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1st Week of November Summaries

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October 31, 2011
Freakin' Joke.

Elvis saunters over to Marlena in the square. She tries to hide the disguised John. EJ wants to discuss her husband so they send John away. He tells her that he wants to keep everything peaceful for the children. "You can take your peace offering and go straight to Graceland," she says. They trade insults and she says that real people won't vote for him. Elvis gets self-righteous but she's better at that than he is. He warns her about turning down peace and she warns him that she is a powerful enemy. "You can ask your daddy about that," she snipes. Once EJ is gone, John returns to drag her off but Abe catches them. He orders them to go home immediately. They go home and make out.

Nicole spots Brady and Madison at the Halloween party and is sure to interrupt their flirting. Brady introduces the women. After some chit chat, Nicole takes Brady aside and starts questioning him about his relationship with the other woman. "It's so sad you're looking for someone just like me," she says. She's glad that they are still friends, even minus benefits. He questions her about working for EJ. She insists that Elvis isn't using her. Brady doesn't want to have to help her pick up the pieces of her life again but she insists that there is no romance going on. Brady vows to break EJ in half if he hurts her. Elvis clears his throat and calls her away. She and EJ drink champagne and she congratulates him on his performance tonight. When he brings up the kiss, she downplays it and departs. She returns a moment later, changes her mind and leaves again.

Daniel catches Jenn looking distracted and assumes she's thinking about Jack. She's worried that he will show up in his usual dramatic manner. Spotting the masked man again, she runs after him. She accuses him of being Jack and orders him to act like an adult, before she can tear away his mask, he runs off.

Mel and Maggie talk about the connection they've always felt. They're thrilled to known they are really family. Bo and Hope look over at Tom and Alice's memorial and smile. As Mel is welcomed to the family, Victor arrives and Maggie tells him the news. He finds it hard to believe, since he knew Daniel's parents. The cops lay out the evidence. Mel pushes Maggie to tell Daniel. The cops agree to help her and they all walk over. Victor looks pensive. Mel stutters to her father. The doctor gets uncomfortable because everyone is staring at him. Mel pushes Maggie ahead to explain things. Slowly, she tells him that she is his mother. He assumes this is a prank and explains that his parents are dead. The cops tell him the egg story. The doctor is still skeptical but Jenn assures him that the Salem PD never jumps to conclusions. Daniel is still sure this is a mistake. His parents never kept things from him. Maggie sobs and says her heart tells her that he's her son. The doctor asks Victor if this is true. He believes it. Daniel is in shock and slumps on a bench. He wants a DNA test. "You're my miracle," Maggie tells him. He takes Jenn home. She hugs him. Back at the square, Maggie worries to Victor that she acted too soon. Mel is sure that all will work out. Victor slips off to make a call. A few feet away, Hope blathers to Bo about how her Gran led them to the truth but she's sure there is more. He dips her and they kiss.

At the pub, Sami repeats her story that there is something wrong with John because of Stefano. Rafe has a hard time believing he's guilty. She aggressively makes tea and he continues assuring her that he is on her side. Brady and Madison show up and chat across the room. They begin debating about work. He doesn't think she can make decisions without running them by him but she feels exactly the opposite. She storms off. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe show up in the square. He reminds her that they met three years ago that night.

November 1, 2011
A Drug Dealing Pimp With No Pedigree.

Jenn wakes Daniel and Mel in her living room. They were up most of the night talking about Maggie's news. He still can't wrap his head around it. The doctor wants a DNA test, but that won't tell them why they are related. He's not sure he will ever be okay with this. He doesn't need or want another mom. Mel thinks he should talk to Victor about his parents and reminds her dad that he encouraged her to let Carly into her life. Mel dances off and Jenn hugs Daniel. She tries convincing him that having Maggie in his life could be a good thing. He thanks her for standing by him. "There's no other place I'd rather be," she says. He wants her in his life forever.

Victor goes up to see Maggie is her room. She was just telling her other kids her news. Victor listens as she gushes. She starts asking him what he knew about the parents. They go downstairs and chat about Daniel's parents some more. She thinks that she needs to let the doctor handle this in his own time. They start making out until Mel interrupts with the wedding checklist. Victor makes himself scarce. The ladies discuss Daniel. Meanwhile, Henderson asks his boss if he's okay. He's worried that his stomach is upset because he's the one who arranged for Daniel's parents to get the eggs. He wonders if Victor wants to tell Maggie this. "Tell me what?" Maggie asks as she and Mel burst in. Victor covers. Mel and Henderson leave to talk to the caterer. Victor promises his fiancee that nothing will spoil what they have.

Abby is trying to study at the pub but keeps thinking about Chad sucking face with Mel. Chadsworth arrives. She snaps at him and they discuss the adventures of his wandering tongue. "It's not the kiss, it's how intimate you were," she says. He tries apologizing and says he'd hate it if he caught her kissing one of her friends, like Will or Sonny. She's not sure they can make this right. He stutters. Abby wonders if he has a thing for Mel. He's sick of defending himself. The topic turns to her father. She can't concentrate and it's hurting her school work. They study, which leads to flirting. He putters off to get something and returns with study supplies. She's amazed by his ability to make flashcards and they make out.

