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1st Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 3, 2011
I Was Held Hostage

Everyone freaks out as John is arrested in the square. Elvis is really enjoying this. Kate things he's being a tad cruel. Sami finally returns to say that everyone is crazy. Carrie lectures Austin for knowing this was coming and not telling her. He feels like crap but says he had no choice. Carrie tells her sister what happened. Sami fumes because Rafe knew this was coming. EJ bumps into her and tries to act sympathetic. She doesn't buy it and then notices his campaign poster. She tells him to dream on. He claims he's doing all of this for the children and reminds her of how hard she had to work to redeem herself.

Kate sits beside Austin and starts cracking jokes. He doesn't think this is the time. He whines about his wife. Kate thinks she's being a drama queen. He's distraught about the fact he might have to testify against John. She goes home. EJ soon arrives and they begin talking about his campaign announcement and surfing the blogs for reactions. As they look at pictures, Kate gets a shock and starts stuttering, "No, no, no, no way, no, no way, no, no way, no way she would be in town." He's confused so she explains that her big competition, Madison James, is in town. She tries to convince herself she's imagining this.

Maggie tears herself away from Victor to see Marlena. Victor heads back to the mansion and suggests that Brady go give his dad some moral support. Brady makes excuses about why he shouldn't. He says his father doesn't like the way he's been running things. He plans to monitor the situation and decide what to do later. Brady turns the subject to the proposal and Victor assures him it will be fine. Maggie shows so Brady makes himself scarce. Victor reminds her about his question. She gets him to ask again. He slips on the ring and asks. She says yes and they cuddle.

At her place, Daniel tells Jenn that he's sorry about what's happening to her. She's used to it but doesn't want to talk about Jack anymore. Jack barges in. He knows that he hurt her but has to explain. After Daniel leaves them alone, Jenn rants at Jack for abandoning the family. "I was held hostage!" he blurts out. She thinks he's lying so he explains that he had to go undercover to investigate the opium trade in Afghanistan. He was abducted and held in captivity. "If I was going to lie, I would have come up with a better story," he says. She orders him to 'shave that stupid thing' off his face and says that she never would have blown his cover. He admits he shouldn't have risked everything for a story. It killed him that he was cut off from the family. Thinking about them kept him alive. "Can you ever forgive me?" he asks.

The cops are with John in the interrogation room. They ask him what's going on. He'd hoped that things wouldn't have gone this far. Rafe is left with John. He apologizes but John knows he was just doing his job. Meanwhile, the other cops question Tim. He insists that the evidence against John is damning. This still doesn't make sense to the Bradys, who can't understand why anyone would investigate John. Daniel arrives. Hope called him down to take a look at John. He breaks the news that Jack is back. Hope is sure that he and Jenn will have a lot to talk about.

At the station, Maggie, Carrie and Lexi try comforting Marlena. She panics about John. Sami shows up to moan about Rafe making the arrest as Austin arrives. When Rafe comes out, Sami starts tearing into him. He explains that he tried to tell her but she went missing. She admits that she had a follow up interview and apologizes for lying and keeping things from him. He tells her not to do anything until he finds out more about this mysterious corporation. After he plods off, Marlena and Carrie come out. Carrie is sure that John is innocent. Sami and Rafe go into the interrogation and start laughing about how mad they are. Marlena goes down to the cells to see John. He wanted to give her olives and 'etc' tonight. She's sure he'll be out soon. She won't stop believing in him.

October 4, 2011
Hang Tough.

At Casa DiMera, Kate mumbles to herself about burying Madison's company. EJ strolls in and shows off all of the newspapers articles about his campaign. He looks at the articles about John's arrest and chuckles. As they discuss his PR campaign, Nicole arrives to drop her keys on the chess table. "The pawn has fallen. Just like John Black," Kate remarks. She and Nicole trade insults until Kate leaves for a meeting. Nicole asks EJ what he wants. She can't understand why he's running for mayor. He explains that he needs someone to put a positive spin on the family name and asks her to be his publicist. EJ wants national recognition, not just local. She points out that she's not a qualified PR person and she isn't even a fan of his. He's sure she can spin his strengths. "What is this really about?" she asks. Elvis insists he has no ulterior motive. He just wants someone who is brazen and can convince people he's good when he's not. He promises he's a still a 'dirty, charming scoundrel'. She reminds him of her past but he thinks they can both have a comeback story. This is ridiculous but she can't tear herself away from the train wreck. She reminds him that she doesn't want a man and this can only be business. "I'll think about it and get back to you," she says.

