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4th Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 23, 2011
The Queen Is Not Amused.

Jenn nearly catches Carly stuffing her face with pills in front of the pub. They go inside. Jenn's phone isn't working so she goes through Carly's purse for hers. They start talking about when they were in boarding school. Jenn asks her about her feelings for Daniel. The doctor insists they are just friends but urges Jenn to go for it with Dr. Jonas. She jogs out

Quinn and Chloe are in his hotel room smooching and talking about how much fun they're having. She asks him about his traveling salesman job. He tells her it's boring but he'll be around town a lot more to see her. "That's better than being alone," she says. They make out and then he leaves for a meeting. She seems happy. As he wanders through the alleys, we see he has her on video.

In the pantry, Sami sticks the fake credit card in RoboRafe's face. He smugly tells her it was canceled. Rafe sends Sami off to run an errand and then stands quietly so his doppelganger will talk his head off. He loses his cool when RoboRafe trashes Sami. She shows up with a laptop. When RoboRafe makes another snide remark, Rafe punches him out and then hacks into his account. He digs around but doesn't find any connection to the DiMeras. She starts to think he might be giving up but he's not. Sami starts crying again about how she should have known that she was with a fake Rafe. When she tells him that RoboRafe rescued the kids, he wonders why. As they talk, it comes out that Sami knows all about EJ's dummy corporation, the same one that paid off RoboRafe. He thinks it's time to bring in the cops.

Chad shows up at the hospital with flowers. He runs into Lexi and starts stuttering until Abby drifts over. Lexi leaves as Chad hands Abigail the flowers. She didn't know being a bitch would get her flowers. "You and me... I don't think it's going to work," she says, pointing out how annoying she is. He thinks that's just because she cares. Chad wants to have lunch with her every day. She'll have to think about that but kisses him. When he leaves, she runs into Carly, who spills her purse. Abby manages to pick up Carly's pills.

Taylor paces at the pier and thinks about EJ's assurances that he's not a criminal anymore. Nicole shows up and starts mocking. Taylor accuses her of being conniving and blackmailing EJ. The sisters argue and Nicole accuses her of getting 'friendly' with every man she's been with. Nicole insists that she, EJ and the kids are a family. He might be upset right now but he'll get over it. She barks at her sister to go far away and get her own life. They part ways. Taylor goes to see Lexi and wonders how she could have screwed up so much. Lexi lays all of the blame on Nicole. Since Taylor knows her sister will never back down, she decides to take action.

EJ is shredding his drug files at Casa DiMera. He explains to his father that he's pulling out of everything except the legitimate side of the business. His father chuckles and doesn't see the big deal. EJ admits he might still be implicated in some crimes. Stefano wants more information about what's up but his son is evasive. When Stefano walks off, Nicole shows up to confront her husband about opening up to Taylor. She orders him to keep his mouth shut. He guffaws. "You're at the pleasure of the queen and right now she's not amused," she reminds him. He reminds her that she never holds the upper hand for long. She goes down to the pub to see Chloe, who tells her she met a guy. "Have you slept with him?" she asks before complaining about her sister. The diva tells her she can't go after her own sister. "She's dead to me," Nicole says. Meanwhile, Taylor calls EJ and asks him to meet her in the park.

Chad meets with Stefano at the Cheatin' Heart. He complains about his lunch schedule changing and asks his dad to have it changed. Stefano teases him so Chad assumes that he must have had this done to keep him from Abby. His father protests he's innocent but Chad storms off insisting he will see Abby when he wants. Stefano laughs.


May 24, 2011
Think Again Cookie.

Sami tries convincing Rafe not to involve the police. She worries that EJ will squash the investigation. He backs down and she says they can take EJ down together. She calls Bo and asks him about Rafe's job performance. Her uncle tells her about his weird behavior around the kids. She gets off the phone and they question RoboRafe about where he was leaving town for. RoboRafe snorts and says he's not as dumb as he looks but then taunts Sami about their sex life. She throws him a microwave dinner and Rafe announces that's his last meal. They shove RoboRafe back in the bathroom and then have a hug fest.

