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2nd Week of June Daily Summaries

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June 6, 2011
Did You Play The Barry White Albums?

Rafe heads back to the loft. Caroline is there and ready to 'straighten' him out. She rails at him and then admits that Sami isn't there. Syd starts crying. Meanwhile, Sami's startled when she walks into the holding pantry and discovers RoboRafe is free and waiting for her. He paws at her cleavage while she tells him to skip town. He worries about how she will be able to live without him. She tells him she faked all of her orgasms just so she could get some sleep. "You raped me," she adds, complaining that she has to get tested for STDs now. He doesn't like her supercilious attitude. She tries to run but he grabs her. As he starts choking her, Rafe runs in and they tussle. Sami knocks RoboRafe out with a wrench and says she wants to kill him. They vow to take down the DiMeras.

Daniel and Jenn are making out on her couch. Abby walks in on them. Daniel runs away when his phone rings and the women are left to talk about the awkwardness. "Did you play the Barry White albums?" Abby asks, teasing her mom. The doctor returns so Abby hops upstairs, telling her mom that Lucas called to talk to her. Daniel guesses he knows what he wanted to talk about: him. He admits that he finds her a bit intimidating but wants to give her a proposition. That gets her excited so they start making out.

At her place, Mel asks Dario if he wants to be more than friends. He stares blankly and heads for the door. She stops him and they bicker. Mel admits that she likes him and lists all of the reasons why. She's just afraid he'll hurt her like Philip did. Dario's bewildered by the comparison. He thinks everything she's saying is stupid. She explains that she doesn't trust herself anymore and rehashes her history with Philip. Dario's done with all of the talking. She backs away and he gets a call before running.

Viv corners Quinn in the park. She asks him when he's leaving town. He likes that she's always frank with him but refuses to be threatened. She tries threatening him anyway. "This place is not big enough for both of us," she says. He tells her that she doesn't matter enough for him to hate her. Quinn refuses to explain why he's really there. "Maybe you'll stop being a self-absorbed bitch and start being the mother that loves me," he says before lecturing her for picking Nikolas and Lawrence. She blames her absence on his father but he doesn't buy it. Viv admits that he deserved a better mother. He asks her to stay away and leaves. Gus comes out of the bushes to see if she's alright. She fills him in.

Will drops by the hospital to check on Gabi. Maxie tells him that she just had her appendectomy and should be out soon. She lets him into the Gabster's room and she wonders where Rafe is. Later, Dario shows up. Meanwhile, Mel arrives to give Maxine her application to the nurses' program. Will comes out and bumps into Mel. She peeks in at Dario and his sister.


June 7, 2011
I Sell People.

Bo is at the pub chatting with his mom. She tells him that Rafe and Sami are back together and it's wrong. They discuss the situation and she's sure that Rafe is a conman. Over at the loft, Sami and Rafe try to figure out their next move. He thinks they have to turn to the cops but she thinks that's a bad plan. She has no faith in the Salem PD. Bo shows up and asks Rafe if he's thinking of coming back to work. Rafe tells him about how much the accident messed him up. He says that he has a lead that could nail the DiMeras. Bo doesn't have much faith in the work he's done since he got back. Sami stands up for her man. Bo squints. After he leaves, Sami doesn't know how she can get past what 'the creature' did to them. He's sure taking down the DiMeras will fix everything. They look at the cameo and try to figure out who it could have belonged to.

At the hotel, Taylor tries to give EJ the boot but he pulls her back into bed. He talks about how bodacious she is. She worries that her sister will discover their bedroom antics but he assures her that he can take care of Nicole.

At the hospital, Abby gabs to Lexi about Chad. Lexi then goes out to the pub with her husband and son. Theo gets excited when he sees Taylor arrive. The men jog away for ice cream leaving the ladies to chat. Lexi isn't relieved to see she's back. Taylor admits she couldn't leave EJ. When she mentions that EJ offered to deal with Nicole, Lexi warns her of what that could mean.

