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3rd Week of June Daily Summaries 

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June 13, 2011
Lovesick Daze.

At home, Jenn tells Daniel he fixed her back so they can still go away. She's determined that they go and have the time of their lives. When he goes out to move the car seat for her, Kate storms in and asks Jenn how she can date the doctor after everything he did to her brother. Jenn throws Kate's misdeeds back in her face and orders her out. Kate ignores this and calls Daniel 'a piece of scum' and 'an emotional vampire'. Jenn's disgusted but Kate keeps hammering home her point and suggests finally Jenn is just a tramp. Daniel returns and bellows. He sends Jenn off and bans Kate from from coming into the house again. She refuses to ever forgive him and Chloe. He threatens to rip her into pieces if she hurts anyone he cares about. "This is all going to end exactly the same as did with Chloe," she says.

Daniel and Jenn drive up to the spa. They talk about how destructive and frustrating Kate is. Then they assure each other that they are serious about finding out what they can have together. He admits that having Kate go after her depresses him. Jenn is sure she can handle Kate. They make out. He asks her if she's sure about this and then they strip down to hit the sheets.

Quinn follows Chloe into the Cheatin' Heart. She doesn't know why he's concentrating on ruining her life. He won't explain and prods her to work for him. Chloe stares. He threatens to call Victor. She caves. He explains that her name is Lola now. When he leaves her alone, she thinks of how he could have known how to blackmail her. The john shows up. "Lola? Woah! Yow," he groans. He grabs her hand and drags her to his hotel. Meanwhile, Quinn meets with Kate and thanks her for handing Chloe to him. He assures her that Chloe won't be seeing much of Parker in the future.

At Casa DiMera, EJ orders his father not to kill RoboRafe. Stefano accuses him of being in a lovesick daze. They bicker and EJ insists he will find another way to handle their problem. "He dies today!" Stefano decrees. His son refuses to go back to being bad. "If you bring Taylor to live in this house with Nicole, there will be blood in every room," Stefano warns. EJ gets a text from his former drug dealers and walks off to take care of it. Stefano has a drink and decides that Nicole was right about getting rid of Taylor.

Brady walks down to the pier. He takes a swig from his flask and his dude tells him everything is ready. Moments later, EJ arrives. Brady says he sent him the text. Tonight's the night he pays the price. He lays the blame for Ari's death on EJ. Elvis says he feels bad about it. They hurl insults back and forth. Before EJ can plod off, Brady's dude clobbers him. Brady takes another swig. He sends his man away and slaps EJ. When Brady kicks him between the legs, EJ knocks him over. They start boxing and spitting blood. Brady hammers him in the head hole and then kicks him in the guts for ruining Nicole's life. Then he punches him in the face for his other crimes. EJ passes out. Brady wants him awake as he heats him to death. "Get ready for your trip to hell old bean!" Brady says and he prepares to finish him off.

At the loft, Taylor confronts Rafe for having her mother's cameo. Sami shows up and Taylor says they have some explaining to do. Sami claims it's her necklace. Taylor seems to accept this and leaves. They guess that RoboRafe must have killed Fay and run over the evidence. He gets inspired and decides to rush off. As soon as he's gone, Taylor returns and accuses Sami of lying. She demands to see the cameo again. Rafe has it so Taylor demands to know what's going on

RoboRafe is still locked in the pantry, thinking of Fay's cameo. Rafe shows up and sticks the cameo in his face. "Unless you want to get the death penalty, you're going to do exactly what I say," Rafe declares.

June 14, 2011
Tasers And Scarves.


Dario drops by his sister's hospital room. Will rushes out. The siblings scratch their noses as they discuss Mel. He admits he's having dinner with her. With some prodding, he also admits he's in love with her. He heads over to the pub but she is nowhere to be found. Dario has a chat with Caroline and then waits. Back at the hospital, Will brings Gabi a doctored photo showing them at the prom. She tells him she was looking forward to spending the night with him at a hotel. Will gets an awkward look on his face. Gabi moans about it and hopes he still wants to sleep with her. He promises that it will be special. They smooch.

