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4th Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 21, 2011
This Sure Isn't Working For Me Either!

At the Java Cafe, Viv stirs her tea and remembers being trapped in the sarcophagus. Carly stands by and starts sniping at her. Viv reminds her of what Victor and his family did to her then sticks the knife in about Bo. "Maybe Hope is more exciting to him now that she's spent time in prison," Viv taunts. Carly shoots back that Viv will always be alone because no one cares about her and then storms out. Maggie comes in. She almost runs away in dread when she spots Viv. "Congratulations! You win," Viv says. She admires Maggie's strategy for getting Victor and the redhead insists there was never a competition. Maggie insists she has no future with Victor but Viv keeps pushing.

At the hospital, Nate calls Johns Hopkins and takes them up on their offer to study there. Steph walks by and asks what's up. "That was about me leaving," he explains. She assumes he's just trying to get away from her but he assures her that's not it. "I should have fought for Mel instead of trying to convince myself that I loved you," he explains. Nate tells her she's a great girl and wishes her all the best. She sobs. They hug. Nate goes over to Jenn's and runs into Maggie. She can see he's upset so he explains that he's moving on. She assures him that he's a good catch and deserves someone who wants him. He wonders if she'll be okay. Maggie tells him not to worry though: she has plenty of people in her life.

Marco walks up to Stefano at Casa DiMera to say Rafe is now gone. Stefano warns him to be cautious and sends him away. Kate wanders in and wonders what's bothering him. He insists there's nothing she can do. She keeps worrying and he explains that he just dealt with an adversary but he has serious doubts about what he did. They begin discussing his new son and he fears that Chad will turn against him if he finds out what sort of things he does. She points out that her kids hate the things she's done but still love her. She's sure Chad will feel the same way about him. "Then he'll be yours forever, like I am," she says. Kate gives him more of a pep talk and tells him how boring life was when they weren't together. "You mean a lot to me," he says. Without her, he felt like a pauper. When Kate goes for a walk, she runs into Viv. "Suddenly this air doesn't seem so fresh," Kate quips. They start trading insults and Kate insists she and her husband are deliriously happy. "I certainly hope nothing disrupts all that bliss," Viv says. They trade more barbs and Kate advises her to disappear. When she walks away, Viv guesses that Stefano must be up to something and she's determined to find out what it is.

After RoboRafe throws a tantrum at the station, the other cops run off to hide. He tells Sami to leave him alone. She thinks this is about his brother but he insists it's about them. He accuses her of constantly undermining him and he can't take it anymore. "This sure isn't working for me either!" she moans. She loves him but he's not himself anymore. She thinks he's mean and doesn't want him around her children. He tells her he has a headache and then collapses. He's rushed to the hospital. Carly examines him and worries that he might have an embolism. RoboRafe wakes up and doesn't recognize Carly. Sami reminds him of who the doctor is. Carly goes off to check his tests. Sami worries about him but he claims he doesn't even remember what happened. When she mentions Dario, his machines start ringing. Maxine calms him down. When she and Sami leave to do paperwork, he calls EJ to leave a message saying they have a problem. Then he calls Stefano to explain he's in the hospital. Outside, Carly tells Sami that something is not adding up with her husband and his tests. As Sami talks about how he's not the man she knew, Stefano eavesdrops from around the corner.

At the Safe loft, Mel isn't impressed by Dario's abs and orders him to put on a shirt. She tells him he's a bad thief. They start the verbal sparring. When she tries to swat him. He grabs her arm and then pours a bottle of water on her head. She explains what the necklace meant to her. He doesn't care and goes off to take a shower. When he returns, she's still drying her hair. She thinks he should drop his attitude. He says that he needed the money fast. Reluctantly, he explains that it was for Ari. Since the Salem PD won't do anything, he decided to hire a PI to find out who killed his sister. He thinks she should be ashamed for not doing more to find her friend's killer.

March 22, 201
The Stefano DiMera Scholarship for Illegitimate Studies.

At the hospital, Stefano eavesdrops as Sami whines to Carly about how weird and unlikeable Rafe has become. Sami spouts some cliches but Carly is sure that something is wrong with her husband and promises to get to the bottom of it. She calls Gabi and tells her that her brother had a seizure. When the women putter off, Stefano sneaks into RoboRafe's room. He questions his minion and hears the latest. Stefano wants to pull the plug on the whole operation. "That is not an option," RoboRafe says. Stefano forbids him to ever give him orders again. RoboRafe promises that he can make things better. This doesn't impress his boss who orders him not to improvise. Stefano sneaks off and Sami comes in with Carly. He asks to speak to his wife alone. Sami's shocked when he agrees to tests and begins apologizing for losing it earlier. She promises that they will fix things and hugs him.