At Casa DiMera, When Nicole questions Harold, he tells her that the 'lady of the house' keeps changing and he outlasts them all. She wanders over to Chad to ask him if he's seen his brother. He wonders what trouble EJ is in. She says direct questions are a bad idea. They bicker until EJ arrives and asks his brother to bugger off. Elvis frankly tells Nicole that he spent the night with her sister. "That was a big mistake," she says. He lights a cigar and threatens to make her go missing. She throws a vase at him for doing the horizontal mambo with her sister. She keeps hurling things at him and they scream profanities like a drunken Yosemite Sam. Chad and Abby can hear them in the foyer and she calls the cops. Elvis hides behind furniture until he manages to jump Nicole. He tells her that they will both lose everything if she goes to the cops. EJ offers her a very generous divorce settlement to get lost. He makes it clear that he intends to marry Taylor. She shoves him and asks if he intends to kill her. As he's about to choke her, Bo barges in.

Chloe shows up at the Cheatin' Heart to thank Justin for his help but he's not there. She chats with Adrienne about getting her life back together for her son. When she mentions that she's seeing someone new, Adrienne thinks it might be too soon for that. Chloe can't handle being alone. She soon realizes she doesn't even know the Quinn's last name.

At the restaurant, Gus quizzes Viv about her mysterious son. Quinn suddenly arrives and tells Gus to get lost. Pulling up a chair, Quinn sarcastically offers his mom some hemlock. They start exchanging insults. She insists that she's not a monster. "What if I am?" he asks. He thinks she could be useful, he's just not sure how. After she leaves, he meets with a business associate. The dude is looking for a woman. Quinn shows him Chloe's picture. The dude is impressed. Quinn calls Chloe and asks her out for lunch. She's thrilled. When they meet up, she asks him what he sells. "I sell people," he says, before explaining that he's a 'talent manger'. He says that he has a client who wants to meet her. She's confused as he explains that the guy doesn't want her for her vocal chords. Meanwhile, a sad Viv meets Gus in the park. They wonder what to do about her son and decides to dig around into what he's been up to.

June 8, 2011
You Deserve Each Other.

Hope drops by Jenn's to ask her how things went with Daniel. Jenn relays the story of their date and explains that she and the doctor are going away tonight. Hope wonders what that means. As they discuss sex, a troupe of bored girl guides walk in and ask for something to do. Hope sends them off to do dishes and then asks her friend if she's ready to leap into bed. Hope encourages her to go for it and Jenn decides she's happy for this chance. The girls return after their arts and crafts session has failed. The adults give them random advice about how to defend themselves against strangers. When Ciara is asked to demonstrate the lesson, she stomps on Jenn's foot and knocks her to the floor. The kids run off to pack up and Jenn starts limping around the room.

At the hospital, Daniel and Mel are shocked to hear Carly took a sick day. Daniel decides to go and check on her. When he gets to her place, she's writhing on her bed. He announces that he's going to check her out. After checking her pulse, he says he knows what's wrong with her. He thinks she just has the flu because she forgot to get the shot. She has a shower so he cleans her apartment and then gives her chicken noodle soup. Mel shows up and they have a family moment.

On the pier, Quinn explains to Chloe that his client isn't interested in her singing voice, He wants her to be 'very, very nice' to him and promises her a lot of money in a short period of time. Chloe doesn't want a pimp. He thinks this is the natural direction for her. When she tries to storm off, he grabs her and tells her she can't go anywhere. He threatens to tell child services that she slept with him for money. She threatens to sue him for slander so he shows her the video he has of her.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Brady finds Taylor leaving messages for EJ. He thought she was leaving town. She drinks his vodka and then says that she will be spending the rest of her life with Elvis. All of this makes him gag. She fills him in on the gory details. He tells her EJ's the scum of the earth. When she tries suggesting he go back to Nicole, he refuses to fix things for her. They continue to bicker about the evils of EJ. She refuses to believe Elvis would actually hurt her sister. He points out that Sami was using the same script last year. Taylor starts to worry about what he might do and begs him to forgive EJ. When she leaves, he vows to take Elvis down.