On the pier, Brady continues to pummel EJ to the brink of death when Mel interrupts. She tries to get him to stop but he blurts out he's doing this for Ari. She puts a scarf behind EJ's head and tries to keep him alive. Brady explains that Troy was on EJ's payroll. He's pissed that she's not letting him finish his revenge killing and he reminds her of when Elvis tried having him killed. He barks at her to leave. Dario calls her and interrupts. They bicker and he hangs up. She turns to arguing with Brady. He plods off. She calls Dario and asks him to meet her. He's shocked to find her with EJ and starts asking questions. He's not happy to see she's covering for Brady. After staring for awhile, he refuses to help her cover this up.

Nicole paces Casa DiMera and sadly gorps at her wedding photo. She married him for the wrong reasons but tried to make it work for the right ones. She hangs out with Syd until Mary comes to take the kids to Sami's. Nicole is left alone to mope. She takes a walk to the park and finds Brady covered in EJ's blood. They go to the mansion. He's snide and she sadly tells him that the kids have started to realize that she's not their real mother. Nicole admits that she made a terrible mistake but giving up everything for a chance with the kids.

Taylor shows up at the loft and accuses Sami of covering for Rafe. She threatens to call the police. Sami snatches her phone away and they bicker. Before Taylor can storm out, Sami asks her to trust her. Sami babbles about how much Rafe changed thanks to his brain injury. She explains that the real Rafe is back and she will do anything to protect him. Sami pleads for some more time. Taylor backs down but demands answers by tomorrow. When she leaves, she runs into Abe and Theo on the street. He can see she's upset so he drags her into the pub for ice cream. Caroline takes Theo into the kitchen and Taylor sobs to Abe about her mom. When she mentions the police and Sami, he gets worried. As she fills him in, Theo returns and says that Rafe is mean. Taylor decides to handle things and walks out. She tries calling EJ.

In the warehouse, Rafe confronts RoboRafe about the cameo. He asks him to confirm his suspicions. When he offers to let him go free if he collaborates, RoboRafe is smug and sceptical. After he laughs in his face, Rafe takes out a taser and threatens to start using it. This makes his doppelganger laugh. Sami calls to say they have a problem. He rushes back to the loft and she fills him in. She rants about how everyone will know of EJ's evil deeds this time. They go over the evidence they have again

Hope joins Bo in bed. He's staring. She notices something is wrong. He tells her about the Sami and Rafe mess. They talk about police business and then make out. The phone rings and Bo learns that Rafe has been going to an abandoned warehouse. She thinks they should go and check it out and excitedly leaps out of bed. They head to the warehouse and are shocked to discover RoboRafe bound to a chair.

June 15, 2011
The Real Rafe Test.

On the pier, Mel asks Dario to help her mop up EJ's brains and move his body. Dario doesn't want to help. She explains that Brady beat EJ because he's responsible for Ari's death. That doesn't make Dario any more eager to get involved. Mel warns him that EJ's death could cause all hell to break loose.

Daniel and Jennifer are relaxing in bed at the spa. They joke about how obnoxious they were when they first met and then go at it again. After that, she worries that she rushed him. He asks her not to make trouble where there isn't any. They talk about how happy they are. As they make out, Mel calls. She asks for the security code at the free clinic so she can smuggle her patient in. Later, she gets into the clinic and starts treating EJ. Dario is nauseated by the whole thing. Mel tries stabilizing EJ. Daniel and Jennifer suddenly arrive as Elvis begins beeping.

Chloe and her john are in the park. He's full of ribs and booze. He wants to 'walk on the wild side' with her. They go to the hotel and her phone starts ringing. It's Justin calling to arrange another visitation. She offers to come right over and sign the paperwork. The diva tells her john she has to go but he doesn't like that and refuses to let her leave. When he threatens to call Quinn, she backs down and sends him up to the room. As she gets ready, she grabs some pills. She drugs his champagne. He gets his pants off and sucks her shoulder blades until he burps and passes out.

Taylor shows up at Casa DiMera. Stefano answers the door and asks her not to come back. She guesses he knows about her relationship with Elvis. He invites her in to chat and says she's no good for his son. She thinks he's just miffed because his son is turning his back on the business. He claims she's just the latest flavor of the month and EJ gets bored easily. Stefano tells her that he's not going to lose his son to some romantic fling.

