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1st Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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February 28, 2011

The Doll Executioner.

Philip goes to check on Chloe in her hospital room. She wonders what's wrong with her. He assures her that she will start thinking straight again. Charles, the child services dude, comes in and announces she has to relinquish custody of her son for now. Philip says he's Parker's biological father. Charles explains that doesn't make him the legal father which means they still have to take the baby. Once he leaves, Philip calls his lawyer, who offers to sort things out so he can have custody. Philip assures the diva that the baby won't be with strangers that night. Outside, Jenn takes Parker back to Daniel. Philip walks over and asks the doctor to take Parker for the night. Daniel doesn't think he can do that but Jenn offers to help. After Philip walks off, the doctor tells Jenn he just wants what's best for the baby. She thinks they should take him to Maggie's. They take the baby for some laps and then wheel him in to see the diva. Parker wakes up and Jenn places him in his mother's arms. She sobs and tells him she will do everything she can to get him back. When they leave, Maggie shows up to comfort the diva and tells her all will be well. "What if I don't get better?" Chloe worries. Maggie tells her about another suicidal mother... one who started drinking instead of killing herself. The diva figures out the redhead is talking about herself. Maggie tells her she will have to work hard to be herself but it will all be worth it.

Down the hall, Mel is shocked when Kate seems to want to pin all of this on her. Philip interrupts them and can't believe that Mel blabbed about the cookie catastrophe to his mother. He's shocked and accuses her of being just as guilty as his mom of trying to get Chloe killed. Mel runs away upset and Philip rants at his mother.

Steph runs into Nate at Java. They exchange small talk and then she snipes at him about Mel. It becomes obvious that he's not with the other woman. He tries to run. She warns him how troublesome Mel is. Besides, she could never leave the dimples of a Kiriakis behind. Mel walks in and starts crying to Nate. He assumes Philip did something but she says it was her and tells him what just happened. She speed talks and says Philip hates her now. Philip walks in and orders Nate to stay away from his wife. "Melanie is staying with me," Nate says. Philip asks him if he thinks before he speaks. Nate rants. The men curse each other out. Mel yelps at them to stop and then cries, "Youse guyzzz! My baby!"

At Chez Rouge, Taylor asks EJ if he's been thinking about her like she's been thinking of him. "I haven't really thought about you at all," he claims. She gasps and runs off. Nicole comes over and asks him what the deal is. He won't explain so she putters off and Lexie swans over to say that Taylor must be the one he has been searching for. He tries to laugh it off but she keeps prying so he tells her she's being too theatrical. Besides, a woman like that would never fall for a man like him. Meanwhile, Nicole corners her sister and suggests that EJ is her mystery man. Taylor claims she isn't stupid and shallow enough to fall in love with random men doling out scarves. Lexie interrupts and reminds the bride it's bouquet throwing time. Nicole thanks the guests for coming and says she's not throwing the bouquet, she's just giving it to her sister. She hopes that she will find true love someday. Lexie looks back and forth between EJ and his new sister-in-law as she arches an eyebrow. Elvis starts nibbling on Nicole and wants to take her home to bed. He thanks all the guests and declares they are leaving. After they depart, Taylor downs a glass of champagne and Lexie wanders over to say she knows what's going on. Taylor explains what happened but says they should drop it. Meanwhile, EJ and Nicole go back to their room, drink a toast to each other and she hopes he's happy. He tells her that she looked beautiful and it means a lot to him that she's his wife. "Maybe we can make it work this time?" she asks. "I think we can," he says. They kiss, but she senses something is wrong.

