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2nd Week of November Summaries

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November 7, 2011
I Wrote That Crap!

Bo and Hope arrive at the mansion for the wedding rehearsal. It's snowing out and the roads are getting bad. Maggie is excited to have her new family. Across the room, Daniel isn't so happy. He downs some booze. Maggie wants to chat with him. He's not enthusiastic because he's still uncomfortable with this situation. She doesn't want them to lose the friendship they already have over this. Maggie moves on to giving Mel a birthday gift. "Can I call you grandma?" Mel asks. They giggle and hug. Daniel watches with dismay. He drifts into the hall. Victor follows him and they discuss the situation. He's sure that his parents wouldn't feel betrayed if he gets close to Maggie. When he returns to his fiancee, she asks him if he has any secrets he needs to tell her before they get married. "I love you more than life itself," he says. Henderson bustles in to tell them how bad the weather is. Victor asks him to get extra rooms ready. Daniel gets a text which confirms that he and Maggie's DNA match. She looks at him and knows what it says. With supreme awkwardness, they hug.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is rehearsing a speech before the mirror. He throws it away because it sucks. "I wrote that crap!" Nicole yells. "You should never insult your writers. We have ways of exacting exquisite revenge," she warns. He's apologetic and tells her he needs her... to help him prep for interviews. He misses their conversations with flying plates and suggests they have dinner in front of the fireplace. Over a meal, she helps him get ready for interviews. She's sure he's ready. "We spar so well together," he says. He explains that all of the servants have been sent home so he needs to get the champagne himself. Nicole accuses him of setting this up. He guffaws and claims he's not after her virtue. "The last thing I want to do is screw...uh things up," he says. After he doles out compliments, the power goes out. Elvis goes off to turn the generators on. That fails, but he has gas so he makes her hot chocolate. She's impressed by the marshmallows and shocked that he paid any attention to how she likes it. "I'm not doing this!" she declares. She reminds him of everything he's done to her. He starts to rant. They start to kiss and then tear off their clothes as they dive onto the couch.

At Titan, Brady suggests that Madison head home before the storm hits. She won't budge. He offers to order them dinner. After he pours them some wine, she tells him he actually has some good ideas. He calls to check on their food order. It's not coming. All of the roads have been closed so he gets a crowbar and breaks into a vending machine. They feed each other chips until he notices her "Big Lebowski" wallpaper. She could never be serious about a man who doesn't love it as much as she does. Madison begins telling him about her childhood. Her father abandoned the family for a stripper and she was stuck looking after three younger siblings until her mom died of cancer. She promised herself that she would never be a victim like that. Once she puts on her playlist, he gets her to start dancing with him. This leads to kissing.

Jack and Jenn are trapped in a cabin with no power or phone service. He starts hyperventilating and lunges at the door. As he remembers being tortured, he starts to spasm. He hits the floor and she tries to calm him. She tries to remind him of their happy memories in a cabin and starts singing to him as he breaks into a cold sweat. Jack starts to talk about what happened to him and she promises that he is safe with her. She's sorry for what happened to him and now realizes that he fought hard to get back to her. As she holds him in her arms, she confesses that she will always love him.


November 8, 2011
Take A Chance On Me.

The snowmobile squad take Bo and Hope away from the mansion. Maggie frets to Victor that they won't be back in time for the ceremony. The caterers, musicians etc. can't make it. "What did I ever do to Mother nature?" Maggie blurts out. She pouts and contemplates postponing. He's sure they will live happily ever after whenever they get married. Meanwhile, Daniel is heading for the door when his daughter stops him. Justin joins them and they wonder if the wedding will go ahead. Mel joins Maggie to find out. She encourages her to go ahead with it. Daniel pops in next to add his encouragement. Maggie asks him to give her away and then gets frazzled and starts apologizing. He agrees to do it. She says he's wonderful and drags him back to the guests. Everyone bustles off to suit up, except for Victor and Henderson. The butler congratulates him. "Maggie must never learn my secret," Victor says. He gets into his tuxedo and Daniel leads Maggie in. Justin begins the ceremony. Victor tells her how amazing she is and vows to make himself worthy of her. She acknowledges that she got a lot of flack for dating him, but he's always been generous and warm to her. She has total faith in him.

