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1st Week of June Daily Summaries

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May 30, 2011
Even Jerks Are Family.

Daniel calls Jenn and they arrange to meet at Chez Rouge. "I'll wear shoes and everything," he says. She gets off the phone and tries to pick out clothes from the pile in her living room. Hope walks in and starts teasing her. She starts going through her underwear and asking if that's for her date. Jenn feels like a fake and admits to her cousin that she really likes Daniel... but she doesn't think she's 'Daniel material'. They have a tea party and Jenn worries about how frumpy she is. Hope reassures her by saying they could be great together.

Carly sits in her office and daydreams about making out with Daniel. She snaps out of it as Mel jogs in. She wonders if her mom still wants to have their family lunch. The doctor insists they go. Mel runs off to get her purse and Carly spills her pills. She picks them up and pants before meeting up with her family. The women tell Daniel he can't have clam chowder for lunch and pull him away. At the pub, he insists on eating the chowder and then Mel announces she has made a decision. She's applying to be a nurse practitioner. Her parents are supportive and then Daniel steals his daughter's ice cream.

Nicole meets her sister in the garden so they can admit they hate each other. Taylor announces that she's leaving. They bicker and Taylor points out that EJ only fell for her because he felt nothing real in the marriage. Nicole accuses her of trying to steal her life. She tells her sister that EJ's moral reform was just a routine to try and get her into bed. Taylor is unconvinced. "Sending you away, I'm doing you a favor," Nicole snaps.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano gets an idea about why Rafe is back. He thinks the impostor must have fallen in love with Sami. Elvis is sure this will all blow up and it doesn't make any sense. His father thinks they need to terminate RoboRafe. Stefano starts complaining about how young criminals today don't care about the craft anymore. Nicole walks in on them. Stefano snipes at her and plods off. She pours herself a drink and starts taunting EJ about RoboRafe. Her sister loves someone he isn't. EJ says he'd rather become the man she loves that be married to a bitch like her. Nic throw her drink in his face and he guffaws. They bicker and she has another drink before gloating about how her sister has packed up to leave.

Rafe goes into the Cheatin' Heart to get some food. Dario spots him and isn't pleased. His brother tells him he's back with Sami. Dario rails at him until Rafe thanks him for finding Troy. He asks him for another chance but his brother says there's no going back. Dario storms off, running into Mel in the park. He moans about his brother and how he never wants to see him again. She thinks he's an idiot and reminds him that even jerks are family. He decides she might be right. Meanwhile, Rafe goes to see his double and question him.

Brady is walking around the hospital with Lexi talking hospital business. She putters away and Taylor rushes over to him to tender her resignation. He says he's holding her to her contract. She's determined to go. Lexi returns and her friend tells her the news. The doctor thinks leaving is the best plan. She goes off to see Carly in her office. Carly tells her how unpleasant it is to have to be a cheerleader for the Dannifer relationship. Meanwhile, Brady asks Daniel to be careful with Jenn.


May 31, 2011
I'm Going To Kill Him Myself!

At Casa DiMera, Nicole informs EJ that Taylor has left town. He's perplexed and angry. He tries calling her but her phone is out of service. "That's just cold," Nicole mockingly says. When she complains about their ruined marriage, he screams that they only had a business arrangement, they weren't Romeo and Juliet. She thinks he would have loved her in time. He thinks she has a massive ego and he'll never forgive her. Gripping her violently, he says he would kill her but he wouldn't do that to the children. "You are a hell of a role model!" she says, telling him he's disgusting and makes her want to pray to the porcelain. She goes out to the park and tells herself that she did all of this for Syd. Brady walks by. He approaches and asks her why she drives away everyone who cares about her. She says that Taylor never cared about her. "No more than EJ did...  no more than you did!" she snaps. Brady reminds her of how much he loved her. He's glad he got away from her and her 'two-faced crap'. "You made your bed with EJ, you lie in that bed with EJ," he says. She sobs.

Rafe goes to see RoboRafe in the shed. They taunt each other. Rafe announces that he's going to make him help take down the DiMeras. This makes RoboRafe laugh. The questioning continues. The double talks about sex with Sami to annoy him. Eventually Rafe punches him. RoboRafe explains the plan and tells him that Johnny liked the new Rafe better. He continues taunting him and says he'll never pull off fooling the DiMeras until accepting him as the fake Rafe.

