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1st Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 2, 2011
Who Needs Clothes?

At the loft, Sami interrogates RoboRafe about all of his clothes being gone from the closet. It seems to her that he's moving out. He doesn't see the big deal and claims he would come back when he was done thinking. She thinks he's been pushing her away to save her from him and his problems. Sami wants to save their marriage. She doesn't want to grow old without him. They start kissing but then she walks off to call and check on the kids. When she comes back, he says they're all talked out and starts groping her. She tells him to unpack. "Who needs clothes?" he asks. She putters off to get his stuff out of the car. He calls Dario and asks him over. Sami returns and they discuss laundry and then she goes off to do it. Dario shows up at the door. RoboRafe takes him to the hall and claims he wants to work things out with Sami. He asks him to keep his one night stand a secret. Sami stands by the mail slot and listens. RoboRafe loudly makes excuses and gets his brother to promise to keep his mouth shut. Sami's heard everything though. The brothers argue as Sami makes faces. Dario warns him that he'll have his eye on him. RoboRafe looks through the speakeasy to make sure Sami was listening. When he enters, he offers to make lunch just like the old Rafe. "The old Rafe didn't bring sluts home and sleep with them in our bed," she says.

Stefano drops by the mental hospital. The orderly explains that Rafe escaped. He thinks Stefano should let this screw up go because Rafe is as dead as a doornail. Stefano isn't so convinced. "He was a very clever man," Stefano says. The orderly points out that he didn't even know his name. Stefano needs to see a corpse before he'll be satisfied. Meanwhile, Rafe runs through the woods. He loses his key. When he falls over, he notices it's gone. He crawls around and finds it. A shadowy figure finds him.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole keeps thinking of EJ and Taylor smooching. She asks the pair what's new. EJ asks Taylor to leave but her sister stops her. Nicole thinks they need to figure out where Taylor is going to live from now on. He's confused. "I know how you two feel about each other," Nicole says. Taylor starts to stutter but her sister starts rambling about how they don't get along. As she goes on and on, Taylor begs her to stop. Nicole gets a call, claims it's Chloe and then runs off. This upsets Taylor but EJ insists there will never be a right time to tell Nicole. Stefano strolls in to announce that Theo is okay. Taylor runs off to see Lexi. Stefano explains to his son that RoboRafe is back. EJ worries and says they need to get RoboRafe out of town immediately. However, he refuses to postpone asking for a divorce even if that could make the situation worse.

Nicole meets with her lab tech who explains that the DNA sample matches Rafe. She's thrilled. Sitting down, she wonders what to do next. Her sister shows up. Nicole is cold and walks off. Her sister follows her to the Cheatin' Heart and demands she tell her why she's so upset. Nicole tells her how wonderful and trustworthy she is. Taylor gets uncomfortable. "What I have to tell you is going to freak you out," Nicole warns her.

Abigail arrives at the pub where Kinsey, T., Will and Gabi are talking about school. Abby drools when Chad walks in. T. calls him over and advises everyone to slack off this semester. Chad gets snarky and says Abby is the one who knows what's best for everyone. This embarrasses Abby. She and Chad go into the corner to bicker and he accuses her of playing him concerning the hospital internship. She points out that working for the DiMeras is the only way he can afford school. She knows he needs that but she's still afraid his family will turn on him. He assures her that all will be well and suggests that she's just projecting her own issues with her father. Back at the table, Kinsey mopes and explains to Gabi that her dad is bankrupt and the family is losing everything. This means she won't be going to college. Across the room, T. encourages Will to take Gabi back to the empty loft for a 'private study session'. Kinsey storms out and T. follows her. Will joins Gabi and suggests they go back to his place. She likes that idea. As they head out, they get texts that their relatives are back. He stutters and says he's glad... uh that his mom and Rafe are talking.

May 3, 2011
You're Such A Pig.

At the pier, Nicole thinks of her sister kissing EJ. "No matter what EJ says or does, he will never be capable of loving anyone," Nicole tells her. Taylor wonders what she's going to do. Her sister says she's done talking about it. Nicole heads to the pub and finds Syd eating ice cream. She hugs the little girl and sobs. She asks Mary to keep her there while she takes care of something. "I"m never going to let you go," she promises Syd.

