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4th Week of July Daily Summaries

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July 25, 2011
Life Among The Lobotomized.

"Sleep well jerk," Mel says as she leaves EJ's hospital room. He starts to remember her standing around after his beating. Stefano arrives outside and checks in with Lexi. He tells her and Taylor about the custody decision. Taylor slips in to see Elvis. He wonders if it's a dream. She asks if he really gave up his children. EJ asks if that impressed her. "I'm really, really sad," she says before leaving. So is he. Stefano catches her outside and announces that they need to talk. He offers to pay her to leave. "It's better than the alternative," he chuckles. "I believe that you have destroyed my son's spirit. Please go away so I can revive him," he continues. She tells him to go to Hell and warns him that she's not what he thinks she is. Taylor says what happened to his son is his fault and he vows revenge. Down the hall, Daniel tells Carly how amazing she is. "You don't have to lie to me!" she snaps, accusing him of being patronizing. They bicker. He urges her to stop attacking herself and get more self-respect. Mel intrudes and suggests they have a family dinner.

At the station, Hope refuses to accept that the DiMeras have gotten away again. Bo tells her to accept it. Roman brings in some dude who just robbed a homeless guy. "In this town you can set your husband on fire and get away with it," the dude says. Hope flips out and throws him across the room. Roman drags him away. Bo tells her to take a break. Later, he talks to Roman about how rough things have been for Hope. IA is investigating her.

Gus and Viv are in the pub. She gabs about how she sent Carly to walk in on the surfer dude and his blond and then ran off looking for drugs. Gus is distracted. The Duchess wishes he was happy for her plan working out. She's in a great mood and offers to buy him an autographed picture of Joan Collins. When they look in the pub, she sees Carly laughing with her family. "She was supposed to be having the DTs not clam chowder!" Viv barks. Inside, things gets awkward with the Jonas family when Mel starts grilling her dad about Jenn. Hope interrupts and takes Mel outside to question her about what EJ might have mumbled while his brains were hanging out. Back inside, Viv eavesdrops as Daniel stammers to Carly about Jenn.

Abby and Chad join her mom at the Cheatin' Heart. He complains about the stupid RomCom they went to see. It just happens to have had the same plot that Jenn's been in for the last few months. He thinks it would even have been a stupid story for a bunch of twelve year olds. The mother and daughter are left alone. Jenn repeats her matchmaking plan/rehab but Abby thinks it's misguided. Jenn won't listen. Gus arrives to eavesdrop as Jenn blubbers. "Did you have a lobotomy that I didn't know about?" Abby asks her. Daniel calls and Jenn asks him to come over. When he arrives, Jenn tells him that she's been backing away from him because she's in touch with Jack again. He tries to act happy for her. When he explains that he told Carly what she said, she starts to freak. He says she was wrong about Carly. "We're just friends with a kid," he claims. She runs away.

Back at the pub, Mel and her mom discuss Jenn and Daniel. Carly gets weirded out and runs away, barging past Chad and Abby as they arrive. Viv sneaks off. Abby and Mel discuss their moms until the nurse gets called back to work. Chad and Abby talk about her affection for "Die Hard" and then she accidentally tells him she might be in love with him. They kiss. Meanwhile, Carly hurries home and pops some pills before dropping to the floor. Across town, Mel returns to EJ's room and he grabs her. "I want a drink of water," he orders. After she hands him one, she leaves and he mumbles that she was the one on the pier.

July 26, 2011
I Had You All Wrong.

Nicole bumps into Kate at Casa DiMera before she's had her morning vodka. The women start bickering. Kate thinks she's stupid. Nicole makes a mimosa while Kate mocks her for not figuring out what Taylor and EJ were up to and dealing with it. "You ever heard of poison?" Kate asks. Nicole lashes out at her for 'shacking up with the dude' who helped kill her mom. Kate cries over how upset Stefano is about EJ giving up the children. Nicole wonders what was in Kate's pre-nup. When Kate blows up at her again, Nicole realizes she really loves him and commiserates about loving a DiMera. Kate says that Taylor deserves credit for being able to lead one around by the nose. They have martinis and Kate says this proves Nicole's not behind EJ's beating.

Maggie shows up at the mansion. When Victor answers the door, she says he's the last person she wanted to see. She's there to see Brady. He texts her to say he'll be late. Victor asks her to join him for tea. She decides to sashay out.

