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5th Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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March 28, 201
Nicole Doesn't Have To Know.

At the hospital, Nate and Carly are trying to revive some guy but he's clearly dead. She finally calls the time of death and walks out, running into Bo in the hall. He's there to question the guy who just died. The cop questions her instead but she has no answers. He plods off to do paperwork until the dead man's mother arrives. She cries and runs to see her son.

Nicole drops her mom off at the hospital. She runs into Lexi and tells her she knows what's happening between Taylor and EJ. Lexi is shocked but soon realizes she means something other than what she was thinking. The doctor gets uncomfortable as Nicole babbles about the tension between her husband and sister. Nicole goes to see her mom. Her tests all look good so Fay changes the topic. She tells her daughter how proud she is of her for turning her life around. Nicole says she's happier than she's ever been and admits she's fallen for EJ again. She's sure that because their expectations are so low, it might actually work out this time. Nicole asks her mom to move into the house with everyone else.

At home, Jenn and Hope continue going through the endless boxes of Alice's stuff. Hope's grateful that Alice was a hoarder because all of this reminiscing has brought her closer to Bo. Jenn's glad. She just wishes things were working out between Carly and Daniel. Theo and Ciara eavesdrop and she decides they might not have to run away after all. The kids come in and Hope takes them over to the hospital. They run into Bo and Ciara starts begging for a doll. He hands her some cash. Hope drags him aside and reminds him that their daughter was supposed to buy it with her allowance. He understands and says they won't let this get between them. Ciara watches them and assumes she's made them sad so she'll have to run away. Abe and Lexi take the kids and Bo leaves with Hope. As they kiss on the way to the elevator, Carly spots them. She's upset. Nate comes out and asks if she's okay. She's obviously not. He thinks she needs to take some time off and reminds her it's his last day. She's sorry things didn't work out with Mel.

Abe takes the kids to the Java Cafe for hot chocolate. When he steps away, Ciara's ready to run but Theo won't leave his dad. Abe returns as Lexi arrives. After Theo tells his parents how much he loves them, they wander off and wonder what was up with that. Ciara tells Theo she's going to run away tomorrow. Meanwhile, Hope takes Bo down to the pier. They sit down and imagine what it would be like if Ciara tried dating a guy like him. They discuss how to raise their daughter as a team and start making out. Carly wanders by, sees them and runs. Bo's eager to take things to the next level... when she's ready.

Carly goes to Jenn's and they have a tea party. The blond apologizes for trying to push her together with Daniel. She just wants to be there for her. Carly assures her that she's as tough as they come. Nate arrives from his final shift. Carly has to run back so Jenn orders her to join her for dinner later. Carly wishes Nate well and leaves. Jenn gives him a photo of Tom and Alice. He hopes he can be like Tom. Picking up his bag, he puts the photo down and slowly takes a last look around. Meanwhile, Carly has returned to work. She sends Maxine off with a patient and then remembers killing Lawrence and Bo kissing Hope. She cries. Picking up some spare anti-anxiety meds, she shoots herself up.

EJ catches Taylor before she can run away from Casa DiMera. He explains that they've tried to resist each other and it's failed so they have to try something else. They make out. She pants and admits she wants him. They go into the living room and start tearing off their clothes. He starts to pant so she undoes his belt. He feels her up. "I've never felt anything like this in my life," he says. She keeps panting as he undresses her. Noticing his wedding photo, she decides they can't do this. He doesn't understand so she explains that she can't wreck her sister's life. Elvis explains that won't happen because he's not planning to leave her sister. "Nicole doesn't have to know," he says. He tries to avoid admitting that he just asked her to have an affair. Nicole and Fay arrive outside.

March 29, 201
The Radiator Has Stopped Barfing.

Taylor pulls her mouth off of EJ's when she realizes that he just asked her to have an affair. She pants and explains that she doesn't have affairs. She's about to open the door. Nicole and Fay are on the other side wondering why it's locked. EJ tucks in his shirt and answers the door. Nicole has run off to check on Syd. Fay wonders what he's doing with her other daughter behind a locked door. He claims the door just sticks sometimes. After he putters off, Fay interrogates her daughter. Taylor claims they were just arguing. "Is EJ already cheating on Nikki?" Fay asks. Out in the hall, EJ finds Nicole and Syd. His wife tells him how much she loves her life now and they take Syd up to sleep. They come back down and see her mom and sister. Taylor says that since her mom is moving into the house with everyone else, she can move out. She putters off. EJ makes an excuse to follow. Nicole assures her mom that EJ is okay with her being there; they just have to keep Taylor there too. Out in the foyer, Taylor lectures Elvis for turning her into a liar and says sex on the couch isn't romantic. "Alleviate your own tension!" she tells him, announcing that she is moving out. When she gets to her room, EJ arrives and warns her that her family are expecting her to join them for dinner. She can't do that. He walks out and she wonders what to do.