At the Safe loft, Sami discovers Allie's favorite doll has been left behind and rushes off to email Lucas about it. RoboRafe picks it up and thinks about pummeling Rafe. Sami returns and notices that he ripped off the dolls' head. He tries to screw the head back on. "What am I? The doll executioner?" he asks. She explains that she sent her daughter away because of him. Sami claims that everyone just needs to do some adjusting. He promises to get better and suggests they go out for burgers and beer. They head to the pub. He walks out to take a call from Stefano and says he will take care of Sami if she gives him lip. Back inside, Sami tells Caroline that her husband is like a different person. He returns and Allie calls her mom. Sami runs off to take it and he scarfs down a bowl of cheese doodles. Steph wanders in and he asks her to sit down. She tells him what a nice guy he is and then complains about what a 'slutty human being' Mel is. RoboRafe decides to start hugging her. Sami spots this through the window and her eyes pop out.

March 1, 201
Not the Monogamous Type.

Taylor runs into Brady at Chez Rouge and he suspects she feels the same about her sister's marriage as he does. He quizzes her about the wedding and then badmouths EJ. She sees he's been drinking and demands his keys. "You should stop worrying about Nicole and look in the mirror," she says. He offers to take her out for dinner but she thinks they should drink all the leftover champagne. "I could get used to wine that doesn't come in a box," she says. He guesses she's worried about her sister falling for EJ. She worries that Nicole thinks Elvis will be able to love her back. The topic turns to her career and he warns her about the dangers of hospital gift shops. He offers to decorate her office in giraffes if she'll come work for him. She thinks he just wants to use her to drive EJ nuts. There are a lot of reasons for everything he does, but he gives her the spiel about why she should work for him. She agrees to think about it.

EJ and Nicole are in bed and she wonders why he isn't checking out her negligee. He sighs and says it looks so awful she should take it off. They have sex and then some guffaws about being married for eight hours. They go back at it when her phone starts ringing and interrupts. It's the photographer sending them wedding photos. She pulls out her laptop and they flip through them. He smiles when he sees Taylor. She says that having a sister is weird and then admits that marrying him means more to her than she thought it would. He's hungry and wants some leftover hors d'oeuvre. As she goes to get them, he tells her he's happy she's his wife. He thinks of Taylor. She returns. They stuff their faces and look at pictures of the kids. She thanks him for letting her be part of his life.

At the pub, RoboRafe tells Steph she needs a hug. As he throws his arms around her, Sami sees them through the window and then storms in. He explains he was just trying to comfort her. Steph hurries off to the washroom and Sami accuses him of being all over her cousin. He thinks she's jealous but she worries about how he's been acting. RoboRafe claims that Steph is like a sister to him and his real sister is dead. She apologizes so he asks if they can go home and make out. Sami has something to take care of first so he heads out. Steph returns and her cousin asks about what just happened. "Was Rafe coming on to you?" Sami asks. She rambles and Steph admits that all of this was weird and Rafe could use another checkup.

RoboRafe meets Stefano on the pier and tells him that monogamy with Sami isn't going to work. He explains that he's not a one woman man and had to back off on a 'hot prospect' tonight. Stefano reminds him that he's not being paid to be himself. The doppeleganger says infidelity would be an easy way to ruin the marriage. This makes Stefano chuckle. As they laugh, Sami shows up and demands to know what's going on. Stefano shuffles off and RoboRafe tells his wife that he's tired of her humiliating him in public. "Then let's go home so I can tell you off in private," she snaps. They go back to the loft and he declares that he's going to bed. As soon as he plods off, she calls Steph for a favor.

Mel is nearly collapsing at Java so Nate and Philip try to calm her. Nathan tells Philip to calm down or get lost. She hobbles to the washroom and Nate calls the hospital. Over at Maggie's, Daniel tells Parker that everything will be okay and lots of people are looking out for him. Kate shows up. He shuts the door in her face. She comes in anyway and they bicker. He threatens to get a restraining order on her. The doctor declares that she is insane and he won't let her bulldoze her way into the baby's life. Kate smirks as he rants about how Mel will never let her see her baby. They keep bickering and she points out that Chloe has done to him what she did to Lucas and Philip. Maxine suddenly calls him to say Mel has just been admitted. He heads over to the hospital and his daughter cries on his shoulder about how she's screwed up her life. In the waiting room, Philip tells his mom that if Mel loses the baby, it's her fault. Everyone start passing through Mel's room as she cries through a musical montage about miscarriage.