Sonny walks into the pub and starts chatting to Will and Gabi. T. storms in and demands to know why Sonny didn't tell him he was gay. Will tries to calm his friend but T. accuses Sonny of lying to him. Sonny insists that he wasn't lying and doesn't find T. interesting enough to care what he is. T. tells him he's disgusting. "No, he's not. You are," Victor says as he arrives. He tells him that no twerp can talk to a Kiriakis that way. Maggie arrives and listens as he rants and tells T. that evolution isn't working fast enough if people like him are still around. Sonny apologizes to T. and hopes he can stop being prejudiced. Before Vic van leave, Sonny thanks him and gives him a hug. Maggie looks impressed. Gabi tells Sonny how great he is. Kinsey arrives, but when she sees Sonny, decides to avoid him. When Gabi tells him Kins has a crush on him, he approaches her and asks to be friends. She doesn't know how to deal with boys who don't want to sleep with her. Will finishes his shift and asks Gabi to the beach. As they leave, she asks him what he thinks about Sonny. Will says that he was just disappointed in himself for being surprised.

Maggie follows Victor home and asks him if she can have some tea. He lets her in and she tells him how wonderful he is. "I had you all wrong," she admits. "You insist on thinking the worst about me... and 98 percent of the time you're right," he says. They discuss how hard romance is. He thinks they both know this is the real thing. She leaps into his lap and kisses him.

Daniel and his daughter are talking about Jenn at the hospital. He begs her not to do anything to help. She tells him that Abby seemed concerned about Carly. He starts reading his mail, swears and scurries away. Maxine comes out and Mel asks her if anyone's ever said something stupid to her. "Of course. I've talked to you," she answers. Mel moans about her worries for her mom. Maxine sends her off to check on her. Mel runs into Dario and decides to take a walk with him first. They go to the pier and he says he doesn't know what she's doing with an idiot like him. She thinks he's stupid for calling himself an idiot. He doesn't feel like he's good enough for her. They kiss.

Jenn is in her office trying to call Carly. The doctor is passed out on her hotel room floor so doesn't answer. Before Jenn can run off, Daniel barges into her office and confronts her about recommending he and Carly for a commendation. He tells her to focus her energy on Jack and leave him alone. She storms off.

Gus finds Viv at the pub looking miserable. She was expecting Carly to have her brains fried by now but that hasn't happened. Gus urges her to be optimistic. He starts sniping about Quinn. She tells him to concentrate on avenging Lawrence. She goes to Carly's room and stirs up some pills in water. She pours it into Carly's mouth. Later, Jenn shows up and finds her friend on the floor. They head for the bathroom. Jenn stuffs soap in her mouth until she pukes. The doctor begs her not to call the hospital but Jenn refuses to enable her anymore. "I am done taking care of you!" she bellows. Carly screams in her face until Jenn smacks her and says she's full of crap. Carly cries as her friend tears her apart for being a junky. "I hate you!" Carly moans before admitting she's an addict. Her friend offers to take her to a rehab clinic and keep this quiet. Meanwhile, Viv and Gus are drinking champagne at the pub. She gets giddy as they send something off a picture of Carly to Mel and Daniel.

July 27, 2011
Drinking Out Of Dumpsters.

At the club, Viv is giddy to see her photo of a stoned and passed out Carly spreading over the internet. Quinn arrives and his mom gives him all the credit for this, much to Gus' chagrin. Viv tells her son what just happened. As they toast, Gus rolls his eyes and slips away. Viv keeps chuckling about Carly.

At the hotel, Jenn tells Carly that she's not alone. Daniel and Mel start trying to call her. The picture gets sent to Jenn's phone. She gasps and Carly grabs her phone away. She gasps and Daniel shows up at the door screaming. He calls his daughter to fill her in. As Jenn and Daniel debate about who could have taken the picture, Carly wishes she was dead. Daniel needs some answers. Jenn explains finding her unconscious. Daniel's shocked when he discovers that the pills weren't a one-time thing. Carly explains the rest.

Mel is on the pier trying to explain things to Dario. He tells her that she should be with her mom right now. She rushes over and starts hugging her mother, promising to take care of her. Carly doesn't want her family to take care of her. She storms into the bathroom. Daniel and Jenn explain that Carly has been on drugs. He guesses Jenn dumped him because of this. Mel checks on her mom and discovers she went out the window. They split up to search. Viv stumbles onto Carly at the pier. "You hate yourself as much as I hate you," Viv says. Carly stumbles off and starts searching the dumpster for drugs. She drinks beer out of the trash. Meanwhile, Mel joins Dario at the pub and he promises they will find her mom. Back at Carly's, Daniel lays into Jenn for keeping things from him. He storms off.

