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2nd Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 9, 2011
I'm More Confused Than Ever.

RoboRafe is confused when he arrives at the convent and a nun tells him he was just there. "I'm a little confused," he says. The nun guesses something is wrong and can tell he's not the same man. He holds his gun and says they have to have a chat. RoboRafe explains he's looking for his psycho twin. When she wants to call the cops, he gets threatening.

Sami mopes around the safe house thinking of Rafe. "Nothing is safe anymore," she whines. Rafe follows the loud sobbing from outside and opens the door. She starts barking at him to get out. He doesn't know who she is. Sami starts yelping. "I don't even know who I am," he explains. He questions her and begs for clues to his identity. Sami says 'seriously?' about a dozen times. She gets annoyed when he can't remember her name. Rafe looks like his puppy just died. He picks up the bank card and wonders if he is Javier Morales. She starts rambling that his name is Rafe. Sami can't handle this ridiculous scene and refuses the insanity. Crying, she talks about the accident. He only remembers being locked up. He offers to take her to the nun so she can back up his story. She refuses but he keeps insisting he's never seen her before. "I'm more confused than ever," she complains before running at the door. He stops her and shows her the key. Sami's floored as he talks about how important it is to him. Holding her arm, he apologizes for whatever he did. She rails at him for sleeping with another woman. "This person you're talking about is not me," he says. Sami refuses to trust him and storms out. As she opens the door, RoboRafe is standing there. Sami does a doubletake.

At Daniel's, Jenn's throat swells so he shoots her up with something and explains that she must have been allergic to something she ate. She has a rash so he decides to take her to the ER. Over at the hospital, Carly is trying to pop some pills when her daughter startles her. Mel guesses something is up. She wonders if her mom is longing for Daniel but Carly says that was never in the cards. Maxine calls Mel over to meet the new intern -- Abby. They chat until Daniel arrives with Jenn in his arms. After she recovers, she teases him and they joke around while Carly stands in the doorway. Daniel asks Jenn out again. Mel checks in on them and putters away. Daniel kisses Jenn. Meanwhile, Abby guesses that her mom didn't have an allergic reaction: she just felt guilty. She blames her dad for ruining her mom's life. When Mel walks by, Abby rants to her about Jack. Abby says that Daniel must have put the moves on her mom. Mel insists that her dad is a classy guy. They start bickering.

Quinn buys Chloe a drink at the Cheatin' Heart... and then another and another. He stares at her chest and admires how much liquor she can hold. "I'm bad to the bone," she says, prompting him to pay the bar bill so she can show him how bad. They go to see hotel room and she still refuses to give him her name. After he kisses her, she turns away so he licks her neck. They have sex and he leaves. She finds a note from him and some cash left on the bed.

EJ mopes at Casa DiMera. Nicole informs him that her sister is gone. He drinks and wonders where Taylor is going. "You're the reason she left. She knew that you couldn't stand her," Nicole says. She leaves to find her sister. Meanwhile, Taylor and her bags are in the pub. She calls for a bus but Lexi shows up. Taylor is going for the door but Lexi needs to know what's going on first.

May 10, 2011
Too Young To Be An Old Lech.

At the safe house, Sami is lashing out at Rafe for cheating on her. He doesn't even know her but apologizes anyway. She can't trust him. As she's about to leave, RoboRafe shows up at the door. Sami starts hyperventilating. RoboRafe pulls out a gun. "I got an impostor Sami. Today it ends," he says. Sami doesn't know how to process this. RoboRafe rants that the impostor was trying to destroy him and says this is all part of a DiMera scheme. He explains that the DiMeras have been drugging him so that he would act out of character and then they would send in his replacement. Rafe keeps swearing he was prisoner. RoboRafe is ready to shoot him but Sami begs him not to and gets between them. She's sure that Rafe must just be a pawn too. When Sami tries to get the gun from him, RoboRafe cracks her head on the counter. She drops. Rafe jumps RoboRafe who kicks him in the guts and pushes him over. As Sami starts to come to, the men begin wrestling again. She gets her hands on the gun and threatens to shoot. The Rafes confuse her as they ask her for the gun. She accidentally squeezes off a shot.

