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3rd Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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March 14, 2011

I Didn't Think You Were A Complete Dork.

Dario returns to the pawn shop with more stuff to sell. It's not worth much either but he takes the cash and leaves. He goes down to the pier where some dude asks him for money. Dario doesn't have all the cash he needs.

When Kinsey walks into Java, Gabi flips out and tries to rip her earrings off. Bo arrives as Kinsey screams to have charges pressed. Will sighs after being stuck in the middle of his first catfight between non-adult females. Bo separates the young ladies and tells Kinsey that Salem is nothing like reality TV and finger wagging won't work on him. He asks for the earring receipt and warns her that pressing charges is tedious and can go nowhere. He suggests she cut Gabi some slack. The commish walks over to Gabi and tells her that someone else must have taken her earrings. After he heads out, Will and Gabi go to the pawn shop. They ask the dude for information and are sure to tell him that his uncle is the commissioner. With a little arm twisting, the dude tells them about Dario's terrible fashion sense. That description doesn't help so Will demands to see the surveillance tape. When they check it out, Gabi gasps.

At the hospital, Nate is throwing a fit about Mel being released until Maggie arrives and calms him down. He tells her that he thinks Mel should be in a controlled environment. She thinks he just wants to see her whenever he feels like it. Sitting down, he explains that Mel doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. Even so, he's still confident that he is meant to be with her. He blames Philip but she reminds him that Mel is already dealing with a lot and can't deal with him too.

Daniel and Carly take Mel back to his place. She goes off to take a shower, leaving her parents to prepare the couch for her. He interrogates Carly about her feelings but she stops him by asking for some alone time with her daughter. Daniel heads out. Mel returns and tells her mom that she's ended things with Nathan. They talk about how great her dad is. Carly gives her a necklace with her birthstone on it. Nate calls. Mel doesn't want to talk to him. She cries and hangs up. Mel heads out for a walk. Moments later, Nate turns up. Carly tells him that her daughter doesn't want to see him and asks him not to come back. He cries as she shuts the door on him. Meanwhile, Mel heads down to the pier where she runs into Dario. He stares at her new necklace.

Daniel drops in at the cop shop to tell Bo that he is a complete jerk. The doctor backtracks and apologizes. They discuss Carly and the cop explains that she never returns his calls. He insists that he never meant to hurt Carly and wishes things had turned out differently.

Adrienne drops by Jenn's to show her the third wedding ring Justin got her. Jenn cries. Adrienne guesses something is wrong. Jenn wishes she could find Jack so she could finally divorce him. The other woman wonders what her brother has been up to and they talk about his blog. Jenn has come to realize that she wanted him to stop caring. After Adrienne hops away, Jenn decides to get active and storms over to the pub, desperate for a cheeseburger and onion rings. She bumps into Daniel and tells him how much she enjoys her heart. He offers to distract her from her food cravings by asking her to play darts. "I didn't think you were a complete dork," she says, complaining that darts makes bowling look like a triathlon. He offers to teach her how to throw. She visualizes Jack and hits a bullseye. After they laugh, she tells him he's a lot of fun.

At the Safe loft, RoboRafe instructs Johnny to smash Reid's face in if he gives him any more lip. "What did you just say to my son?" Sami asks in shock as she walks in. She orders the kid away and gets angry that RoboRafe fed ice cream to the kids. "What has happened to you?" she wonders. They lecture each other. He explains that Johnny is going to be picked on for being different and has to learn to stand up for himself. She accuses him of teaching her son the DiMera solution and compares him to Stefano. When she storms off, he plays with his gun until she comes back for round two. Sobbing, she says that he can't convince her son that violence is the answer to his problems. She starts hurling things and insisting that she is not overreacting. He argues that her son is doomed if he doesn't learn to fight back. Carrie calls and she goes into the bedroom to take it. When she comes back out, she says they can talk later. After he leaves, she calls out her son and asks him about what Rafe was telling him today. He explains that he taught him how to punch. "Rafe is the best," Johnny says. His mom tells him not to get into any fights and not to talk to Rafe until he's better. Johnny likes Rafe just the way he is.

RoboRafe arrives at work. Bo welcomes him and hands him some paperwork. He tells him to remember to bring in all the DiMera files tomorrow. RoboRafe starts going through the criminal files on his computer. "This ought to be interesting," he says giddily. Once he digs up his old mug shot, he erases the file and smiles.

March 15, 201
I hope you don't do this for a living.

Taylor and Nicole drop by the hospital to tell Lexi that she's moving into the mansion. "You can't be serious?" Lexi asks. Nicole is taken aback. Lexi stares. The newlywed wanders off to take a call and Lexi worries to Taylor, who insists she won't jump into bed with EJ while her sister isn't looking. She explains her mom's condition. Lexi warns that her brother is no saint. Nicole returns and drags her sister off. Chad strolls in and sits down with his big sister to discuss their brother's wedding. He brings up Abe's warnings about the family. She says her husband is not objective. Chad doubts anyone would care if he ran away. He likes the kids in the family but he feels like an impostor when he's around them. His sister assures him that the family is proud to have him around. He's moved and they hug.

