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2nd Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 7, 2011

What Is It With You Two?

Mel collapses at the pub so Nate picks her up and carries her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Carly's just returned to town and goes to see Daniel. She's beating herself up about being off at a conference in the desolate arctic wasteland of Toronto while everything bad has been happening to their daughter. Maxine calls and the parents head to the hospital to see Mel. Over there, Nate is monitoring Mel and telling her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Before she can say anything, her parents bustle in and want to run a million tests. She yelps at them and wonders why her mother is there, although she's happy to have her around. Once the women are alone, Mel wants to talk about when she gave her away as a baby. Carly starts sobbing and looking for excuses but her daughter says that she now understands what happened. She would have done anything to save her child too, even if that meant giving it away. "I forgive you," Mel says. They cry and hug. Mel asks her when she realizes it was over with Bo. Carly explains that she will always love him but things change. Her daughter says it's over with Philip and she'll never get over Nathan. Out in the hall, Nate keeps panicking to Daniel, who insists that they stay calm about this. Nate explains that Mel left Philip, but admits that she loved the guy, even if it wasn't as much as she loves him. "I want to marry your daughter," he says. The doctor won't give him his blessing though.

Nicole calls Brady at his place and asks him if he offered Taylor a job for her sister's sake or if this is really about them. When she tells him to stop finding ways to stay connected to her, he starts laughing and tells her to get over herself. He gets snide and hangs up. Meanwhile, Taylor is leaving Casa DiMera when she runs into EJ in the doorway. She accuses him of playing games with other people's emotions. Nicole interrupts them and tells her sister that Brady's job offer is still in the works. EJ doesn't like this and forbids it, which enrages Taylor. He tells her Brady is an alcoholic junky in love with her sister and he's an enemy to the DiMeras. Taylor fumes and storms out. Nicole tells her husband he was mean. "What is it with you two?" she asks. He claims that he's just annoyed because she is so naive. His wife continues to probe about why he's so annoyed. He starts explaining what happened when he met Taylor but Syd wakes up so she goes up and brings her down. Nicole asks him what he was going to say but he smooths over it.

Taylor shows up at the mansion as Brady's leaving. She wants to take his job offer, but she wonders if she is going to have to report on her sister to him. He insists Nicole has made her bed and can stay in it with her 'son of a bitch of a husband'. Brady continues to badmouth EJ.

At the loft, Sami tells RoboRafe to make love to her the way he used to. He doesn't understand. She mutters and leaps out of bed. He punches pillows and then follows her into the common room. Sami admits that she's afraid of what their future will be like. He continues claiming he will get better. She wishes she could believe that. "This stops now," he declares before backtracking and claiming he just wants to be the person she wants him to be. "I just want you to be you," she says. He asks her to take him back into the bedroom and teach him how he used to make love to her. They go in and she dictates all the moves of naked Twister to him and they go at it. He had fun during his lesson and rolls over to sleep. She flashes back to exchanging safe house keys with Rafe. She takes hers out and cries.

Down in the dungeon, Stefano watches Rafe wake up and try to figure out what's going on. "I think I made a mistake," Stefano mutters. Since he told him what he was going to do in advance, he'll never know if he's faking it. "Maybe I should just kill the bastard and get it over with," he says. As Rafe keeps asking where he is, Stefano says he won't be fooled by his act. He points a gun at Rafe and demands that he tell him the truth or die. Rafe continues insisting he has no idea what's going on. Stefano goes upstairs as EJ sends his wife and daughter out. He fills his son in and explains that Rafe's memory is gone. EJ wants to see for himself. His father explains that Rafe won't remember him either so he shouldn't let him see his face. Elvis laughs and says that he has no regrets; Rafe had this coming.

March 8, 2011
Dr. Hot And Sexy Jerks.

Kate runs into her step-son on the pier. He's snippy. She thinks he should reach out to his father. Chad wants to take his time so she points out that his father is not well and he might not have time. They go to the pub to discuss the sickness of Stefano. "If you're ever going to get to know your father, the time is now," she says, assuring him that Stefano will not steal his soul. When she tells him how proud his father is of him, he seems moved. They remember that his mom wanted him to stay away from the DiMeras, but Kate says times have changed. She encourages him to make an honest and open relationship with his father.

At home, Abby is complaining about her dad to Jenn before teasing her about Dr. Hot, suggesting she should let him give her a thorough examination. She tells her mom to stop pining, but this only infuriates Jenn, who insists she is trying to get the doctor back with Carly. After she leaves, Abby starts talking to herself about sorting her parents out. Will and Gabi stop by and ask her to hang out. She tells them about the sexy jerk she met. They try to figure out who he was but he sounds like all the guys in Salem to Gabi. They head over to Java and Abby spots Chad.

