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5th Week of June Daily Summaries

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June 27, 2011
Go Bowling If You're Bored.

Jenn walks down to the pier and debates with herself about breaking into Carly's room. Abby walks up and asks what she's talking to herself about. Jenn says it's better she doesn't know and then starts explaining anyway. Her daughter tells her how strangely the doctor has been acting. Jenn is sure that her friend is very sick. She explains about the powder and then orders her daughter to the grad party. Jenn heads to Carly's to collect some powder samples.

Will, Gabi and their friends arrive at the pub for the grad party. They begin stuffing their faces as Rafe and Sami arrive and babble about how nice this is and how amazing they are. They sit down and gab about what a jerk his double is. She starts talking about how the DiMeras will finally suffer 'Sami Brady style'. "EJ DiMera is going to be alone for the rest of his pathetic life," she says. Chad arrives and makes his way over to them to utter vague remarks about who could have pounded on his brother. After he walks away, Sami assures her husband that they won't let the DiMeras win. The teens start unwrapping gifts. Rafe gets a call from Bo so he and Sami rush off. T. takes Will aside and says they should get their own place now that they are men. Will is awkward and agrees to talk about it another day. After T. walks off, Gabi wanders over and Will tells her how much he already misses high school. He's not sure he's ready to face his new life. Abby shows up and chats with Chad.

At the hospital, Carly is jumpy and nearly bites Daniel's head off. He tells her that he will take the blame for covering up the beating and asks her to walk away from the mess. She refuses to let him do that and insists on helping to keep their daughter safe. He tells her that she doesn't need to do this to atone for things. They just need to move forward as a family. The doctors keep bickering and then he says she doesn't know how he really feels about her. He explains how much he admires and respects her and that they will always be connected through Mel. Jenn arrives and spots them together.

At the mansion, Brady asks Bo to just go ahead and arrest him. Bo and Victor think that's stupid. The cop orders him to keep his mouth shut while he handles things. Victor worries about Nicole. Bo guesses she might know things about EJ they can use. He bustles off after a phone call. Victor tells his grandson to behave himself for Mel's sake. He lectures him about being an egotistical jerk. Brady has a tantrum and storms off.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Detective McCarthy barks at Dario and orders him to the station when Mel jumps in. She claims he spent the night with her the night EJ was attacked. Adrienne backs this up. That's enough to get him off so McCarthy runs away. Adrienne hands Mel the bloody scarf and they partially fill her in. She's sure they are still hiding something and advises them to be careful. When she leaves them alone, they start kissing Brady walks in and spots them.

At the station, Taylor moans about what a dangerous madman Rafe is. Nicole says EJ probably provoked his own attack. Hope comes in to break up the bickering sisters. She sends Taylor out. Bo arrives. He and Hope discuss what's been going on. They decide to let Taylor loose to blab about her suspicions. Bo goes to see Nicole and tells her she's the key to helping him put EJ away. Nicole decides to tell him everything. She calls in her lawyer and the DNA evidence she collected. When he opens the safety deposit box, he finds the evidence gone and replace with a will that says she's leaving everything to Taylor. The cops try to figure out how this could have happened. They decide to move on with the next step of their plan. The cops meet Sami and Rafe at the loft and tell them they want EJ to think Rafe tried to kill him.

June 28, 2011
What kind of medicine are they giving you? Angel dust?

Taylor wanders down to the pier and stares at a picture of her mother. Meanwhile, Stefano is at the hospital talking to his goons on the phone. He goes to check on EJ, who explains that Taylor was arrested. He adds that Taylor discovered RoboRafe was responsible for Fay's death. He thinks they need to tell her their role in it. His father thinks he's out of his mind. EJ is sure Taylor will forgive him. "What kind of medicine are they giving you? Angel dust?" Stefano asks. Taylor pops in so EJ sends his father away. She says that Rafe must have attacked him. Stefano listens in as she explains her suspicions. EJ tries to tell her how this is his fault but that doesn't get far. As soon as she walks out, his father returns and announces that they will destroy the monster they created. When Taylor returns, he leaves. EJ breaks the news that Nicole wants a divorce. Taylor isn't happy but he tries to talk her around by saying that they can't allow themselves to feel guilty.

At the loft, Sami isn't thrilled with Bo's plan to use Rafe as bait. They debate the strategy but the cops have no other ideas. Rafe insists that this is the only way. Sami backs down. Stefano calls Rafe and offers him another assignment. This excites the cops.

Brady interrupts Dario and Mel sucking face at the Cheatin' Heart. Dario breaks away and tells Brady they distracted a cop by claiming they spent the night together. This bothers Brady. He bickers with Dario until Bo shows up. The cop explains that Rafe will be taking the fall for Brady. Dario is miffed and runs over to the loft to confront his brother. Rafe thanks him for caring and says Ari would be proud of him. Hugging his brother, he promises that he won't lose him. Back at the bar, Brady admits to Mel that he's not letting anything drop until he knows EJ has paid.