Stefano bustles around Casa DiMera and shows EJ the medical record proving that Rafe's brain is empty. "He's a man with no past," Stefano says. Elvis wants to get rid of him. His father thinks that's moronic and it would kill Rafe to let him loose. Kate strolls in and guesses that they are scheming. Stefano wanders out and Kate questions EJ about sending Allie away. She interrogates him until her husband returns. EJ explains it was just part of his custody strategy. His step mother out and Elvis barks at his father to get rid of Hernandez. Nicole and Taylor arrive. Stefano is horrified to see Taylor is moving in. Nicole and EJ smooch and then she takes her sister upstairs to settle in. Stefano thinks his son is losing his mind. Lexi calls to badger her brother. As they argue about Taylor moving in, Kate stands nearby at the hospital and listens in. Once he hangs up, Kate asks her step daughter what she was talking out. Lexi won't explain so Kate gets suspicious. Back at Casa DiMera, Nicole tells her sister that they will have loads of sisterly fun eating junk food. Taylor's sure she'll be too busy for that. Her sister tells her they are going to need to make time. Taylor slips and blurts out that she doesn't want to take EJ away from her. She tries to cover this up. Downstairs, Stefano caves to his son and agrees to have Rafe removed.

Brady drops by the Safe loft to see Sami. She tells him everything is awful. She can't trust Rafe alone with the kids anymore. Brady hangs out with Johnny for awhile and then assures Sami that all will be well. After he leaves, Johnny asks his mom if Rafe is a great guy. His mom says even great guys can say the wrong thing and reminds him not to hit anyone. He starts showing her his boxing moves but she says it's a no-no.

At the station, RoboRafe is looking at his old mugshot. The secretary asks him who he's looking at and sees that the guy's rapsheet shows that he's just a small time sicko. The picture gives her the creeps so she walks away. Grimacing, he goes to the pub. Gabi calls him but he doesn't pick up. Caroline wanders over to say that Sami is on her way over. He decides to mosey along, saying he needs to keep the streets safe. After he leaves, Sami shows up to drop off the kids with Caroline, who tells her that she just missed Rafe. Sami starts ranting about how she can't stand him anymore. She takes that back and rushes off to try and find him.

At the pawnshop, Gabi goes into shock as she and Will watch the surveillance tape. They demand the dude behind the counter hand over the disc. They head over to Java and she tries calling her big brother. She decides they should go to the station. Down on the pier, Dario spots Mel and her necklace. He knocks her salad all over her and then tries to clean her off so he can swipe her jewels. She thanks him for being so nice, but then she grabs her necklace back. "I hope you don't do this for a living because you suck at it," she says. He looks for excuses. She threatens to call the cops and he threatens to throw her in the river. When he tries to walk away, she calls for the police. Brady shows up. They take Dario down to the station and Mel starts kicking off until Brady calms her down. As they go off to wait, RoboRafe saunters in. "Just who I want to see!" Dario shouts at him. Before RoboRafe can say that he doesn't know who he is, Gabi rushes in.

March 16, 2011
King Of Misdemeanors.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole and her sister sit with EJ and have an awkward conversation about the chef. Taylor hopes her mom is better soon so she can get out of there. Nicole tries talking about how proud she is of her sister and then attempts to joke around. The conversation is dead so Taylor goes up to bed. Nicole accuses him of upsetting her sister and criticizes him for not being better to her family. Elvis claims he's only trying to make her happy, but this isn't easy for him. Up in her bed, Taylor dreams about the scarf. Later, she goes down for a drink and Nicole finds her. They chat about Brandon and Nicole offers her sister some sleeping pills if she's having problems. Taylor passes. Nicole heads off. Topless and sweaty EJ walks in. Taylor stares at his glistening flesh and cellos play. She keeps staring until her sister hops in. Taylor runs up to bed and Nicole asks her husband to join her in their bed. After she goes up, he slowly heads up, stopping by Taylor's door. He's about to knock but notices his wedding ring. She stands on the other side of the door practically hyperventilating.

