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3rd Week of November Summaries

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November 14, 2011
End This Nightmare.

At the court house, Marlena and Austin are trying to keep John calm. He's pacing and blaming himself for what's happened. Carrie says she's trying to file for a continuance and change of venue. Austin leaves with her. In the hall, he tells her how horrified he was that she could have been killed. He wants her to drop this case. She says she can just wear body armor. Back in the room, John stares. Marlena gives him a pep talk. "That little tyke is out there," he worries, announcing that he will now plead guilty to end this nightmare. She thinks that's a mistake so they argue about it. She tells him he's a role model and forbids him from making this decision. He writes a confession. She forbids this again and gives him another pep talk. "Aren't you sick and tired of living your life like this?" he asks. Taking out the card the kids gave him, he reads it and sobs. They go over the argument again.

EJ runs by the pub. There are cops and police tape everywhere. He tries calling Sami but she won't pick up. Nicole runs over and tells him he has to release a statement. Elvis can't do that now and panics about the kids. Over at the Salem PD, Bo and Roman still have no idea where Johnny could be. Bo think he's probably just hiding. Roman goes to see his daughter. Sami's a wreck and starts blaming John. Bo explains that they have nothing on the shooter. EJ and Nicole rush in. Sami tells him their son can't be found. EJ is angry. Rafe tells him that if Johnny had been shot, there would be proof. Elvis rants that Sami hasn't been thinking of their son's safety and then lectures the cops for losing him in broad daylight. "That's what I get for trusting my kid to a bunch of Bradys!" he says, threatening to bring his goons in for the search. EJ argues with the cops until Nicole yanks him out. She tells him he can't try to takeover for the police and he needs to treat this as a defining moment for his political career. Meanwhile, Rafe tries comforting his wife. She starts suggesting places Johnny could have gone. EJ and Nicole return. He offers to co-operate. The cops leave to search. Sami weeps. EJ hugs her. She goes to find Bo and cries to him. Austin and Carrie arrive. Rafe tells them there is no news. Sami starts ranting about how this is all John's fault. Turning pink, she beats up furniture and rails about her mom. "John isn't even our family!" she moans. She hopes he pays for this and storms out. Her sister runs after her, chasing her down outside the pub. Sami leaps around, sniffling and stuffing her hands her pockets. She continues complaining about her mom and how she can even count on EJ more than her. Spotting Rafe, she jogs over to him and then he follows her as she jogs around town yelling. He gets a text that the shooter has been found. The cops walk by with him. Sami leaps on him.

Nicole and EJ search the square. She can understand why Sami blames John. EJ admits he feels guilty about this. She's confused about why. He won't explain and jogs off. Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin go to see John and Marlena. She explains that the judge refused to move the venue and they have to reconvene tomorrow. John declares he's pleading guilty and there will be no trial.

Daniel drops by Jenn's and they talk about how cold it is and then the shooting. He says he came over without thinking about what he was doing. This impresses her. Awkwardly, she asks him if all is well. He explains that he saw her kissing Jack. She's sorry he saw that. They stutter over explanations of what happened. She's distraught. "I don't know where I am," she admits. She just wants to make a decision and solve things. Jenn assures him she's not ready to give up on him. She gets him to carry down a bunch of Alice's old boxes. They discuss the Maggie situation. He knows this has turned her world upside-down too, but he's had enough surprises for now. They're both upset. She gets close to him but he tells her they need to stay neutral right now and morosely trudges away. Jenn cries.


November 15, 2011
I Blame You!

Abe, Lexi and Jenn wander by the pub. He tells them that he's suspending his campaign. He's determined to focus all of his attention of finding Johnny. Abe calls a press conference to say that someone has already been arrested. He knows that everyone is upset, but violence isn't the answer. Holding up Johnny's picture, he asks people to help find him.

Madison goes into Brady's office desperate to talk to him about a business meeting. She rants that Sami has gone AWOL. He informs her that Sami isn't coming in. She keeps babbling until he stops her to explain what happened. Madison apologizes and tells him he should be with his sister. He apologizes for forgetting about the meeting but she assures him everything will be fine. After he leaves, she starts searching for her files but Sami hasn't labelled anything properly, only left pictures of her kids everywhere.