March 2, 2011
The Brains of the Robot.

In her hospital room, Daniel tries to give his daughter a pep talk, but he knows that won't make her feel any better. She feels empty. He says that she needs to take care of herself and rest. Meanwhile, Nate arrives at the hospital and finds Philip waiting for Mel. He pays his condolences but Philip isn't impressed and tells him to get off his high horse. Daniel interrupts them and Nate saunters off. Philip asks after his wife and Daniel explains that she blames herself for what happened. Down the hall, Chloe is filling out some custody forms for her baby. The social worker explains that if she signs Parker over to Philip, Mel will have custody too. That's okay with Chloe. When she's left alone, Mel wanders in to say she lost her baby. "I tried to take your baby and God took mine," Mel says. The diva says that's wrong but Mel keeps apologizing for pushing her over the edge. They apologize to each other and hug. The diva explains that she's signed custody over to Philip because she's unstable. Sobbing, she begs her to look out for Parker and help Philip. Meanwhile, Daniel and Philip sign off on the custody papers. Philip goes in to see Chloe and is amazed to see his wife apologizing to her. Mel has something else to tell him and she thinks he might be surprised by what it is.

Hope shows up at Maggie's. She and Jenn talk about the pleasures of sleeping in late until Maggie bustles off to the hospital. Hope talks about how happy she is with her life now. Abigail calls and complains that she dropped out of circulation for a day. Jenn tells her to concentrate on her studies. Moments later, Abby shocks her mom when she shows up. There are lots of hugs between them and then Hope returns to get in on it. "You're a woman. You're grown up!" Hope exclaims. Once she's finished stating the obvious, she rushes off to bake cookies, leaving Abby to explain why she's there. Abigail trashes Jack and Jenn defends him. They bicker about this but Abby is sick of her covering for Jack. Abby tells her that she's hot and shouldn't wait for her husband to come back to her. Later, Daniel shows up and explains to Jenn that he's given up legal custody or Parker. She hugs him. Abby spots them together and makes a face.

Nate and Maggie drop into the pub and he gets defensive when she begins talking about Mel. She tells him how hard life is going to be for Mel and she's sure that she needs friends... but she also needs space to grieve. He thinks that's the last thing she needs. He refuses to blow the last chance he has at a life with her and runs off.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano wonders why his son hasn't asked about the incident last night. He thinks it's time to move to the next stage of their plan. EJ can't believe that a nearly comatose Rafe has knocked out two of their henchman. Stefano wants Rafe to leave Salem forever but Elvis doesn't want to rush things; he wants Sami to gradually hate Rafe and turn to him. Johnny runs in as they debate strategy. He wants pancakes so they go off for power breakfast at Java and talk about Johnny's new eye. He explains that he saw something scary outside: Rafe and some men. Elvis claims his brain is just seeing things from his old eye but there was nothing there. He tells his son to forget all about Rafe but Johnny says he loves him. Hope meets with Julie at the cafe for some advice about what to do with all of her free time. Hope just stares at EJ cutting up Johnny's pancakes. "It's not easy to point your finger when you have your own rap sheet," Hope says. She doesn't know why she's been so lucky. Julie putters off.

Rafe sits in his dungeon cell and holds his keys, vowing to find a way to get back to Sami. He thinks about seeing Sami making out with his doppelganger and tries to get the picture out of his head. "I'm going to keep seeing that for the rest of my life," he says. Stefano comes in and mutters that nothing lasts forever. He smokes and wonders why he isn't happy to finally be free of a woman who can't even tell him from another man. Stefano explains that he's going to wipe out his memory. "If I don't have a memory, who is going to be the brains of the robot?" Rafe asks.

March 3, 2011
Sometimes Love Is Just Not Enough.