At the station, Gabi and Will arrive as Dario starts talking to RoboRafe. Sami walks in and her husband introduces her to his brother. The brothers argue until Sami introduces herself to the 'king of misdemeanors'. RoboRafe wanders off and Sami tries to make nice. Gabi lectures her brother for not showing up at Ari's memorial. They bicker about what a reprobate he is until Will gets between them. Dario thinks it's creepy that she's dating her sister-in-law's kid. Meanwhile, RoboRafe calls Stefano to tell him that Dario has shown up out of the blue. Stefano asks him to get a refresher course on the family and he suggests that he just needs to remember he hates his brother's guts. RoboRafe returns to his sister, who asks him to pull some strings and keep their brother out of jail. He claims it's out of his hands and then goes to see Brady and Mel. She's insistent on pressing charges. RoboRafe shuffles back to Dario and tells him the charges are going ahead. "Something's changed. You're not the brother I grew up with," Dario says. They bicker. Will watches and smirks. Sami sits down with Dario and explains that his brother has suffered serious head trauma. "How can you tell?" he asks. She thinks that having him back to fight with is turning him back into his old self. She takes Will aside and they chat about Rafe teaching Johnny to box. Will sides with Rafe and tells her it was the normal thing to do. He walks over to his girlfriend after Dario rants at her. She says it's okay that he talks to her like that because they're family. Dario is led away by a cop. Sami and RoboRafe go back to the loft. He has a beer and she asks about his brother. When he goes off to have a shower, she takes out her key and stares at it.

Rafe paces around the dungeon and suddenly notices the key he hid. Stefano comes in with a goon and they spot it in his hand. "Get rid of that damn thing," Stefano orders. He and his goon give Rafe a makeover so he won't remember his old life. The goon forgets to take the key. After Rafe has a nap, Stefano wakes him and tells him it's the first day of the rest of his life. "You don't know how fortunate you are to leave the old you behind," Stefano adds. Rafe hides the key in his hand. He doesn't know what it is but doesn't think he should let it go.

At the mansion, Philip gives Chloe a gift. It's opera tickets and he was hoping she would take him. Daniel shows up to see the diva. Philip forbids it until Chloe says it's okay. He leaves her alone with the doctor. Daniel warns her that he's filing for divorce. She thanks him for giving notice. Chloe blames herself for all that's happened. The doctor assures her that she still deserves to be happy. Once he leaves, Philip returns and she fills him in. She was expecting this but it's still hitting her hard. He gives her a hug.

Brady takes Mel home and complains about living at the mansion. He's sorry about how everything has turned out for her. "It just wasn't meant to be," she says. They talk about how great it is to be alone, but they're just fronting. She admits that she wanted a future with Nate for a long time but that's all changed now. Daniel arrives and Brady tells him what happened today.

March 17, 2011

At home, Jenn sits down with her daughter and explains that she is divorcing Jack. Abby says she's glad that she's finally getting on with her life. Jenn won't put her life on hold anymore and refuses to wallow in self-pity. "I look up to you mom," Abby says. They hug and sob. Jenn explains that the divorce will take longer because Jack is nowhere to be found. She asks her daughter to keep this quiet.

Mel tells her dad that she's going to the station to check on Dario. Daniel wants to rip his head off. She refuses to allow that because it would be bad for her street cred. She heads out. He opens his mail and is shocked by what he sees. The doctor heads over to Jenn's with it and tells her that he accidentally got her divorce papers in the mail. She explains that Justin's secretary must have messed up. They discuss their feelings. He blames himself for what happened with Chloe and wishes he'd been more loving. "You're an idiot," she says, explaining he has no reason to blame himself. Her cookies start burning.

Stefano and RoboRafe go down to the dungeon. Stefano explains that Rafe has been shipped off and warns him that kind of thing happens to people who displease him. He hands RoboRafe some more info on Dario and barks at him not to be a fool. Stefano starts lecturing him for being an idiot. He orders him to pretend he's interested in his brother. RoboRafe wishes he wasn't imitating a 'saint'. Stefano sends him out.

Will and Gabi are in Justin's office. She thinks her brother can get off because all of his crimes were misdemeanors. Justin offers to do what he can. Gabi starts telling him about how odd Rafe has been acting. The lawyer gets a call about Dario already having an attorney.

Over at the station, Dario calls in some dude pretending to be his lawyer. He tells him he's on his own now and walks out. Gabi arrives with Justin who explains that he can get him released without bail. Mel walks in and hears this. Gabi tries standing up for her brother but he gets in Mel's face. She lurches at him and Justin holds her back. Mel is escorted out. Dario thinks she was cute. Gabi argues with her brother about Ari. He accuses her of not caring about Ari being dead. This upsets her and she weeps about her sister. He apologizes and then wonders why they don't even know who killed her. "I'm going to find out," he says. RoboRafe arrives and starts lecturing his brother, ordering him to be a man and take his punishment. Justin interrupts to say that Dario has been granted release. Gabi asks RoboRafe if their brother can stay with him.