Brady strolls into the Cheatin' Heart and finds Taylor drinking a Mai Tai. She blames herself for making EJ's life miserable. Brady is mocking and says EJ is playing her. She claims that she knows exactly who Elvis is but wants him anyway. They start kissing. Nicole walks in. "You evil slut!" she blurts out, accusing her sister of ruining her life. Brady prevents them from pounding on each other. He says it was just a stupid drunken kiss. Taylor wobbles out. She hides in the alley as Quinn walks by. Back inside, Nicole talks to Brady about everything she gave up for EJ. He says things never would have worked out for them. She asks him not to move on with her sister.

Stefano arrives in his son's hospital room and is excited to get him out of there. He wants to take him to a mental hospital. He explains that the custody order can be reversed if he's declared insane. Elvis says the children deserve a normal life. "With Samantha? That is normal?" his father asks. EJ threatens to put him behind bars if he tries to stop this. He goes on to say that he's starting to remember his attack. "I believe this was an orchestrated attack against the entire family," he says. Later, Taylor stumbles in. Things are awkward and confusing. He tells her his memory is coming back. Mel was there when he was beaten up.

The Salem teens are down by the water. Gabi's sandwiches have gone bad so Kinsey and Sonny go off to get food at the pub. T. shows up to rant at Will for being with Sonny. Will thinks he's being an idiot and asks him to come to his senses. Tad leaves to take a call. Will complains to Gabi about how his friend isn't open-minded. She won't tolerate his intolerance. When Tad returns, he argues with both of them. Meanwhile, Kinsey babbles to Sonny about her career plans as they get food. He tells her that he doesn't have any plans and he's taking a gap year. She sheepishly tells him that he's her first gay friend. "You just think you don't know anyone who is gay," he says. When they get back to the picnic, they find Will ordering Tad to apologize to Sonny. He won't and walks off. Sonny tells Will he didn't have to go to bat for him.

July 28, 2011
Will You Forgive Me?

Some dude with a perm finds Carly passed out by the dumpster and starts feeling up her jowls. She bites his lips and Quinn rushes over to kickbox the guy to the ground. He tells Carly he's her friend and carries her away. Quinn drops her in his bedroom and covers her with a sheet. All of the action made him stink so he takes off his shirt. His mom shows up with fermented gifts. She notices that there is a body in the bed. He says the woman just passed out. "Bravo," Viv says, asking if the woman is daughter-in-law material. He chases her out and then returns to Carly. He doesn't know who she is so he looks in her wallet and finds out.

At the hospital, EJ tells Taylor that Mel was on the pier when he was attacked. She thinks his memory must be playing tricks on him. He can't stop thinking about her shoes. Taylor urges him to be cautious and not bring his father into this. He claims he's not interested in causing more pain, just getting to the truth. The topic turns to why they can't be together when they're still in love. She walks out and asks Maxine to get Mel to call her.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Brady tells Nicole that he's not into her sister. She says he should be scared of EJ. He isn't scared. She warns him that the DiMeras will kill him when they find out he tried to off Elvis. She doesn't want him to die so she's taking control. Nicole orders him to leave town with her. He's the only guy who has ever made her feel like it's okay to be herself. Brady doesn't think this is a viable solution. She rehashes how much their timing sucks and the mistakes they've made. Nicole asks him again to run away with her but he won't. When she leaves, Taylor calls him to say they have a problem. She hurries over to say EJ is remembering things and knows Mel was at the attack. Brady worries about how to protect her. Nicole returns and declares that she and Brady are leaving town. He rolls his eyes and says it's not going to happen.

Chad calls Abby and asks her over to the Sapphire club for tennis. They start gossiping about Carly. Abby goes into the pub to see Mel and tells her that what's happened to her mom is all her fault. She explains that she knew about Carly's drug problem. Mel starts barking until Dario calms her down. Mel cools it. They head over to the hospital. Maxine asks her to help out at work. She doesn't want to but Dario offers to continue the search. Mel gets the message from Maxine but decides to call Taylor later. She strolls in to check on Elvis. He bluntly tells her that he's remembering things... like her being on the pier. She says that's absurd. Smugly, he says he knows she was just cleaning up someone else's crime. "It was Brady Black, wasn't it?" he asks.