RoboRafe wakes up at the loft when Stefano calls. He gets off the phone as Sami returns. He starts making out with her. She pulls away and says she doesn't want to have sex with him right now. He tries to force her. She slaps him and he back off. "Don't you ever touch me again!" she commands. He's confused and reminds her they are married. She knows but he still scares her so she starts talking about his diet. Sami explains that everything is different now and she doesn't think she'll ever get back what they had. She explains that this is all about the kids and goes to her room to beat up her pillows. "Well Mr. D.... looks like I might make that schedule after all," he says to himself.

At the hospital, Carly weeps uncontrollably and then shoots herself up with a tranquilizer. Meanwhile, Jenn drops by looking for Carly and runs into Daniel. She assumes that something must be wrong with her friend and searches for her, finding her in the other room. Daniel wonders why she has a syringe in her hand. She waves it off and remembers she's supposed to have dinner with Jenn. Abby calls to say their radiator is leaking so Jenn rushes off. Daniel probes Carly about what's wrong. She explains that her day has sucked and she keeps thinking of Lawrence. He's impressed by how she survived and he's sorry about what happened to her. "In the end, it was all worth it," she says.

When Jenn gets home, she finds that Abby fixed the problem and cleaned up. They talk about how the house is their home now. Abby encourages her mom to start dating again. Her mom doesn't even want to think about that right now; it would complicate things too much. Abby understands because Chad has become too complicated for her. Her mom assures her that she'll find a sweet man some day. Since 'the radiator has stopped barfing', Abby decides to go out. Daniel arrives to check Jenn's plumbing. They sit down and chat about helping Carly out. Then they eat leftover lasagna. Back at the hospital, Maxine worries about where the injection went. Carly claims she just dropped it and it had to be disposed of.

At the pub, Viv tries calling Gus when a dessert arrives at her table thanks to Stefano. He strolls over and tells her that he's not amused that she's been sticking her nose into his personal life. He points out that she only has one goon but he has a whole army. She prods him about how he can't trust Kate and he threatens her. Viv is sure that he has a big secret he's keeping from his wife. She reminds him that they used to have something special. "That depends on your definition of special," he says before calling her a 'gnat' and telling her to fly away before he squashes her.

Chad is walking along the pier when his calendar goes off. It's his mom's birthday. Sadly, he talks to himself about their last fight and how he's moving in with Stefano. He knows that she had dreams for him, but she's gone and he has to find out who he is. As he sobs, Abby finds him. He explains that he forgot it was his mom's birthday. She holds his hand.

March 30, 2011
Gratuitous insults!

Elvis and Stefano are at the pier. Stefano complains about RoboRafe. EJ is distracted by thoughts of Taylor. His papa guesses that his sister-in-law shot him down. Stefano teases him and this infuriates EJ. Back at Casa DiMera, Nicole brings her sister breakfast in her room. Fay joins them and Nicole putters off. She confronts her daughter about what a crummy liar she is and demands to know what's going on. Taylor claims it's just the Brady problem and runs away. She runs into EJ as she's about to leave. Taylor pushes past him and runs off. Fay pops up. She asks him what his intentions are towards her daughter. He claims he just wants to make her happy. "Which of my daughters are you talking about?" she asks. He doesn't give much of an answer so she warns him that she's a very light sleeper and hears everything. Elvis heads for the door as he mumbles some insults.

At the mansion, Victor finds Brady yelling at an underling. He explains that he ruined his deal. They bicker about business and Victor tries giving him an ethics lesson. Maggie arrives and eavesdrops as Victor talks about how much he's changed. The redhead pokes in to back Victor up. Brady storms off. Victor and Maggie have a tea party and she rubs his chest to see if his conscience is coming back. He's glad that she's proud of him, but he wants more. She kisses him and he kisses her some more. Meanwhile, Brady meets Taylor at Java Cafe. He's fuming about his grandfather screwing up his deal. When she leaves, she runs into EJ. He wants to clear the air.