Madison wakes up beside Brady on the floor in his office. She can't remember what happened because of all the wine. He teasingly tells her about all of the fun they had. She pulls on a blanket and accuses him of taking advantage of her. "What do you do for fun? Comb your cat at night?" he asks. He keeps teasing her until he admits that nothing actually happened. She hurls shoes at him. He tries teasing her some more but she wants to leave. Brady says it doesn't look like things have been cleared outside. When he brings up what she told him last night about her childhood, she gets defensive. He calms her with compliments but she thinks opening up to him was a mistake. She gets dressed and calls for a plow. Brady puts his suit on and apologizes for being a guy. He offers to get her an embarrassing anecdote about himself and goes off to get them some stale donuts. When he returns, he tells her about losing his mother. He wishes that he had real memories of her. "Sometimes you amaze me Brady Black," she says, amazed he didn't have a perfect family. Their hands touch. She digs some champagne out of the fridge and they toast to Victor.

Nicole wakes up on top of EJ on the couch. She starts shaking her head. He tells her how wonderful last night was but she thinks it never should have happened. He's flirty and tries getting her to go for another round. They do it on the rug. She knows they have great sex but... He insists there's a lot more to it than that. When Gus nearly killed her, he realized that losing her would mean losing the only person who has ever understood him. "We're meant to be together," he says. There was a time when hearing that would have made her cry in joy, but too much has happened. He promises that he's changed and she's the only one for him. She refuses to trust him with her heart again after she's been hurt so many times. Almost dying made her reflect on how terrified she's been to be alone. He just wants them to embrace who they are with all of their faults. "I don't think our arms are that big," she says. "Take a chance on me," he says, leaning in for a snog and nose rub. They have sex again and then she stops him because this is too confusing. She's sure they will hurt each other again. He begs for a chance to restore their trust. Nicole gets dressed instead and tells him her judgment stinks so she has to go. He tells her they can win the election and take the kids back. Things can always be like they were last night. "I'm sorry," she says, walking out and sobbing.

November 9, 2011
Solid No-Brainer.

At the pub, Will shows Chad and Sonny how their site has been hacked into and linked up to illegal gambling sites. Chad says they need to keep this in the vault. Abby and Gabi arrive and ask if something is wrong. The boys cover and Will agrees to take a walk with the Gabster. Abby gushes to Chad about school and he suggests they go out tonight. As they smooch, Mel walks in and almost falls over. Abby putters away as Will returns. The boys bicker about what's going on. Mel interrupts and tells them girlfriends don't like it when their boyfriends keep secrets. Chad and Mel sit together and she asks him to fill her in. He won't. She tells him girls don't need to be protected. He tells Mel not to meddle and makes some sexist generalizations about how women can't keep their traps shut. Chadsworth insist that he doesn't want to put anyone in an awkward position. Mel finally agrees to keep her mouth shut and they hug. Sonny and Will rush over to say that everything has been cleared up. As soon as they turn their backs, the gambling icon reappears on their site.

Brady and Daniel finish their jog in the square. They discuss yesterday's freak-out and the wedding. The doctor grumpily talks about how Jenn was stuck in the storm with Jack. Daniel worries about whether she and her ex held up their part of the 'no sex clause' in their dating agreement. Brady encourages him to 'accidentally run into' Jenn fast. They jog off.

