with Jenn. He tells her things didn't work out and wonders if she's happy about that. She stutters. He blurts out that Jenn thinks she has feelings for him. She stammers and tells him that their friend got everything wrong. Daniel tells her their friendship means the world to him. He hopes that since they've cleared the air between them, he can work things out with Jenn.

EJ is face down, ass up on the floor of Casa DiMera as Nicole rings the doorbell. There's no answer so she uses her keys to get in and finds Elvis rolling on the floor. He gasps for help. She sits down and asks why she should. Elvis crawls around grunting while she tells him he deserves this. He yelps about how sorry he is. She's unmoved. As he gasps and grabs his head, she hits him and says he ruined everything they had. They were happy but he threw all of that away for her sister. "The worst part is that I still wanted you," she admits. She rails at him for her mother's death and squeezes his head hole. "Now I've got nothing and you've got everything!" she says. He flails and barks that he gave up the children. Eventually, she helps him to the hospital. His sister runs over and asks what happened. He flashes back to Mel's shoes. He starts to remember. "Misembremumnanmanamuth the pier... a woman was there," he drawls. Lexi finds out that there is swelling in EJ's brain. He's doped up on steroids and put to bed. Nicole asks EJ why he cares that he hurt her. He takes her hand and tells her how deeply he regrets what's happened. She pulls her hand away. Once she leaves, Lexi sits down with her brother. He's sure their father doesn't care about him anymore. There's no one else in his life... She walks out and finds Taylor there, looking for a place to live. Lexi explains that EJ has been admitted and it seems like he has given up on life. Back in EJ's room, Mel drops by to check on him. He gets a flash of her standing over him after the beating. Meanwhile, Nicole heads to the mansion to tip Brady off about EJ remembering things. He insists that no one is going to take the fall for what he did.

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