At the hospital, Abby finds Carly's pills after accidentally spilling her purse. She wonders who 'Katherina' is so Carly makes something up and gets snappy, telling her to keep her mouth shut. The doctor keeps babbling and then asks her to keep this quiet. Bo shows up and Abby runs off. He wants to talk about her feelings. She wants him to keep his distance. He won't do that because he can see she's changed. She accuses him of just being with her until Hope got to be needier than she was. He keeps questioning her but she refuses to be patronized and walks away. She goes off and pops some pills.

At home, Kate calls Lucas to check in and tell him Rafe is gone. Johnny comes in and he's angry. He wants to know why Rafe went away without saying goodbye. She tells him his real daddy and grandpa will always be there for him. As he worries about Rafe, she hugs him and assures him everyone loves him. Meanwhile, Gus is bored at Viv's as she stares at her phone and wills Stefano to call her. A text comes in from him. He wants to meet her at the Cheatin' Heart. Gus tells her that's a dive. She's unphased. They head over and she sends him away. Kate shows up. Viv gags and starts playing pool. They start trading barbs. Kate guesses she's there to meet Stefano and explains that she sent the text. "He's not interested in you," Kate says, mocking her and telling her not to bother her again. After she storms out, Viv mumbles, "You better think again cookie."

Taylor meets EJ in the garden and tells him that his wife knows about them. "She's blackmailing you because she hates both of us," she says. He tries to calm her worries. She tells him that her sister won't be moving on with Brady. Elvis explains that her sister just wants to punish them, but he won't let that happen. She stares glumly and he promises he will take care of things. Taylor questions him about Ari and he glosses over the story, before repeating that he wants to be the man she loves. When he offers to tell her everything about him, she gets scared. She explains that she talked to the DA and could have had him arrested but she backed down: she couldn't do that to him. He talks about the guilt he feels for what happened. "I don't want to be without you," she admits. EJ says she doesn't have to be and they kiss.

Gabi and Will are at the pier discussing Rafe. She worries his mom won't want her around anymore because she's a reminder of her brother. They take some boxes to the pub and discuss their upcoming graduation. He promises that the Bradys will be there to support her. They go in the storage closet to make out and then talk about Rafe some more. She thinks about what a jerk her brother became. Rafe and Sami walk in.


May 25, 2011
It's Cold In My Shadow.

At the pub, Gabi tries to think of the good times with Rafe. Sami and Rafe suddenly walk in together and are greeted by bewildered stares. Will gets sarcastic and Gabi tells her brother she never wants to see him again. He starts apologizing but she storms off. Will follows her. Rafe is outraged by whatever his doppelganger did to make his sister hate him. They head back to the loft and she finds his wedding ring. Sami slips it back on her husband's finger. She also notices that RoboRafe left behind divorce papers and a note. They laugh and Rafe says it's time for payback. Meanwhile, Will tells Gabi how much his mom annoys him and never keeps him in the loop. He admits that he was going to do the same thing... he got them a room for promo night. She's okay with that but he's shaking in his boots.

Carly and Daniel are in his office making jokes about a patient. He has to rush off to see Jenn. She pops some pills. Out in the hall, Mel and Abby start teasing Daniel and Jenn. The adults run off and Abby worries about Dario. Mel changes the subject. As they chat, Carly rushes over and demands to know what they are talking about. She backs down and her daughter suggests she get some fresh air. Carly takes Abby down the hall and lectures her about confidentiality. Abby swears to keep her mouth shut about the pills. She runs off as Lexi arrives and asks Carly to cover for a few hours while Daniel is on his date. Carly snaps her pencil and then stares at it like a hungry rhino. Lexi wonders if Carly was interested in Daniel. Carly claims it's nothing and Lexi hurries away. Dr. Manning pops some pills and then drops to the floor.