At the hospital, Daniel refuses to give Nate his blessing. He doesn't think this is the time for Mel to make a big decision. Nathan insists that his mind is made up and he's finished with waiting. In her room, Mel tells her mom she wants to talk to Nate. Carly urges her to wait but Melanie is sure she's sure. Her mother agrees to back up her choice and gets Nathan. When he comes in, he tells Mel that he thinks about her all the time and wants her in his life forever. He proposes. She shakes her head and explains that they can't marry him. Mel can't commit to him any more than she could to Philip. They are both wrong for her. Sobbing, she admits that she loves him but she has to stop jumping into things. He gets upset and walks out. Out in the hall, Jenn arrives and chats with Daniel about Carly. He runs away at the first opportunity.

When EJ walks into Java for a cookie, Taylor accuses him of spying on her. They bicker. He's annoyed when she tells him that she took Brady's job offer. This ratchets up the bickering. She asks him to take his paranoid fantasies and walk. After randomly saying that she would never hurt him, she storms out, leaving her scarf behind. He picks it up and chases her down at the pier. Giving it to her, he says he's upset they can't be together. But this is just Taylor fantasizing... In reality, EJ sits alone at the pier and smells the scarf.

Hope drops in at the station with some leftover meatloaf and grapes for Bo. He assumes something must be wrong. She putters off to fix a scanner. Carly cautiously strolls in with a coroner's report. They awkwardly catch up until Hope returns. Bo goes off to take care of something so the women try to be civil. Carly insists that Bo did the right thing by leaving her. She tries pointing out all of the good things that have come out of this. Hope's sure saying that must have been hard. The doctor heads out as Bo returns. Hope explains that she had a good talk with Carly. Bo hugs her and tells her he needs her. They start working on a case. She gives him some direction and leaves. Meanwhile, Carly returns to the hospital and runs into Jenn. She's distraught and explains to her friend that she's starting to accept that she and Bo are over. Daniel wanders over to check on them and Carly insists everything is fine.

March 9, 2011
Burn That In Your Karma, Dharma.

On the pier, EJ places a call to his sister. He meets her at the hospital with a request that she make some calls to get Taylor a job in New York. Lexie wonders why he wants her out of Salem and accuses him of trying to chase her away because he has the hots for her. Shrugging, he admits that he does and it's driving him insane. His sister refuses to help him with his master plan. Elvis says that this is the only way to avoid people getting hurt. Lexie wonders if he thinks of Taylor as the new Sami and suggests that he give her a shot just in case she's the person he should really be with.

Taylor wanders the streets and realizes she lost the magical scarf. Stuffing down her lewd fantasies, she tells herself it's for the best. Nicole calls and orders her back to Casa DiMera. Taylor speed walks over and Fay suddenly appears. She informs her daughters that she was in the hospital with Cardiomyopathy. Nicole thinks she's being a drama queen but her mother worries she'll develop an arrhythmic heart. Her daughter invites her to move in and then asks Taylor to do so as well. Taylor pants and looks like she was just run over by a melon bearing rickshaw. She refuses to live there. Fay thinks it's a pretty good idea but her younger daughter insists they can't be freeloaders. The ladies debate and Fay asks Taylor to just consider the possibility of moving in with her at the guest house. Nicole calls Harold in to show her mom around. EJ arrives and his wife tells him about her mom's condition. He's fine with her mom moving in, but begins to blink uncontrollably when he's informed that Taylor will be moving in too.

Maggie finds Jenn cyber stalking Jack at her place. She starts to fear that he just doesn't care about her anymore. They talk about soulmates and Jenn wishes that Jack would have kept fighting with her. Instead, he left her a long time ago. Jenn starts to wonder if she and Jack ever had much love to begin with. She doesn't know what to do. Maggie suggests that she talk to Jack. After she leaves, Jenn reads Jack's blog entries in disbelief. She tries calling him and leaves a rambling, angry voicemail about how he hurt her heart more than the person who cut it out. "So burn that in your karma, Dharma!" she shouts.

