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3rd Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 16, 2011
I Know All About You.

Daniel returns home and tells Mel that he helped Dario move his futon. She makes faces and runs off to work, running into Dario in the hall. He offers her beer or a sangria for being his 'moving dude'. She makes an excuse to avoid it and heads to work. Her father shows up and starts teasing her about Dario. She complains that he gets under her skin like Philip used to.

Chloe meets with Justin at the Cheatin' Heart. She tells him that she's scared she might never see Parker again. The diva tells him about her nightmares. He furrows his brow and doesn't understand why she's talking to him. She needs him to check on her son but he can't do that. She sobs so he wipes his face until she runs away. Adrienne comes over and Justin doesn't know what to do. They leave and Chloe returns to ask Dario if she can hang her ad in the window. Kinsey walks in. "OMG! You're Chloe Lane. I know all about you," she gasps. She starts babbling about "Hearth & Home." Chloe shuts her down and walks out, running into Quinn in the alley by the trash. She's not happy to see him. Back inside, Kinsey bickers with Dario and shortchanges him as she flounces off. As he goes through her purse, Mel comes in, catches him at it and starts lecturing him.

Adrienne and Justin sit at the pier and discuss his options with Chloe. She worries about her. The diva mopes by and then starts hanging her ad on the walls as they leave. Quinn reappears. She asks him to go away but he wants to make up for insulting her. The diva claims that she would give back his money but she already donated it to charity.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano is concerned to discover that RoboRafe hasn't touched his bank account. Kate walks in and guesses something is wrong. She offers to help and then leaves for her meeting. He calls Marco.

Viv is with Gus in the pub wondering who Stefano was keeping in the basement. She wonders how Stefano can stand Kate. "Kate is going to have a very, very, very bad day," she says. Gus worries that she still wants to seduce Mr. DiMera but she's determined to outwit him. "I will bring Kate to her knees. How ironic: isn't that where she launched her career in the first place?" Viv muses. Moments later, Viv barges into Casa DiMera and announces that she has an offer for him. She gives him a chance to screw Titan. He likes that idea. As they toast to 'crawling into bed together', Kate walks in and stares daggers. Kate accuses her of being an old crone sucking up to her husband. Viv runs away. Kate teases her husband and he insists that Viv just amuses him. "It's not amusing to me," she says. Meanwhile, Viv hurries back to Gus and tells him that her plan to drive Kate crazy is working.

At the safe house, Sami catches Rafe trying to get a peak at her as she dresses. He's feeling better and can remember her giving him a sponge bath. She's sure everything else will flood back. He likes hearing her talk and can see how he would have fallen for her. Sami is determined to find the silver lining in all of this. As she babbles, he remembers their wedding. She tells him he has lots of bad memories to remember because of her because of EJ. He asks her if they ever have any fun. They stare at each other until RoboRafe bangs his head against the wall to break the mind-numbing silence. They bring him out and take out the gag. He wants food so Rafe leaves to get some, but stays by the door to eavesdrop. Sami warns RoboRafe that she has good aim and throws things at him, then slaps him. She interrogates him and accuses him of having fun being EJ's scum. "You're that guy who kicks puppies... because deep down inside you know that you're not really a man," she says. He gets nervous as she plays with the gun. RoboRafe says that Rafe is just a 'manny' who cleans up after her. Rafe returns and she flounces off, leaving RoboRafe to gloat about Sami in the sack. This leads to him get a punch in the head. When Sami returns, Rafe asks her if she slept with his impostor.

May 17, 2011
I Want To Eat Some Of That Cheese.

On the pier, Chloe tells Quinn to get lost but he can't forget her and her cleavage. Daniel approaches with his groceries and interrupts. The diva says that all is well and sends him away. Quinn tries explaining that he wasn't thinking straight when he left her money. He claims that he really cares about her and wants to help her out. She tells him to forget all of this and walks away. The diva goes over to the Cheatin' Heart and meets with Justin. Quinn follows them in and listens as Justin tells the diva that he has some good news about Parker.