Maggie gets impatient sitting around at home and calls Victor. As soon as he picks up, she hangs up. He calls her back. She asks him out for lunch, claiming she has someone for him to meet. When he arrives at Chez Rouge, he complains that he doesn't want her fixing him up with someone. "The person I wanted you to meet was me," she confesses. They sit down and she explains that he's pulled her back into life. He makes her feel alive again and she knows Mickey would be furious with her if she turned her back on that. Victor is speechless. He's so happy his eyes get wet. Maggie promises she won't tell anyone. He toasts to them having fun. "To us," she toasts.

Philip strolls into the pub and spots Chloe. He joins her and she explains she was just offered an opera role in Seattle. She can't do it because of Parker. Philip urges her to go and offers to bring him to visit. "I don't want to visit my son, I want to raise him," she says, vowing never to leave him again. She's planning to give voice lessons and stabilize herself for the baby. Philip heads off and Justin arrives. He tells her Daniel's offer is very generous. She explains that she doesn't want a penny from him because she ruined his life. "I have to stand on my own for Parker's sake," she says.

Chad rushes out of the Java Cafe as Abby and Gabi come in. He returns and explains that someone mysteriously paid the late fees on his tuition. Chadsworth thinks it was his other father, but when he calls DA Woods, he discovers that wasn't the case. He calls around and finds out that he won the Stefano DiMera scholarship for illegitimate studies. He's sure his dad is trying to buy him. Abby urges him to talk to his father. He goes to Casa DiMera and confronts his father. "You bought my mother. I thought maybe you were trying to buy me," Chad snipes. He wonders what the scholarship entails. Stefano chuckles and suggests they play some chess. As they play, Stefano urges that he move in so they can play all the time. Chad puts him in checkmate. Stefano thinks he'll be a wonderful addition to the family.

At the Safe loft, Dario lectures Mel for not doing anything to find her friend's killer. This infuriates Mel and the insults fly. They argue about how the cops have done nothing and then she lectures him for not even being at the funeral. She tells 'the mistake of the family' that all of her friends were simply left feeling helpless. Gabi calls him to say their brother is in the hospital. Mel heads over to the mansion to see Philip. She tells him that they have to move on with the divorce. He loves her enough not to fight and wishes her every happiness. Meanwhile, Gabi and Dario arrive at the hospital. Sami tells them that they are running more tests on Rafe. They go in to see their brother and he's apologetic and friendly. Sami stands around talking to herself about how off kilter everything is. Down the hall, Carly looks at the latest tests. "That can't be right," she mumbles.

March 23, 2011
He's Cooler Than He Used To Be

At the Java Cafe, EJ talks to the kids about dinosaurs. Johnny talks about how pretty his new aunt is and asks his dad what he thinks. He furrows his brow. Nicole wonders what he's thinking about. He smirks. Nicole sits next to her husband and asks him why he doesn't like Taylor. He insists he has no problem with her and changes the subject. Nicole takes Syd to the washroom and Johnny tells his dad that Rafe taught him how to fight. "He's cooler than he used to be," the boy says. This doesn't sit well with his papa. Elvis goes home and starts drinking. He gets snippy at his dad and they bicker about RoboRafe. EJ's furious that Johnny thinks the loser they hired is cool. Stefano groans and explains that Sami thinks something is off. He says they need to speed things up but EJ refuses. They bicker and Elvis fears that his son will end up idolizing Rafe even more.

Over at the hospital, Sami is sitting with RoboRafe when Carly walks in and announces she found something very wrong on his tests. He seems to have hypoglycemia and that can explain a lot of his behavior. Sami's relieved that she hasn't been hallucinating everything. Carly wants him to take some anti-anxiety meds but he passes on that. Sami follows the doctor out and asks about the pills.

Daniel finds Jenn volunteering at the hospital. He explains that there is a job opening in the hospital PR department. She thinks he and Lexie are trying to help her because they think she's a screw-up. They meet up with Carly and the other doctor tries to talk her into taking the job too. The doctors are off duty so Carly runs off. Jenn wants to talk to Daniel more and asks him to drop by later. When later comes, the doctors discover that Jenn has tricked them both into going to her place at the same time. Jenn arrives with cold cuts. The doctors aren't happy that she tricked them into a date. Daniel goes into the kitchen and Carly tells her friend that she is not ready to move on yet. Jenn promises to knock it off. Carly leaves and Daniel returns, teasing Jenn for acting like they're in junior high. She decides to take him up on his job offer.

Stefano calls his man in the mental hospital to make sure Rafe is settling in. In the ward, Rafe asks if he's going to get better. "Not on my watch," the doctor says. He force feeds him broccoli and warns him that he has an off-beat sense of humor. The doctor makes it clear that Rafe is now utterly dependent on him and he will humiliate him whenever he needs to so he can control his behavior. As soon as he's alone, Rafe manages to pick the lock of his handcuffs. He pulls his key out of his mysterious hiding place and wonders what it's a key to. He slips back into his cuffs when the doctor comes to check on him.