"I can't not panic!" Sami moans to Rafe as she runs around the square yelping. He gets a text that the shooter has been found. The cops bring the guy out. Roman arrives and notices that he's the cop who let John be beaten in his cell. Sami lunges at him and demands to know where her son is. Across the square, Kate rushes over to EJ and tells him the situation is terrible. He shrugs. She asks him flatly if he and his dad tried to kill John. They hear the squabble and run across the square. EJ demands to know where his son is. The cop swears he would never take a kid. Roman thinks he's telling the truth. He's dragged off for questioning. Sami hyperventilates. Rafe tries to be positive and get her to calm down. That doesn't work. EJ declares that his men are looking because the SPD couldn't find their thumbs on a map. Kate pulls him away. Rafe hints to his wife that Elvis could have the boy. Only a few feet away, EJ is being evasive to Kate but insisting that if he wanted John dead, he would be. She tells him that she's sure John is innocent. "People are not always who they seem to be," he reminds her. Roman returns and tells them that the guy just wanted to shoot John and nothing else. Elvis starts barking at him about how to do his job. Brady, Lexi, Jenn and Abe file into the square as the chief and EJ continue to argue. Abe accuses EJ of always blaming people. "I blame you! I blame you!" EJ says, accusing more people. They stand around arguing about who is the most incompetent until the ladies take Sami away to sit down. Roman gets a call that a kid has been spotted in the woods. EJ wants to chase it down but Roman thinks they need to keep this from Sami to stop her from acting crazy. EJ bickers with him about this. Roman walks off. EJ curses.

Outside the square, Kate calls Stefano to say she loves him and knows he's worried about his grandson. Madison plods pass. They start to bicker. Kate tells her that this town isn't big enough for the both of them. Madison wanders off to tell Brady she cancelled the meeting to be with him and support Sami. He urges her to tell Sami that. Kate eavesdrops on the call and decides to call Madison's client up. Meanwhile, Madison sits down with Sami and listens to her worries. Jenn returns to help Sami pick pictures for the media to release. After Jenn walks off, Kate brings Sami a muffin. That's too weird for Sami. Kate sits down and talks about what trouble boys are. Sami knows Kate thinks she nearly ruined her sons' lives. "They survived you and so will Johnny," Kate assures her. She tells her to be strong. Meanwhile, Madison and Brady have returned to Titan. She sadly tells him about her family and how all of her pictures of them are gone. They worry about Johnny and she sobs.

Rafe, EJ and Roman search a cabin in the woods but find nothing. EJ starts moaning about how they are wasting time. He assures them that he didn't do this, in spite of what he did with Syd. Roman's sure he's not stupid enough to do the same thing twice. The cops beat themselves about not seeing anything. They remember how good Johnny is at hide and seek. When they head back to the square, they tell Sami that it's starting to look like her son was abducted. Roman thinks that someone might want a ransom from the DiMeras. Rafe tries to calm her. Sami rails. EJ tries to reassure her. That fails.

November 16, 2011
Some Overgrown Peter Pan.

EJ and Nicole are at Casa DiMera. He barks into his phone. She assures him that Johnny has spunk and can take care of himself.Quinn wanders in with an offer to help find the little boy. He knows people on the street who can get answers. EJ accepts his offer, but Nicole thinks that's a bad call and won't let him make 'a terrible mistake'. After Quinn leaves, Nicole keeps saying that Elvis doesn't need someone like Quinn in his life.

Jack shows up at Jenn's and offers to help her with Abe's press coverage. She turns him down. He just wants to see that his family is close and safe. "Now that we're back together," he adds. She makes him sit down and reminds him that his trauma isn't going to go away; he hasn't been fixed. Jack claims that all of the pain that separated them is gone now. She tries to clarify things, admitting that she has realized she still loves him but she can't shut off her feelings for Daniel. Jack reminds her that she told him she loved him while he was half asleep. She accuses him of faking to be asleep to manipulate her. They bicker about this but she thinks he's being lame. She thinks he always runs from the truth because he can't deal with it. Jenn can't deal with someone who avoids reality all the time. "I am not the person to fix you anymore," she says. He insists that he's not 'some overgrown Peter Pan'. Jenn walks out.