At Casa DiMera, EJ barely pays attention while his father suggests that he postpone his divorce plans. EJ perks up and refuses. He says that he's planning to marry Taylor. This makes his father groan,. "You are not going to stop me!" EJ complains. His father worries he's throwing everything away for a bookkeeper. Elvis just wants a real family. Stefano thinks he's going to suffer if he screws Nicole around. His son is sure that he can marry Taylor the day after he divorces Nicole and she'll be okay with that. Stefano's insulted that his son can be this stupid. Marco calls to say that Troy is coming back to life. EJ orders his father to have him killed. Stefano taunts him and asks him if Taylor really thinks he's just a small town lawyer. He leaves chuckling. Taylor arrives and tells Elvis about what Nicole said. He explains that since Nicole already knows the marriage is over, that's just one more reason for them to stop delaying getting together. That doesn't convince her and she asks him to go easy on her sister. Nicole shows up so Taylor runs off. He tells his wife that it's time for a divorce.

At the Safe loft, Sami confronts RoboRafe for sleeping with some skank. He claims he went a little crazy. She says he's obviously not the man she knew. "Who am I then?" he asks as he fondles a kitchen knife. She keeps talking and he realizes she doesn't know anything. Sami rants and he keeps saying it was nothing. "You're such a pig," she says. He accuses her of doing the same thing while she was away. She claims she would never commit adultery and she won't let him get away with it. "I feel dead inside," she says. He offers to make her feel alive again, but that just makes her angrier so she tells him she's been faking her orgasms. This enrages him but she tells him he needs to find someone new to practice with. He throws her sex romps with EJ in her face and accuses her of using him all along. "You're the same person you always have been and always will be: a bitch," he spews. When she tries to slap him, he grabs her arm. She orders him out but he won't leave without his laundry. Sami offers to leave while he packs up all his socks and beer bottles. After she storms out, he laughs and has a beer. Stefano calls to order him out of town. She heads over to the pub and Caroline wonders why she's not with her husband. "We're over," Sami announces. Her grandma offers to make her tea and cookies. Sami sits and looks at the key as she remembers the good old days.

Rafe dreams of running through the woods and finding his key. He wakes up and wonders where he is. A nun walks in. She explains that she found him and had him brought back to her convent. He refuses to see a doctor so she guesses he's in trouble. At first, Rafe thinks this must be a scam but changes his mind and tells her about his memory loss. The nun promises to help him.

Brady and Mel arrives at the Cheatin' Heart. She goes in to get a table while he stays out to take a call. She's startled to see that Dario is her waiter. He asks her how she's doing after her ordeal and then slouches off. She follows him to the bar to tell him how bad she feels about this awkward situation. He claims he doesn't care that she's with Brady, who comes in and tries to be friendly with Dario. He says he's grateful for helping Mel and offers him any help he needs. Dario rejects that. Mel tells him to shut up and listen for once. She and Brady leave together. Mel comes back for her jacket and starts sucking face with Dario and his dishrag... but that was just a daydream.

May 4,2011
Wouldn't That Be A Hoot?

Caroline brings Sami tea and cookies at the pub. She hates seeing her unhappy. Sami says she's speechless and then rambles. She thought she could fix Rafe after breaking his brain but now she has to walk away. Sami explains that he slept with another woman in their bed. She could handle his sense of humor, but this was too much. However, she's not sure she can go on without him. "If I had a butcher knife I would cut off his..." Caroline blurts out. Sami worries she will never love again so her grandma gives her a pep talk. Sami says it would be better if Rafe were dead than alive and not in love with her. Caroline tells her to find the real Sami Brady. "She's a trainwreck," Sami says. She rifles through her purse. RoboRafe's new fake bank card is in it. Caroline tells her she's a tough cookie and can survive anything.

Rafe wakes up in the monastery. Sister Rose explains that his fever has broken. She adds that he called out someone's name in his sleep: Ted. Rafe recalls Stefano speaking to a goon named Ted. Rose tells him that she will help him. They start praying. The nun's impressed that he remembers how.

