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5th Week of November Summaries

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November 28, 2011
Choiceless Choice.

Abby and Jack are in the square after buying a gift for JJ. She wishes her brother was there. He gets a text that makes him light up. It was all about an article she wrote. He was so impressed by it that he entered it into a contest and it won. She's thrilled and excited. "Thanks Daddy," she says, hugging him before running off to tell her friends. He calls Roman and asks him for a favor.

Will joins Chad and Sonny at the pub. They're checking over their site and think that everything is secure. As they go over their marketing scheme, Will notices a post that leads to the gambling site again. They realize that all the games must be fixed, they can't keep the gambler out of their site and there's nothing they can do about this. Abby shows up to declare she has good news but they all look like they are at a funeral. Chad covers. When she tells them her news, they say they can't bring any more attention to the site right now. She's baffled so they claim there are bugs to fix first. After she leaves to see her mom, they decide to shut down the site. They ponder their next move and shake on starting a fresh venture.

John paces his cell, haunted by the screeching of Marlena. Brady arrives to end the flashbacks. He can't believe that he got a rough sentence. "It was a choiceless choice," John says. Brady admires that. He's just sorry it took all of this for him to realize what a great guy he is. John hopes they can learn to be a better family now that he's in jail. They shake on it and reminisce about Basic Black. John asks him to look after Marlena. His son promises to. The men hug between the bars. After Brady leaves, John does push-ups until Jack is shown in. In a roundabout way, he explains that he wants to write about John and help him tell his story. "Not a chance," John says. Jack is sure there is a real story here. John rejects that. Jack won't back down so the convict offers to talk to his family and see what they say. They talk about how horrible flashbacks are. Black tells him he better deal with his problems or they will never go away.

Quinn is putting things in order at his new spa. Madison shows up to mock his Countess Wilhelmina products and encourage him to show better taste. Kate wanders in to start bickering with her. Quinn has to putter back to work. Kate rubs stealing one of her clients in her face. "When Johnny was missing?" Madison asks, calling her an insecure monster. Quinn returns, disappointed to see they haven't clawed out each other's eyes. He informs Madison they won't be using her products. Kate and Madison return to bickering. "Your karma sucks!" Kate says. Madison storms out. When Quinn entertains looking at Mad World's products again, Kate threatens him. He gives her the tour. She asks him if his massages have 'happy endings'. He assures her they don't. As he oils up her hand and starts massaging it, she asks if he is hitting on her. "You're a beautiful woman," he says. She tells him he's not Warren Beatty and she's not taking a step backwards on the foodchain. She asks him to keep tabs on her rival. Meanwhile, Madison returns to her office to call the client Kate hijacked and argue with him. As she throws things around the office, Brady walks in. She moans about Kate. "I'm in Kate DiMera's shadow and I don't like the view!" she complains. She wants to leave town but he tells her she can't move her headquarters and will sue her breach of contract if she tries. Madison thinks he's hitting below the belt. He tells her to toughen up and not be intimidated. "What the hell are you afraid of?" he asks. She runs out.


November 29, 2011
Yesterday Meant Nothing.

At the hotel, Rafe drops off the magazine Carrie 'accidentally' left at the loft. She admits it was a ruse to get him over there. She tells him that they need to change the public perception of John. Carrie wants to hire him to help but can't pay him. He'll do it just to help the family. They sit down on her bed and go over her notes. As they stare at the surveillance photo of John, he suddenly notices it has been doctored. She asks him how Sami will feel about them working together. He's sure she will be cool and all will be well.

Quinn startles Nicole when he offers her a massage at his spa. She'd rather roll on broken glass. "We have a room for that," he jokes. She insists she's just there to make sure his venture is legitimate. He assures her it is and makes some jabs at her relationship with Elvis. He's heard all about it from Taylor. She leaves in a huff and bumps into Patty Stanger. The millionaire matchmaker starts doling out advice and wonders why she is keeping Elvis all to herself. Nicole explains that she wants to believe EJ has changed but she'd have to be insane to believe that. "The heart wants what the heart wants," she philosophizes, saying that Nicole is his perfect match. Sanger goes off to see Quinn and he starts flirting with her. She warns him that breaking hearts will catch up with him.