Nicole hunts down her sister at the pub to stop her from leaving town. Nicole starts hugging her and talking about what a meanie Elvis is. Taylor insists that she can't live with them anymore. Suddenly, she decides that she's going to stay. When the topic turns back to EJ, Nicole says that he will be her faithful husband until he's dead. Her sister is a bit confused. Nicole plods off and rambles to herself without much explanation.

Stefano finds EJ drinking at Casa DiMera and moaning about his life turning to crap. He informs his father that he's staying with Nicole. His father finds this hilarious. EJ stumbles through an excuse and says that love is overrated. He remembers being blackmailed by Nicole and then tells his father he's just trying to stabilize the childrens' lives. Besides, his love for Taylor went 'poof'. "My ass!" Stefano groans. He picks up a photo of the children and reminds his son that they should be his first priority. EJ hobbles over to get himself another drink. His father recaps the situation and walks out. Taylor show up. Meanwhile, Stefano runs into Nicole at the pier as she talks to herself about Rafe.

At the hospital, Mel and Abby start bickering about which of them needs to get a 'fricken grip'. Maxine overhears this and tips off the girls' parents. They rush over and break up the fight. Abby tells her mom that she's been freaking out. Mel keeps ranting. The doctor drags his daughter away. They bicker and he starts to think that Abby just wants her parents back together... kind of like Mel. Meanwhile, Jenn informs her daughter that she's a grown woman and can look after herself. Abby sobs about how hard it is to have the family breaking up. Jenn is sure she just wishes that Jack would come back and hugs her. "Daniel is way too young to be an old lech," Jenn assures her. The others return and there are many apologies until Jenn and Daniel decide to have another date.

Chloe goes into the pub and notices her envelope full of cash. She remembers bedding down with Quinn. Brady startles her and has to pick up her wad of cash. He wonders what she did to get it. She packs up her cash and he tries to catch up with her. The diva tells him she's moving out of Maggie's. He assumes this must be about the redhead and his grandfather. She tells him this is part of her plan to get her life together so that she can get her son back. He's impressed. Chloe says that she's in charge of her life now. "You deserve to have a man that's worthy of you," he says.

May 11, 2011
The Little Witch.

At Casa DiMera, Taylor tells EJ it was a mistake for her to come back. He begs her to stay. They start bickering about his change of mind. She guesses that he is being forced to stay with her sister. He claims the only thing that's important is how he feels about her. When she tries to leave, he gets on his knees and tells her he would do anything for her. She makes him promise to treat her sister with respect. He slumps, snorts and promises. Taylor leaves. He blinks wildly.

Maggie bakes some cookies at home and thinks about sucking face with Victor. She puts on her soaps and wishes that her relationship with him was more like what's on screen. As she loads the cookies up, Chloe comes in and announces that she's moving out. Maggie thinks that's a bad idea. The diva insists this is what she needs to do. Maggie understands. "You have been more family to me than my own," Chloe sobs before telling the redhead that she's glad she found Victor, but he doesn't deserve her. Chloe goes over to the pub and tries to figure out where to live. She looks at the money from Quinn and debates using it.

At the mansion, Victor drinks and sighs as he thinks about Maggie. Henderson comes in and they watch some soaps together. Victor starts barking at the screen and then goes down to the pier to check out the view. Brady finds him and guesses things went downhill with Maggie. Brady guesses what they must have fought about and tells him Chloe is moving out. Victor is thrilled but worries Brady is footing the bill for it. He's not. "That bitch would never move out on her own. She's a parasite. Maggie must have given her the push," Victor mumbles to himself. He goes straight to Maggie's. He apologizes profusely about Chloe and says he shouldn't have interfered. He only hopes they can be together again. She guesses that Brady must have filled him in and doesn't like him playing her. He offers to fly her to Paris for some chicken. She explains that Chloe left on her own. "It's too hard to be with you Victor, sorry," she says.