Viv goes to see her son at the club. She offers him an olive branch and invites him to dinner before bustling off. She goes to the hospital to see Stefano and tells him how bad she feels about what happened to his son. He tells her to send flowers next time and get out of his sight. Back at the club, Chloe's john goes to see Quinn and tells him Lola two timed him. Quinn is baffled. Meanwhile, Stefano places a call ordering his goons to bring him Rafe dead or alive.

Justin, Adrienne and Sonny are having dinner at Chez Rouge. Their son gives them a re-marriage gift. Chloe waltzes in so Justin wanders over to see her. He calls Parker over with a social worker. She takes the kid over to meet Sonny. As she walks off, she notices that Quinn is standing in the doorway. He sits down with her and reminds her that she works for him. Justin walks over to check in but the diva sends him away. The pimp questions her about her date and assumes she's been working for someone else. After he gives her a talking to, he sends her off and Viv arrives. He questions her about Justin and then they chat about Chloe. He says she'll be more successful in her new line of work.

Jenn shows up at work and bumps into Daniel and Carly, who instantly runs off. Jenn is awkward. The doctor wonders what's up. She shows him the powder she collected. He assumes it's Abby's but she won't explain who it really belongs to. He offers to have it tested. Later, Jenn finds her friend and says they need a girl's night out. Carly claims she has no time. "I don't want anything, or anyone, to come between us," Jenn says. Moments later, Hope arrives. She gets Jenn, Daniel and Carly together to tell them to keep Brady's secret.

June 29, 2011
I Don't Think That's Possible.

Kate runs into Marco on the pier but doesn't ask him what he's doing. She heads to the pub and spies through the window. Chad and Abby are inside flirting and getting indigestion. She runs off to the ATM and Kate sneaks in. He talks to Chad about how much Stefano needs him while EJ is hurt. After she prods him to check on a shipment, he leaves to take care of it. Abby returns and Kate tells her Chad just went to the pier. When Abby gets down there, she finds Chad talking to Marco. She runs away so Chad runs after her. Kate comes out of the shadows and rolls her eyes. She meets up with Chad at the pub and admits that she tipped Abby off. Chadsworth is ticked. He tries calling her but no dice. Kate tells him that outsiders will never understand the DiMeras and warns him that he'll never get along with a Horton. He claims that Abby is cool but Kate is skeptical. "I'm not going to let her go," he says. He runs off and finds Abby by the pier. She doesn't buy it when he claims they were set-up. He assures her that he can work for his father and not be a criminal. "I don't think that's possible," she sobs.

Bo and Hope show up at Sami's. DiMera goons are spying on her outside. The cops set up a wire for Sami and then get a call from one of their informants. After Sami leaves, Bo teases Hope about being a deputy and not a detective. They go out in their disguises and knock out Marco. They grab his bag of cash and plant a letter in his coat.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano is shocked to find EJ home and working. He starts lecturing his son for thinking about his love life instead of the mess they're in. EJ wants to eliminate RoboRafe before the cops find him. His father tells him that the only thing the Salem PD can find is a donut shop. They discuss Nicole being arrested. Stefano is sure that she wasn't involved in the attack and explains that he already got rid of the evidence she collected. Elvis moans about how his impostor is ruining his chance at a good life. Sami strides in and starts asking questions. Stefano bites his lip. EJ rambles about Rafe attacking him. Sami gets annoyed and ranting erupts. As she rants, she fondles their flowers and plants a surveillance mic. She runs around the room wailing and demanding answers. Elvis can't remember anything. She runs off and then EJ runs off.

Taylor is shocked to walk into EJ's hospital room and see that he's gone. Lexi shows up to explain he checked himself out. Taylor tells her that Rafe confessed to killing her mom and the cops never did anything. Lexi kicks herself for not investigating Fay's injuries more closely. Taylor goes to the park. EJ finds her and gets her to grope his pink shirt. They sit down and she keeps worrying that something else will go wrong. He tries promising that everything will be alright forever. Although he's woozy, he gets down on his knee and whips out a ring to pop the question.

The cops run back to Sami's. She fondles the cash they stole from Marco while they set up the surveillance system. They sit and listen as Mary does the dusting. Marco arrives with the letter and Mary knocks the mic into the water in the vase, shorting it out. Marco stutters as he tells his boss about being attacked. He hands over the letter and runs. Stefano opens it. It's a threatening letter from Rafe. He crumples it up. Back at the loft, Sami flips out when she thinks their plan has gone south so Bo and Hope give her a pep talk.

Maggie drops by the mansion to confront Victor about Rafe getting the blame for Brady attacking EJ. Victor says this has nothing to do with him. She's not convinced so he assures her the cops must have a plan. When she tells him Mel wants them to re-connect, he sighs. They have a tea party and talk about traveling. He's not about to run out of town because a fight is brewing. She still wants to give things one last shot with him. When he tries changing the subject, she plants a big kiss on him and then strolls out. He's flummoxed.

June 30, 2011


July 1, 2011


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