Will finds Marlena sitting in the square. They make small talk about the holidays. She says she cooked for Austin and Carrie. "I bet it wasn't much of a holiday... uh, without John," he says. She looks at Tom and Alice's shrine and says she gets strength from it. Grabbing his arm, she offers him snacks to keep her company. They head to the penthouse. She starts correcting his grammar and feeding him pop corn. They discuss John and she senses something is wrong with Will. Marlena tries probing him about his issues. Pacing, he explains that he doesn't want a relationship because they always end badly. He tells her about his mom's example, blurting out that she doesn't deserve Rafe. Marlena digs but he's evasive and says his mom is a drama queen who takes advantage of people. "Tell me what she's done," she demands. He doesn't explain and just says he doesn't want to be like his mom. She advises him not to sabotage himself and is sure he can be happy with Gabi.

Sami shows up at Casa DiMera. "What we did was wrong. Really, really wrong," she says. Pacing around, she rants about what she did. He doesn't see the point in dwelling on this and tells her to move on. What she did is eating her up. "Yesterday meant nothing," he says. She did exactly what her mom once did with John. That means she's betrayed everything she's ever tried to be. "Rafe deserves better than me," she says, claiming she is unable to live with herself for what she's done. He worries she's going to tell her husband they did the nasty. He won't allow her to jeopardize his relationship with Nicole. "Are you serious?" she groans. Sneering, she heads for the door as he tells her that he and Nicole can have what she and Rafe have. "I would struggle to survive without her," he claims. They agree to keep this a secret. When she goes home, she finds Rafe setting up a romantic dinner for her. He gives her a smooch. He tells her that he's always thinking of her and scheduled her for a massage. She starts crying. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at Casa DiMera and EJ declares that they are going to New York. She's having second thoughts about all of this, but she still loves him. He loves her too and wants to live up to his promise to be a better man.

November 30, 2011
Stick To What You Know.

Brady is in his office when he finds a paper airplane baring a request for a truce. Madison sticks her head in to admit she let her emotions get the better of her and she isn't going to leave town. They talk business and how she can outsmart Kate. She asks him out for a bite. He's confused by her desire to socialize. They go to the square and spoon each other dessert before drinking some wine. They wander around and she marvels at the beauty of Salem. They flirt a little. She's about to leave but he stops her for a kiss. They go to her hotel room and furiously make out. He unzips her, she unbuttons him and they leap into the pillows. "I think you should go," she suddenly decides. She explains it's not a good idea. He grabs his shirt and leaves.

Jenn paces around her place, anxiously waiting for Daniel. Bo and Hope show up instead. She tries to act nonchalant until the doctor shows up. She smooches and drags him in. The cops run off to grab more boxes and Daniel asks Jenn to the symphony. The cops return and tell Daniel about the mystery baby and paperweight. He and Jenn decide to stay and help sort boxes. He finds old pictures of Maggie and they tell him about her accident and life on the farm. The doctor thanks everyone for uniting him with Maggie and hopes he can repay that by helping them somehow. As he looks through the boxes, he finds a picture of Jack and Jenn's wedding. She's mortified. When she's alone with Hope, she tells her how hard it is to be stuck between two men and clueless about what to do. The men return and Hope opens a book, discovering a letter addressed to Alice from Susan. She needed help getting baby EJ in to see a specialist. They realize the baby picture is Elvis. Daniel has no idea what this is all about it. Hope wonders if this ties in to the secret bank account. The cops walk to the square. Hope can't understand why her Gran kept so many secrets from the family. Bo's sure she had her reasons. She tells him Stefano told her not to investigate. This makes Bo sure they should and he decides they should talk to him again.