RoboRafe is packing up at the loft. He chucks Fay's necklace in the sink and then notices he's lost his card. He starts tearing up the joint looking for it. Then he goes to meet Stefano and tells him he needs cash to blow town. Stefano offers to get him a new card and orders him to make sure the old card is nowhere in the loft. RoboRafe heads back to search again. He can't find it so he assumes he's home free until he finds a pair of sunglasses and guesses Sami must have accidentally picked up the card during their fight.

Stefano drops by the hospital to see Theo. Taylor later shows up to see him. His therapist takes him away and Taylor sits down to chat with Lexi. She explains that EJ's asking for a divorce. This seems to excite Lexi. They happily discuss this. Lexi is giddy and think Taylor would make her brother's life better. "I think Nicole's going to be fine," Taylor says.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole tells EJ that divorce is a ridiculous idea. He claims they have more than problems and it was all a mistake. "I'm setting you free," he says. She likes things just the way they are. This confuses him and he refuses to believe that she actually loves him. He offers her full visitation rights for Syd and whatever else she wants. Nicole can't believe he hasn't grown more attached to her. She thinks he's disgusting, accuses him of using her for sex and slaps him. He challenges her to hit him again. Nicole talks about how none of this makes sense. "You couldn't possibly be cheating on me?" she asks. He acts dumb. She suggests it's Sami. He laughs so she asks him who it is. Elvis isn't helpful. "You're scared I might slip up, open my mouth and not be the perfect mafia wife," she says. Reaching in her purse, she pulls out the DNA test and tells him all she knows. His head almost falls off his shoulders. After composing himself, he says it's nothing. She threatens to call Sami. He swipes her phone away and she explains that she's already given her lawyer instructions in case she disappears. "You will go to jail and then Sami and I will share custody of Johnny and Sydney. Wouldn't that be a hoot?" she smirks. He's furious and demands to know what she wants. Putting his hand on her throat, he tells her blackmail won't work. Taylor walks in and her sister says she has an announcement.

May 5, 2011
How Could You Do This?

As Rafe prays in the convent, he recognizes the name on the rosary. As he talks to the nun, he start remembering things. He's eager to get going but he's still too weak. Rafe falls back to sleep and dreams of the safe house. When he sees the key, he wakes up knowing where he needs to go.

Dario finishes up his shift at the Cheatin' Heart and thinks about Mel. Chad arrives and Adrienne comes in with his final pay. He tells her how much he liked working there, but he's working for his dad now. "Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" she asks. He says time will tell but wonders if his dad has forgotten him already.

Victor arrives at Maggie's to say that he hates fighting with her, but he's right about Chloe and it's time to pack her up. Chloe eavesdrops at the door as Maggie tells her boyfriend to get stuffed. He loves that she's so compassionate, but Chloe is Medusa and destroys everyone. Maggie stands up for the diva and orders him to accept this or get lost. She tells him how much her life sucked when she was drinking and how destructive she was. If Alice hadn't saved her, she'd be a goner. He wishes he could be as forgiving as she is, but he can't. Maggie can't be with a man with so little compassion and shows him the door.

At the hospital, Jenn finishes up her shift and thinks of Daniel. Abby shows up and her mom tells her she has a date tonight. She needs some earring related advice and starts panicking about picking the right ones. Jenn admits that part of her still feels married and this is really hard. They hug and then go down to the pier. Abby gives her a pep talk and advises her not to put pressure on herself. She gives her mom some earrings and they gab. Chloe wanders by and is shocked to hear that Jenn is dating Daniel. "How could you do this?" the diva asks. Abby gets snippy and Jenn reminds Chloe that she destroyed Daniel's life. "Listen bitch, all I ever wanted was Daniel... and now I'm all alone," Chloe says. Jenn lists Chloe's destructive deeds and asks her to let the doctor move on. Chloe goes to the Cheatin' Heart to get wasted. Some dude named Quinn shows up and offers to buy her a drink.