Quinn strolls into the square and scares the crap out of EJ and Nicole. He breaks the news that Taylor got a new job and fell in love with it. It took her away from him too much so they split up. They don't understand why he's back but Quinn likes it in Salem. Elvis sends Nicole away and demands to know if Quinn hurt Taylor. He says he didn't and he's changed. "You're a drug dealing pimp with no pedigree," EJ sneers. Quinn warns him that he could tell the voters what EJ's past and pedigree are really like. This sounds like blackmail and Elvis caves immediately, offering him money to set up a new business. Nicole returns and Quinn announces that he will be joining them for lunch. He wanders off. Elvis tells her he's handling things. Moments later, they meet at the restaurant and Quinn starts telling them about his venture. He wants to start a martial arts/lifestyle spa in the town square. "Good luck with that," Nicole snaps. Quinn makes it clear that EJ will be funding him. The Aussie runs off. EJ chews on his fingers and says he has the pimp on a leash. She guesses he's being blackmailed. He assures her that he has everything under control. She rolls her eyes.

November 2, 2011
Shoe Goddess.

Hope and Bo meet with Abe and Lexi at the pub. The cops don't think it's right for the whole town to hate John. Abe thinks it's more complicated. Bo starts speaking up for what Rafe did so Abe warns him not to misstep. The topic changes to Maggie's newfound son. Reluctantly, the Carvers leave for lunch with Stefano, insisting that no harm can come from it. The cops go to Alice's and start rummaging through her boxes. Since Alice's account is still active, they wonder what they missed. He tells her that they will always have each other regardless of what they find. He starts complaining that his 'tummy is grumbly'. She offers to feed him later and then finds a picture of some baby. They don't recognize it.

Sami is at the loft praying to the shoe goddess to help her find her shoe. Rafe finds it in in the fridge. He slips it on Sami's foot, peers up her dress and starts making out with her. She has to run off to work. The topic turns to his unemployment. Laughing, she says he'll be fine. He starts whining about Austin drinking all of his milk and leaving his wet towels all over the place. After she leaves, he checks the want ads and calls for a security gig. He calls around for some more more jobs, like nail painter, carpenter's assistant or nanny. Bo calls. Rafe groans. Bo offers to get Hope to write him a letter of reference.

"That woman is such a bitch!" Kate yells at Casa DiMera. Stefano needs her to be more specific about which woman she's talking about. She rants about Madison and Titan. He advises her not to tip her hand. She tells him what she's planning and it impresses him so much he pours them a drink to toast to her deviousness. Later, Abe and Lexi arrive for lunch. After appetizers, Abe gets curt and demands to know what the rumpus is. Stefano tells them he had nothing to do with John's predicament. Once they have their meal, Stefano suggests that Abe drop out of the race. The Carvers are offended. Stefano explains that he actually thinks Abe should run for governor and offers to pull some strings for him. Lexi's indignant and Abe thinks he must be desperate. "It's you I'm worried about," Stefano says, explaining he wants to do what's best for his grandson. His daughter accuses him of being selfish. "Undermining my husband will make me extremely unhappy," she warns him. They storm off. Stefano groans. "Every family has their ups and downs," Kate quips. He's sure they will see he light. They run off to the kitchen for more dessert. They walk by the bookshelf where the same photo that Bo and Hope found is sitting in a frame beside a picture of EJ.

At Titan, Brady is snooping around Madison. She asks him why he's always in her face annoying her. He tells her he can hang out in his own office and reminds her he's the boss. She's territorial and mockingly tells him she has an 'opening' he can fill for her. They banter. He claims he can live up to her standards and says there's more to him that a 'Greek God physique'. She slips and admits she finds him attractive. He gets close to her cheek but Sami barges in, dropping her files all over the floor. Madison rushes off to take care of something. Sami bluntly asks him if he is sleeping with her boss. He claims he's just keeping an eye on his investment. His half-sister lectures him about inter-office dating and the 'icky' sexual tension. She says that all of his relationships end up in disaster and he can't risk damaging the business. Madison listens in at the door and then walks in, asking to speak to Sami alone. Once he's out, Madison tells Sami she didn't hire her to be a friend or therapist and she needs to stay out of her private life. "I'm really disappointed in you," she says. Sami's afraid she's getting fired. She's not. Sami warns her that Brady will break her heart and then runs away.


November 3, 2011
What If Sami's Right?

Bo and Hope arrive at the mansion and start talking about all of the wedding prep. They're on flower detail and chat about how opposites attract. "I don't know if we've been together so long in spite of it or because of it," she says, but she would marry him again in a heartbeat. He gets her champagne and pretends to be a French waiter before donning his leathers and pouring her a drink. They recall their many weddings and he hands her a 'Hope' diamond, which is actually a pipe-cleaner and light-bulb. She'd rather wear their wedding rings. She's been wearing them around her neck and asks him to put them back where they belong. Getting down on one knee, he asks her to marry him again. "Again and again and again," she sobs. He slips the rings on and they kiss. They discuss their favorite weddings. Memories of them still make her melt, but she's sure this is the marriage that will last forever. Looking at her fills his heart with joy. He's the only man she's ever really loved or will love. She's grateful for everything they've shared. They kiss and dance, wishing they could run off on a honeymoon.