Jack goes to the pub for a beer. Marlena joins him after hearing his message canceling their appointment. He doesn't feel like having his head shrunk. She won't leave him in peace and insists that he start working through his trauma. He'd rather drink. Marlena accuses him of running away from his problems. "Stick to what you know," he says. Finishing a pint, he tells her how he avoids things and gets up for another drink. He starts talking about his abusive biological father and his serial killing adoptive father. She listens as he talks about his worries that his family would let him down. He has another pint and she invites him to her penthouse. They head over and he starts having flashbacks. She senses this and suggests that he keep a diary to write out his problems. Jack doesn't think that will help. Sitting down, he tells her about his ordeal. His fellow captive incessantly spoke of his family until he was taken away screaming and had his tongue torn out before being killed. She tries to knit her brow as he tells her how horrific it was. When he cries, she gives him a hug.

December 1, 2011
The Breakfast Club.

Sami and Jenn are in the square talking about the wonders of Rafe. Carrie and Lexi join them. Sami pouts. Her sister assumes that's because Rafe is working with her again. Actually, Sami didn't know about that. Sami controls herself and then tells Carrie that a civil suit for John is a waste of time. Jenn suggests that they do this more often. It can be like their own breakfast club. They toast to being 'Salem sisters'. Once Jenn and Lexi leave, the biological sisters try to talk. Carrie is apologetic but Sami is eager to go.

Will shows up in the pub with a gift for Gabi. It's plastic flowers. She's flabbergasted. He explains that they are shutting the website down and that means he'll have more time for them. Will talks about what a crummy boyfriend he has been. "You haven't been there there," she says. "I really, really want to be with you," he claims, asking her to meet him at the loft later. When he gets there, he begins wrapping gifts until his mom putters in. She notices he's avoiding her. "What could you have done that would bother me?" he asks. She demands to know what's happened. He's distraught and won't explain. Before she can leave, he informs her that he's moving out with Gabi. His mom is confused and tells him he's rushing things. Madison calls and orders her to get to work. Once she leaves, Gabi arrives and Will gives her some more gifts, including a key-chain for the key to their new place. "What?" she asks. It takes her awhile to adjust but she wants to be in bed with him all the time. When she starts making out with him, he stops her. "What is it about being near me that bothers you so much?" she asks. He claims he wants to take things slow. She doesn't think they can get any slower and walks out.

Nicole and EJ return to Casa DiMera. She coos about their time in New York and he starts looking down her blouse. He tries getting busy with her, but as they make out on the couch, he flashes back to his coital meltdown with Samanther and pulls away. "What's wrong?" asks Nicole. He pretends he's just warn out but she's sure something is flipping him out. He assures her that he loves her and tries carrying her upstairs. Her phone starts to ring and she announces they have to go. The guitar chord of sexual disappointment plays.

Abe drops by the cells to see John, who barks at him to get lost. He worries that their friendship could cost Abe the election. Abraham refuses to walk away from him. When Abe leaves, Nicole and EJ giddily watch as some reporters ambush him in the square to ask questions about John. Lexi and Jenn spot this and leap in to stop it. Jenn storms over to the couple and says they don't want dirty tricks, but a fair competition. "Your entire sordid history is fair game," Jenn warns, suggesting that Nicole is 'fabricating drama where there is none' to besmirch Abe. The bickering continues. "You're cute. I'm scared," Nicole says sarcastically. Lexi takes her brother aside and lectures him for playing a game with people's lives. "I am so done with you!" she declares, saying that he is their father through and through. "You don't just fight dirty: you fight filthy," she accuses. After she stomps off, Sami runs up to him, worried someone might have seen them. He claims that's impossible and tells her to stop acting guilty. Nicole strolls over and asks what they are talking about. They claim it's just about the kids. Meanwhile, Jenn tells Abe that they have to start playing dirty too.