Bo arrives at Casa DiMera following a domestic disturbance call. Bo looks pretty smug as Nicole reports that EJ hurt her. The cop sends Chad and Abby out but EJ won't budge. Elvis starts warning her that she could lose any chance she has with the kids. Nicole decides to keep her mouth shut and explains EJ just hurt her feelings. "You deserve each other," Bo groans before leaving. EJ orders her to pack her things and get lost. He tells her that he's won and all he had to do was play the Syd card. "That makes you my bitch," he says, vowing to be with Taylor. Nicole goes out to the garden. Taylor walks by so Nicole hauls off and slaps her, warning her that it's only the beginning. Nicole claims she knows something that will make her stop loving EJ.

Abby and Chad got to the pub. He doesn't think she should have called the cops. She defends her choice but he refuses to take sides. This annoys her. He heads back to Casa DiMera after EJ sends him a text. EJ wants to know what he plans on saying to Bo when he asks for a statement. "Who do you think you are? Calling the police on me?" EJ asks. Chad takes the blame for Abby. EJ doesn't buy it and starts giving him advice about how to control women. "Before you start giving me advice about women, maybe you should learn to handle your wife," Chad shoots back. Meanwhile, Bo meets with Abby at the pub but her statement is unhelpful.

June 9, 2011
Proms And Macabre Hobbies.

Chloe sighs at the pier as Quinn shows her the video of them going at it and then her taking his cash. She can't believe he set her up. "To me it was more of an audition," he says, announcing this is her big break. As she refuses, Victor randomly arrives. He tries warning Quinn to stay away from the diva. Chloe says Victor has a soul the size of a pea. He continues badmouthing her and she barks at him to go. He admits following her 'trail of destruction' has become his 'macabre hobby'. Quinn defends Chloe and tells Victor he has a screw loose. Quinn tells him to take his own advice about women. "Goodbye lovebirds," Victor spits out. He walks off and Quinn tells her he could have put a crimp on her custody hopes with Parker's grandfather. She reminds him that he already has a stable of whores but he points out he doesn't have one like her. This is all breaking her heart but he claims he just wants to make her life better. He threatens to leak the video and then gives her an address to go to.

Dario drops by the hospital and bickers with Mel about how she screws up her life over guys. Meanwhile, Will sits with Gabi in her hospital room. She wakes up and they discuss the prom. Dario comes in and hands his sister a sugar cookie. They discuss their annoying brother.

Rafe wanders over to the hospital and asks Mel about his sister's operation. Mel babbles about how his brother thinks he's a jerk. Dario returns and starts bickering with his brother. He storms off. Rafe goes in to see his sister. She's not happy he's rearing his head. She's miserable when Maxine breaks the news that she can't go to the prom. Rafe hugs her as she weeps. She asks Will to go and text her picture of the event but he's reluctant to go without her. All of sudden, he becomes extremely excited and runs out the door. Rafe tells his sister how much his prom sucked.