Brady shows up at the restaurant as Madison looks around. He mistakes her for a hostess and asks for a table and food fast so he doesn't need to spend extra time with the 'bitch' he's meeting. She plays along and seats him. Victor happily putters over to say Maggie accepted his proposal. When Madison sashays over, Brady is embarrassed to realize he just met her. She starts talking about the importance of first impressions. Victor tries buttering her up. Madison tells them she cares about her company more than herself. Victor respects that and says people matter more than profits. He leaves to take a call from Maggie and the other two start pushing each other over control issues. Brady insists she would have complete autonomy if she came to Titan and she'd get huge profits. She refuses anyway. Things are awkward. He apologizes for being a pompous jerk. She accepts the apology but still rejects the offer. Victor returns and offers to sweeten the pot. She whips out a counter off. The men look at it and their eyebrows convulse. They agree to the offer. Victor tells her Kate will be direct competition and opening a store in the square. Madison says that she'll beat her to it. Kate shows up and nearly gags. She declares that she doesn't like what's going on, whatever it is.

Marlena goes down to the cells and discovers John has a busted lip. He assures her it's not as bad as it looks and explains that he was in general population in the middle of the night. John says he'll be okay as long as he has her. Roman shows up and tells them not to get their hopes up. He thinks the prosecutors plan to skin John alive. Doc and the cop walk off. He admits he doesn't think John is guilty. She admits that John has lost a lot of money. "Hang tough," he says.

Upstairs, Bo and Hope lecture a cop for letting John into the yard. "Oops I screwed up," the cop says. Bo wants him suspended without pay but the cop says the union will never let that happen. After the cop wanders off, the detectives discuss how much average people hate John because of what he allegedly did to Basic Black. The company lost billions overnight and cost many their pensions and savings, including them. Hope is sure John is innocent. He says the proof makes him look guilty as hell. She thinks there's too much evidence and doesn't trust it. They start listening to death threats sent in about John. "A lot of folks dislike him," Bo observes. Marlena pops up and they play some threats to her to show how many people hate her husband. They promise to keep him safe. Marlena's not impressed. The cops go down to the cells and put John in a bullet proof vest. As Marlena claims that he wasn't even working the whole time he was recovering, he flashes back to doing just that.

October 5, 2011
I Can't Believe I'm Employed.

Kate runs into Madison with Victor and Brady in the square. She starts to explode. Victor finds that entertaining and says she's one of his favorite ex-wives. He starts making barbs about Kate's career. She's furious that he's going to let Madison open a business there. Victor chuckles and Kate tries threatening to sue him. She accuses them of trying to steal her business plan. "No, I want to make money," Madison says, telling Kate she will kick her butt. The three of them mock Kate, who says that the Kiriakis men tend to mistake cleavage for a business plan. "I know nothing about mascara, but I know a good market share," Victor says. The women keep trading insults. Kate tells them that this is personal now and she will do everything to bring them down. Madison tells her to grow up and accuses her of being desperate. She offers to send her some anti-aging cream and saunters off with the men. Madison tells Victor she doesn't want to be used as a pawn in some battle with Kate. She won't put up with stuff like that. Meanwhile, Kate makes a call to get someone to dig up the dirt on her new rival.

At Jenn's, Abby complains about what a freak her dad is. Her mom insists that Jack's story about being a hostage is true. Abby is still furious and thinks her dad is ruining Jenn's life. Her mom urges her to give Jack a chance. He shows up, de-bearded. "You trying to clean up your act?" Abby asks. She lays into him for keeping secrets. He apologizes but she's sick of that. Jenn explains Jack's side of things but Abby is still fuming. She shouts in his face over what he's done to them. "How could you do this to us?" she asks. Her mom wants her to calm down. That doesn't happen. Abby cries on her mom's shoulder as Jack continues apologizing. He's missed them more than they can imagine. "I'm going to be a different man," he swears. His daughter says those are just words. He announces he's staying in Salem to prove he can be good, even if it takes the rest of his life.