Kate runs into Viv at the Java Cafe. "You ruined a child's birthday, what's next? Sabotaging a Bar Mitzvah," Kate snipes. They trade insults and threats. Kate warns her that Stefano isn't 'sentimental about old ladies' the way Victor is. After Kate leaves, Gus arrives and Viv tells him that Stefano is hiding something big. She's sure that Kate will never know what hit her. Meanwhile, Kate meets up with her husband and they discuss Viv. She cuddles up to him and says it's like dating 'the leader of the pack'. They stroll over to the pub and discuss Allie. He tells his wife that her smile is the most beautiful thing in his life and they kiss. Viv and Gus have been watching them. She wants to puke.

At the loft, Sami watches RoboRafe sleep on the couch until he wakes up. She's surprised he wasn't having nightmares. "Now I don't even sleep right?" he asks. She wants to talk about the terrible thing that happened last night. He accuses her of not liking him and says he's sick and tired of her endless criticism. He threatens to leave her. "I swear we just got married so you could take me to the vet and have me altered," he says. She goes into her room and slams the door. Nicole and the kids show up and she can see he's been sleeping on the couch. Sami comes out as RoboRafe tells them they should go. Johnny doesn't want to but RoboRafe tells him his mom's on crazy pills and he has to talk her off the ledge. After they leave, RoboRafe drinks his coffee and asks Sami if she really loves him. She can't tell him she does, gets fed up and stomps away again. He has a beer and makes a call. After he leaves, Kate arrives and hints to Sami she has something to say about Allie. They start bickering and Kate reminds her that she tipped her off about EJ wanting to run off with the kids. She starts prodding her about her problems with Rafe and asks if his brain damage has improved. Sami admits it's all going downhill and her husband is different in every way that's possible. Kate's sorry. "I'm probably not going to stay here much longer," Sami admits.

Nicole and the kids go down to the pier where they run into Stefano. He sends the kids off with Marco for hot chocolate and she tells him about the fight she just walked in on. He moans. "Gratuitous insults! I really am back in the DiMera family," she groans. Stefano tells her that she only has a business arrangement with his son and she shouldn't get too comfortable. After he plods off, Viv shows up. She starts giving her advice about how to become the lady of the manner. She admits that she'd like to kill her, but she's willing to put that aside so they can get revenge on Kate. Meanwhile, RoboRafe meets with Stefano and tells him Sami is about to break.

March 31, 2011
Fay Finds Out.

Mel drops by the mansion to see Philip so she can say goodbye to Parker. The kid comes down and she holds him, says goodbye and starts crying before running out. Over at the Java Cafe, Brady is ordering his men to go after Victor. Dario wanders in and Brady suggests that he leave town. That sounds like a threat to Dario. Brady rolls his eyes and tells him to go back to where he came from. Dario accuses him of not believing in Ari and not caring who killed her. Brady gets angry and grabs him, barking that he doesn't know how he feels. Handing him some money, he tells him to buy a life somewhere. Dario refuses to get a life. Once Dario departs, Mel shows up and tells him she went to see the kid and say goodbye. He tells her she needs to let it all go. She wonders if he wishes he'd done things differently with Ari. They discuss how they can never trust the people who betrayed them. She cries when she speaks of having to turn her back on Philip and Parker. He hugs her and promises to be her friend.

Dario meets with Justin and asks him to get him a PI. Justin agrees to think about it. After he sends him off, Philip arrives to talk to Justin about Mel. Dario stays nearby and listens in. Philip tells the lawyer that he needs to do something to make Mel's life easier. He's giving her five million dollars extra. Dario's impressed that Mel is worth a lot more than he thought.

EJ takes Taylor out to the grounds behind Casa DiMera. She complains about how muddy it is and then says this needs to be the last conversation they have about their feelings. He agrees and admires her ability to resist him. Elvis says that he will stop pursuing her and just be her polite brother-in-law. This makes her sob. He claims that harming her integrity would be really sad and he can't do that to someone he loves. He's loved her since the first moment he saw her. She goes off to the hospital and chats with Lexi, who can see she's upset. Taylor explains that EJ has made her love him even more. The only thing she can't think to do now is move out of his house and out of his life. Before she leaves though, she plans to tell her sister everything.

On the pier, Viv continues trying to get Nicole on her side against Kate. Nicole refuses to be lured in and thinks she's delusional. She's afraid of Stefano and is sure that he would win in any war between them. "If you value your life, I'd leave Kate alone," Nicole suggests. Viv tells her that she'll go after her once she's done with Kate. She guffaws in her face and strolls away. When she meets with Gus, he tells her the new people she hired haven't found anything on Stefano yet... but he did. He hands her a security code to Casa DiMera. Meanwhile, Nicole gets the kids and takes them out for ice cream at the pub. She sends them up to see Caroline and then meets with her sister, who has something to tell her.