At the hospital, Mel tells Philip that she forgives him. They contemplate their future and she suggests they discuss it at the pub later. When they meet, he tells her he may be a bonehead but he still loves her. She explains that she didn't just stay with him because she was pregnant. However, Parker will always be a reminder of his indiscretion and that's why she wanted to take Chloe out of the equation. He suggests that they leave Salem behind so she reminds him that he has a son there. Philip claims it can all be worked out but she's not sure she can mother the child he had with her father's wife. "Sometimes love is just not enough," she says. He's confused so she explains that Chloe asked her to help him raise Parker. She wanted to say 'yes' but she can't be stuck in the middle anymore. There's no place for her in his life, she claims. He challenges her by saying she'll always have a place in his heart. Mel insists that she can't be married to him anymore. Sobbing, she asks him to say goodbye to her so he can be a real father to Parker. Philip doesn't want to give up but walks away.

Daniel stops by Maggie's and tells Jenn that he signed away his parental rights. She gives him a hug. Abby spots them and saunters over. Introductions happen and Abby hugs him when she learns he saved her mom's life. Abby tells him he's the man and then explains that she's thinking of transferring to Salem U. Jenn is flabbergasted. The doctor runs and Abby starts teasing her mom. She wishes that Jack had caught her with a hot guy. They begin arguing about Jack and Jenn insists that he still loves his kids. Parker starts crying. Abby nearly gags at the sound and decides to go out while her mom feeds the kid. Later, Philip shows up to see his son.

Julie arrives at the hospital and asks Nate why he isn't with Mel. He sighs and explains that he's not going to push himself on her so soon after her miscarriage. She assumes Philip is using it to his advantage and warns him not to wait around.

At the Java Cafe, EJ and Johnny drink hot chocolate. Chad watches them. He walks over but it's pretty awkward until they tease him into joining them. Johnny goes off to learn how to make cappuccino and EJ thanks his brother for being his best man. He explains that his brother died a few years ago and the wedding reminded him of how he missed him. Chad says that he thinks the DiMeras are 'way weird' but can see that they really love each other. Elvis asks him what he's doing that day. Chad explains that it's his birthday. His brother orders him a birthday cupcake and Johnny blows out the candle. EJ has to rush off so Chad offers to take Johnny home. Once Elvis is gone, Abby wanders in and runs into him. As she gorps at him, Johnny picks up the cupcake and says he wants to give it to his mommy. Abby asks him if he's married to Johnny's mother. "Maybe we'll get around to it some day," he says. They start sniping at each other. "I'm not perfect. I just try not to be stupid," she says, stomping off. Johnny didn't like that girl.

At the loft, Sami calls the hospital to confirm an appointment for Rafe. RoboRafe catches her. She explains that he's not going to like his surprise. He wants to get into her pants but she says this can't wait. She explains that he needs a complete physical before he goes back to work. They head over to the hospital and run into Daniel and Maxine. Sami breaks the news that he's there for an MRI. RoboRafe freaks and tries to run. She stops him and explains that she's desperate to get down to what's wrong with him. RoboRafe throws the fact that she caused his accident back in her face but she worries his personality changes may indicate something serious. He goes off and calls EJ to worry and threaten to expose his role in this if he's exposed. EJ says his people can handle the test. Meanwhile, Sami worries to Daniel about what could be wrong with her husband. Rafe returns and agrees to the scan. After he gets it, they wait. EJ paces the halls and discovers that his people couldn't change the MRI. He ducks away as Daniel explains to the couple that the MRI says her husband wasn't even in an accident.

Will and Gabi wander by the pier and talk about spring break. He whips out a present for her. It's jewelry but she refuses to accept it because it's too expensive. "This is not turning out the way I expected," he says. She doesn't want him to buy her expensive things because she can't afford it. He thought they were more than friends. Will tells her how much he cares about her. She feels the same way. "Cool," he says. As they kiss, someone lurks and spies on them.

