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4th Week of November Summaries

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November 21, 2011
Mom Always Takes Care Of Mom.

Brady finds Madison putting up photos of Johnny in the square. She's awkward. He thinks she's difficult to understand. They bicker. Nicole shows up and offers to help. She fills Madison in on the feud between EJ and Sami. Brady gets them coffee. Madison is more awkward. Nicole clucks at Brady and then talks about what a stand-up guy Elvis is. Brady worries she's falling into his trap again. They bicker about it until Madison asks if she should leave them alone. He assures her that things are fine and wanders off. Nicole tries assuring her that there is nothing going on between her and Brady. Madison insists they are only business partners. The topic turns to EJ and Nicole admits she wishes she hadn't asked for a divorce. He says he's changed and she believes it.

Rafe and Will head to the pub. Johnny crawls out from under a table. They're relieved. "Man, where have you been?" Will asks. "Dude, we were so worried," adds Rafe. Johnny's sorry but he was scared and then he fell asleep. Rafe tries calling Sami but gets voicemail. He calls Roman while Will gets his brother cookies and a sandwich. Will apologizes for his mom to Rafe and leaves to see EJ. Rafe takes Johnny back to the loft. He gets into his jimjams and takes out his stuffed doggie. Brady shows up and is thrilled to see that Johnny is there. Once the kid is put to bed, Rafe admits to Brady that he's afraid of what Sami is doing. He blames himself for what happened. Brady is sure everything will be fine.

Sami is at Casa DiMera questioning EJ, hoping he has their son hidden. He tells her he's dead and shoves his photo in her face. He demands that she apologize for killing his son. She slaps him. They kiss. He lifts her up and throws her against the wall as they tear at their clothes. They make it to the couch so she rides him as they cry and gasp. Elvis climbs on top of her as Will walks through the front door using his old key. He follows the grunting to the living room and is stunned by what he sees. He stumbles out and then Sami leaps out from under Elvis. They're both dazed. Will's outside puking on the front step. Elvis downs a full glass of scotch and returns to crying. Sami checks her messages and see she has voicemail from Rafe. She plays it and they discover their son is fine. EJ grabs his mouth and Sami runs out the door.

Brady returns to the square to tell Madison and Nicole that Johnny is fine. Nicole goes off to make sure EJ knows. Brady thanks Madison for being so caring and helpful. They hug and rub noses. She pulls away. He pulls her back into her arms. She pulls away again and makes an excuse to leave. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at Casa DiMera just as EJ is getting in his car.

Will returns to the loft in tears. Rafe asks what's wrong. Johnny comes in before he can explain. Rafe sends him to get a pillow so they can watch cartoons. He worries to Will about Sami. "You, your mom, the other kids... You know you mean the world to me," Rafe says. Will assures him his mom is okay. "Mom always takes care of Mom," he says, before telling Rafe to stop making excuses for her. Sami runs in and yelps for her son. He runs into her arms. Will watches as Rafe and Johnny hug her. He takes his brother to get ready for bed. Sami starts apologizing to her husband and crying that she doesn't deserve him. Will returns to watch as she cries on Rafe. EJ and Nicole barge in. Johnny runs out and hugs his dad.


November 22, 2011
I Can't Keep Doing This.

At home, Abby is trying to rescue her mother from her lime green toe nails. They start discussing her dad, 'Lord Voldemort'. Jack shows up so his daughter heads out. He reads Jenn a letter he wrote about what a jerk he's been. Jack didn't know how to deal with what happened at the cabin so he pretended to be asleep. Even if he is wrong for her, he still loves her and wants to win her back. Biting his thumb and rocking back and forth, he tries telling her how awful Afghanistan was. She can see the man that she loves and the man who broke her heart in his eyes. He says that man disappeared in the cave. "I am so lost," he admits. This is all too difficult for him and he wants to leave. She makes him stay so she can tell him he is a coward, but she has always known that.

Nicole and EJ return to Casa DiMera to hug in relief that Johnny is back. She can see that something has traumatized him. He explains that he lost himself when he lost his son. She admits that is what convinced her that she loves him. "I can't breathe without thinking of you," she admits. He reminds her that they just signed divorce papers. She was just afraid of being hurt but is now sure that won't happen again. He is distracted and stares at the fire, but assures her that it is not too late for them. They kiss but he pulls away and declares that he has to see his son.

At the loft, Sami tells Rafe that her day has been a horrible nightmare. He says that having Johnny back is all that matters. "After what I did to you, I don't deserve you," she says. Will watches them and keeps flashing back to see his mom having sex with EJ. She falls asleep on Rafe and dreams of sex with EJ before waking up, startled. Sami starts to shake and asks her husband again to forgive her. He keeps assuring her she's done nothing wrong. Johnny bounces in for a snuggle. EJ and Nicole show up to get another hug off of him. Elvis hugs him so tight he nearly crushes him. Nicole hugs him too. Things are awkward. Nicole has a toy for Johnny so she and Rafe take the little boy to bed. Sami asks EJ what they are going to do. He says this isn't the time to discuss it. Their partners return and EJ leaves with Nicole. Rafe putters off to call Carrie about the trail. Will starts asking his mom vague questions. "Have I done something to upset you?" she wonders. He demands to know where she was when Johnny was missing. She'll never forgive herself for taking off. He asks again where she went. "It doesn't matter, it will never happen again," she says. Her son doesn't know what kind of mother abandons her kids when they need her the most. Rafe returns and wonders what's going on. Will backs down and plods off. Rafe offers to run a bath for his wife. She throws her arms around him. As soon as he leaves, she breaks into tears as she remembers grunting with EJ. Furiously dusting, she smashes a mirror. Rafe runs back in. "I can't keep doing this," she sobs.