Jenn takes Daniel to the Cheatin' Heart for nachos and pool. He tries giving her a pool lesson. He admits that he doesn't know anything about pool and is just copping a feel. As they make out, Adrienne comes in and drops some glasses when she sees the scene. Daniel fixes her bloody hand and Jenn guesses Adrienne isn't cool with this. Leyla spots Jenn and calls her over to sit with a date rape victim. Jenn jumps into counseling her. Daniel watches. She returns to him and he guesses she was raped. Jenn doesn't want to talk about it so she does, explains that she was raped by Lawrence. She starts telling him all about Carly. As she tells him what her real name is, Abby walks in and is shocked to hear it.

Dario's bookie calls him at work to threaten to smash his kneecaps. Adrienne walks over with the bank deposit in a lunch bag and asks him to get it in by the evening. He smiles. When he walks down by the pier, the bookie shows up demanding cash. Mel wanders by and spots them. Dario begs for a few more hours. Mel picks up a handy club and smashes the guy's head in. She smiles but Dario isn't so happy.

At Casa DiMera, Nicole tells Stefano that her sister is leaving town. "It's cold in my shadow," she says. Later, Sami calls him to say she's back and wants to see the kids. She adds that Rafe is back with her. He's shocked and angry. She hangs up and then puts a wire on Rafe.

Out in the garden, Taylor tells EJ that she doesn't want to be without him. They suck face until she stops him, saying he has to wait. He doesn't think they should still be ringing their hands about her sister. EJ says that she's 'the woman' for him. He picks her up and his phone goes off. Stefano orders him home immediately. "He's back!" he says. EJ tries acting cool but Taylor can see something is wrong. He won't explain and asks her to wait for him while he runs off. EJ runs into Casa DiMera and his father fills him in. Elvis is outraged. They call Rafe over and EJ insists he will deal with the 'moron'. Rafe arrives pretending to be RoboRafe pretending to be Rafe. He explains that he's back because of Sami. Meanwhile, Nicole finds her sister in the garden and tells her she should be gone. "I am not going anywhere," Taylor says, accusing her sister of being everything EJ says she is.

May 26, 2011
Eliminate Him.

Mel is shocked when Dario isn't happy to have her knock out his bookie on the pier. As they bicker, Brady shows up. They explain what happened as the bookie wakes up and threatens to kill them. Brady introduces himself and tells him he's on Kiriakis territory. He gives him some cash to forget all about it. Once the bookie hobbles away, Mel gives Brady a hug. Grudgingly, Dario thanks him.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Abby is startled when she hears her mom tell Daniel Carly's real name. Jenn wonders why she's so shocked. Abby acts distracted and walks away. Victor calls to tell Daniel he wants him to look at his ulcer. The doctor invites Jenn along for the excitement. They go to the mansion. After he checks out Victor's acid reflux, Victor tells them he's very pleased to see they're an item. "Daniel, I think you finally got it right," he says. Daniel walks off to take a call, leaving Victor to say his godson has finally shown some good taste. They take out the old photo album to look at pictures of Daniel. She gasps when she sees how great his dead wife looked. Victor tells her to grab him by both hands because she won't do any better. Daniel returns. He needs to go back to work so Jenn walks him to the door. After she kisses him, she worries about how beautiful his exes have been.

Taylor and Nicole are in the garden telling each other how much they hate each other. Nicole prods her sister to admit that she loves EJ. This only makes Nicole feel worse so she accuses her sister of destroying her life. Taylor says she's destroyed her own life every chance she's had. She defends EJ but Nicole still refuses to let him go.

Rafe is at Casa DiMera pretending to be his double and wearing a wire. He tries to get Stefano and EJ to talk about what they did. Elvis tells him he's not welcome there. Rafe chews some ice. EJ starts leaping and yelling until his father calms him. Kate shows up and wonders what's going on. When they explain that Rafe is back with Sami, Kate can't believe how stupid she must be. Stefano leads his wife away and Elvis wonders what changed between Sami and her 'husband'. They go around in circles until Rafe 'accidentally' breaks a vase and excuses himself. Once Kate leaves, the men wonders what is going on. EJ thinks the double might have fallen for Sami. Stefano expects his son to solve his own problems for once. "Eliminate him," he suggests.