At the Salem PD, DA Woods tells Bo that someone has to play for screwing up the case against the DiMeras and getting Arnold killed. Bo doesn't like getting all the blame but he's got no choice. The DA goes to the Sapphire Club to apologize to Chad. Charles says that nothing excuses the way he's acted and he's deeply sorry. "Will you forgive me?" he asks. Chad won't. He loved him for years but, after being thrown out when Madeline died, he can't forgive him. Charles wonders if they can play golf once and awhile. Chad says that's not going to happen. The DiMeras have made him feel like he belongs more than his old family ever did. Woods wants him to feel loved and says that's all that matters. He leaves. Chad looks over and sees Abby has been listening. She gives him a hug.

Back at the station, Bo and Hope talk about how they are going to get all the blame. She feels bad. Roman strolls in and says Bo has been demoted to being Hope's partner again. They like that idea and want to burn his ties. Roman admits that he might take his old job. McCarthy comes in and shows them the Carly picture.

July 29, 2011
I'm Looking Out For Her.


In the office, Bo and Hope are shocked to see the image of Carly strung out on drugs. Hope thinks of her own drug problem but he says it's not the same thing. He flashes back to memories of Carly slurring and acting flaky. Hope says they will help her. Outside, Jenn and Daniel run into the station to tell Roman that Carly has gone missing. He goes to tell Bo and Hope while Jenn cleans her hands. Daniel is cold with her. Jenn tries explaining everything to the cops. Roman puts Bo and Hope in charge of the search. They take statements and then look at surveillance footage, soon discovering that Lou, Salem's answer to Otis of Mayberry, was hanging out around the dumpsters. The cops track down Lou and ask him if he's been looking for romance. They show him Carly's picture and threaten to haul him in. He tells them he has an idea about where she might be. They bark for a detailed description of the man she left with. Back at the station, Roman tells Jenn and Daniel that the cops have a lead. They're relieved and hug. Bo and Hope arrive with a police sketch of Quinn. Jenn and Daniel argue about going back out to search and Hope says the picture looks familiar.

Quinn discovers the woman he took home is Carly. The doctor wakes up. He explains what happened in the alley and introduces himself. Sitting down, he asks her about her problems. She starts talking about Nicholas and Lawrence, admitting that she killed him and lost her son. "It's all my fault," she moans. He leaves to get her some aspirin. She tries to use the phone and eventually gets through to the hospital to say she's taking some time off.

At the pub, Viv continues to talk about how great the Carly scandal is. Gus groans as madame goes on and on about how amazing Quinn is. Viv wonders about how his dad could have brought him up so well without her help. "That's a good question," Gus says. He reminds her of all her failed attempts to kill Carly. She says that was all too complicated. He gets fed up and walks out. When she walks outside, she runs into her son and babbles about how wonderful it is that Carly has disappeared.

At the hospital, EJ confronts Mel about covering for Brady. She acts clueless. When she's about to get him a new nurse, he grabs her arm and sips his tea as he threatens her. She says he's a lowlife and tries screaming. He grabs her by the mouth to muzzle her as Dario runs in. He introduces himself as Rafe's brother. "Another one! Great!" EJ groans. They leave and he thinks about her shoes. As he eats a fruit salad, Chad drops in to check on him. They discuss their father's paranoia and Elvis' suspicions. Chad says it might be better for everyone if he doesn't remember. Once he leaves, EJ calls in the nurse and says he wants to go home.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Brady, Taylor and Nicole discuss EJ and his memory. He's determined to protect everyone who protected him. Nicole worries that Elvis will try to kill him. Brady narrows his eyes. Nicole repeats her plan to run. Taylor thinks this is dumb. They bicker about where EJ's head is right now. Nicole tells her sister to talk Elvis down. Brady declares that he will take care of things and leaves. He goes back to the mansion. Dario and Mel show up to tell him the latest. He tells her not to worry and promises not to do anything stupid. Once he sends them off, he takes out his gun. Back at the bar, the sisters argue about men. "You have some serious problems," Nicole says. She claims that she's forgiven her for ruining her marriage, but won't forgive her if anything happens to Brady.

Salem Spoilers for Monday's Days Of Our Lives:

"You wanna leave Salem?" Maggie asks. "Damn straight!" Victor says.

"Take off with Nicole and never come back," Taylor tells Brady.

"Go to Hell!" Nicole says to EJ.

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