Nicole and EJ head home. He wants to take her to bed. She has to take care of some work first. As he gropes at her, she starts talking about the trial. "Lying and betrayal just makes me sick," she says, admitting that she has made a career out of lying. "Men do strange things under great duress," he philosophizes. Nicole is sure that they have seen all of the worst in each other so there must be nothing left to hide. He wants to spend the rest of his life making things up to her. She wants a fresh start beginning now.

At the hotel, Austin tries distracting his wife while she works. He thinks they should grab a bite. She tells him to go without her. He wanders around the square in his toque and bumps into Abby. They chat about her adventures with Chelsea. "Little Abigail is going to Salem U," he muses. They sit at separate tables to eat and discuss his wife. He wonders why the 'beautiful young lady' is on her own so he invites her to join him. She's cold so he lets her wear his toque. They talk about Chad and then their most embarrassing moments. He gets a text from his wife saying she's on her way so Abby skedaddle following an awkward hug. Carrie shows up as Abby heads home with a smile. Her dad asks her if any boys were bothering her. She claims she was alone. After Jack leaves, Jenn admits to her daughter that Jack always gets her heart racing.

November 23, 2011
Hormonal Troublemaker.

Victor isn't thrilled that Maggie has dragged him and the rest of the family to her place to cook dinner. She doesn't like his kitchen and wanted a memory of making Thanksgiving dinner for him. Everybody hugs, even Grumpy. He tells Maggie he is a better man because of her. As they go off to get groceries, Mel wonders if her dad is comfortable with this. He's distracted by thoughts of Jenn and Jack and changes the topic to her love life. She claims she's too busy to have one and then thinks of sucking face with Chad. Finally, she admits that she has a crush on some dude. Victor and Maggie return. She makes him rip the bread up for the stiffing. This makes him mope so she asks him to peel potatoes. Maggie and Mel make pie. There are more hugs. "This is the best ever!" Maggie says. Daniel notices that her cranberry sauce is exactly like the one his mother made. She explains that she found it in one of his mother's cookbooks. There are even more hugs. She tells him he must have had a wonderful mother. Seeing that she keeps rubbing her hands, he asks if her condition is acting up. Maggie is sorry to be a downer but suggests that he and Mel get tested for it. The doctor and Mel go off to get a box and Maggie worries to Victor. "Count your blessings. Don't go looking for trouble," he says. When Daniel returns, Victor encourages him to keep chasing after Jenn.

At the pub, Jenn's family are packing up boxes with the Carvers. Austin shows up to help. He notices Abby is still wearing his hat. "It looks a lot better on you than it does on me," he says, before telling her Carrie won't be coming by. "Mmm, too bad," she says. Chad shows up. Jack stares and squints his eyes at him. "Hormonal Troublemaker of the Troublemaker clan," he says. Austin and Jack start making bets on football. Chad looks uncomfortable. He is left with Jack while the others deliver a box. He tries to convince Jack that he's not thrilled that he's a DiMera either and he will treat his daughter like she's amazing. Jack agrees to broaden his tolerance and they shake on it. When Jack abruptly runs out to take a call, Jenn sees him and follows. After she hears him accept a job, she accuses him of planning to run off again. As she rants, Abby arrives with Austin. Jack explains that he's been offered a teaching job at Salem U. That means he can stay there forever. Abby is irked by this. Austin explains that he has been offered a job there too. Abby encourages him to take it. Jenn apologizes to Jack. He's determined to fix everything.

Marlena and Carrie visit John in the cells. They drop off his suit. Carrie turns away as John starts molesting Marlena's face and she coos. The shrink talks about how marriage must be cherished. Carrie leaves to rehearse her speech. Marlena tells John that being apart from his for a short time is like eternity. She goes into denial. He assures her that their love will get them through this. They go into the judge's chambers. Carrie makes her speech. John has nothing to add so Carrie asks to speak to him alone. The lawyer tells John he needs to say something. He thinks it would ring hollow. The hearing starts up again. John makes no statement. The judge has received a lot of letters about this case, both positive and negative, and has taken them into account. Since John has never even shown remorse, she's sentencing him to 50 years without parole. Marlena gasps. John arches an eyebrow. He hugs Marlena and is taken away.

Stefano starts teasing Hope about deep fried turkey when she shows up at Casa DiMera. She sticks the gift he gave Alice in his face. He claims to have no idea what this is all about. She keeps digging as she unwittingly stands right beside the same baby photo she found in Alice's box. He tells her that questioning him is a waste of time. "Not when you won't answer my questions," she says. After more prodding, he admits the gift was from him and jokingly offers her a job. She keeps asking questions and he says that his company used to send them out to people years ago and Alice must have been on a 'thank you' list. He tells her to go home and help Bo stuff something. Stefano suggests that she question her memories of Alice since she was obviously keeping secrets. Hope doesn't like that. He advises her to forget about this. She won't and doesn't like the idea that her Gran could have been leading a double life.


November 24, 2011


November 25, 2011



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