Kate joins Quinn at the Cheatin' Heart for the latest on Chloe. He tells her she's with a john as they speak. Kate wants proof. This annoys him. She thinks Chloe should just embrace her sluttishness. He's offended that she constantly badmouths the diva. Kate rolls her eyes and accuses him of falling for Chloe's charms. He accuses her of being 'gratuitously cruel', 'unseemly' and a 'sociopath'. She threatens to kick him out of this deal if he disrespects her again. He tells her to chill. Kate wants proof that he's not a phony. Quinn tells her to go to the hotel room. She stomps off to Casa DiMera and sends room service to Chloe's room, offering a bribe to the server so they can tell her what they find there. Stefano walks over and thanks her for being in his life. They kiss.

Angry Abe goes to Rafe's to confront him about the cameo. Abe demands to see it so Rafe claims he doesn't know where it is. The mayor says that Fay was a victim her whole life and her favorite thing was stolen from her when she was dead. Abe tells Rafe he's having him kicked off the force. He leaves, promising to come back with a warrant.

Bo and Hope find RoboRafe in the warehouse. They ungag him, mistaking him for real Rafe. He tells them that some guy is running around with his face while he's cuffed to the chair. They assume the DiMeras are involved and decide to give him the 'real Rafe test'. RoboRafe tells them the impostor has been acting like he's dumb as a post but he's a criminal genius. He shows them his scars. As they uncuff him, he rambles and complains. Bo gets a call from Abe explaining that he's had Rafe fired. He wants him investigated. Bo runs off and Hope pretends she's still trying to get the cuffs off. Meanwhile, Bo shows up at the loft. He whips out his gun and orders Rafe to come with him.

June 16, 2011
For Crap's Sake!

Chad shows up at the hospital to see Abby. Meanwhile, Will goes in to see Gabi again. The four of them get together for some chit chat. Gabi talks about how her brother has turned back into his old likable self. Chad and Abby wander off to talk about their upcoming date and suck face. Back in Gabi's room, she tells him how great their last kiss was but she's worried about some of the things he's said. She never wants their relationship to end. Neither does he. Abby intrudes so Will scampers away. The girls talk about how great their boyfriends are.

Bo shows up at the loft and sticks his gun in Rafe's face. Sami arrives and they debate about who the impostor is. Sami assures her uncle that this is the real Rafe. They tell him the convoluted story and Bo swallows it. They have coffee and Bo explains that he had his doubts about the impostor. Rafe tells him that RoboRafe killed Fay. Sami whines about how they won't be able to nail EJ for this. When she starts ranting, Bo decides to run off and check on his wife. Later, Will arrives and Sami tells him to stay quiet about how Rafe is turning back into his old self.

At the warehouse, RoboRafe whines as Hope fumbles with his cuffs. "For crap's sake!" he moans. She offers to call someone down from the station to help. He asks her not to. She starts giving him water and deliberately spills it on his crotch. When her phone rings, he knocks her over and smashes the chair. As he tries to leave, she pulls him down. Bo runs in and decks him. After they tie him up, RoboRafe tells Hope and her 'bonehead' to kiss his ass. Bo punches him unconscious. Rafe calls and the door suddenly flies open. The cops pull their guns and yelp.

At the clinic, Daniel is shocked to discover his daughter and Dario with a beaten EJ. When the DiMera begins to code, Daniel and Mel revive him. Once he's stable, Daniel announces they need to operate because his old injuries are opening up. They call Carly, who is in a stupor at her place and not picking up. Daniel sends Mel off to get some x-rays and then gets rough with Dario, accusing him of dragging his daughter into this. Mel returns and explains that Dario didn't have anything to do with this. He leaves. Meanwhile, Jenn goes to Carly's and tells her Daniel needs her right away. Jenn doesn't notice all the white powder all over the room and they run off.

Back at the clinic, Daniel gets his daughter to explain what happened and why. Jenn and Carly arrive. Mel then explains things to her mom and offers to take the blame for all of the rules that have been broken. Daniel says they will transfer him once he's stable and they won't have any problems. Meanwhile, Dario shows up at work and Adrienne lectures him for missing a delivery. He makes an excuse and gets to work. She goes through his jacket and finds the bloody scarf. When he returns, she asks him about it and demands to know what he's mixed up in. He says he was just helping out a friend.