At the mansion, Brady barks at a lawyer on the phone. Victor strolls in and accuses him of being a man whose plans are falling apart. He prods his grandson and tells him to face defeat like a man, vowing that Titan will be his again. Brady thought he would be prouder of him finally getting a killer instinct. Victor's grumpy but Brady explains he's doing all of this out of love. "Why don't you make me senior advisor? I can help keep you from running the company into the ground," Victor suggests. Brady laughs and says that will never work. He encourages him to be proud of making him into the man he is. This only makes Victor more angry. As they begin bellowing insults, Maggie comes in and demands that they stop. Once Brady walks out, Victor tells Maggie that his grandson started the fight. As she begins offering advice, he advises her to butt out. This infuriates her. As they bicker, she admits that she always sticks her nose in when it comes to someone she loves.

At the Java Cafe, Gabi and Will inform Abby that Chad doesn't have a kid. Chadsworth strolls over and Will introduces him to Abby. He explains that she jumped to conclusions the other day. She's embarrassed and apologizes. He tells her she wasn't totally wrong about him. Will and Gabi run away, leaving Chad to tell Abby about losing his baby. He'll never forget Grace and is just trying to be the guy she would have been proud of. They talk about how Salem feels like home. T sits down with them and and asks him if he's really Stefano's son. T wants to hear all about it later and putters away. Abby looks uncomfortable and tells him she can't be around him since he's a DiMera. After she abruptly leaves, T returns and teases him about being a heartbreaker. "She'd have to have a heart, wouldn't she?" Chad says. Over at the pub, Will and Gabi finish helping Caroline with the Rotary Club and then smooch. Someone watches them through the window. Will notices she lost an earring. They panic but find it on the floor. When they go off, the dude sneaks in and steals from her purse. He slips away as they return. She quickly discovers her earrings are gone. Out on the pier, the dude looks at the jewels and mumbles, "Sorry chica."

March 10, 2011
An Abominable Idea.

Philip and Chloe are the Java Cafe with their baby. She thanks him of his help and says that it has made a huge difference for her. When she encourages him to take care of Mel, he tells her that he will never bail on Parker, but things are over with his wife. She takes his hand and offers her sympathy. They discuss the situation and she's just thankful they got Parker out of the whole mess. Philip says they have to keep him happy, no matter what else happens.

Maggie is ranting at Victor for fighting with Brady. She blurts out that she always sticks her nose in when it comes to someone she loves. She tries to cover this but he won't drop it. He keeps challenging her to explain until she tells him he's insane. Mr. Mustache gets flirty but she keeps him at a distance and says that he deserved to have the rug pulled out from under him by Brady. He challenges her to get closer to him but she's afraid that one of them would get their heart broken. When she tries to run off, he decides to show her what's in his heart by pulling her into a kiss. He saunters across the room after breaking the lip lock. She nearly falls over. He opens the door for her and sends her out in a daze. Philip and Chloe walk up and startle her. He goes inside and Chloe talks about how great he's been. Maggie's frazzled. Inside, Philip finds his father looking pensive.

At the loft, RoboRafe is on the phone with Bo, telling him how excited he is to get back to work. Sami makes herself scarce as he plays with his gun. She returns and worries about his gun safety around the kids. "Wouldn't want you taking another crack at EJ either," he snipes. She doesn't like his joke. When she rants, he wants to make out. She walks out instead.

Justin and Adrienne are at the pub giggling and making out. Hope brings them a salad and teases them about sucking face in public. Sami strolls in and hugs Hope. She's looking for Caroline. Aunt Hope offers to help instead. Sitting down, Sami explains that she doesn't have the same feelings for Rafe anymore. She lists all of the ways he's made her life better, but it turns out that he's not perfect and he's constantly hurting her with his stupidity. Hope thinks that he could be having emotional problems and suggests hypnosis. They discuss Bo and Hope says things are getting better with him every day. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrienne go out to the park. He wanted to map out their future but something went wrong. Dropping to his knees, he pulls out a ring and proposes. "Will you marry me for a third time?" he asks. The ring is engraved with 'a new beginning'. She wants this more than anything so he slips it on her finger and they kiss.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole tells her husband about her mom's heart problem. She wants her mom to move into the guest house... with Taylor. EJ puts the kibosh on that. Nicole doesn't see what the problem is. Taylor claims it's okay and she can come and see their mom everyday but Nicole won't back down. Her husband gives in. A worried look appears on Taylor's face. Nicole smooches EJ and leaves to get the kids. "This is an abominable idea," EJ tells Taylor. She agrees and is amazed he caved so easily. He says that his sister insists that she is over him. Taylor guffaws and says no man is more important than her sister. "I could sleep in the same bed with you and nothing would happen," she says. He suggests they test that. They touch fingers on the chessboard. She pulls away and insists she's just there for her mother. As they throw back and forth the idea that living together will kill any whiff of romance, he pulls over to her and goes in for a kiss.