Sami takes RoboRafe back to the loft to fill him up on protein. She notices there is no food so she goes off to the store. Once she's gone, EJ calls to lecture RoboRafe for being so likable and tells him he's a royal screw-up. He gives him two weeks. Sami shows up after getting eggs from Gladys. She starts scrambling them and sneaks some meds into his cold coffee. He sneaks some booze into the mug and gulps it down. She brings him his eggs and he waves his sausage in her face. Wasted and laughing, he starts telling her how awesome his job is. "I have a secret. I'm dying to tell you exactly what it is," he says. Back at Casa DiMera, Stefano tells his son that threatening to turn RoboRafe into a vegetable isn't a good plan. Stefano starts chatting about Chad and suggests he get Nicole to speed up moving her family out of the house.

At the pub, Taylor and Brady discuss lay offs at Titan. She suggests he start with her. He refuses and they brainstorm for ideas. Nicole and Chloe walk in and spot them. Things are awkward. Brady is short with Nicole. Nicole decides to take the diva out for a latte at Java. Once they leave, Taylor accuses Brady of still being love with her sister. He doesn't want to talk about it. She thinks he's a total Kiriakis. That doesn't bother him. He advises her to watch her back around the DiMeras. As they keep going over numbers, EJ arrives and stares at them. Over at the Java Cafe, Nicole complains to Chloe about how Brady doesn't understand why she married EJ. She says that they are falling in love again. Chloe's shocked so Nicole admits she's overstating it. The blond explains that EJ and Taylor aren't getting along.

March 24, 2011
You Don't Hate Me?

Hope, Bo and the kids bring a bunch of Alice's old boxes down from Jenn's attic. The adults send the kids off to eat cookies. The nostalgia fest begins as they look at their wedding pictures. She wishes the last year hadn't happened and is eager to get back to their old days and feelings. Putting his arms around her, he tells her how obsessed he was with her when they first got together. They kiss. Ciara watches them from around the corner. She listens her to mom talk about how their relationship fell apart when Ciara was kidnapped. Ciara gets depressed and mopes away. Her parents talk about not rushing into a reconciliation, but doing it right. They take some stuff out to the car. Ciara and Theo come in and she tells him that her parents broke up because of her so she has to run away. He offers to run with her and they pink swear.

At the pub, EJ catches Brady and Taylor working in the corner. Elvis accuses Brady of putting too much pressure on his new employee. Taylor tells him this is none of his business. EJ gets snide and then leaves to take a call. Brady wonders why her new brother-in-law is so protective. She complains about the interior design at Casa DiMera and says she'll be out of there soon. Elvis slips outside and calls Fay to check on her. He's worried about her being alone and promises to make sure one of her daughters spends more time with her. He heads back in and tells Taylor that he got a call from her mom and she needs her. Brady rolls his eyes. She goes off to see her mom and Brady accuses EJ of trying to sabotage her job. Brady then accuses him of setting Nicole up for a world of pain. "Does it still hurt that she chose me over you?" EJ asks. Brady thinks he wouldn't know love if it bit him in the ass.

Dario is shocked when he finds Rafe isn't in his hospital room. He yells at a nurse. It turns out to be Mel. They bicker and she tells him he's a meanie and she really cared about his sister. He explains that his sister actually made him feel like he's worth something. Stephanie interrupts. "Looks like you got over Nathan and Philip quickly," she snipes. Mel walks off. Steph tells Dario about Mel's unbelievable 'sluttiness'. She adds that Dario is hot and warns him that Mel is trouble. "I can handle myself," he says. Meanwhile, Mel runs into Brady and starts babbling about how awful she feels. She explains that Dario was trying to find his sister's killer. They talk about how much they miss Ari and he agrees to be her best friend.

Taylor goes to the guest house to see her mom. She's startled when she discovered that EJ called her and realizes he manipulated the whole situation. Fay explains that she's still worried that Elvis will hurt Nicole again. She hopes that Taylor will help keep an eye on her sister. Taylor is furious and goes into Casa DiMera to lecture EJ for playing games with her. "You are the liar everyone says you are," she says. He explains that he loses control around her. She starts to pant.