At the townhouse, John blames himself for everything. Roman tries to calm him. Marlena wants to see her daughter but Roman says that's a bad idea. She starts complaining about John's guilty plea. Marlena pleads with Roman to bend the rules so John can see Sami before going to prison. The cop makes some calls and gets permission to take them over to the loft. They debate his plea again and once more, John insists it's the right thing to do.

At the station, Bo and Rafe are making calls while Hope is trying to keep Sami calm. The cops take her home. She sits with Will. Gabi arrives to worry with everyone. Rafe offers to make his wife a sandwich. She orders him to go and find her son. Hope tries to keep her calm again and Rafe makes a sandwich. Will tells him he's glad that he's in their lives and says that he's the best father Johnny could hope for. Rafe hands his wife the sandwich but she can't eat. Gabi makes Rafe a sandwich but he can't eat it. He's too worried that Sami hates him. John and Marlena arrive. She gives Will a little pep talk. Rafe slips out as Marlena and John sit down with Sami to offer their support. Sami doesn't appreciate it and blames all of this on John. He blames himself and explains that he's pleading guilty so things will be easier on the family. That doesn't impress her. "It's too late!" she says. Her mom says that's enough. Sami berates her for only caring about John and accuses her of not even caring about Johnny. "I love everybody," Marlena claims. Her daughter thinks that's an act and warns them that if her son doesn't come back safe and sound, she will make them both wish she'd never been born.

Roman is in the square when he spots Quinn and grabs him by throat. He demands to know why he's back. The former pimp says that he's a reformed man and shows him his health spa. The cop arrests him, but is distracted by a call and runs off. EJ watches all of this and asks Roman what the call was about. Rafe shows up and the three men leave together to check on a tip. Later, they go up to the loft and Roman asks Sami if she can ID a shirt fragment. She holds it and starts crying uncontrollably.


November 17, 2011
It Is What It Is.

Stefano opens the drapes at Casa DiMera and tells his son to stand up and be a man. He tells EJ to get some sleep. Elvis blames himself for creating the frenzy around John that caused this. His father reminds him that this is the kind of life they have chosen and that will never change. EJ refuses to accept that losing his son is just part of the cost of doing business. "My son is irreplaceable!" EJ says. Stefano insists that he loves his grandson and this is his worst nightmare. He tells his son that they do not lie down and surrender. They will get whoever is responsible for this. "When I go to take my vengeance, I don't need to look any further than the mirror," EJ says, sending his father away.

At the station, Bo barks on the phone to someone about Johnny still being unfound. He hangs up as Austin arrives to get some files. They talk about Zack. Hope arrives as Bo admits he can still hear his laugh in his head. She hugs him and Austin tells them that he looked at Alice's records. He explains that the financial set up is extremely complicated and spans financial institutions around the world. "What the hell was Mrs. H. up to?" Bo wonders. They're all clueless. Austin has to wonder if Alice was being blackmailed. They explain about the paperweight from Stefano and say blackmail could be possible. Austin offers to talk to his mother about this and then leaves.

Will shows up at the townhouse to apologize to John and Marlena for his mother's outburst. Marlena says his mom's anger comes from stuff that happened long before he was born and it's not up to him to make things right. She's optimistic the family will come through this. John assures him they will find his little brother. After Will leaves, Carrie explains that she had drinks with the DA and thinks he might consider a reasonable plea bargain. John doesn't want to discuss the case. Austin arrives and hands Carrie an envelope the DA gave him to give to her. She opens it up and nearly cries. The shrink doesn't understand what this means so John explains it means they want to give him the maximum penalty. "It is what it is," John concludes. Marlena hyperventilates.