Meanwhile, Jack takes Jenn home and he is eager to run. She wants to talk about his freak out. He insists that he's fine now. She doesn't want him to shut her out. It's hard for him to talk about his problems but he admits that he's had a lot of attacks. Jenn thinks he should see a shrink but he's not ready for that. He just wants to concentrate on the future. They admit to how much they love each other and kiss awkwardly. She runs. He runs after her. They suck face more. Daniel runs up to the door and spots them through the window. Brady joins him to see the sight. They jog away. Jack finally pulls away for oxygen. Abby pops in. She admits to her father that she's been hard on him so she sort of apologizes. This half-assed gesture means a lot to her parents so she clarifies that she's still mad. Abby still loves her dad though, even though he really hurt her. She asks her father why he keeps leaving. He can't explain. She doesn't understand. He's determined to prove how much he loves her. She's willing to try working on their relationship. Jack begs for a hug. They look at her baby pictures.

The men return to the mansion. Brady thinks they should box away all of the stress. Daniel punches as they discuss the situation. His friend encourages him to talk to Jenn before he decides anything. The doctor is sure that Jenn has already made her choice. Brady encourages him to fight for her. "That's what I'm going to do," Daniel decides. He sends Jenn a text but she's too busy to answer.

Carrie and Rafe sit on a patio in the square, eating and talking about her witness. He offers to look out for him and thanks her for the job. He says she gave him a 'solid' and she say it was a 'no-brainer'. They discuss their annoyed spouses and their hands touch as they each try to pay the bill. Meanwhile, John paces the townhouse and Marlena repeats that she's sure he's innocent. He's not convinced and worries things are about to get worse. After everything Stefano did to him, he doesn't know what he's capable of. She's determined that hypnosis can get to the bottom of everything. "I know who you are," she says. Carrie and Rafe arrive. John sits down and clears his mind so the hypnosis begins. They start with less disturbing things, like their first wedding day. When she moves on to one of their re-marriages, he doesn't want to talk about it. After some prodding, he says he killed a man, some French diplomat he was ordered to kill. He shot him and ate a croissant. Carrie says the guy is still alive. John is certain it happened. Marlena is sure it didn't happen. She wakes him up. They tell him what happened. Now he doesn't know his real memories from the fake ones. Rafe and Carrie leave, promising that everything will work out. Marlena is still optimistic but John is sure he's screwed.

November 10, 2011
Mixed Signals.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is admiring his own speech writing. Nicole thinks it's time for her to resign. He wants to talk about last night. She says they just had sex because there was nothing better to do and they're over. "It's like toothpaste: once you squeeze it out, it's just one big gooey mess," she explains. He wants to try to make things work. She pulls away and hands him divorce papers. He doesn't understand why she is slamming the door on their future. Then EJ points out that this will be bad for his publicity. She stops his shouting by explaining that she won't file officially until the election is over. He refuses to sign but she insists this is what she wants. "This marriage should have never happened," she sobs. He asks her if their last night meant anything to her and tells her she is the most maddening and bewitching woman he has ever met. When he tries to kiss her, she bats him back and accuses him of confusing sex with a relationship. He knows they have a poor track record. She makes it clear that she wants what Tom and Alice had. "We both want the same thing," he says. Nicole can't do it anymore. Sadly, he signs the divorce papers and storms out.

Over at the loft, Austin and Carrie finally got a hotel room so they're packing up to leave and looking forward to some alone time. Rafe tells Sami he had a party planned for them and the kids at the pub. The kids come in and hand their aunt and uncle a goodbye card. The guests leave and Rafe cries, "Hallelujah!" The kids head to the pub with Rafe and Sami. The adults drink to celebrate losing their guests while the kids look at baseball cards and play with dolls. While the kids are having a tea party, Rafe encourages his wife to pay John a visit. She repeats her doubts about him.

Carrie and Austin check into their new room. He complains about how tense it was in the loft. He assures her that she's the most important thing to him and they smooch. After they have sex, she starts talking about how randomly people meet. She wonders if it's destiny. "Sami and Rafe? I just don't get it," she admits. Austin thinks they are solid but she's totally perplexed. He only cares about them. They get dressed and head to the pub to raid the tea party. They want to spend some time with the family before the trial. It's awkward. Rafe and Carrie chat about their witness. He vows to keep searching for evidence. EJ arrives outside and sadly peers in as they take family pictures.