Fay sits in her bed panting when the nurse checks on her. She begs to speak to her daughters. The nurse brings her some sleeping pills instead. Fay fakes taking them and then spits them out once she's alone. Meanwhile, in the alley, Stefano is impressed when RoboRafe tells him Sami in at the end of her rope but still clueless. RoboRafe thinks they need to have a sit down with EJ to finalize the rest of the strategy. He tries cracking jokes but Stefano doesn't appreciate his sense of humor. He returns to Casa DiMera. EJ tells him he's ended things with Taylor. They bicker about it until RoboRafe joins them. He asks them what he should do to end the relationship. This leads to him bickering with EJ. They start pushing each other around. Stefano bellows at them to stop and then instructs RoboRafe to push Sami into thinking the break-up is her idea. He stomps off and Roborafe tells EJ that he wants this to work out as much as he does and apologizes for being out of line. They shake hands and then Stefano joins them for a toast. As they brag about how they got away with this, Fay listens from behind the door.

April 1, 2011

Sleazy Accusations.

Bo and Hope are at the station. She worries about where the kids are and calls the babysitter, who confesses that she can't find them. Hope goes into panic mode and gasps. Suddenly, the babysitter spots them and runs off to get them. Hope cries on Bo's shoulder. The children are bought in. Ciara asks her mom if she's been crying. Hope tells them how happy she is to see them. The babysitter explains they were trying to scale a fence. The kids claim they were just trying to have fun. Bo gives them a lecture about not following dares. He sends the kids to the interrogation room so he can talk to Hope. In the interrogation room, Ciara tells Theo she's still going to run away. Theo begs her not to. She peers through the window at her parents. They're talking about team work but Ciara thinks they look miserable and assumes it's all her fault. "Mom and dad can't be happy until I'm gone," she says. Hope wants to ground her daughter for acting out. Bo agrees to that.

At Java Cafe, Mel cries her mascara onto Brady's jacket. They're grateful that that have each other. Chloe arrives. Mel goes away and Brady tries chatting to Chloe, who starts accusing him of trying to move in on Philip's wife. He doesn't think she should throw sleazy accusations around. She backs down and says that Philip is hurting enough. He asks her if she's sharing more than Philip's feelings... like his mattress. She defends herself. They bicker and she sits down to give him friendly advice about Nicole and then Mel. She reminds him of who Mel is and where she comes from. "Wherever Melanie goes, trouble follows," she states.

Mel runs into Dario on the pier and gives him a lecture about drinking Red Bull. They bicker and he tells her some random story about how his sister nearly choked on a marble once. He thinks they should be friends and gets flirty. She doesn't like him. Dario gets closer to her and holds her pulse to point out how her heart is racing. When Brady walks by, Mel runs over and starts kissing him. Brady plays along and then tells Dario to get out of town. As he slouches off, Mel apologizes to Brady but he says kissing her wasn't so bad. He feels like he should take her on a date so they go off together.

Over at the pub, Taylor informs her sister that she can't live at Casa DiMera anymore. Nicole is upset and is sure this is because she can't stand EJ. "You couldn't be more wrong," Taylor claims. Her sister doesn't understand. Rambling follows until Nicole starts wondering if EJ hurt her. "It's you that's going to get hurt," Taylor starts to explain. She rambles some more but it's completely incoherent. This upsets her sister so Taylor promises to visit her mom everyday. This is all depressing Nicole.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano, EJ and RoboRafe toast to finalizing their plan. As they boast about it, Fay eavesdrops. She gasps. The men jump. Elvis goes out to investigate but finds nothing. They finish their deal. "It'll be like Rafe Hernandez never existed," RoboRafe says. After they leave, Fay comes out of hiding and wonders if her daughter knows what her husband is up to. She paces around the house stuttering about evil. She tries calling Nicole but RoboRafe reappears and grabs her phone. As Nicky keeps trying to call, he brings up Misty Circle and tells Fay she must be proud of her daughter. As he taunts her, she tells him she would die before she'd let him touch Nicole. He guesses that she must have been eavesdropping. When he threatens her, she screams and lurches for the door. He chases her down and tells her he can't let her make another peep. She struggles as he drags her up the stairs. At the top, she shoves her down. Out in the garden's mud pit, Elvis continues to panic to his father about Rafe. He needs to see Rafe in person so he knows he has amnesia. Stefano calls over a goon with a laptop. He shows EJ surveillance footage of Rafe in the mental ward yelling about how he doesn't know who he is. EJ gets excited.

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