At Casa DiMera, Taylor looks in a mirror and thinks of EJ and his towel. Downstairs, Chad strolls in and runs into his brother while looking for their dad. EJ isn't helpful and waves him off. Chad mocks him and leaves. Taylor strolls in next. EJ ogles her red dress and fondles his glasses. He thinks they need to have a chat. He gives her a warning about working with Brady. "How do you really feel about my sister?" she asks him. He explains that he loved Nicole very much but that was followed by a period of intense loathing. Now, he's reconnected with many of his old feelings for her. "I do love your sister, but I'm not in love with your sister," he glosses. While he keeps explaining, he holds her hand. She pulls away and rants at him for being cynical and deceptive. He refuses to believe Nicole loves him. She tries to walk away but they end up kissing passionately.

Will runs into Abby at Java. He senses something is wrong so she admits her life is a horrible, depressing mess. She tells him about the divorce. Chad arrives so Abby asks Will to make himself scarce. Once he's gone, Chad admits he heard about the divorce. He offers to keep it a secret. They complain about their fathers. He begins telling her about Grace and how he can relate to Stefano because he can see the pain he has over missing out on most of his life. Meanwhile, Mel runs into Will on the pier and complains about Dario. "You can tell the Hernandai that Dario still has to deal with me," she says, before thumping away.

March 18, 2011

Dude, You've Got to Move On

Taylor breaks away from EJ's kiss at Casa DiMera. He pulls her into another one. She gropes his face and then pulls herself off. He dives in for more. She starts turning red from the lack of oxygen and punches him. When she runs out, she runs straight into Nicole. EJ trails after her. His wife wonders what's going on. Taylor claims she's just upset about their mom. Taylor goes upstairs to lay down and Nicole thanks her husband for being so nice. Nicole heads upstairs to check on her sobbing sister. "I've done a terrible thing," Taylor confesses. She says that things aren't going to work out with EJ but her sister asks her to give him a chance. "Before long, we'll all be one big happy family," Nicole says. She goes out with Syd and Brandon calls. They talk about their mom and then she says that Taylor is terrific.

Sami drops by the hospital to ask Daniel about Rafe. She tells him about her husband's troubled brother. While she thinks his attitude to his brother was reminiscent of the old Rafe, she wasn't happy to discover that he was also encouraging Johnny to fight his bullies. Daniel tells her that she's a strong woman and should act that way.

At the station, Gabi is happy to learn that Dario doesn't have to go to jail. She volunteers RoboRafe's spare room to him. RoboRafe doesn't like that idea and refuses, explaining that he needs permission from Sami. Dario is taken off to be processed. Justin takes him to the pub and and asks him to stay out of trouble and stay away from the PI who took all his money. After he leaves, Gabi tells her brother they need to pay back the people he robbed. He's more interested in talking about what a jerk their brother is. She reminds him about the head injury and urges him to help get their brother back to normal. Gabi picks up Johnny and brings him over. Dario shows the kid a magic trick. As Johnny laughs, Sami arrives and watches them together. When she comes over, her son tells her that Dario's just like Rafe. Sami's impressed.

Adrienne goes to Justin's office and he tells her about how his secretary screwed up the mail. She explains that the kids can't make it to their wedding unless they wait until December. He can't wait that long and says they can just visit each of them on their honeymoon. She loves that idea.

Sami calls RoboRafe and he asks her to meet at the pier. He then calls EJ and says they need to meet. Elvis arrives and watches as Sami shows up. RoboRafe explains to Sami that he refused to let Dario move in with them for the safety of the kids. After giving her a hug, he sends her away. Elvis is impressed by how well he handled Sami. "They don't get much easier than that," RoboRafe says. He wishes EJ and his dad would 'just take care of' Dario for him. Elvis won't take that risk. He goes back to Casa DiMera and into Taylor's room. She tells him to get out. He apologizes for what happened and promises it won't happen again. She snipes at him and he tells her to get over herself. "It was quite disappointing actually," he adds, saying he's flushed her out of his system. Meanwhile, Sami drops by the station and tells RoboRafe that she's invited his brother to live with them. He's outraged and smashes his mug. "Who the hell do you think you are?" he asks.

Mel goes back to her dad's and Nate shows up to check on her after hearing of the mugging. She repeats that their chance at being together is gone. They've changed and he has to accept it. He wanders in and asks more about the mugging. She explains that it was Ari's brother and she will make him pay. He turns the topic back to them and she wants to end it. Sobbing, she claims that all they have is memories and she needs him to walk away forever. Daniel arrives so Nate shuffles out. She worries to her dad that she might be making a mistake. "If you don't have the 'you know what I mean' then it won't work out," he explains. His daughter adds that she's going ahead with the divorce. He promises to support whatever she does. Daniel returns to the hospital. Nate approaches him. "Dude, you've got to move on," Daniel advises him. Nathan sits down and calls Johns Hopkins to ask if his fellowship offer still stands. Meanwhile, an angry Mel heads to the Safe loft to make sure Rafe won't let his brother get off. When the door opens, it's Dario standing in a towel.

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