Stefano calls his son over to the club. Chad starts quizzing him about his drinking since he has diabetes. This bothers Stefano but his son rushes off to get him some orange juice. His father announces that it's time for him to move up in the family. He offers him a membership in the club and explains that EJ is moving in a different direction so there's more space for him in the business. They chat and Chad tells him that Gabi thinks Rafe is turning into his old self. Stefano strokes his beard.

June 17, 2011
If they can't put you in jail for it, it's not illegal.

Kate is disappointed when she meets the hotel server at the pier and he tells her he couldn't get into Chloe's room. Over at the club, Stefano is perturbed when Chad tells him that Rafe seems back to his old self. He tells his son how hard it is to get reliable personnel in the business. Chad offers to help out but wonders if it would be illegal. "My personal philosophy is, if they can't put you in jail for it, it's not illegal," Stefano explains. Kate arrives just as Chad mentions his father's 'episode'. She prods her husband to get his blood sugar monitored and then sits down with Chad. Kate tells him what a good influence he's been on his father. "You give him a reason to wake up in the morning," she says. He admits that he has reservations about working for his father. She asks him to give it a go anyway. Stefano returns and Kate has to rush off to an appointment. Chad tells his father he's decided to work with him. That makes Stefano very proud and this moves Chad.

At the hospital, Lexi tells Maggie that Victor just gave a huge donation. The redhead immediately bustles off. Lexi notices Taylor trying to call EJ. They start chatting about Elvis. Lexi doesn't think she's up to dealing with his family.

At the clinic, Daniel and Carly are stabilizing EJ. Carly is distracted by thoughts of snorting powder. Meanwhile, Mel fills Jenn in on what happened. She decides to ask her dad if he can erase EJ's memory. He won't so she complains to her mom. Daniel tells his daughter to stop. "I'll have to fix this on my own," she mutters to herself. Daniel suddenly changes his mind and decides to help. Carly stumbles out and runs into Jenn. She babbles about how she doesn't matter anymore.

Nicole takes Brady back to the mansion to clean him up. He admits that he was fighting with EJ. She worries that he could get killed over this. Victor walks in and starts barking profanity. Maggie walks in and yelps at him to stop. Brady leaves with a bottle. Nicole follows after telling Maggie that she's too good for Victor. The redhead thanks the curmudgeon for his donation. Before she can leave, he grabs her and tells her that there is a daily crisis in his house. That won't change and neither will he. He doesn't want to subject her to that. She thinks he's being a patronizing old fart and tells him to give her a call if he ever wants to have some fun. Meanwhile, Nicole follows Brady up to his room to join him for a drink. He warns her that she shouldn't be there, especially since he nearly killed EJ. "What I did had nothing to do with you," he says. She knows that. He passes out. "You are losing your touch Walker. Guys didn't used to go to bed with you to sleep," she says. She wishes there was a way back to him.

Bo and Hope nearly shoot Tim when he arrives at the warehouse. They put Rafe on the speaker and he explains that Tim is with the Bureau. Tim is confused when he sees RoboRafe and Rafe is on the phone. "You owe me now," he tells Rafe before leaving for a drink. Tim leaves Bo with some truth serum. Rafe explains his plan to the cop. Hope shoots up RoboRafe. They begin interrogating him but he doesn't even know his real name.

Bo, Sami and Hope sneak over to Casa DiMera while Rafe hacks into their security system. When Sami walks into the place, Mary starts chatting with her. RoboRafe barges in and yells to Mary for help. Sami grabs the maid before she can call Stefano. Poor Mary is confused. The blond babbles. Bo and Hope pull RoboRafe out. Sami subtly blackmails the maid to keep her mouth shut. Once she sends her upstairs, they drag the impostor back in. The cops question him about Fay. Sami puts on the cameo and pretends she's the dead lady. He flashes back and they drag him up the stairs. He freaks out and knocks Sami down the stairs. He confesses and Hope swears. She helps Sami off the floor. As RoboRafe moans about killing Fay, Taylor walks in and starts to pant.

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