At the loft, Sami paces and waits for a call about the job. Rafe and Will crack wise about it. Will sits with Gabi to look at their sports website and she gabs about his ability to get jocks to open up to him. They get a news report about John's arraignment. Will thinks they should go. Sami worries about John. Rafe tries to be reassuring. Sami's phone rings. She nervously goes into the bedroom to answer it. She begins screaming, runs out and jumps on Rafe. "I got the job!" she yelps. "I can't believe I'm employed!" she goes on before explaining that she's a junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics. Rafe cracks open the wine and they toast to Sami. He tells her that he's been asked to head up the investigation into John and he wants to make sure he gets a fair deal. "What if he's guilty?" she asks. He says he'll have to do his job.

At the pub, Mel worries her dad has been drinking but he insists he's just tired. He asked Jenn to move in with him but then Jack fell in a cake. That changed everything. She encourages him to stay strong and stick with Jenn. Maggie arrives and muses about Jack. The doctor says he'll never understand how Jack could abandon his family. He won't let Jenn get hurt again. Maggie advises him not to let Jenn see how angry he is about the situation. He changes the topic to her and Victor. She shows off her ring and they congratulate her. Mel starts planning her wedding. Maggie asks her to be the maid of honor. Mel cries and hugs her.

October 6, 2011
Elvis DiMera The Virtual Saint.

At the police station, Austin repeats to Carrie that the case against John is strong. She's not happy and doesn't care about his rational opinion, just his opinion as her husband. Bo and Hope show up and talk about the crowd of John haters outside. Roman and Marlena help John in. He was pelted with eggs. He can't post bail because all of his assets were frozen. Carrie is furious. The cops explain that the other cops let John be beaten. Hope feels bad but John understands why everyone is angry and plans to get back the lost money. Carrie and Austin go into a room to argue. She refuses to have a discussion with him and tells him he shouldn't be torn about John's innocence. It kills her that he doesn't believe in John. She asks him what he'll say in his SEC report and then assumes he'll say he's guilty. He can't say. Seeing her upset is making him upset. Things soften up and they talk about how they wanted to come back to town to be with her family and start a family of their own. They recall their time in Europe and decide that they're happy with how things worked out. After they suck face, he says they should work on having kids. She doesn't want kids if their grandparents are in jail.

At their desk, Hope tells Bo that she tracked down Alice's secret financial advisor. He urges caution, pointing out that Mrs. H. went to a lot of trouble to keep this a secret. She wants to know the answer. Hope feels like her Gran is guiding her to something. Before they can go off to speak to the advisor, Carrie and Austin pop up, confused that they haven't been able to reach John's lawyers. Roman walks in to tell them bad news. Meanwhile, John is taken down to a private cell. Roman is sorry about all of this and shuts the door. Marlena stands at the bars as John pants. "I'm right here," she promises. He paces nervously and hopes his family stays away from the wrath of the town. They hold hands and he tells her that he looks guilty. Roman returns to announce that John's lawyers have quit. "That's outrageous!" Marlena blurts. John assumes that Stefano is behind all of this. Back upstairs, Carrie gets an idea about how to take care of John,

Nicole arrives at Casa DiMera as EJ complains about an article that calls him 'nefarious and pompous'. He demands to know if she will be his publicist. She insists that working with him can't involve any 'fringe benefits'. He's okay with that. She wants a seven figure salary. They shake on it. She says they have to give him a new persona and then moves away from him on the couch. They decide to exploit his style and financial savvy so he seems human. The topic turns to his kids. They both miss them. All he wants is the love and respect of his children. "I will help you make that happen," she promises. He gropes her knee. She wants to make him look like a virtual saint. He asks her out for lunch and promises he won't try to have sex with her in the pub.