Viv and Gus are at the pub. She complains about all the 'wind bags' who keep stealing men from her. Victor shows up and Viv watches him as he informs Caroline that Maggie will not be joining him. Meanwhile, Maggie brings toys to the hospital for the children. Maxine can see that things aren't quite right. She accuses her of missing her 'fella'. Maggie is gob smacked. She goes home and complains to herself about what just happened. She wonders why she's finding this so hard. Vivian shows up with flowers. "Did you dip them in arsenic?" the redhead asks. Viv wants to bury the hatchet and tries bonding over the sarcophagus. Viv keeps pushing her buttons. Victor shows up and barks at Viv to get out. He defends Maggie until Viv storms off. Maggie and Victor chuckle and he hands her casserole container back before abruptly leaving.

Chloe arrives at the mansion and finds Parker there with Justin and Adrienne. The diva is ecstatic and holds the baby. After a few songs, the baby has to go. Chloe says she's all better now and asks for more time but Justin says she needs to take small steps and be patient. Meanwhile, Quinn is testing his latest drug shipment on the pier. He sends his goon away so he can get back to his other project. He wanders down the alley and eavesdrops on Justin telling Chloe that he will get partial custody if she stays stable. She goes into the pub and Quinn follows her in, saying a girl like her should feel a lot better than okay. Chloe says he's sweet and he offers to take her out.

At the hospital, Lexi accuses her father of being smug about Taylor leaving town and doesn't care about how it has upset EJ. "He's really just a little child," he says of his son. Lexi hypes the EJ-Taylor union and her father explains it's just about revenge on Nicole. She wonders if he is in any trouble. He fobs her off. Later, EJ shows up and asks his sister if she has any idea where Taylor was going. She's clueless. He goes home and his father arrives, wanting to talk business. EJ mopes so his father lectures him about dealing with the Rafe situation. Elvis decides that everything wrong with his life is fake Rafe's fault and he wants payback. "I'm going to kill him myself!" he declares.

June 1, 2011
Kissing you is like kissing my arm.

Victor shows up at Daniel's to ask him if he wants to watch a ball game. The doctor has plans. Victor starts gabbing about Jenn and bashing Chloe. This annoys the doctor. He explains that he is going to slow things down with Jenn. Victor gives him an envelope of his childhood pictures. They discuss his mullet and Daniel gets emotional about pictures of his dead wife.

Abby goes home and finds her mom has had a bit of a makeover for her date. Abby talks about how hot Daniel is. Jenn worries about how hot Daniel's ex-wives have been. Her daughter doesn't think that's a problem and reassures her. She announces she's going out with Chad tonight. Jenn worries. When Abby hops off, Maggie calls Jenn about something. The doctor arrives with flowers. He notices there are candles lit and she tells him the meal is being delivered. It arrives. They drink and eat until he gets a called to work, leaving her alone and gloomy.

Nicole sits in the park and weeps about her mom. She says that she just wanted a new life with the kids but now it's all shot to hell. "How is everything so wrong?" she asks. Ghost Fay materializes and tells her to think of a way to make things right. Nicole tells her how much she loves the kids and how she can't go on without them. The ghost tells her she knows what she has to do.

Rafe returns to the loft. As he goes through RoboRafe's old bag, he discovers Fay's cameo. After he examines it, Nicole shows up. She's shocked to see him and explains she's just dropping off Syd's stuffed kitty. She gabs and hugs him. He seems confused, especially when she starts kissing him. When he pushes her off it quickly becomes apparent that he doesn't remember the last time he made a pass at her. "Kissing you is like kissing my arm," she observes, explaining that she knows what must have happened. Meanwhile, RoboRafe struggles in his chair. He kicks himself for taking Fay's cameo and worries Rafe will find it.

