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4th Week of June Daily Summaries 

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June 20, 2011
Go Bowling If You're Bored.

At Casa DiMera, RoboRafe freaks out and throws Sami down the stairs as she pretends to be Fay. Bo drags the impostor down the stairs. He blabbers through a confession. Hope wakes up Sami. RoboRafe keeps hallucinating Fay. As he swears at her, Taylor arrives and hears everything. She lunges at RoboRafe. The cops hold her back and she demands some answers. Taylor barks at Sami to take off her mom's cameo. She guesses that her mom was murdered. Hope assures her that they will get to the bottom of things.

Sami takes Taylor to the loft and offers her some coffee. They argue about what happened. Taylor wants to call Nicole but Sami forbids it. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope take RoboRafe back to the warehouse to question him on video. He gets rude as they demand answers. They offer to help him if he flips on the DiMeras. When they say that he'll be facing the death penalty while the DiMeras laugh at him, he finally tells them he had to kill Fay because she knew too much. After he tells them everything, he kicks the camera across the room and chuckles. Bo discovers the video is still good.

Rafe corners Kate outside of Casa DiMera and tries to convince her not to go in. He starts flirting with her, claiming he's bored with 'domesticity'. "Sami says you used to be quite the player," he says. Kate doesn't buy his routine. Quinn calls her. Before she leaves to meet him, she tells Rafe to go bowling if he's bored. She meets Quinn on the pier and he starts sniping at her. "If we let hookers raise kids, who knows how they'll end up?" he says. She doesn't need to take his crap. He tells her that's tough and walks off. Chad wanders by. Since it's one AM, she guesses he must be on a special assignment from his father. He's already having second thoughts. His attitude reminds her of his mom and what she did when she was hooking. That doesn't exactly make Chadsworth keen on his new career.

Quinn calls Chloe to see if she finished her date. He asks to speak to her john but she claims he's sleeping and hangs up. The john wakes up. He can't remember anything. She plays along and tries to sneak off. He wants to make more memories and sticks his tongue in her ear. She pushes him off and says his time is up. When she goes downstairs, she runs into Justin. He offers to do the Parker paperwork with her there and then. He says that it should all be clear sailing from here on. As she gives him a hug, her john shows up and starts talking about how much many pennies Chloe is worth. The lawyer sends him away. Meanwhile, Kate shows up in the room upstairs looking for evidence.

Abby drops by the Cheatin' Heart to see Adrienne. They chat about Chad and she insists that he's nothing like his family. Chad spontaneously shows up. He sits down to chat with his girlfriend. She says she's sure Stefano could never turn him into something he's not.

Nicole drops by the pub and lays out some cash for whatever they've got the most of. As she gets plastered, insomniac Maggie shows up. Nicole invites her to share her troubles and says Victor isn't worth losing sleep over. They start discussing children. The topic turns to how EJ uses Syd to hurt people. Nicole gets upset and leaves. She heads to Sami's and finds her sister there.

Gus meets with Viv in the park to tell her he hasn't found anything worrisome about Quinn. He suspects that he has plenty of illegal side projects though. Gus lists Quinn's various businesses. The man in question arrives and snarls at Augustine until he leaves. Viv asks her son if he is there for revenge. "I am here because of you," he admits. He gets snide and points out that most people hate her. Quinn doesn't care about that kind of thing and accuses her of not caring about him. His mother still doesn't trust him and is sure he's there to ruin her. She wonders what his agenda is. "Maybe I just want my mommy to love me?" he suggests. Coolly, they exchange cryptic threats and compliments until they decide to get a cocktail. Kate comes out of the bushes and wonders what that could have been about.

June 21, 2011
I Know What You Did.

At the clinic, Mel's family worry about what EJ might remember when he wakes up. She apologizes for ruining her dad's date with Jenn. Bloody Elvis groans. Daniel sends the ladies out and then tells EJ that he was badly beaten. Once EJ claims he can't remember anything, Daniel leaves to tell the ladies and offers to keep them all out of this. As he and Jenn suck face, Carly has to close her eyes. Later, Jenn and Carly wipe up the room to remove all traces they were there. The doctor asks her about Daniel and starts babbling about his past. This makes Jenn uncomfortable. Carly admits she's conflicted about them. She backs off and Jenn convinces her to go home and rest. Jenn takes Carly home and refuses to leave her alone. She puts Carly to bed and starts cleaning her room, eventually noticing that the desk is covered in white powder.