Stefano startles Nicole on the pier as she babbles to herself about Rafe. She covers and he hints that Rafe could be coming back. They talk about how much he changed and she says he even used his Latin lover routine on her. He chuckles and then abruptly suggests that another woman could come into EJ's life. She claims that EJ belongs to her and he'll have to suck up whatever she does. This leads to more cryptic remarks and he advises her to keep her eye on the ball and know her place. He strolls away and she guesses he doesn't know about the blackmail. She heads back to Casa DiMera to see her husband. EJ doesn't want to talk but that doesn't stop her. He starts ranting at her for blackmailing him. Johnny comes in and orders them to stop fighting. Nicole assures him that all will be fine. Mary rushes in after the little boy. Elvis sends him back to bed. "I want you to know how much I hate you for this," he tells Nicole before he leaves. She hates him too. Elvis mopes up to Taylor's room and fondles her scarf. When he goes downstairs, his sister shows up and reams him out about breaking Taylor's heart. He insists that he loves her but can't divorce Nicole. His sister thinks he's a masochist and quickly guesses his wife has something big on him. He admits it and claims he had no choice but to dump Taylor. "You are such an idiot EJ!" she says. He thinks he's just brilliantly arrogant and asks her to keep all of this from Taylor.

Brady runs into Taylor at the Cheatin' Heart. She starts telling him how great her job is. He wonders what's been happening at Casa DiMera to make her say that. She claims living there was just driving her crazy. He gives her a hug just as Nicole walks in. she runs out. "First EJ, now Brady.. that little witch is going to wish she never set foot in Salem," Nicole vows. Back inside, Taylor decides she has to go but wishes that Brady had stayed with her sister. He explains that they don't work as a couple. After Taylor leaves to walk down to the pier and marvel at her own stupidity, Nicole returns to the bar.

May 12, 2011
You Were You.

As the two Rafes wrestle at the safe house, Sami threatens to shoot them. RoboRafe asks for the gun but it goes off and she shoots him in the shoulder. She tells him to stop whining. "You're not Rafe," she says. When RoboRafe lurches for her, Rafe pounds him to the floor. They tie him up and Rafe teases her about what a crummy shot she is. "I looked at you and you were you and I knew," she tells him. He still doesn't know who she is but says she seems memorable. She tells him what she thinks happened and then about her many children. They go over what he remembers and she explains that this has all happened before. He wants to call the cops but she refuses because EJ would disappear with her kids. He gags and ties his doppelganger up on the toilet so he and Sami can try to reminisce.

Nicole corners Brady at the Cheatin' Heart to interrogate him for letting Taylor cry on his broad shoulders. He's surprised she's so jealous. She insists she's not; she just doesn't want him to get hurt by her cliche sister. "We're over! Move on," he reminds her, telling her to leave her sister alone. She stomps out.

At Maggie's, she tells Victor that he's made her feel treasured but she can't live her life the way he wants her to. They're just not meant to be. "I'm sorrier than I could ever say," he says before sadly walking out. She's sorry too. She calls her daughter to say how much she misses being with family. Meanwhile, Victor goes home ranting on the phone. Brady interrupts and reminds him he's still out of the business. Victor thought that their hug meant he could come back. "Think again," Brady says. Victor heads back to Maggie's to tell her that he's been punishing Chloe unfairly because Philip left. All he really wants is to share his life with Maggie and that means he has to change. She's all he ever thinks about. She hugs him and sobs. He wishes he could be the man she deserved, but talk is cheap and he doesn't think he can change. "I'm sorry, more than you'll ever know," he says before solemnly leaving. She sobs.