Lexi and Abe walk around the square. She's miffed that EJ has been playing dirty and worries it's just the beginning. He gets word that John has bail but can't get out. He'd like to show him some support but worries that would be bad for his campaign. He buys her a new dress. She's happy until she spots a poster for EJ and tears it down. They go to the pub and she tries calming down. As they start campaign planning, EJ and Nicole stroll in. Lexi starts giving him a piece of her mind. He says that she already gave him one last night and it's for the voters to decide now. The siblings bicker. Nicole weighs in and Lexi storms out, dragging her brother with her. She tells EJ that he's hurt her feelings after she's stood by him over the years. He insists that he's done this for the sake of the family. She thinks it will backfire and continues to lash out at him. She'll never forgive him if he hurts Abe or Theo. It breaks her heart that he turned on her. He slouches back inside to tell Nicole this pains him, but he's determined to be the next mayor. He's distracted by thoughts of John and explains that Mr. Black is going to help him win.

October 7, 2011
What am I? Dessert?

At the accountant's office, Bo and Hope ponder the Alice mystery. She really feels like her Gran is trying to tell her something. They discuss what that could be. The accountant comes in and says he can't divulge anything. Hope won't back down. Bo puts the pressure on and flashes his badge. He threatens to bring the IRS in so the guy admits the account is connected to Alice and still active. If they want more, they have to get a court order. The cops leave and ponder their next move.

Brady is shocked when Sami shows up at his meeting with her new boss. Madison senses they know each other and worries they might have dated. He explains she's his step-sister. Madison realizes Sami's maiden name is Brady and she shoved her off the monkey bars in first grade. They hug and babble. Brady's amazed Sami had friends. Maddy goes off to take a call. Brady explains that Titan bought Madison's company, Sami assumes that's why she got the job. He insists that had nothing to do with him but he's glad she's on his team. She starts asking about his dad. Madison returns and they go off to see their new showroom. It gets them excited. Sami runs off. Brady and Madison go to the mansion and do a little business over the video network. After they close a deal, he asks her to stay for champagne. She's got a lot to do and gets up to leave but trips over him and into his lap. He makes a joke and she leaps up. After he checks out her booty, she walks out. Meanwhile, Sami goes home to look at the papers her boss sent over. The babysitter calls to say the kids are on the way home. Sami decides to make them peanut butter sandwiches because she has no other food.

At Casa Dimera, Nicole asks EJ how John is going to help him win. He barks. She demands some answers and they begin debating his image problem. Nicole doesn't want to dodge bullets and needs to know things in advance. He asks her to trust him. She's ready to walk out but he reminds her about the money. Nicole stops. Elvis gives her his strategy. She's impressed by how ruthless he is. Later, she finds that the table has been set for an intimate dinner. "What am I? Dessert?

At the station, Austin assures Carrie that his involvement in John's case is done. Rafe tells her she can see John now. She heads down to the cells and the men discuss the sisters. Rafe says he's got a lot of balls to look after with Sami. Austin says she knows how to use them and make things happen. In the cells, John is sure Stefano is behind his lawyers quitting. Marlena says they need someone they can completely trust. Carrie pops up to announce that she's his new attorney. They don't seem happy. She explains that she already filed for his release and he's been granted house arrest. "I know what I'm doing. You're going to have to listen to me," she says. After she plods off, John and Marlena talk about how reliable Carrie is... but he worries that she could be in danger if she's involved. Marlena doesn't think they have much choice. Besides, she gets guilty people off all the time so he should be easy. Carrie returns with Rafe and the keys. He has to wear an ankle monitor and she's hired a security firm for protection. John is let out. There are hugs.

Rafe and Carrie take John and Marlena home. John's annoyed that Marlena's stuck in there with him. The couple is left alone. He complains about what a mess they're in but she's sure they'll be fine. After she has a shower, they have champagne and make out. He's wanted to take her to bed again for a long time and asks for a shot. Rafe interrupts and informs them that EJ has filed a class action lawsuit against John. Meanwhile, Austin is at the pub whining on the phone to his employer. Carrie shows up. He orders her some wine. She checks for bugs and chugs it before admitting that he was right: the case against John is strong. He's sure she will still win. Austin tells her that he requested a new case but the only way he can stay in Salem is if he stays on John's case. Some dude walks in and hands her a document. She opens it. "Great! Just when I thought things couldn't get worse!" she moans.

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