Daniel smuggles an unconscious EJ into the hospital. Lexi finds them together and he tells her a cover story. She pants and he promises to take care of this. EJ wakes up feeling bloody awful and wonders how he got into a different room. Daniel tests his memory again. Lexi returns and starts asking her brother questions. He knows nothing.

At the mansion, Brady goes downstairs and finds Victor sitting in the dark waiting for him. He bluntly asks who he beat up. "I ran into a door," Brady says. When he tries to pour a drink, Victor smashes the glass and demands answers. Brady tells him to eat more blueberries and reminds him that he's the boss now. His grandfather guesses this was no ordinary fight. He offers to help him but Brady refuses. Mel shows up and offers to tell him everything. She explains that Brady has a drinking problem and fought some dudes at the pier. Victor accepts this and goes to bed. She tells Brady he may have caught a break.

Nicole is surprised to run into her sister at the Safe loft. After snickering at Taylor, she wants to go. Her sister takes her down to the pier. "Oh my God! Did EJ get you pregnant?" Nicole asks with a cringe. They bicker about EJ until Taylor explains their mom was murdered... by Rafe. She explains what she walked in on at Casa DiMera. Nicole is shocked. Taylor wants to commiserate with her but her sister refuses. The hospital calls Nicole to say EJ was admitted.

At the warehouse, RoboRafe continues to be woozy. Rafe arrives and Bo and Hope show him all the evidence they collected. Smiles all around. When Rafe watches the video, he gasps. The last few minutes have been erased and that ruins all proof against the DiMeras. Rafe starts pounding on his double. He comes to and guesses the evidence is gone. The double demands a lawyer. Lexi calls to say her brother was beaten up. Bo promises to look into it. He eagerly tells Hope and Rafe that EJ is vulnerable so they have a lucrative opportunity.

Bo and Rafe show up at the hospital to question EJ. Lexi drags them out and refuses to allow it. She leaves to take a call. Sami calls Rafe to say Taylor ran away. "We're screwed!" Bo moans. He sends Rafe away to find her. He manages to corner her just as Taylor gets a call from Lexi. Meanwhile, Nicole shows up and Daniel tells her EJ doesn't remember much. She goes in to see him and grabs a fluffy pillow. He wakes up as it rubs his nose. Nicole shoves it behind his head. "The nurse told me you got mugged. Too bad they didn't finish the job. I know what you did," she says.

June 22, 2011
I Want A Divorce Today.

Hope shoves RoboRafe in the warehouse closet and calls Bo. He tells her that Lexi kicked him out of her brother's room. Getting off the phone, he goes to see Maxine about EJ. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Stefano orders some breakfast and notices his scotch decanter has been damaged. Mary starts to explain when Lexi calls to say EJ is in the hospital. He runs off to the hospital and into Bo. The commissioner tells him he's there to get to the bottom of the beating. "The last time you solved a crime, Bill Clinton was in office," Stefano says.

Lexi calls Taylor at the pier to tell her EJ's been put in the hospital. Before she can run off, Rafe corners her. He asks her if she's told anyone about Fay's killing. Hope runs over with a gun and chases Rafe away so he can watch his double. This freaks Taylor out. Hope assures her that Fay's demise will not go unpunished. Taylor blurts out that she needs to go and see EJ. Hope won't let her go and gives her the anti-Elvis lecture. Taylor babbles about forgiveness and Hope doles out Alice Hortonisms. This is so overwhelming that Taylor runs away, knocking her over on the way. Hope bumps her head.

Carly notices that Jennifer is sniffing around her desk. Jenn claims she's just looking for her keys so Carly gets up to help. When Jenn stares at the powder, Daniel calls. Jenn covers and agrees to meet him later, then she quizzes her friend. Carly claims she was just crushing aspirin and gives an anti-drug speech. She decides it's time to go to work. When they get to the hospital, they see Daniel chatting with Stefano. He walks over to them and Carly relieves him. Daniel jogs off with Jenn.

Nicole is in EJ's hospital room confronting him about what he did. "I want a divorce today," she says. He laughs so hard it hurts. She tells him he won't be jumping back in her sister's bed. Nicole reminds him that she has kept his secrets and made sacrifices. Now she only wants her freedom and to see him suffer. He gets pithy. There's more bickering. She repeats that she knows all about what he did. Bo walks in on them and gives Nicole the boot. EJ thanks him. Bo takes out his camera and gets smug. Carly interrupts to give EJ his meds. Once she's gone, Bo tells Junior what he's got on him. When he tries showing him the tape, EJ passes out. Meanwhile, Nicole corners Stefano in the hall about what he did to her mother.