At Casa DiMera, EJ tells his father he will kill RoboRafe himself. "Like hell you will," Stefano says. Chad shows up and notices things aren't okay between them. Stefano says it's just a business argument so his younger son leaves. EJ keeps ranting about his children returning to 'the sociopath'. Stefano explains that he knows Nicole has been blackmailing him. He rants about what a screwup he is. "The first minute you laid eyes on Taylor, you became useless," he says. EJ is determined to kill the double but his father refuses to let him be so stupid. Elvis goes off and meets with a goon in a uniform. He gives him an envelope of cash. The cop calls Rafe to say that he just arrested his brother and is holding him on the pier. EJ pulls out his gun and scratches his head. Taylor shows up. Meanwhile, Nicole shows up at Casa DiMera to grill him about Rafe's return.

Mel shows up at the Cheatin' Heart and chats with Dario. He offers to give her a pool lesson but Brady shows up to do that. Dario gets his knickers in a twist but Mel refuses to leave. She and Brady start to play. Chad wanders by and Mel nearly takes his appendix out with her cue by accident. The three of them start to chat. Abby arrives. She chats with Mel and asks her why she can't stop staring at Dario. The pool playing continues. Mel tries ordering drinks and Dario gets snippy.


June 2, 2011
Is That A Gun Under Your Coat Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

At a restaurant, Quinn watches his home made porn featuring Chloe when she pops up in the flesh. He pours her champagne and tells her stories about his school days. She opens up about losing her son and how determined she is to get him back. Quinn offers to do whatever he can to help. When the date ends, she thanks him and leaves. He watches the video again and smirks. Later, Chloe returns and gets a call from social services. They say they think she will be able to see her son again soon. The diva is thrilled.

Daniel gets called back to the hospital, leaving Jenn home alone. She wonders what she did to drive him away. Maggie shows up as Jenn mopes. They eat ice cream and she complains about seeming needy. Maggie thinks she's overreacting but Jenn is sure it's all over. "I hope that creep never calls me," she says. She wants a root beer float but Maggie has to run away before she explodes. Jenn declares that she is never dating again.

Daniel ends up at home. Mel wonders why he called it a night so early. He grumbles and says tonight was strange. As he flips through Cosmo, she bugs him until he admits that things were uncomfortable. They drink and talk about her study plans. He realizes that he left his hospital ID at Jenn's and is afraid of going back to get it. He goes anyway and finds her struggling with an explosive can of root beer. As they clean up, he explains why he's there. As she hands him his ID, he stares and tells her she's irresistible. He whistles and tries to run out, saying that he doesn't want to hurt her. She asks him to stay and they makeout.

Rafe runs into his brother in the alley and asks him if the police let him go. Dario is baffled. His brother realizes something is up and tells him to stay safe. Dario heads back to the Cheatin' Heart. Adrienne starts teasing him about Mel. He insists he doesn't care about her and runs away. When he gets home, Mel stops him in the hall so they can talk. She takes him into her apartment and explains she wants to treat him with respect. "Are we friends or do you want to be something more?" she asks.

Sami is at the loft going through RoboRafe's stuff when she finds the cameo. Rafe shows up and says he thinks the DiMeras are plotting to kill him. He wants to question 'the creature' again. Gabi shows up, blubbering about family. Sami says they can't do this now. Gabi blows a gasket and then falls over. Sami think they should get her a paper bag to breathe into but Rafe decides to take her to the hospital instead. After he drops her off, he goes home and discovers Caroline there. Sami has run off to see RoboRafe, who just managed to get free.

EJ is at the pier playing with his gun when Taylor shows up. "What do you have under your coat?" she asks as he gropes it. He stutters. She takes him by the hand and leads him to her airport hotel. He's still upset that she didn't say goodbye. She loves him and can't get him out of her heart, even if he's done terrible things. They start making out. He pulls away and says he doesn't deserve her. Taking out his gun, he admits that he hasn't changed and was planning to do something evil. After he tells her how much he loves her, he heads for the door. Taylor won't let him leave, insisting that he has really changed. After some kissing, they strip down and jump in bed. After sex, they talk about how they will never be apart.

Gus and Viv sit in the park and he observes that she's changed. She says the 'loving' Viv is gone. Viv explains that she has a deep wound that hasn't healed. She wanders across the park and runs into Quinn. "I was wondering when we were going to cross paths," she says.


June 3, 2011


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