Jenn is on her phone at the pub, babbling about her upcoming date with Daniel. Justin wanders over to hand her some divorce papers. "It's final," he says before leaving. She reads them over until Hope shows up. Jenn's amazed that she's still thinking about Jack in spite of ending things. Hope starts spewing Alice Hortonisms until Jenn blows her nose on a napkin and runs off to get hiking boots. Then she heads over to Daniel's where he is packing cheese for their trip up the mountain. He senses something is wrong. They discuss the misery of divorce and he agrees to pre-empt their climb. She doesn't think she can be in a relationship right now. Daniel says that what went wrong was Jack's fault. She worries that he doesn't want something serious and this is all pointless. He tries to talk her around but she storms out.

Hope runs into Daniel at the hospital and discovers Jenn broke their date. She tells him about the divorce papers and how difficult Jack could be. The doctor doesn't know how anyone could abandon Jenn. She just happens to be in the next room and eavesdrops on their conversation. Daniel goes on and on about how terrific she is and wishes she had more self-confidence. When he goes home, Jenn shows up to say that she wants his cheese and won't let Jack ruin anymore of her life.

Nicole brings EJ breakfast in bed only to find him getting dressed. He hurls the tray at the wall and drops his wedding ring in her orange juice. She follows him downstairs, railing at him for getting scrambled eggs on the wall in their love sanctuary. "You used to be such a fun guy, now it's 'clean it yourself bitch'..." she comments. He doesn't understand why she is so immature and self-destructive. She warns him that she will be watching him from now on. He grabs her and threatens her to keep her mouth shut about Rafe. Nicole says that will only happen if he's nice. He rants that extortion is the only way she gets anything. Taylor arrives and eavesdrops. After a minute, she sneaks out. Nicole repeats her warning to her husband. Once she's gone, EJ mopes about being trapped and blames Rafe. Taylor rears her head again. "I know breaking things off with me wasn't your idea," she tells EJ as she approaches him. She demands to know what her sister has on him. Meanwhile, Nicole runs into Abe at the pier and says her sister was heading over to Casa DiMera.

At the safe house, Rafe asks Sami if she slept with the guy who stole his identity. She clams up but finally admits it. He doesn't know how she couldn't know it wasn't him in her bed. Sami tries explaining how he knew everything about her but she could tell something was wrong. He stares blankly. She cries and jumps up and down repeating her explanation. Rafe says he still would have known the difference if he was in her shoes. She knows that this is all insane and she fears that the nightmare isn't over. "I should have known," she sobs. He decides that he hasn't been fair to her. Rafe's just happy that they now have the chance to start over and fall in love again. Sami's amazed. She cries that she has him back and they kiss.


May 18, 2011
EJ Killed The Woman I Loved.

Brady is at the hospital when he notices Mel in Troy's room. She tells him that she's just saying goodbye. Troy's brain is the equivalent of a moldy sink sponge so he'll be taken to a vegetable hospice. She hates not knowing why he killed Ari. They wonder who was giving Troy orders. He's determined to find out. After he swans off, Victor arrives and chats with Mel, informing her that Chloe moved out of Maggie's. Brady returns and takes his granddad aside. He tells him that some old timers are missing him so he wants to give him a chunk of stock at Titan if he can have some information. Brady needs to know who he sold his drug operation to. After some prodding, Victor confesses it was EJ.

Hope drops by Maggie's to help her get rid of Mickey's old stuff. She has a hard time letting go of his fishing cap so Hope says that Shawn would be honored to have it. Maggie thinks that's swell. They have tea and cookies. The redhead admits that the grief hasn't gone away. She's tried to move on and find love again, but she's decided that will never happen. Hope starts going through her cruise wear and tries tells her that love can come back. Maggie blurts out that Victor gave up on her. Hope's surprised. Maggie says it was all about her mercilessly teasing him about his curmudgeonliness. She had hope for them but she's sure he's given up completely. Ciara returns from collecting junk and asks Maggie if she wants to go to the mansion and grab Victor's old pants. Later, Mel shows up to see if the diva is really gone. She and Maggie make up for fighting over Chloe and hug. Meanwhile, Victor heads home and finds Ciara and Hope waiting. He gives the little girl a doll. She names it Maggie.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Quinn eavesdrops as Justin tells Chloe that he's going to try and get her visitation rights. She says she'll do anything for her little boy. Justin tries to keep her optimistic. She remembers trying to kill herself and nearly killing her kid. "Hang tough," Justin advises. As soon as he leaves, Quinn pops over to say this must be kismet. He feels like a jerk because she didn't have sex with him for the money. She tries to run away. He waves his lemon around and tells her that he's a fun and handsome guy who wants to take her out to dinner. She tries not to smile. He begs until she gives him her number.