At Daniel's, he unpacks groceries and tells his daughter he is cooking Jenn dinner. Stuttering, she says that's sweet. He assumes she means lame so she reminds him that he can't cook. She wishes him well and leaves. As he gets things ready, he finds his wedding photo to Chloe, crumples it and trashes it. After he changes his shirt, Jenn arrives. They toast to a wonderful evening. As they eat, she starts choking. Meanwhile, Dario brings Mel's jacket to her at the hospital. They have coffee and agree to do it again.

RoboRafe rushes over to the pub to get his card back from Sami. When he walks in, Caroline slaps him. "Just be glad I didn't have a shillelagh," she says. He asks her to help him save his marriage. After she recalls how she screwed up her marriage, he asks her to call Sami over there immediately. She tries calling her but has no luck. Caroline mentions that Sami went looking for closure and brought a key. There's a crisis in the kitchen so she runs off. He realizes the key must be to the safe house.

At the hospital, Stefano runs into Kate. She just had an exam to confirm that she's still cancer free. They cuddle and then chat about Chad. She warns him that his son might think he's been neglecting him. They go over to the Cheatin' Heart to see Chad. Stefano gets called away for a minute. She sits with Chad and tries to assure him that his father still adores him. "Stefano will never let you down," she promises. Stefano returns to tell his son that he is always in his heart. He apologizes for not spending more time with him and promises that will change.

May 6, 2011
Consolation Prize.

Taylor is flummoxed when she walks into Casa DiMera and her sister informs her that she and EJ will be going away for some hot and sexy romance on their new honeymoon. Taylor's eyes bug out and she drops her purse. When EJ tries to help her, she snaps at him and runs. Her sister stops her to celebrate. Taylor manages to escape. EJ tells his wife he's not going to treat her with respect anymore. "You're going to stay married to me for the rest of your life," she says, patting him on the cheek. He doesn't understand and reminds her that her blackmail attempts never work. She tells him they will be very monogamous and get old together. He pouts and then says she isn't good enough to pull this off. However, he has to concede to her demands, She tells him they'll be inseparable and they kiss violently. She wanders off.

Taylor goes to her room to pant and get emo. She puts on a scarf and looks at the wedding photos until EJ shows up. She demands to know what happened. He sucks his breath and gulps before stuttering that he's staying with Nicole. Taylor accuses him of breaking her down and ruining everyone's life. "It's over," he says, explaining that he's a bad person and they can't be together. She wants to know what he did. He won't explain so she accuses him of being a coward and a playa. "Leave me alone," she orders. Meanwhile, Lexi runs into Nicole by the pier. The doctor is confused when Nicole starts talking about her honeymoon. Nicole gets snarky and strides off. She heads home and corners EJ as he mopes around Casa DiMera. He wants to run away so she taunts him and calls him a liar. "You lost and your consolation prize is me," she says. Syd interrupts demanding a bedtime story. As they sit down to read to her, Taylor walks by with her luggage and shakes her head as she heads out the door.

At the pub, RoboRafe realizes Sami must be at the safe house. He spots Will and Gabi and asks them for the address of the place. Will doesn't have it so RoboRafe tells him to call Roman while he goes out for some air. Gabi follows him outside and starts badgering him to talk about his problems. This leads to fighting and he barks at her to stay out of his business. Will comes out and hands him the address. RoboRafe stomps away. Will tries comforting her by babbling.

In the convent, Rafe tells Rose that he knows the key will take him where he needs to go. He asks the nun to take him to the other convent. They head over but the nun there doesn't recognize him. When he shows her the key, she recognizes it and explains where it came from. He thanks her and runs. Moments later, RoboRafe shows up. "Oh, you're back already," the nun says.

Sami returns to the safe house. The pickle filled flashbacks start to flow. "He was always able to save me from myself... why couldn't I do the same for him?" she muses. She pounds the walls and wishes she had the old Rafe back. When she knocks over her purse, she spots RoboRafe's new bank card. Before she can pick it up, she hears some woman go down the hall. She's distracted and talks to herself, "Nothing is safe anymore." As she cries, Rafe shows up. When she screams at him to get out, he asks who she is.


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