A humming Stefano goes down to the dungeon. Rafe still doesn't know who he is. Stefano calls in some men in lab coats and informs Rafe that he's not going to be a thorn in his side anymore. As the men wrestle with Rafe, RoboRafe calls Stefano and asks him if he should walk around with a stick up his ass to practice being a cop. Stefano advises him not to move too quickly with their plan because it will arouse suspicion. When he gets off the phone, Stefano tells his men to keep him informed of any developments. As soon as he leaves, Rafe goes into a seizure.

Nicole arrives at the loft. RoboRafe sends the kids to play video games and then offers her a drink. She's taken aback and wonders if he is trying to set her up. He offers her a truce and a beer. They sit down and he asks her to touch his badge. As they joke around, she shocked that she's actually enjoying herself around him.

March 11, 2011

Empty As The Dark Side Of The Moon.

In her room, Viv vents to Gus about Victor and Maggie. She's eager for revenge and thinks that Stefano would understand what she wants. She decides to set her aims on taking out Kate. Gus thinks this all sounds bad but she has a plan. This worries him even more. She insists that she has legendary power over men, no matter how dangerous they are.

On the pier, Kate confronts Sami about Allie's problems with Rafe. Sami makes excuses but Kate won't back down. She demands to know what is really going on. Stefano strolls over and tells her she shouldn't talk to Samantha like that. This shocks Kate. He offers to help Sami out but she's not going for it. Stefano keeps apologizing for his wife overreacting and Sami complains about Lucas. Sami gets snooty and leaves. Kate wonders what her husband is up to. He tells her there is nothing to it. She doesn't believe it and they debate about the safety of the kids. He orders her to back off but that's not going to happen.

At the loft, Nicole is startled that she actually finds RoboRafe likable. She worries that he might be trying to set her up. "Damn it! I can't do anything in this town without being videotaped," she complains. He encourages her to relax and whines about how they are always being judged and customized by their partners. She's confused about why he's telling her this. "I'm a changed man. Literally," he says. RoboRafe gives her his theory of life and she recalls when he made a pass at her to get information. She decides that trusting him is dangerous and wants to leave. He assures her that everything is cool but she doesn't buy it. After she bustles away, Johnny comes out and tells RoboRafe about being bullied at school. They start planning revenge. RoboRafe teaches him how to punch. Johnny punches him and RoboRafe cheers. He gives the kids ice cream. Stefano calls to check in and says that Sami isn't as upset as he wants her to be. As RoboRafe stuffs his mouth full of sprinkles, the kids laugh and he assures Stefano that they hate him. Hanging up, he grumbles, "What's got his panties in a knot?"

Down in the dungeon, Rafe starts going into convulsions. The men in lab coats calm him and prep him for a procedure. Later, they scan his brain. "It's as empty as the dark side of the moon," the guy says. They call Stefano to fill him in. He's happy. Gus stands near Stefano and eavesdrops. He immediately calls Viv to tell her what he heard.

At Casa DiMera, EJ confesses to Taylor that he can't fight his feelings for her anymore. He goes in for  a kiss. She pushes him away so he tries again. Taylor slaps him. Elvis says he's afraid of what she could do to the fragile equanimity of the household by exploiting his basic instincts. Nicole walks in and wonders what's going on. Taylor covers and insists there is no way she can move in. EJ adds some excuses but his wife still guesses there is more going on. He claims that Taylor just doesn't want to get mixed up in the family business. Nicole tells her sister that she needs her and wants her in her life. The guilt trip works and Taylor caves in. Her sister says this can be fun but Taylor looks like she's just been given a life sentence.

Dario takes the earrings to the pawn shop. He's offered a hundred bucks. That's low but he takes it anyway. Meanwhile, Gabi and Will are at the Java Cafe. She mopes about someone stealing her earrings. They wonder how they can figure out what happened to them and decide to start monitoring the web. Sami strolls in and worries to them about Rafe. Gabi is sure that post-accident Rafe is just frustrated and on edge. "Rafe has changed, which means that I have to change too," Sami decides. When Gabi steps away, Sami repeats that she just needs to give Rafe time. They argue until Gabi returns. When Sami runs off, Gabi gets a shocked look on her face. Kinsey comes in and Gabi starts screaming at her because she's wearing her earrings. When Sami returns home, she finds RoboRafe advising her son to bash in his bully's face.

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