Lexi runs into Nicole on the pier and calls her out for blackmailing EJ. Lexi lectures her and says this will all blow up in her face. She worries that this could lead to bad memories of Syd. Over at Casa DiMera, Taylor demands to know what her sister has on EJ. He gets on his knees and makes excuses. She tells him she overheard his argument with Nicole and wonders why he's letting himself be bullied. He wishes he could say something. Since he can't, she talks a lot to try and figure it out. Eventually he tells her that there are things he's not proud of. "Tell me the truth or set me free," she begs. He paces and breathes deep. Before he can tell her something, Nicole shows up and her sister rapidly departs. Elvis breaks the news that Taylor knows about the blackmail. He gets smug and she warns him that everything will be over if her sister finds out about Rafe. Meanwhile, Brady walks into the pub and finds Taylor drinking martinis. He tells her to stay away from EJ. "I just found out that EJ killed the woman that I loved!" he blurts out.


May 19, 2011
Uncontrollable Stuttering.

Daniel and Jenn return to his place from their hike. They flirt and discuss their next date. Eventually, piano music plays so they kiss. He heads over to work to annoy Maxine with his good mood. She asks him what he was doing. Jenn shows up and says she's sore. Maxine asks them if they were overdoing it together and then saunters off. Scott Albright wanders by. Jenn recognizes him from high school and they reminisce. He tells her about his divorce and she informs him that she's divorced too. Scott thinks they should commiserate. Daniel tries to hide his eavesdropping by reading a women's health manual. Later, Jenn corners Daniel and he seems annoyed by her chit chat with Scott. She think he's too easily threatened and they should end this now. He keeps blubbering about how great she is and she insists she wasn't going to go out with Scott. She tears up and feels like a fool. He hugs her.

At Maggie's, the redhead asks Mel about Victor. "He's in love with you," Mel says. Maggie thinks that's bullocks and says he's out of her life for good. Mel keeps giving her a pep talk and this raises Maggie's spirits. Over at the mansion, Victor is barking orders over the phone when Justin walks in. Victor informs him that he's back at the company. Justin wonders why and why Victor doesn't seem happier about it. The mustaches talks about love and quotes Gershwin tunes. He feels like his life is a big, fat waste. Later, Maggie shows up and he gets nervous. She thinks he's afraid of facing her because it might lead to relationship failure. Maggie doesn't want him to be someone he's not because she adores the man behind his mean facade. He still doesn't think he can be the man she wants. She claims she's been arrogant to insist he change. After she gives him a kiss, she walks out.

EJ drinks at Casa DiMera and thinks of his non-confession to Taylor. He smashes his glass as his dad walks in. Stefano wonders what's wrong with him. "I trust that's a rhetorical question," EJ says. Johnny jogs in wanting to see Rafe. His father tells him about Rafe and Sami's fights and the little boy worries that he might be gone forever. "Are you leaving me too daddy?" he asks. EJ assures him that he will never leave. Johnny doesn't want to wear Rafe's FBI jacket anymore and takes it off. Elvis is as pleased as punch. After Johnny goes upstairs, Stefano congratulates his son on getting everything he ever wanted. EJ is glum.

In the pub, Brady informs Taylor that EJ had Ari killed. "Lalala! I'm not listening!" she says, trying to run away. She thinks he's off base and tells him to go to hell. He grabs her and tells her to forget it but she wants to know everything. Brady tells her the hit and run story and how EJ is head of the local drug cartel. Since Troy's in a coma, EJ will get away with murder. She stutters so uncontrollably she nearly falls over. He thinks she must be worried about her sister. She encourages him to go to the police but he puts the kibosh on that idea and swears her to secrecy. She heads straight to Casa DiMera to confront EJ.