March 4, 2011

She's Blond, But She's Not Dumb

At the mansion, Victor is busy telling Philip that Chloe isn't fit to raise a child. Philip doesn't want to listen to this but his father thinks the diva is a suicidal lunatic who should never be allowed near Parker. Philip goes upstairs to put his son to sleep while Victor remembers his fight with Brady. When Philip returns, they start arguing again. Philip accuses him of having an irrational hatred of Chloe since day one and walks away.

At the hospital, Chloe packs up to go. Brady arrives to check in on her. She fills him in and he offers some sympathy. "You really are the best ex-husband a girl could ask for," she says, hugging him and sobbing. He whisks her out to see her son. When they arrive at the mansion, Victor is there to say that Chloe is not welcome. He rants and refuses to let her near the baby. Philip comes in to side with Brady. He explains that they think Chloe should move in, or he's moving out with his son. Victor is aghast but has to back down. While Philip shows her upstairs, Victor lays into Brady. He makes it clear that he's only letting the diva stay so his son won't abandon him. "But you are dead to me," he decrees. Upstairs, Philip promises Chloe that she will always be part of their son's life.

Nate runs into Mel at the pub. She's crying but claims she's okay. When she tries to run, he keeps her there and says he will never let her go again. He says he loves her and they belong together. She reminds him that she's not even divorced yet. Nate still wants to help her get over her loss and promises never to turn his back on her... again. "You've got to be kidding me," Steph blurts out, interrupting. She starts badmouthing Mel until Nate barks at her and breaks the news that Mel lost the baby. After an unpleasant pause, Steph apologizes. Nate tells her he's marrying Mel. "I know you guys are going to be extremely happy for five minutes!" Steph exclaims before storming out. Melanie thanks him for looking out for her.

Sami is flipping out at the hospital after Daniel says that Rafe's MRI shows no signs of head trauma. EJ eavesdrops as RoboRafe tries to talk his way out of the mess. Sami isn't satisfied. She asks to speak to Daniel alone. After they leave, EJ saunters over and explains that his people couldn't change the test. RoboRafe panics and admits that things aren't going as well as he'd claimed. "The woman, she's blond but she's not dumb," he says, smashing up a paper cup. He wants to talk to Rafe to get more information out of him. EJ hopes his father hasn't done something stupid. This worries RoboRafe. Meanwhile, Daniel tells Sami that they can't do more testing without her husband's consent. She's shocked by how little Rafe seems to care and how much he has changed. It seems like he's getting worse. The doctor suggests she stop making this all about her. She suddenly gets an idea. When she returns to her husband, she finds him talking to EJ and claims that things are starting to look up. She takes RoboRafe home and he tries to be nice and co-operative. She starts making out with him, asking him to do it to her the way he used to.

In his dungeon, Rafe tries to think but Stefano and his goon interrupt. "I have something that is going to help you forget your troubles... and everything else too," Stefano announces, whipping out a needle. Rafe tries to fight them off but the goon knocks him down. Moments later, EJ calls his father and begs him not to inject Rafe yet. His father informs him that it's already been done and it's irreversible. Stefano turns to the cell as Rafe wakes up. "Who the hell are you?" Rafe asks.

Reluctantly, Taylor goes up to Casa DiMera. She stops at the door and thinks of the scarf EJ gave her. She wants to run but Nicole spots her and drags her in to tell her the gory details of her wedding night. "We had a traditional wedding night, even though some of the things we did weren't so traditional," she effuses. It was as romantic as it used to be for them. Taylor wonders where her husband has run off to on their honeymoon. Her sister says that he's busy and they understand each other. Taylor seems unconvinced by Nicole's hopes that EJ will fall for her again. Nicole can see her sister is hiding something. When Taylor explains that she turned down a job from Brady, her sister tells her to take it. They hug, but Taylor looks super uncomfortable as she stares at the wedding photo beside her sister. As she heads for the door, she finds EJ there.

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