At the mansion, Mel asks Brady not to go after the DiMeras. He's annoyed that he didn't kill EJ and that she got involved. He tells 'pumpkin' he won't forget what EJ did. Pumpkin claims that nurses can't look the other way when they witness an ass whooping. Brady is done with all the hand holding. She wishes he would sober up. Victor comes in and smugly says that EJ was beaten to a pulp. He guesses Brady did the deed. Brady leaves so Victor quizzes Mel. She sticks to the cover story. He tells her never to lie to him again. Mel tells him he's been bad for Brady and Philip. He thinks she's been spending too much time with Maggie. "Sounds like you haven't been spending enough," she says.

Julie meets Maggie at the pub to decorate for Will's graduation party. They start chatting about Victor and Maggie pretends she doesn't miss him. Maggie can't be with a gangster anyway. She's decided to walk away from him. It's a relief to her that he gave her a way out. Julie doesn't buy it. The redhead admits she feels guilty about being with anyone. She contemplates getting a dog so Julie gives her a pep talk. Maggie just feels sad. She says the only reason Victor was interested in her was because he knew they couldn't be together.

June 23, 2011
Privacy Is So Last Century

On the pier, Taylor bickers with Hope about the Rafe situation. When Hope tries to calm her, Taylor pushes her away. The cop drops. Taylor wakes her up. She runs off and Hope passes out again. Justin and Adrienne are prancing by when they notice the cop on the pavement. They help her up.

At the hospital, Nicole confronts Stefano for what he did to her mother. Lexi runs by to her brother's bedside as he beeps. She chases Bo out. Kate and Chad arrive and Stefano rails at Bo. EJ is wheeled by and Lexi explains that he just passed out. Taylor arrives as he's taken away. Bo asks where Hope is. She calls and asks to meet him at the bar. Lexi explains that EJ is bleeding internally so they have to operate on him. Stefano assumes someone tried to beat his son to death. Chad assumes it must have been Rafe. His father advises him to keep quiet about this. Across the room, Nicole tells her sister she hopes EJ kicks the bucket. Taylor guesses she knows something. Nicole won't explain yet. Stefano starts telling Maxine to clear the area. She refuses to run errands for him or Kate. He threatens her but that doesn't scare her. She orders him to go to the waiting room.

Later, Lexi tells her family that the surgery went fine. Stefano is thrilled and gives a big family pep talk. Everyone hugs. Kate and Stefano are left alone. He talks about how great Chad is and how she makes him feel young again. They talk about EJ wanting to strike out on his own. She's sure he'll get sick of that. He goes to see Elvis and vows to find out who did this. EJ wakes up as Taylor sticks her head in the room. Elvis asks to spend time alone with her. Stefano grunts and leaves. EJ senses something is wrong with Taylor. She tells him Rafe killed Fay. He starts stuttering. Meanwhile, Kate decides to get Abby out of Chad's life after seeing how important he is to Stefano.
Nicole goes to the park to talk to herself. She guesses her mom must have wanted to tell her that EJ turned Rafe into a killing machine. The ghost of Fay appears and asks her if she'll let Elvis get away with what he did. Nicole blames herself for what happened but the ghost tells her she's not to blame. "Get your sister away from that man," Fay orders.

Gabi and Will are at the pub taking pictures in their grad costumes. T. and Kinsey arrive. Dario calls his sister to say their mom can't make it because she broke her leg hanging curtains. Will's not even sure his mom remembers this is graduation day. Caroline comes in to reassure him. The kids run off. Meanwhile, Abby bumps into Sonny on the pier. They hug. Will and Gabi spot them and wonder who he is. Abby calls them over but Gabi has to make a call. Abby introduces the men and explains that Sonny's her cousin. After Will vanishes, Sonny asks his cousin about Chad. She says he's important to her and babbles about how great he is...even if he is a DiMera. He's shocked so she reminds him that he's a Kiriakis. She goes to work and bumps into Chad, who tells her about what happened to his brother. Being at the hospital reminds him of when his mother died. He talks about how great Stefano has been.