Madison tracks Brady down in his office and pointedly asks him why he has been avoiding his father. He's defensive so she offers to accompany him. She's sure he cares about his father more than he's willing to admit. Meanwhile, at the townhouse, John just wishes he could spend his lat night before the trial taking his wife out. She whips out her copy of "Ghostbusters" but he's determined to go out. She forbids it. Brady and Madison arrive. John is amazed and throws his arms around him. They small talk. Madison tells Marlena she'd love her opinion on some products. "I love giving my opinion," Marlena oozes. The ladies run off to get them some takeout. The men have a beer and Brady assures his son he's been thinking about him. John wishes he hadn't been so judgemental of him in the past and he's proud of him. "That is a fact," he says. Brady says it's time they start over. They toast and John starts asking his son about Madison. They talk about women and John assures him Madison isn't sending mixed signals. Down in the square, the ladies chat and Madison claims that she's not that close to Brady. She gets uncomfortable. They return to the townhouse. Marlena invites their guests to the get together at the pub tomorrow. The men hug after Brady gives his dad some encouragement. After he and Madison leave, Marlena turns on the TV and they see a report stating that most Salemites want to see John go away for life.

November 11, 2011
Champion Of The Gaggle.

Bo and Hope drop by Jenn's. They discuss the trial and Bo putters off. The women worry that John can't get a fair trial. They go through more of Alice's boxes and Hope worries about why the payments are still going through her accounts. Pouring tea, Jenn discusses her dating issues and how vulnerable Jack has become. She doesn't know how to help him but knows she has to. It's impossible for her to choose between the two men. They notice the baby picture. It's familiar to Jenn but they don't know who it is. They also find a paperweight that says "To Alice, a symbol of our bond" and is signed with Stefano's phoenix. The women are shocked and confused.

In his hotel room, Austin watched the negative news about John. Carrie tells him she'll be walking through the angry crowds soon. He worries. She's more worried about John. Over at the loft, Sami is complaining to Rafe about having to go to the pub to show John her support. She feels like Roman just set this up to get to her.

Roman smuggles John and Marlena into the pub. The couple discuss his guilt as a masked man listens in and unpacks his gun. Caroline gives John her support. John keeps doubting himself. Marlena advises him to downplay that. Rafe and the kids arrive. Sami shows up a minute later. John nearly plotzes when he spots her. The kids give him a card. Sami makes faces. John thanks her for coming. She hugs him. He goes off to play with the kids and Marlena thanks her daughter for coming. Marlena sits down with Will and asks him how things are going with Gabi. Roman announces the departure plans. John is determined to go to the court house alone for everyone's security. Marlena won't allow that. He thanks everyone for everything. As Sami gives him a hug, a shot rings out. Roman yells at everyone to stay down as shots keep going off. It stops for a minute. John blames himself. The shooting starts again. When it finally stops, John keeps apologizing until they notice that Johnny is gone. Everyone begins shouting for him.

Bo and Austin are at the station discussing the big crowd at the court house. Austin doesn't know how Bo can watch Hope go off to work everyday. He worries about his wife's safety. Bo assures him Roman and the Feds won't let anything happen. He says that he copes with his worries by never taking Hope for granted. They discuss the possibility of John being set-up and then Bo asks if he will take a look at Mrs. H.'s records. They get a call about the shooting and run off.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano and EJ discuss the trial and joke around. Stefano admires him for becoming the 'champion of the gaggle'. Smirking, Elvis assures him that luck has nothing to do with his success. EJ rehearses his speech for his father. Stefano smokes a cigar and claps, "This whole thing is giving me a kick." He marvels at the fact that he can honestly say his hands are clean in all of this. Elvis admits that he's the one who framed John. This makes his father very proud. EJ says that he is far from finished. When the public see them as legitimate, then they will have real power. He explains that he cloned John's phone and then made an FBI contact tamper with all of the evidence. But he's most proud of turning John's family against him. When they turn on the TV, they see that John was shot at and children were there. EJ panics and runs out.

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