Dario is at the Cheatin' Heart arguing with his bookie on the phone. He asks Adrienne if he can get an advance. She can't give it. After she walks away, he throws his rag and Mel walks in to tease him and then abruptly walks out. Gabi shows up and suggests that Mel is the only reason he's sticking around town. He claims that he can't stand Mel. Gabi thinks annoying women is just his seduction strategy. She claims that Mel is out of his league. Meanwhile, Abby shows up at Mel's. There is much blubbering. Mel says that Dario is a complete jerk and, making it worse, he lives across her hall. Abby says they can get him evicted. They hear banging on Dario's door. Mel goes out and finds his bookie looking for him.

May 20, 2011

At the hospital, Jenn tries explaining her feelings to Daniel. She wanders off and runs into Scott. She asks him if he was asking her out on a date earlier. He insists he just wanted coffee. She tells him she's seeing someone anyway. Daniel stands a few feet away and listens in. The doctor and Jenn head over to the pub but he gets called back to work. She offers to bring him lunch on the job.

Chloe walks into the pub and gasps as she finds Kate talking to Parker on the phone. The diva tries to grab the phone. The women bicker. Chloe worries if he's eating solid food or not. Stefano calls his wife and asks her over to Chez Rouge for dinner. Kate tells the diva that hanging out at bars in the middle of the day won't make her look stable and stomps off. Chloe sits at the bar to cry. Quinn shows up and she fills him in about Kate. This perks her up so she decides to fix herself up for their date. While she's in the toilet, he gets a mysterious call. When she returns, he's ordered her a drink. She spots Daniel and Jenn smooching outside and sucks down her lemon drop. Jenn comes in and chats with Caroline. Chloe has another drink. The diva tells Quinn she wants to go home. He doesn't think she should be alone and tells her how much he wants to help her. He takes her to his hotel room and says she deserves to be happy... or forget her troubles for awhile. As they have sex, she calls out Daniel's name. That doesn't bother him. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jenn return to work. Maxine watches them making out in the hall.

Kate arrives at Chez Rouge where Stefano has prepared a romantic dinner for her. She gives him the silent treatment. He guesses she's annoyed about Viv. She accuses him of keeping something from her. He explains that he's not interested in any of Viv's offers. "It's not worth losing my wife over," he says. She thinks that's 'de-lovely' so they hold hands and she asks what he's giving her for dessert. They go outside and the wind starts to blow. "An ill wind?" he wonders.

Sami and Rafe find some dive to stay in. He spontaneously starts remembering things from the safe house days. There's a montage of Safe moments. He wipes his face and remembers everything. They laugh. He picks her up and kisses her. "You have always been in my heart," she says. They jump in bed, strip down and make love. Meanwhile, RoboRafe is bound to a chair in a storage room. He struggles to get free and falls over. Sami and Rafe show up. She slaps him and then tells him to access the DiMera cash. He claims he canceled the card.

Taylor shows up at Casa DiMera to confront EJ about being a murdering drug dealer. He wonders if she really wants the truth. She pouts. After he sarcastically tells her what a saint he is, she throws a drink at him. Taylor doesn't think he's clever and demands the truth. From the look on his face, she can figure it out. He insists that he didn't order Ari's death. Learning of her death made him want to turn himself in... so that's what he'll do. He hesitates and lets her watch a flashback about his father explaining why he shouldn't turn himself in. EJ says he couldn't turn himself in because he loves her. This doesn't impress her. He explains that this is who he is and she's just in love with the imaginary him. He'd like to be a better man and claims he gave up the drug business the day Ari died. She thinks he lets his father run his life so he challenges her to turn him in. Taylor refuses and he tells her that he lives with the guilt everyday. EJ claims that he hasn't done anything illegal since Ari died. She walks out and goes down to the pier to ponder. Meanwhile, EJ remembers giving his drug business to Quinn.


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