Bo goes to the Cheatin' Heart to see Hope. They gossip about Taylor and EJ. He's worried that Stefano might figure out that Rafe isn't dead. After the cops run off, Justin and Adrienne make out until their son interrupts. They start talking about the family. He's eager to see Victor but his parents say it's not a good time. "You haven't told him about me, right?" Sonny asks.
Back at the pub, Kinsey whines about her family until Gabi snaps at her. Kinsey starts teasing her for not getting any from Will. Gabi says that's private. "Privacy is so last century," Kinsey quips. Will shows up. Gabi prods him for a kiss but he can't do that in public. She plants one on him. His eyes try to crawl out of his head. He backs off and she asks him up to her room. Stuttering, he says that he has to go and get his suit from the dry cleaners... plus he has to check on his mom. He runs away. Caroline walks over and asks Gabi if she wants to talk about her problems. Gabi thinks she's being insecure and feels like an idiot. Caroline says she might be rushing things. Will had to grow up fast to look after Sami's other kids and he doesn't want to make the same mistakes. Will returns. After Caroline leaves, Gabi admits she sometimes feels like he's not into her.

June 24, 2011
Salem Is A Police State.

Mel startles Maggie at the pub and tells her they need to get Victor out of town. Maggie refuses to use her feminine wiles for that. Mel says it's a matter of life and death. She explains that Brady's the one who beat up EJ. Maggie's reluctant to help, even if she might love Victor. She wonders if she'd be better off just living with memories of Mickey. Mel encourages her to love again. There are hugs and sobbing. The redhead admits she loves Victor but can't be with him. Eventually she agrees to try with him again.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Dario and Adrienne are doing inventory. Detective McCarthy shows up to question him. Adrienne gets defensive. Dario stares and then says he can't remember last night. His boss says he was working all night. McCarthy tells Dario he's a prime suspect in the EJ beating. He insists that he was working but left briefly. The detective demands more answers. Mel walks in and panics.

Maxine hangs up on a reporter asking about hospital security. Jenn isn't happy to hear about this, especially when it turns out to concern the missing meds. The blond thinks about the powder all over Carly's room and tells herself it was just aspirin. Bo and Hope show up at the hospital. As he goes off to take a call, she runs into Jenn. She looks nervous about Bo going to question EJ. "What I know could blow someone that Bo loves right out of the water," Jenn says.

In his hospital room, EJ is confused when Taylor tells him that Rafe killed her mom. He figures out what happened and says this was his fault. She starts stuttering. He stutters back. She assumes he knows more than he's saying. As she badgers him about it, Bo walks in. Taylor accuses him of covering for a murderer and tells him to leave. He arrests her for assaulting Hope. As he takes her away, Carly corners them and says he needs permission before he talks to EJ. She goes to see EJ, who asks her to call his dad. Carly gives him some pain killers. She runs out and shuts Jenn up before she can say anything to Hope. They walk across the room to bicker about keeping secrets. Jenn wants to tell the cops about Brady so they can protect him. They fill Hope in about everything. Carly gets called back to work and Hope wonders why she's so edgy. Hope follows the doctor around and says she'd like to help her help her daughter. The cop promises to help protect everyone. Meanwhile, Jenn finally realizes that Carly must have been stealing the drugs. She swipes Carly's key and plods off.

Bo takes Taylor down to the station. They keep arguing and he tells her that he knows who killed her mom but wants to know why. He thinks she's scared that she thinks EJ knows why she died. Hope calls to tip him off about Brady. He tells Taylor he'll send a cop in to get her statement. She says Salem is a police state. Bo claims he just doesn't want her to be another 'sad' woman destroyed by EJ.

Nicole goes to the mansion and finds Brady wet from swimming. He gets them a drink and she tells him she asked for a divorce. "Sometimes I think I don't make good decisions about men," she says. He says he makes bad decisions too: like not staying sober enough to kill EJ. Victor comes in and tells them to shut up. He gives Nicole the boot and lectures his grandson for getting involved with her when the DiMeras are looking for people to blame. As Victor repeats his order for Nicole to go, Bo arrives. He arrests Nicole to keep her safe and quiet. "I love watching Nicole go to jail, if only it could last a little longer," Victor says. Bo admits that he knows what Brady did. Part of him wishes that he had killed EJ but the cop part of him tells him it was attempted murder. However, there may be a way to keep him out of jail... Meanwhile, Nicole is put into the interrogation room with her sister. Taylor tells her Rafe must have attacked EJ.

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