Will enlists Mel's help and they rush off in separate directions. She heads to the pub after Dario and they chat about his sister. He agrees to help her with Gabi and she takes him by the hand. Moments later, Gabi's hospital room is decked out with balloons. Will greets her in a suit holding a corsage. Gabi gets a yellow makeover to match his tie. She thanks everyone. Will thanks everyone. Everyone leaves them alone. He gets scared when she says she's been thinking. She feels like she's too needy but he says she's no burden. He explains that he doesn't play games and she has helped him through so much. They dance. Out in the hall, Rafe leaves, annoying his brother. Dario and Mel argue about Rafe. They talk about not going to their proms. She asks him out for a burger. Meanwhile, Rafe runs into Victor and asks him for advice about taking down the DiMeras.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is trying to call Taylor. Meanwhile, out in the garden, Nicole grabs her sister, knocking her purse from her hands. Her phone opens up so EJ can hear as Nicole begins to tell her sister all about the evils of Elvis. He runs out the door. Nicole is shocked that her sister has become so depressingly stupid. Taylor accuses her of being a vindictive liar and her sister tells her she's a slut. "At least I don't have to blackmail a man to get him in my bed," Taylor shoots back. The insults ratchet up and Nicole slaps her sister again. As Nicole starts choking her, EJ leaps between them. Nicole cries and then tells her husband she's taking him down with her. They argue about the children and he tells her to behave. She refuses to let either of them get away with this and storms off. Taylor asks EJ if there is something she needs to know. Meanwhile, Nicole heads back to Casa DiMera and starts looking for Stefano.


June 11, 2011
The New One Is Boring.

At the hospital, Carly thanks Daniel for his bowl of soup. She's disturbed when he explains that he's going away for the weekend. With some prodding, he admits Jennifer is going with him. He reminds her that she pushed them together and offers to play matchmaker for her. Carly doesn't like that idea. As he walks off, she mumbles about how she could be happy with him. Maxine wanders by and tells Carly she should go home if she's still sick. She bustles off and Carly swipes the keys to the medicine room. Sneaking in, she tries to battle off thoughts of Dannifer by filling her purse with pills. She goes back to her room, cracks open a bunch of pills and starts snorting them.

Jenn hobbles around her house with her baggage. Her daughter finds her and Jenn breaks the news that she's going away with Dr. Dan. Abby didn't know they were so serious. Her mom is surprised she seems upset. Abby asks if she's sure about this. Jenn says she is. Her daughter just worries she'll get hurt again. Later, Daniel shows up and notices she's injured. "I know what's going on here," he claims. He thinks she's stressed out and it's giving her back problems.

In the park, Taylor asks EJ if there's anything else she needs to know. He avoids explaining and asks her to trust him. They talk about what a changed man he is and he assures her no one will come between them. She's not convinced so he talks her down and hands her a bag with a bracelet in it. Taylor likes it because it reminds her of her mom's cameo. The doctor massages her back and decides to cancel their weekend. As he gets ice, she grunts and her back pops. She runs after him yelling she can still go away with him.

Stefano is pacing Casa DiMera when Nicole storms in and says there's a matter of life and death to deal with. She warns him that EJ will run off with the children if he doesn't help her. He knows what a disaster everything is and says she should have come to him rather than blackmail EJ. They bicker and she suggests that his son will betray him for Taylor. He thinks that's absurd but she makes the case. This annoys him but she keeps pushing him to join Team Nicole for the sake of his whole family. Later, EJ comes in and they begin arguing about business. Elvis doesn't like the way he is handling things and says they have new rules. Stefano is sick of indulging his son and says he will do what he says. EJ refuses. His father assumes Taylor has ruined him. Meanwhile, Nicole takes Syd out to the park and says, "Mama Nicky is going to make everything alright."

RoboRafe's floozy, Alicia, shows up at the loft. She starts sucking face with Rafe. He pushes her off and she assumes his wife must be home. When he says she's not, she starts stripping down so he figures out who she must be. Chad shows up looking for one of Johnny's toys. Alicia wants an intro to him. Chad's speechless. Rafe shuts the door on him. He claims he's worked things out with his wife. Alicia says he can call her when that falls apart. "But only if it's the old you. This new one is boring," she says as she leaves. He stares at the cameo until Taylor suddenly shows up. "Hey honey," he says. He starts flirting with her. She's grossed out and spots her mom's cameo. Taylor asks him why he has it. He's clueless,

Chad is at the pub with Johnny, who runs off to see his grandma. Abby swans in and starts kissing Chad. He's startled. She stutters and then explains she was just acting out. Her mom has been confusing her and she apologizes for kissing him. He's not sorry about it and says she's a great kisser.

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