Over at the loft, Sami stares at Johnny's picture. Sami is silent when Rafe walks in. Rafe sits with Sami. She won't eat her sandwich. Grief stricken, he won't let it go to waste. Chewing it, he tells her he's worried too. "You think if I eat that sandwich, he's just going to walk though that door! Your perfect turkey sandwich is not going to change the facts!" she bellows, blaming him for everything. He apologizes but knows it's pointless. She keeps screaming at him, blaming him and hitting him as Will and Gabi arrive. He tries to rein his mom in and points out this isn't Rafe's fault. She kicks herself for not listening to her gut about going to the pub. Rafe takes the blame. Sami grabs him by the throat and says he should have known what would happen. Gabi hugs her brother and then leaves with Will. Rafe sits by Sami. She keeps her eyes closed. When he suggests they talk, she turns on the TV to watch ironic commercials about staying home with the family. He wishes that he could take back what happened yesterday. She doesn't even think they are a family anymore. Bo and Hope knock at the door. Sami rips it open. They explain that the body of a boy Johnny's age was found. Rafe tries holding his wife as she shakes her head and says over and over that it can't be her son.

November 18, 2011
You've Done It Again!

Bo and Hope show up at the loft to tell Sami there has been an unconfirmed report about Johnny. Sami flips on the news and demands to know what they know. Bo says a body was found. Sami goes into denial. Rafe tries to comfort her but it's hopeless. She pulls on her coat and wants to run out but falls into Rafe's chest crying. Will shows up in tears, stuttering. His mom assures him that Johnny isn't dead. She sends Rafe and the cops off to look at the body. "Don't give up hope," her husband tells her before they file out. Will goes off to order her a plate of pasta and she slinks out the door. Meanwhile, the cops arrive at the crime scene. Rafe insists that he ID the body. The cops stand back and hug as they recall their son. Rafe returns and tells them it's not Johnny. He tries calling Sami but she left her phone at the loft. Will picks up in tears. He cries about the news so Rafe explains the report was wrong. They start to panic about what Sami must be doing. Rafe hurries over to the station and Will meets him there with Allie. He asks her where her brother likes to hide. "At Grandma's, under the cash register," she says. They head to the pub and Johnny crawls out from under a table.

At the townhouse, the family watches the newscast and Marlena goes into denial. John says he won't put the family though this hell anymore. Marlena accuses him of giving up and she needs him too much to let him do that. He points out that they don't even know if he's innocent and he might deserve to be punished. She goes into denial about that and starts blaming Stefano. She doesn't think he can survive in prison and she'd rather be shot at every day than lose him. Carrie and Austin point out there was another report. They all cry. Marlena tries calling her daughter. Bo and Hope arrive to break the news that it wasn't Johnny. Everyone is relieved. John repeats that he has to enter his plea tonight to end this. Bo points out that the kid could just be hiding. John won't listen, even though everyone tries to talk him out of this. Austin is impressed that he's willing to sacrifice himself for the family. "I know that you're innocent and I'm sorry that I ever doubted you," he says. John knows that and asks him to look out for his family when he's gone. They hug. Marlena takes a moment alone with her husband to remind him that he is the love of her life and she can't bear the thought of losing him. He can't risk anyone else being hurt. As he holds her, he tells her to return to this moment whenever she needs him. "I'll love you forever," she sobs. They head to the courthouse to see the judge. All the paper work is in order so the judge lets him enter his guilty plea. Marlena nearly faints. The judge remands him to custody. Marlena runs to him to breathe heavy until he's taken away in cuffs.

EJ sits at Casa DiMera, crying to Johnny's picture. Sami shows up to blame him and they fall in front of the fire crying. EJ starts hyperventilating and stuttering that the body can't be Johnny's. Sitting up, he massages her armpit and tells her their son takes after her. He's sure that he's fighting his way back to them. She starts blaming John for all of this. He's about to make a confession when she turns the TV back on. The reporter confirms that Johnny is dead. Elvis wanders the room in a daze. She starts crying that they must have made a mistake. EJ can't believe that. He gave her custody to keep the kids safe and she put them in the line of fire. Elvis thinks she was being stupid and pushes her around the room. "If you're such a great mother, how come your kids always end up dead?" he barks. She barks back. He shoves her. She hits him with her coat and shoves him around. They scream at the top of their lungs and she reminds him of what he did to Syd and why she shot him. "You've done it again!" she accuses. They start swatting each other. "He's dead," he says, sticking their son's picture in her face and saying they will never see him again because of her. He demands that she apologize for killing his son. She punches him instead and this leads to kissing.

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