Carrie heads to the jail to see John. She admits that her firm isn't supporting her helping with the civil suit. He tells her to stop wasting her energy on a hopeless cause. She won't back down and shows him the evidence she and Rafe found. John tells her to go for it. "Thanks Pumpkin," he says, hugging her. Once she leaves, he looks at his confession and throws a chair, cursing himself for being a fool.

Dec 2, 2011
I'm Kate DiMera. I'm Not Afraid Of Anything!

At Maggie's, Chad, Sonny and Will make dinner as their female friends sit around the table gabbing. Gabi tells Mel and Abby about Will's reluctance to have sex. The girls don't understand and think she should talk to Will about it. "He's in denial," she says. In the kitchen, Will tells Sonny and Chad that he's moving in with Gabi. Chadsworth thinks that's nuts. He also tells them he's already broken the news about the site to Gabi. Will adds that felt like he was being followed today. They fill the girls in about the site. Chad remembers that he forgot the dinner rolls. Abby decides to go and get them, pulling on her toque and running. Meanwhile, Will and Gabi sit down alone. He whispers that they can make things work. She needs some time to think. He explains that he saw an apartment and wants to show it to her. "No!" she blurts out. Will apologizes again and promises that things will be different when they have their own space. She doesn't know if they can work past their issues. He promises to give her whatever she wants. She wants sex. "Why do I have to treat you like a piece of meat?" he asks. She worries that he's not in this relationship for the right reasons and she refuses to move in with him. Will sobs as she hands him back his glitter key-chain. No matter how many dating books she's read, she still has no idea what's going on. He says it isn't her fault and begs her to tell him what to do. She wants a break. "It's over," she decrees. He trashes the table and then the island until the other boys run in and restrain him.

At the spa, Quinn gets a visit from Roman. He sarcastically wonders why Roman isn't reading him his rights. The commissioner explains that his bosses said he was untouchable so he's letting the past be the past. But he's sure that Quinn will screw up in the future so he'll arrest him some day. Quinn suggests that he see his therapist, Marlena, to work out his anger issues. This infuriates Roman, who grabs him by the throat and threatens to have his head if he hurts her. Meanwhile, Madison catches Sami getting lathered up down the hall. She's furious that her lackey is using the competition's product and sneaking out of work. Sami promises that she is a really hard worker and will make up for this. Madison is skeptical and plods off. Kate has been listening in. Rafe wonders why Sami's boss is such a witch and is shocked his wife let her badmouth her like that. Kate arches her eyebrow and then spots Roman. She explains that she's teamed up with Quinn. He advises her to get out as fast as she can. "I'm Kate DiMera. I'm not afraid of anything!" she declares. She goes to see Quinn and tells him what she just saw something inspiring in the lobby. He appreciates her deviant streak. Kate is confident she can trash Mad World. They shake on it. Meanwhile, Roman heads out to the square. He find Madison and welcomes her to town before warning her about Stefano. She's not worried. Roman asks her to keep Sami safe so Madison assures him she has Kate right where she wants him.

Sami and Rafe return to the loft. She wonders why her son is so angry with her. He explains that he decided to help Carrie pro bono. "It's okay," she says. He's surprised she's not yelling and wonders if something is wrong. She claims that they are okay and apologizes for how she treated him. "Lets renew our wedding vows," she suggests. He's baffled but she wants the whole world to know how much she loves him. Rafe would be honored to do it again. They drink champale and smooch.

Austin and Carrie at the pub. He agrees to support her with whatever she chooses to do, even if that means sticking to John's case. He wonders if she wants to stay in town once the case is closed. Carrie wants to think about it but Austin seems really keen on taking the teaching job he was offered. They weigh their options and she becomes sure about sticking around. Abby walks in and eavesdrops as they decide to stay. She looks disappointed when he kisses his wife. Abby interrupts to congratulate them on their decision. "You're all grown up," Carrie remarks before noticing her toque. Abby bustles off with her buns while Carrie and Austin discuss how beautiful she's become.

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