At Casa DiMera, EJ explains that Nicole is blackmailing him to his sister. She's shocked he's such an idiot. He just wanted to be the man Taylor wanted him to be. After he gets his sister to promise her silence, Sami calls and announces that they need to talk. She tells him things aren't going well with Rafe so she needs him to look after the children while she arranges the divorce. He gets smug when he hears Rafe is gone. After saying how sorry he is, she hangs up on him and throws a tantrum. EJ gleefully tells his sister the news. He asks her to pass along a note to Taylor. "Oy vey," she groans, taking it and leaving. She runs into Taylor moping on the pier and gives her the note. Left alone, Taylor reads it. It says he will always love her. Back at Casa DiMera, EJ finds Nicole in his bed. She refuses to sleep in any other room. He gets in bed and she tells him she has to keep an eye on him and where he sleeps. "You go to hell," he says. She smiles.

Back at the safe house, Sami thanks Rafe. They sit down and try to figure out their next move. He wishes he could remember them being a couple and promises to do whatever he can to get revenge. He's shocked when she tells him she has a son in high school. "I got started early," she explains.

May 13, 2011
Sewing Kit Surgery And A Midol Commercial.

At the hospital, Carly is eying some pills and trying to control herself when Jenn interrupts her. She gives her the new regulations set up to stop all of the drugs being stolen. Jenn vows to find out who the thief is. She putters off and Carly ponders her next move. She goes home and digs up her passport. Lawrence's ghost shows up and mocks her. "Which one of your little pills makes a ghost go away?" he asks, taunting her. She quivers and cries. He tells her she's lonely and pathetic. "Have fun going down the drain," he says. She closes her eyes and he vanishes. Agitated, she calls the pharmacy for a prescription. She goes down to pick it up.

Mel goes to the Cheatin' Heart to stuff her face with wings. Dario asks Adrienne if he can go and say so long to his brother. Mel asks him where he'll go now. Adrienne tells him she can live in her old place and then saunters off. Mel and Dario bicker about him moving in next to her. She offers to help him move to make up for saving her life. They leave and Justin shows up to gossip with his wife. Meanwhile, Dario and Mel try moving his futon. She drops it on his foot. He hands her a bag of chicken and she goes into her apartment. "So what happens next?" he wonders to himself.

Bo is in his office looking over the work RoboRafe left behind. Hope shows up to tell him he's late for dinner. She looks at the files and then asks him what really happened the day Ciara and Theo were found. They worry about Sami and then head over to the Cheatin' Heart to see Justin and Adrienne. Hope congratulates him and insists that she means it. Justin says they were both a little lost but they've found their way back to the people they were meant to be with.

At the safe house, Sami clinches Rafe's hands and tells him she'll never let him go again. He jumps across the room. He tries to start the reminiscing. "I want my life back," he announces. Before they can kiss, RoboRafe starts banging his head against the bathroom door. They drag him out and look at his infected wound. Sami thinks they should let him die. She remembers there's a dollar store sewing kit and some JD by the toilet. After they clean him up, Rafe says it's weird to hate someone who looks just like you. She goes on and on about how they will get him back to normal. He becomes disoriented and she notices he has a fever. She starts showing him pictures of the kids and then talks about losing Grace.

Chad and Abby are at the pub memorizing equations. When he talks about how much Stefano reads, she gets annoyed. They bicker. He points out that his father takes care of him and hers doesn't. Fries suddenly arrive. His phone rings and she asks him not to answer but then changes her mind. It's his dad asking him to come home. After he departs, Jenn arrives and starts questioning her. They discuss her feelings for Chad and she says that she hasn't been fair to him. This turns into a discuss of menstrual cramping and then a commercial for Midol. Abby runs off to get some at the pharmacy and finds Carly getting her drugs.

Stefano is at Casa DiMera drinking happily when Kate arrives. She sits and he tells her the latest about Sami and Rafe. "I would think she was used to losing husbands by now," she says. Kate notices that things are going so well for him it's like he planned it. They toast to Sami's misery. Later, Chad shows up and his father tells him that Sami is worthless so she's leaving the kids there. He worries that Johnny might feel abandoned so he thinks they should go to a theme park. Chad suggests that they try to keep things normal and guesses his father is using Johnny to keep him at home. As Chad heads up to bed, Kate returns and sits on her husband's lap.


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