At the Safe loft, Sami asks RoboRafe what secret he wants to tell her. He drifts off and then tells her it's crazy. Rambling, he tells her that his life is the best it's ever been and he doesn't want it to end. "I'm so into you," he says. She thinks he needs to lay down. He hobbles into the bedroom and Sami calls Carly to ask about the meds. She notices RoboRafe left his flask on the couch. RoboRafe rolls around on the bed telling himself that he will come clean with Sami. When she doesn't show up in the bedroom, he goes out to get her. She claims she knows what he was trying to tell her. "You don't hate me?" he asks before cheering and telling her to forget her loser ex. She starts getting confused and pulls out his flask. It confuses her when he tells her that his secret isn't his drinking. "It's much more mind boggling," he says, telling her that he's really not his old self. "It's me!" he yelps. Sami's perplexed.

Kate walks into the Java Cafe. She spots Viv and walks to the other side of the room. Viv orders Gus to get her a list of Stefano's crimes so she can figure out his patterns. She corners Kate by the door and Mrs. DiMera gives her some lip. She starts goading her about Stefano's latest sinister endeavor. "I'd like to stay and chat but I have an appointment to watch paint dry," Kate sneers. Viv hints Stefano has a plot involving Allie. Kate thinks she's bluffing but Viv insists something is rotten in DiMeraland. Kate throws her latte at her and Viv dumps her face in a birthday cake. Kate storms off and Viv becomes determined to have her cake and eat it to.

March 25, 2011

EJ Scratches His Itch.

Chad startles Jenn when he drops by. He has Spanish notes for Abby and tells her his name is Chad DiMera. Abby comes down to get her notes while her mom stares. As soon as Chad steps away to make a call, Jenn starts asking her daughter about him and worrying. Abby guesses she's more worried about Jack not bothering to respond to her divorce request. Her daughter repeats that it's the right thing to do. Jenn turns to the topic back to Chad. Abby says he's more like Lexi than EJ. Jenn freaks when she discovers he's actually Stefano's son. Chad returns so Jenn makes herself scarce. He and Abby bond about family until he explains that he's going to move in with his father. She hopes he's not serious but he is. Although she tries to change his mind, he won't and leaves, slamming the door.

At the hospital, Dario thinks over Stephanie's warnings about Mel. He spots her joking around with Daniel and assumes she must be scamming him. Daniel blows his daughter a kiss as she leaves. Dario saunters over and asks him if he knows the 'local talent'. Dario tries to warn him that she's a player and then goes on about how much trouble she is. Daniel suddenly hauls off and punches him in the jaw as Mel walks back in. A guard helps Dario up. Daniel wants to attack him again when he hears who he is. Dario is led out by security as Mel tells her dad off and fixes up his hand. He doesn't want to hear about her past in Europe and says she's perfect. Jenn arrives and runs into Daniel, who tells her about punching Dario. "Are you out of your mind?" she asks before lecturing him about what a hand injury could do to his surgical career. She notices that he took off his wedding ring. He says it feels weird.

Dario runs into Steph at Java Cafe and wishes he'd told her about who Mel's parents are. She tells him how rich Mel is thanks to her divorce. When she spots her walking in, Steph walks away. Mel plods over to Dario and they start bickering. He suggests that Philip must have figured her out and dumped her. When he keeps insulting her, she declares that she officially hates him and says that she will make his life hell if he sticks around. Mel returns to the hospital and finds her dad with Jenn. She rambles. Back at Java Cafe, Dario gets a job working on the docks and ponders Mel and her money.

At the Safe loft, RoboRafe tells Sami he is him and not him. He asks her to call him 'baby' from now on. When he tries to take her into the bedroom, she fights him off. He can't take any more of this. Calming down, he slumps on the couch. Sami explains that she's been giving him anti-anxiety meds. "You drugged me!" he yells before lecturing her about trust and asking her to leave him alone. He falls asleep on the couch. Sami watches him and wonders whether it's too late to make things right.

At Casa DiMera, EJ tells a frazzled Taylor that he can't ignore his feelings for her. He pulls her in for another kiss. She's hyperventilating so he kisses her forehead. She gasps and throws her hair around. He smashes some flowers and chews on his tongue. She tells him they can never be together. He storms out. His father tracks him down and asks what's wrong. "I'm in love with Taylor," EJ confesses. His father tries to swallow how he can fall in love with a woman when he just got married. Stefano makes faces as his son tells him the story of his great romance with Taylor. "This is going to ruin everything," Stefano groans. He strokes his beard and admits he's had obsessions with women too. He tells him the only way to get rid of an itch is to scratch it. EJ doesn't follow. His father explains that he has to make everyone think he's happily married while he seduces Taylor and keeps it on the down-low. EJ smirks.

In her room, Taylor has trouble doing up her dress. EJ walks in and asks if he can help. He zips her up and licks her neck. She snaps out of this fantasy and writes a goodbye note. Before she can leave, she runs into EJ, who claims he has a solution to their problem. He tells her that they've been fighting too hard to resist each other and that's failed so they have to try something else. They start kissing.

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