At the loft, Rafe assures Sami over the phone that he has dinner and laundry under control. His sister arrives as he burns dinner. She thinks he's being over-ambitious and sends him off to pick up the kids, advising him to continue investigating John in his spare time.

Will meets Chad and Sonny at the pub. They tell him about their website being hacked. They worry this could get them into legal problems. "Think of what my family will do if I'm arrested for racketeering?" Sonny worries. Will tracks down who has been posting the gambling odds. They head to Salem U and go to the dorm room of the dude who has been hijacking their site. They barge into his room and start interrogating him. He feigns ignorance and innocence. After they tell him who they are related to, he explains that he's a pawn in a much bigger game. He shows them that there is a backdoor on their site to another one where people can gamble.

At the townhouse, John rants about going stir crazy. Marlena assures him he will be exonerated soon. Carrie shows up and tells them she's worried about their star witness. He throws his towel across the room and rails about Stefano. The witness calls to check in and all is well. Carrie is sure he will be enough to prove reasonable doubt. John wants more evidence. They talk strategy. Rafe shows up. Everyone thanks him for his hard work. He offers to help out since he has lots of time on his hands. Carrie takes him up on that and offers him a job. He's thrilled. John suddenly notices that Sami has been keeping her distance and realizes she must think he's guilty. Rafe says she just has a unique way of looking at things. Marlena explains that she doesn't think he's literally guilty, just mentally unbalanced. Everyone tries assuring him that things will be okay. After Rafe and Carrie leave, John worries he's ruining his family. Frustrated, he starts flashing back to more memories and then leaps up. He confesses that he's been having vague memories. "What if Sami's right? What if I am guilty?" he asks Marlena. Meanwhile, Carrie and Rafe go down to the pub. She worries that her sister won't be okay with him working for her. He tells her this is his only chance at a paycheck.


November 4, 2011
Anyone Except Me.

Jack drops in to pick up Jenn. She's not that excited to go skiing and demands to know about why he was spying on her on Halloween. He insists that he was in London. She demands proof and he claims he wouldn't throw away a chance to win her back by following her and 'Dr. Blondilocks' around. Her mood changes and she tells him how Daniel talked her into taking Abe's job offer. He tells her the doctor is a hell of a guy.

Carrie and Sami maneuver around her kitchen while Rafe and Austin bicker about the heating. Carrie sits down with her husband and says they need to try harder to find somewhere else to stay. She tells her sister that she doesn't want to cause any trouble and they want to keep the problems of the past in the past. Rafe agrees with that. As Carrie and Austin are about to leave, he learns that she will be meeting with Rafe later. She drags Austin off. Sami demands some answers from her husband. He tells her about his new job.

Carrie and Austin get to the station and bicker about Rafe. He thinks that she should have consulted him about hiring him. The bickering continues. He tries to change the mood by going on about how much he's missed her. Roman rears his head to check in. She goes off to see her client and Roman probes Austin about his personal life. They discuss the case and the cop tells him to abandon logic, forget the facts and trust his heart. Over at the pub, Rafe and Sami argue about him taking the job. She grits her teeth. Jenn and Jack bustle in to pick up their order. Caroline thanks them for the Halloween cookies. They say hi to Sami and Rafe. The women plod off to look at cosmetics samples and Jack chats with Rafe about Afghanistan. The former Fed tells him he had a similar experience in South America. He's startled when Jack informs him that he hasn't sought any counseling. As Rafe talks about it, Jack stutters and says he's just looking at the future now. Jenn returns to drag him off. Sami puts on her coat and orders Rafe to come with her so they can fight somewhere else. They go over to the square and he demands to know why she is so angry that he's working with her sister. She tries to shrug it off and won't explain why it bothers her.

At the townhouse, John gets annoyed when Marlena starts asking him about his memories. Roman shows up and tells them he's only there to check on them unofficially. They discuss the situation and John claims only the truth matters. After the cop leaves, Marlena begs John to let her help him. He can't shake the fact that he's been capable of doing terrible things he can't remember. "I could be just about anyone except me," he says, unable to be positive he's innocent. Carrie shows up and John tells her about the memories he's been having. Marlena reminds him that his meds cause deja vu. He explains that he's had memories of what happened in the photo since before it surfaced. "Why the hell do I remember it so vividly?" he asks. John worries that he could really be guilty. His wife tells him that only Stefano is responsible for this. John's reluctant to accept that. Marlena wants to hypnotize him.

Jack and Jenn have to pull over when a blizzard hits. They go into the nearest cabin. It's empty and has no electricity, just a wooden duck and some matches. The roads are all out so they are stuck. As she complains about the conditions, he starts to twitch as he flashes back to being suspended from a ceiling and beaten. When she finds some canned peaches under the floor boards, he remembers having jumper cables attached to his nipples and starts to spasm.

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