Back at the safe loft, Sami's listening in until Caroline shows up to interrupt. She starts trashing 'the cheating bastard' and demands to know why she would forgive him. Sami tells her a story but her grandma doesn't buy it. She lectures her until Sami throws the fact that she cheated on Shawn in her face. That shuts her up. Once she's gone, Rafe returns and starts complaining about how hard this is. He needs to learn to be more like 'Javier'.

Carly wakes up on the floor of her office. A guard walks in and offers to get her help but she doesn't want any. He wants to report this and send her home but she turns on the charm. As soon as he leaves, Abby shows up to confront her for lying. Carly explains that she's ill and the pills were take away all her problems. The doctor swears her to secrecy again. As soon as Abby leaves, Carly tells herself this has to stop but won't throw the pills away.


May 27, 2011
He Makes Me So Stupid!

Maggie is clearing up her kitchen when Chloe arrives. The diva is smiling and tells her she met a great guy. Maggie worries and then starts talking about Victor. Jenn arrives because she can smell all the cheese in the kitchen from outside. Meanwhile, Quinn wanders by the pier. He's on the phone telling someone about his business. Then he calls Chloe and asks her to meet him. The diva heads out, leaving Maggie and Jenn, who tells her that Victor has been pining for her. "Damn that man! He makes me so stupid!" Maggie says.

In her office, Carly tells herself that she's going to quit cold turkey. Daniel shows up. He hands her some cigars and asks her out for lunch. He calls her 'Katerina' on the way out as a joke. She sits down and tells herself again to stop taking the pills. When she wanders down the hall, Abby approaches her and encourages her to open up to someone about her illness. Jenn pops up. Abby runs off. As Carly finishes a chart, Daniel wanders by and starts kissing Jenn. When he leaves, Jenn tells Carly how insecure she feels about how 'va-va-voom' Daniel's other women have been. Carly tries reassuring her. When she goes back to her office, she has daydreams of Daniel coming in and making out with her.

Maggie brings Victor a casserole at his place. He says he's been looking for an excuse to see her but didn't want to cramp her. He thinks they should make a clean break. Maggie refuses to leave and tells him it's not time for him to start doing the right thing. She accuses him of being scared to get hurt. Maggie tells him to 'man up' so they can have some fun and then walks out on him. "I'm not scared!" he bellows.

Chloe meets Quinn on the pier and he offers to sing in the shower for her. They eat ice cream and he asks for a do-over. She's reluctant. He takes a call and mutters threats to an associate.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano and EJ bicker about priorities. Elvis blames his father for the mess they're in. Stefano threatens to reveal everything to Taylor unless they get rid of RoboRafe. Later, Chad comes in and tells his father that he won't let him take control of his life. Stefano asks him to warn him if he thinks he's pushing too hard. "I'm not bored... yet," Chad tells him as he leaves. His father chuckles. Chad goes out to the garden and chats with Abby. He says that his father gives him books to read and makes him feel smart for once. Sadly, she tells him that her father lost his interest in her when she stopped being a little girl. They decide to stop talking about their families and kiss.

Sami and Rafe are in the bed. He can't believe she could never tell the difference between him and his doppelganger. "You're him!" she yelps as he forces himself on her. She snaps out of it. It was a dream. Rafe assures her that the other Rafe is gone. EJ calls and offers to bring the children over. When he arrives with the kids, Sami sends them into the other room. EJ starts asking about Rafe and lecturing her. She claims that she still loves her husband and then blows up at him. Elvis is slightly confused. His brain starts working to figure out her reaction. She wants him to leave but he insists on talking to Rafe. Since he's supposedly not there, he leaves, sure that something is off. Meanwhile, Rafe hangs out with Johnny, who offers him a beer. When he turns it down, Johnny says he's different. Rafe explains that he's changed but they can still eat ice cream. He promises the kids he's never leaving again. Meanwhile, EJ returns to his father to say that Sami thinks Rafe has completely changed. This doesn't make sense to them. They ponder until Stefano comes up with an idea.


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